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Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisture Cream SPF15

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    3 Reviews
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      30.05.2008 09:36
      Very helpful



      A moisturiser that feels and is expensive!!

      - Packaging -

      This comes in a cellophane wrapped light bronze with gold trim box. Inside the box there is an attractively elegant screw top curved tub, almost like a squashed sphere.

      The lid is light bronze with a gold trim with Elizabeth Arden on it. The base is white. Once the top is unscrewed there is a plastic lid which I have since disposed of as it isn't really necessary unless the pot were in an upside down position and then it would contain the cream in the base.

      - Price and Availability -

      Elizabeth Arden products are available from Debenhams, Fenwick and John Lewis.

      This moisture cream comes at a high price, 50ml is currently £45 - thankfully this was given to me as a gift otherwise I would not be experiencing it!

      For a bargain then it's worth visiting www.beautycounterdirect.co.uk where this is priced at a much lower price of just £27.

      - What does it promise? -

      ~ Skin plumping benefits, proven to measurably plump surface lines to help smooth away visible signs of aging, stress and tension.
      ~ Strengthens, soothes and retexturise skin's appearance.
      ~ SPF 15

      - The Appearance and Smell -

      The cream is a very soft peach colour, a lovely rich texture and has a great smell, not too floral or highly scented.

      - My Experience -

      This cream really has a luxurious feel on your skin.

      Initially I used too much, being used to cheaper products that often require a little more to moisture my skin which is dry to normal. This resulted in a overly shiny appearance to my skin and although the cream was absorbed.
      Learning from the initial misjudgement on the amount to use, since then I have only applied a small dab of it on both cheeks, forehead, chin and neck and then lightly rubbed it in to my skin.

      This cream really does make my skin feel extremely smooth and soft, almost like a protective film on the surface and with the SPF 15 then it does give sensitive facial skin extra protection from the aging effects of the sun, although it may be a little too late for me, having annually spent many months when young over in Italy.

      As for the 'plumping' effects of the cream.

      This is probably the only area of my body that I wished the 'plumping' worked! I don't have crows feet but I do have lines on my forehead and had hoped that this would reduce the visible signs of them but even after a couple of months of using this on a daily basis unfortunately I certainly can't see any smoothing out of them.

      - Other Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Products -

      ~ Targeted Line Concentrate
      ~ Make-Up (foundation)
      ~ Eye Moisture Cream
      ~ Lip Moisture Cream

      - Overall -

      In terms of it's moisturising effects I am utterly delighted with the texture, richness and absorbency of the cream as well as it's ability to make my late 30s weather beaten skin, feel smooth and pampered after using this.

      As far as it's ability to plump up my skin to smooth over the annoying signs of aging then it hasn't been effective on mine, nonetheless this is still a huge improvement on the other moisturizers that I have used so I wouldn't say no to another gift of it!

      Had I been handing out stars for this product based on it's moisturising benefits it would have scored 5 but since the main selling point is the ability to smooth out fine lines by plumping up the skin then I have to only give it 3.


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        29.09.2006 20:35
        Very helpful



        Another great skin care product from Elizabeth Arden

        Years ago I lived in red lippy, so vain I’d not open the door without swiping some lippy over my lips. One Christmas I was given the ultimate in red lipstick a wonderful red that shouted class -well it would have if not teamed up pale foundation black eye liner and back combed hair but that’s another story. The manufactor of this lippy was Elizabeth Arden. When it ran out I braved the Elizabeth Arden counter complete with orange faced assistant who was probably equally as charitable about my appearance as I was her’s. Unfortunately they’d stopped making it. Many years later I decided that just perhaps mother nature needed a bit of a helping hand regards skin care and not a casual "slap on a bit of moisturiser because my face was sore" approach I’d had up until then. Bearing in mind I’d always thought of Elizabeth Arden as being a classy outfit and having a fist full of Boots vouchers I presented myself at the Lizzie Arden counter ready to spend, spend, spend. The tangoed one on the counter suggested numerous goodies to rejuvenate my face. Off I went armed with a small bag and a credit card slip that showed I’d spent the vouchers and more. With this began my love affair of Elizabeth Arden lotions and potions, no more cheap stuff for me I’ll have you know! I soon discovered in order to keep up with my addiction I needed to find a cheaper pusher oops supplier it. Elizabeth Arden can actually be picked up very cheaply online I was to find especially on Ebay.

        When Elizabeth Arden launched Ceramide Plump Perfect Moisturiser at the back end of 2003, the addict in me trawled Ebay and a variety of Cosmetics Sites in the hopes of not having to pay £42 for a jar of face cream! Unfortunately my search at that time was fruitless so after much deliberation and thoughts of selling a kidney I decided that I needed it, badly and devised a way of taking the sting out of buying it -I’d open a Debenhams card and get 10% off - this approach only works if you pay the card off in full and don’t get knobbled for interest! Armed with a jar of face cream that only (sic) cost me £37.80 I was in heaven!

        So what do you get for you money you are all probably wondering at this point apart from the lose of a kidney or not being able to eat for a week?

        Well you get one rather classy looking moisturiser. On opening the gold box you’ll find a rather posh trade market Arden Ceramide container, with a gold lid and white bottom! It looks huge but clever packaging which is the cosmetic industries norm soon become apparent as on opening you realises the contents are in a small area then you’d think! But you still get 50mls of this dream cream! The moisturiser it’s self is a soft peachy colour and thankfully doesn’t smell as it looks. It’s got a very slight clean fragrance to it which to be honest you have to actually stick your nose close to the jar to smell it.

        Ok so it looks pretty and it’s expensive what’s it going to do for me apart from guilt trip me?

