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E45 Facial Enriching Day Cream

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Brand: E45 / Texture: Cream / Type: Day Cream / Subcategory: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Enriches,

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    3 Reviews
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      02.08.2009 20:48



      Cheap and easy to use all over body cream

      Well i use a moisturiser daily and i decided to try E45 when i was pregnant due to a friend suggesting it to me as she had used it when she was pregnant. I applied the moisturiser once daily after a bath or shower. I was pretty impressed after using it for only a few weeks my skin felt really smooth and soft. I stuck to this cream and i used it right through my pregnancy and still use it now. Its cheap to buy and is Hypoallergenic - perfume free. What i liked about the e45 cream also its that it can be used all over the body, and its also suitable for babies and young children.
      I would reccomend this cream to anyone i think its a great buy its comes in an easy to apply tub, with a push squirt top, all in all easy product to use.


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      09.01.2009 19:35
      Very helpful



      Not for me I'm not a prune face..yet....

      Daytime moisturiser is a total must for me. I use it in the morning even if I'm not wearing make up. I will still put some on a cleansed and toned face to hydrate my skin and make my skin feel comfortable to live in. I use it before I put on my make up as well to give my skin a nice soft, even base before I apply foundation and of course I have a selection of beauty products for night time use as well. I'm such a hoarder it's not even funny!

      I do have massive problems however selecting moisturisers for my over sensitive skin and this is because I have combination skin to the max! It's shocking and at the moment it's in the worst state it's been in since I was a teenager to be perfectly open and honest with you and I don't know why this is as I do try to look after it and 'love the skin I'm in' lol.

      Firstly my face is 34 years old. I'm getting lines, wrinkles and crows feet along with deep set frown lines. I feel like my face isn't so tight as it used to be and that I'm getting jowly and that my skin is losing elasticity daily. There's no hiding or pretending. I am getting older. Ok I'm not going to say my skin is like boot leather or anything and that I'm like an old hag (just yet give it another six months please lol) but there is only one way it's going and that's downhill fast and I'm not winning any battles in trying to stay fresh faced I can admit that much lol!

      All that though I could cope with and invest if in if I chose to go simply with anti aging products. There's so many on the market I'd try them all. However I still have teenage skin in many respects. This week my face has gone really greasy to the touch. My face is covered in spots and my usually oily t-zone has broken out and affected my whole face! I can feel grease and it got so bad the other day and my spots on my jawline so pussy and boily looking I went to complain to my Mum about the grease and she replied stop coating your face in that face cream you have on then. She was touching my face as she said it commenting how smooth my face was and there's my point I had no cream on I'm just secreting oil and I have no idea why and my zits are killing me they're so angry with me. Blackheads, whiteheads and open pores are getting worse and my face on close inspection looks a right royal mess. I haven't changed any aspect of my beauty routine as far as I know and my bad diet hasn't changed at all, it's always disgusting lol. I'm at a loss and all I know is that picking products out for my face is more of a trial and tribulation than usual and it's always been a dodgy area for me! Tut!

      Which is why when I saw E45 had a day time face moisturiser when out shopping I was attracted to buying it. It's a brand I know and trust and am used to seeing around and about in various forms in my house over the years. Having owned and used the night time moisturiser in the range (see review I did about it if interested lol) I thought I'd have a bash with this as it sounded calm and I trusted the brand.

      The Packaging....

      I've long since thrown away the box to be honest but it was white and simple looking telling me simply what it was and who it was made by on the front of it. The tube itself is white, plastic and recyclable. It has an oblong lid at the bottom of the tube that conceals a small hole and it's simple looking. On the front I'm told it is is E45 in white writing on a blue block of colour and under that in lilac writing I'm told it is Facial Enriching Day Cream which provides 'all day controlled hydration' and that it's for Dry Skin. Down the right hand site of the tube the word Moisturise adorns the tube in capitals in silver writing. On the back of the tube I'm told a little bit about the product, the results this cream should achieve for me, directions for use, contact details for Crookes Healthcare (the manufacturers of E45 products) the size is stated (50ml, and the only size I'm aware this product is available in) and finally the recycle symbol is displayed. As I said this is simple, plain but informative enough packaging and it looks functional and inspires confidence rather than being a pretty packaged product.

      A Bit About The Product According To The The Back Of The Tube....

      Dry skin needs extra miniaturisation to maintain it's moisture balance. The new E45 Facial range has been developed to provide continuous hydration to make your skin feel soothed, soft and smooth all of the time. E45 Enriching Day Cream's light and delicate formula continuously hydrates your skin so it feels as good at the end of the day as it did at the start.


      Instant feeling of soft, smooth and radiant skin.
      Sustained moisturisation over 12 hours, so that skin feels hydrated all day long.
      Improves skin's ability to retain moisture.

      Directions For Use....

      Gently massage E45 Enriching Day Cream into your cleansed face and neck each morning. Can be used as an effective base for make-up.

      Using it....

