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Elicina Cream

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Brand: Elicina / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisture Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2007 17:37
      Very helpful



      Fantastic cream that I would recommend, very quick results, easy to use and inexpensive

      Having a good friend and client who owns a beauty salon here in Spain allows me the privilege of trying and testing the latest hair and beauty products. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but I am always willing to try.

      I was recently asked to try out a new product, Elicina Cream. I read the leaflet, which translated from Spanish into English read as “Cream of Slobber of Snail”. I have to admit that I wasn’t very keen to try this one and didn’t even want to open the jar, scared of what I would find…..after all, what is snail slobber? I later found that that the beauty industry calls it cream of snail secretions…in otherwords, snail saliva. Ok, knowing that didn’t make me feel anymore keen to use it but it did clear up the “slobber” confusion.

      As with all new beauty products, I do research them quite heavily before using them and my findings on this were quite surprising. This ingredient (slobber) was discovered in 1980 by a Chilean snail farming family who farmed snails for the French food market. They had, and still do, operate a very snail friendly environment with the main emphasis on breeding snails in the finest of conditions..(don’t suppose anyone thought of telling them that they were going to be eaten at the end of their useful lives). Anyway they found that anyone working with the snails developed very soft skin and any cuts and abrasions were quickly healed. Wrinkles on their hands were smoothed and skin infections cleared without leaving scars.

      The use of snails for medical purposes goes back to the ancient Greek Period when snails were used to heal such conditions as gastric ulcers and whooping cough. In fact, the snail was used as the symbol for pharmacies.

      So what does this Elicina cream do:

      1. The beauty trade has pounced on this product and is marketing it as the latest “wrinkle reduction” cream. It actually does work, smoothing out fine wrinkles and drastically reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles. You can actually see a great difference within one week of using it.
      2. Teenage acne, pimples and blackheads are easily cleared with Elicina cream. Any old acne scars are also smoothed out and become less visible. New acne marks will disappear.
      3. Stretch marks are virtually eliminated as the cream regenerates the skin.
      4. Age spots and freckles are faded, many becoming invisible
      5. Great skin exfoliator, leaves skin feeling fresh, tight and clean.

      The cream is 80% natural snail secretions and 20% addititives. It contains natural collagens (helps to repair skin), allantoin( essential for skin renewal), Glycolic acid (natural glycolic acid helps to exfoliate the skin), vitamins and minerals, essential for skin regeneration.

      Does it Work?

      We run some salon tests and I was amazed at the results. Our teenage tester, who suffered from acne, was delighted with her new skin which, within a month of using, had completely changed her face. All of her acne spots had disappeared and her older scars were barely noticeable. She will continue to use the cream until those are gone. I personally have a few laughter lines that I would rather do without and used it to see if it would reduce them. It certainly did, I could see a difference very quickly and also noticed that some freckles that I had since childhood had faded away. I had a couple of mosquito bites that disappeared overnight after using the cream too. I can’t comment on the effect on stretch marks because fortunately, I don’t have any but I am sure we will find someone to test those for us.

      How do you use it?

      It is very simple to use, you first of all clean the skin thoroughly, pat dry and apply the cream. You need very little of this cream as it goes a very long way, a slob the size of a fingernail will cover your whole face and neck. Use only once a day at bedtime. You should not use this cream and go out into direct sunlight…hence the reason why you use it at bedtime. You will feel a slight tightening as the ingredients work their magic and you will see a difference very quickly.

      How much does it cost?

      The price varies depending upon where you buy it. It can be bought over the internet at a very reasonable price. I pay around 50Euros in Spain (about 35pounds) for a 100gm tub. That should last around 6 months, even with my teenage sons and husband using it. The cream itself has a shelf life of 3 years if kept in a dark place…so it is a good investment even if you only use it occasionally

      I cannot praise Elicina cream enough, it is a wonderful find and one that I am delighted to share. It is such a good, natural product and is produced without harming any snails. Yes, they are still farmed, but in excellent conditions and their secretions are collected and passed on for manufacturing. I would expect that they are still carted off to the French Food Market at the end of the day, but at least they are not harmed in the making of beauty products.

      I still don’t like the sound of Cream of Snail Slobber but it has a very low scent, is not at all messy, very reasonable and has a wealth of fantastic attributes……does it really matter what it is called? I can’t imagine what Brian the Snail would make of all this though!!!

      Ohh and before anyone thinks of starting up their own snail garden in their backyard, these are special Chilean snails, Helix aspersa, that are bred especially for their taste


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    • Product Details

      Elicina products have been designed to be as natural as possible / Its composition is: 80% extract the Chilean snail Helix Aspersa M?ller and 20% excipients, whose result is an oily cream and fast absortion

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