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Elizabeth Arden Calming Skin Toner

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Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Type: Cleanser / Subcategory: Toner / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Calms,

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2011 14:46
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      Not Recommended

      I've been a fan of Elizabeth Arden items for a few years now after a friend introduced me to them but I don't often buy them as they can be expensive. I do however own a few eyeshadows, a lipstick or two and this toner. I'm not sure how I came to buy the toner as I usually use the No 7 one and this one isn't cheaper than that at £12-£13 for a 200ml bottle so I must have had a moment where I thought this would be for me!

      The toner is in a pink bottle with an unusual flat lid, there's no purpose to this lid it's just flat. On the back it informs us this is "perfect refreshment for sensitive skin" and is alcohol free and contains "soothing botanicals" which "gently remove lingering traces of cleansers and leave skin feeling refreshed, refined and comfortable". To use sweep over cleansed skin. That's all the information given on the bottle and it does sound good doesn't it? I generally like the descriptions used by Elizabeth Arden and whoever writes them knows how to appeal to women!

      I've been using this for a few weeks now as my usual toner ran out and to be honest my sensitive skin isn't in very good shape! I usually suffer from dryness most of the year but during season changes such as now when the weather is hot some days and cool others this tends to give me a spot or two but at the moment I've got several very stubborn spots that don't seem to want to go away. With my normal toner this wouldn't happen and the odd spot I get goes away quickly and without much fuss so I can only put it down to this toner not being very effective at "gently removing lingering traces of cleansers". The No 7 toner always produces some cleanser and a small amount of daily grime on the cotton wool pad so I know it's working but this one doesn't, it looks as though I haven't wiped it round my face at all even though I have.

      The actual product is clear and there's no pump or anything to dispense it, you unscrew the flat lid and are met with the top of the bottle so it's one where you tip it onto cotton wool. The main thing I really don't like about this toner though is the smell. With the promise of "soothing botanicals" I actually thought this would smell nice and herby or floral but it smells vile. The closest thing I can think of that it smells like is brandy and I know it doesn't contain brandy so what is that awful smell?! It does contain witch hazel but that isn't the fragrance I'm grimacing over every time this gets near my nose, it really smells nasty and harsh.

      It isn't harsh however and doesn't leave skin too tight and dry, it does a bit but nothing my moisturiser can't sort out. To be honest the No 7 one is far superior to this one and I'm finding it difficult to find much positive to say about it.

      In summary it smells foul, leaves my skin spotty and doesn't seem to do the job it's meant to. On the plus side I haven't been left with any dry flaky patches but that's the only positive I can find with this product. It certainly isn't worth the price and I'm extremely disappointed with it as I'm usually an Elizabeth Arden fan. Not one I'd recommend and I'm giving it a lowly 1 star rating I'm afraid.


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