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E45 Facial Renewing Night Cream

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Brand: E45 / Texture: Cream / Type: Night Cream / Subcategory: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face

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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2008 10:20
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      effective,improves smoothness,totally moisturised your skin

      Being a woman,every day we want to look younger and of course beautiful then any other woman in the world. For that we use many products but some are not so effective as we wish.

      E45 Facial Renewing Night Cream improves skin's elasticity in few weeks.Also improves hydration of skin.E45 is the only moisturiser with defense complex,which stops aging where it starts.

      E45 is a more effective night moisturiser cream then any other moisturiser or lotion.I've been using this cream for the past one month.One of my friend gave it to me and it gives a remarkable result as i really wanted to see.Every morning i see my face more softer and wrinkles,just because of ,applying E45 regularly.

      E45 works...

      E45 works at the cellular level,where aging starts and radicals do their damage.It repairs the skin,protects the skin and of course improves skin's smoothness.E45 has a non-greasy formula that will not obstruct pores and encourage pimples.


      E45 Facial Renewing Night Cream packaging comes in a simple blue box-packet and you can see the instructions about the cream and for your skin.

      Using E45.........

      E45 is a rich protective moisturiser.Take the cream on your finger tips and apply gently on your face from (direction should be) chin to forehead.You can massage it into your washed face and throat in the evening.

      it is not so costly,so that it also will suits your budget.


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        03.10.2008 16:57
        Very helpful




        One of the things I really do invest in as I'm getting older is skincare products, whether it be the best in shower gels for my skin to my facial beauty routine I do try to look after myself. It seems weekly as I'm almost 34 that I'm spotting issues of my face popping up and I'm constantly having a fight with the signs of aging. Who wants a face like Mother Theresa in their 30's anyway?

        I buy lots of products promising me the earth while costing me equally as much and of course when expectations are so high your heading for a fall. Which is why when I saw E45 had this Renewing Night Cream out I was instantly attracted to it.

        I'm aware that just because something isn't so in your face on the shelf and doesn't have such a high price tag as other products available for my scrutiny that it doesn't mean they're not equally as good or even better. This box may not stand out but the E45 written on the front does and it instills confidence.

        Of course I'm aware of the brand E45, I haven't just crawled out from beneath a rock lol. Known for providing us with products that sooth skin in a variety of ways the brands been around years. I know they do hand-cream and I know that it's good cos I've heard many people over the years sing it's praises and this is why I bought myself this in Sainsbury's when it was on offer. As many people know from reading my reviews I never need anything really I just buy what I fancy and this was added to my collection.

        The Packaging....

        Light blue cardboard, recyclable box. Basic and not at all eye catching it tells you on the front what it is and who is is by. On the back tells me a bit about the product, how to use it, ingredients and the size is stated.

        The Tube....

        White plastic all quite flat and tall with a light blue almost see through cap to the bottom that you twist on/off. On the front I'm told again that it is E45 'Facial', Renewing Night Cream (Helps the skin's nightly regeneration process), I'm then told it's for dry skin and down the side of the bottle in larger letters in silver the word Moisturise is written. On the back of the bottle I'm told what it does, results, directions for use, contact details for Crookes Healthcare (the manufacturers of E45 products), the size (50ml) and the recycle symbol is on there. All in all a nice but simple bottle and I like the fact it can stand on my dressing table without toppling over and opens at the bottom for ease of getting the product out even when you've used loads!

        What It's For....

        During the night, your skin's ability to repair itself peaks so your skin needs a richer night cream to help the regeneration process.

        The new E45 facial range has been developed to provide continuous hydration to make your skin feel soothed, soft and smooth all of the time.

        E45 renewing night cream helps your skin's natural regeneration process by intensively nourishing and moisturising your skin while you sleep.


        Smoother and firmer skin which feels re-hydrated in the morning.
        Skin feels deeply moisturised - hydration increased by 72% after only 2 hours.
        Improves skins ability to retain moisture.


        Gently massage E45 renewing night cream into your cleansed face and neck each night.

        Using It....

        The cream as E45 describe it is incredibly easy to use. It comes out of the tube really easily and as I just inferred E45 call it a cream but in my mind it isn't at all. To me it's more like a lotion though does have a richness to it and is nothing to me like a cream at all although it's not runny at the same time. The white cream is a shiny, bright white and has a slight floral smell to my nose though is certainly isn't overpowering and smells fresh and light and not one bit cheap. I like the smell actually!

        To apply I do so as directed. I cleanse and tone well to make sure my face is really clean and then go to work in applying it. A blob of about the size of a 10p is more than enough for the face and neck. Use less or more as desired because with this if you want to keep applying more you can do so. When the skin on my face is really dry I've sat and applied some and my skin has drank it in and then applied more.. and more and then a bit more because skin will sap the stuff up! What's nice about this cream is that no matter how much you put on face it doesn't crumble or cake up, feel heavy or mask like or make skin feel tight or over moisturised, greasy or anything like that.

        It applies equally as well over the top of other treatments as well. Although this offers hydration and therefore in my mind will help minimise wrinkles in that respect I do like maximum help and use a wrinkle reducing serum underneath which is a little on the oily side but it doesn't give this any problems, it glides over and sinks in just the same. Again if you choose to use an eye-cream (I use a few different ones) that glides over the top of this giving no issues either. So this is really great for ease of use.

        So whether using it on it's own or with other products we've established that it works the same which is beneficial for me as I like to mix and match products as I see fit.

        So it glides on and it sinks in. Give it a couple of minutes to soak in and your left with soft and gentle to the touch skin. If you have any spots on the face it softens them, any scabs it hydrates them. It's none stinging and as I said earlier once on you can forget it there. Yes skin feels hydrated but in a none greasy way.

        My Results....

        I've been using this for the past 3 weeks (I bought a few bottles as it was on offer) and I'm very impressed as it does what it promises. My skin is not as agitated as usual and I have less spots appearing. The skin on my face is really soft to the touch in the long term and not just the morning after, looks a little plumper and brighter and therefore when I apply my make up the following day it just appears better for that reason. As skin drinks it in there's no mess on my pillow and when I was my face in the morning there's no residue as skin drank it!

        There really are no complaints with this product at all. If you have dry and/or itchy skin this calms it down and if that's what your looking for in a moisturiser this is perfect for you. If you require a bit more than what this gives then use other specific products designed for your skin issues along with it. As I've said it's simple to use, doesn't sting or cake, doesn't mess up bed linen and leaves you with a comfortable face slightly firmer feeling face that doesn't look quite so lived in. What is there to dislike? lol

        I purchased mine as I stated in Sainsbury's and paid £5.00 a tube I think it's normally about £7.50.


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      • Product Details

        An overnight moisturiser designed to assist in the regeneration processes of the skin while you sleep /

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