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Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream

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Brand: Dr.Organic / Texture: Cream / Type: Day Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2013 17:22
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      It doesn't do all of the jobs it claims to do, but maybe it is better on someone else's skin?

      ~ * ~

      This review is about how I have found using the Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream by dr.organic. I purchased this day cream in Holland & Barrett's about a month ago for £9.49, and it is still sold for this amount at the time of writing this.

      In the Holland & Barrett's shop which I went to, they had a large selection from the dr.organic's Bioactive Skincare range such as; Dead Sea Mineral, Manuka Honey, Vitamin E, Royal Jelly, amongst others. My face and nose had become dry because of blowing my nose and becoming rundown; and was (and still is) particularly dry on one side of my face around my lower cheek and jaw bone. I was specifically after an organic product, and since I had been using an argan oil product for my hair, I hoped that it would work just as well on my face, so I finally settled for this Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream despite it belonging to one of the more expensive ranges.

      ~ * ~
      The cream and my face:

      The container holds 50ml of the warmly-scented, buttery-textured day cream, which is fine to use on your face and body. Personally I have only been using it on my face and neck, and after application rubbing the remainder into my hands -- it's just far too expensive to use on larger areas of skin.

      The cream has a thickish, buttery texture, and on application, most of it absorbs within a few seconds after which I am left with what feels like a fine film of oil on my skin, which seems to be absorbed by about half a day later. The cream, does however feel light and moisturising at first. I am disappointed though that it doesn't seem to have a long-lasting moisturising affect on my skin, and after a few days of usage, I reverted back to using body butter on my face to treat my dry skin. I thought that maybe my skin was more sore than dry, so after leaving the cream at home while I stayed with my family over the Christmas period, I returned with slightly less dryer skin and a healed nose area, and applied the cream once again, however after a few hours I felt as though it has dried out my skin again. I have to keep using it though purely because of the price I paid!

      Regarding the scent, it took me a good number of sniffs to accustom myself to the smell, since it really wasn't what I was expecting. As mentioned, I have been using a wonderful argan oil hair product which I love the smell of, but this cream smells more of the other ingredients of which it is made up of, I particularly notice the clove oil and the hemp oil. I love the smell of cloves however, and so this has quite an unusual scent for a skincare product. I think the smell of this product is its biggest strength; it has a very rich, warm clove and nutty-type scent which I think is actually the hemp oil. As it is only a cream, the scent is very subtle, and won't last for a long time, but it certainly gives it the quality of a luxury product in my opinion.

      ~ * ~
      The sales pitch and the packaging:

      The box in which it is packaged does look very appealing to me; especially with a small but pretty islamic-type design on the front which I suppose does the job to reflect that the key feature of this cream is the Moroccan argan oil. There is a lot of text all over the box making numerous claims which I cannot back up unfortunately. The amount of text is slightly overwhelming, and some of the text is fairly small and in an uncomfortable font to the eye.

      On the front is a nice photograph of the argan nut for us to see what it looks like, however the photograph makes it seems as though the oil comes immediately from the cracked nut, which I'm sure isn't the case - don't they need to press it or something first? Incorrect information such as this does bother me enough to mention it in my review despite it sounding petty. Additionally on the front it states that it is rich in EFA's (I don't know what they are), provides rich hydration, is pro-collagen and is repairing. Perhaps argan oil does those things, but this cream doesn't since it has many other ingredients, all be them natural and organic. Maybe it is designed for more aging skin than mine, but it doesn't explicitly state that, and so I thought it would just be a good source of hydration for my skin.

      It is free from parabens which is what I usually look for in a product, free from SLS (this means nothing to me), artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives.

      There is much more text, but far too much for me to put here, and much of the relevant information is listed on the product webpage: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=4641&prodid=5533

      Now onto the small cylindrical container, which looks like a piece of art, not that it's got an overly unique design to it, but it's just solid glass I think, besides the lid, allowing you to see the delicious-looking cream inside. The labels seem to be peelable, so I hope to find a good use for this container afterwards. The design of the container also means that when I get towards the end of the product, there should be no problem in using up every last remainder of cream.

      ~ * ~
      In summary:
      I wouldn't recommend this product after my experience, but if you like the smell of cloves and your skin can withstand the strength of all of these natural oils and you don't mind the very fine layer of oil left on your skin, then it makes a different purchase purely because of the smell. It's a shame that it hasn't hydrated my skin because of the price that I paid for it.


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