      Well it's simple, easy and fuss free to use in every way. It squeezes out of the tube simply and you need about the size of a 2p coin to cover the entire face and neck areas. The cream is pure white and although rich in consistency it still feels quite like a lotion when on the fingertips. Smell wise it's very delicately fragranced indeed. I can't really put my finger really on what the smell is like but I guess if cornered I'd say it contains some sort of fruit oils but to me smells quite like a talc in a way but it's quite pleasant. A man or a woman could use this however cos once applied it loses that initial fragrance anyway after a few minutes.

      So I apply this to a cleansed and toned face. I use it first thing in the morning and/or I apply it under make-up as directed. The cream although it feels like a lotion on the fingers really is quite thick when it goes on the face and neck. It is quickly absorbed though so you don't have to rub vigorously and it feels quite greasy through it's application making it easy to blend and smooth over the skin and it isn't hard work to make the whiteness colour of the cream vanish. Once it's on the face and neck it sort of dries in after a few minutes and leaves no greasy residue, though me I feel that this is really rather rich and heavy and as the day wears on my face (with no make up on) starts to feels a bit grubby. I'm just not overly keen on the feel of it on me and I know I can feel the grease within my skin though I can't see it.

      Yes it does smooth the skin, hydrate it and soothe it, there is no doubt in my mind about that. However if you have combination skin or anything other than really dried out skin I'd think twice about using this. Yes I have patches of skin that are dry and areas of wrinkles etc that I worry about but I do have oily bits and some skin on my face feels overly moisturised thus giving the heavy and grotty feeling I get after a few hours of this being on my skin.


      Works on dry skin and I'm sure would be perfect for mature skin types. Mine however doesn't need this kind of treatment (particularly on a daily basis) and it makes my greasy t-zone act up and I end up secreting oil that I'd rather not. Yes my face feels smoother etc to the touch and it does hydrate for the full 12 hours as I'm told it would but it's heavy on my skin making me feel a bit gunked up though it isn't sticky or clammy or anything, I can just feel it there and I don't like that.

      I purchased mine in Sainsbury's and it cost me £5.00 though it's normally around the £7.50 mark and I have seen it in Boots. If interested I'd look on line at discount stores for bargains.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        17.05.2007 11:06
        Very helpful



        A dermatologically tested day cream for sensitive skin

        I was first introduced the E45 cream by a friend some years ago. She suffered from eczema and as a result had rough dry and itchy patches of skin across her body and face.

        I began using it as although I don't suffer from any skin condition I do get the occasional dry patch around my nose and jaw line. I also like a really deep moisturiser for my feet and legs and unfortunately many of these lovely smelling moisturisers you buy these days just aren't rich enough for me. At the time, the facial enriching cream wasn't available so I used the standard cream but when the facial cream was released I switched without hesitation.

        How it works?
        E45 Enriching day cream is dermatologist recommended and formulated especially for dry skin and even for those suffering from eczema. It promises to hydrate your skin throughout the whole day with only one application. The key ingredient in this moisturiser is rice starch. The idea is that it creates a sort of natural reservoir effect thus releasing moisture as and when your skin needs it.

        Does it work?
        Absolutely! E45 is a reliable brand that can be counted on to do exactly what it claims to do. The Facial Enriching cream has a light and delicate feel to it which is not the case of most E45 products but you can feel it moisturising as soon as you apply it. The dry itchy patches I suffer from on occasion feel relieved almost instantly leaving me with even and smooth feeling skin.

        *A little goes a long way! I use a tiny pea sized amount for my face and it is plenty. Obviously those with more serious conditions may need to use more.

        Does it smell nice?
        No not really. There has to be a downside to everything and the scent or lack of it is the drawback for E45. It doesn't smell bad and in fact doesn't have much of a smell at all really although it can be a bit medicated smelling when first applied.

        E45 is not about the packaging it is about the product and therefore it comes in simple and slightly medicinal looking squeezable tubes (50ml). The E45 packaging is easily recognisable with its white background and simple blue logo.

        E45 is a well-known and well stocked product found in most chemists. Boots carries a wide range of E45 products including the Facial Enriching Cream.

        Value for money?
        At £4.99 for a 50ml tube it may seem a little steep in price although taking into consideration how little you use for each application I think it is a great deal. A tube would usually last about 6-8 weeks.

        Additional E45 products of interest?
        Facial Renewing Night Cream
        Facial Freshening Creamy Wash
        Facial Purifying Cleansing Milk


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    • Product Details

      Dry skin needs extra moisturisation to maintain its natural moisture balance / E45 Enriching Day Cream's light and delicate formula continuously hydrates your skin throughout the whole day, after a single application / This unique, high performance moisturiser contains rice starch ¦ which provides a natural reservoir effect, slowly releasing moisture as your skin needs it / This is specially important as research has shown that water loss from the skin increases in the afternoon ¦ with Enriching Day Cream, the skin continues to sustain moisture when it needs it the most /

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