        Once you’ve gotton over the trauma of purchasing and lying to your significant other about the cost you should find you have one very good moisturiser. Elizabeth Arden state that Ceramide Plump Perfect“defines and improves skin appearance almost immediately. Witness skin plumping benefits plus moisture boosting hydration. This product contains a potent formula proven to plump the skin and reduce fine lines, signs of ageing, stress and tension from your skin. The triple complex reinforces the skins own natural protective barrier with an SPF 15 factor it stops the effects of sun and wind damage in their tracks.”

        Ok so they would say all of that wouldn’t they?

        I may well be an Arden junkie, but I’ll have to say this stuff does live up to expectations, especially during the winter months when my skin does get very dry and sore. With daily use of Plump Perfect I’ve found that my skin remains soft and not dry. As for plumping up those fine lines I’d love to say they’ve all gone, but unfortunately I think only a session of Botox or a surgeons knife is going to get rid of them! My skin on the whole does feel softer and looks in better condition. Given that it does have a SPF 15 in it also means you have some protection from the sun during the summer months, which if you like me an burn at the first sun ray of summer is an added bonus.

        Ok so you’ve sold me but how long is it going to last?

        I use Plump Perfect daily first thing in the morning. A little goes along way with this product. All you really need is the tip of your finger covered with it to give a nice even spread of moisturiser. Elizabeth Arden suggests that you massage it in in a upwards circular motion. I would suggest that you avoid the eye area whilst doing this only because I managed to get an eye full of it and it stung like hell! With daily use I find that a jar lasts me about 6 months.

        Am I likely to end up with a sticky face?

        Plump Perfect absorbs very easily on my skin unlike some other well known moisturisers which have left me feeling very sticky in the past.

        It sounds perfect but I suffer from sensitive skin!

        Plump perfect as with all Elizabeth Arden skincare is dermologically tested. Obviously this doesn’t help if your one of those people that suffers with very sensitive skin. Unfortunately I can’t really say if you are likely to react to this as I’m lucky in that way. What I would suggest if you fancy giving it a try is to go talk to those nice tangoed women on your local Elizabeth Arden counter and I bet you’ll come away with a sample or two to try before you buy the full sized product!

        I’m not prepared to sell a kidney/starve myself and the kids but I want to try it!

        As I said previously Elizabeth Arden products can be picked up very cheaply online, currently you can find the full sized 50ml jar on www.makup.com for £18.99 plus postage definitely a saving if you compare it to the high street price. Ebay is also a great place to look as I bought several from the States last summer for a fraction of the UK High Street price.

        Plump Perfect is expensive even at the so called bargain basement prices you can find it online there is no doubt that it’s expensive but having tested several other cheaper moisturisers in between jars of plump Perfect I find the results from Plump Perfect to be far more superior and if you go on how long it lasts then it’s only marginally more expensive then other mid range moisturisers. G’wan you know you wanna try it and who needs a second kidney??


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          19.04.2006 18:43
          Very helpful



          Run of the mill moisturiser which promises to plump up fine lines. It doesn't. Expensive mistake.

          The nitty-gritty first.

          The tester of the product on this review is a woman in her mid-50s who, although she ought to know better, went looking for a miracle. Again.

          This moisturiser normally retails at £42 for a 50ml size.

          The tester of this product thanks her lucky stars she 'only' paid half the retail price, otherwise she'd have been well and truly 'upset'.

          Marketed as an anti-ageing moisturiser, its 'moisture boosting hydration' promises to 'plump up and reduce fine lines, signs of ageing, stress and tension from your skin'.

          My own skin: Mature/dry. I have fine lines around the mouth area and some deeper laughter lines at the corner of my eyes. Yes, I admit it - I was looking for the miracle cream.

          My findings after 3 weeks daily use: At best, this is a pleasant, mildly perfumed light moisturiser, which is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. But I find it a little too 'light' on my skin. It's not that it doesn't feel hydrated, it's just that I feel my skin needs something more substantial. After use, there is no good base on which to apply my foundation.

          Bet you're a sucker for flowery hype, like me:

          'The triple complex reinforces the skin's own natural protective barrier with an SPF15 factor …stopping the effects of sun and wind damage in their tracks'.

          Of this statement, only the benefit of the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is of any value. But you don't need to spend £40 on a moisturiser containing sunscreen.

          Further promises: I was reeled in with the words, 'Plump up' 'Moisture boosting' and 'Reduce signs of ageing,'

          The hidden sub-text here, of course, is that your skin will become so soft and dewy the only alternative is to suck the blood of a thousand vestal virgins.

          I fall for it every time.

          Let's be honest. Only the skills of a good cosmetic surgeon can erase the last ten years or so from your face. And further, how is it that so many beauty editors, looking like old crones, tell the rest of us that this cream or that potion "Really works!"

          When I was a teenager, I discovered that my skin became uncomfortably tight if I used soap and water. This, apparently, is known as 'dry' skin.

          Now I have mature, dry skin. Ho hum.

          The ageing process is not kind. Although I do believe Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, decided failing eyesight was the way forward in having a woman believe she looks younger than she actually does. The misty veil of short-sightedness is such a boost.

          Pale peach in colour, the cream has a faint, flowery fragrance and is of a medium thick consistency. Think of double cream, whipped to resemble trifle topping. A little really does go a long way so you only need a pea-sized dot to cover your face. The cream is very quickly absorbed. Good, eh?

          Well, no, not for me.

          If you have a young skin - let's say 25-35 - it probably requires a minimal amount of moisturiser, so this product may suit you. But if, like me, your skin's natural oils are dying off quicker that those vestal virgins previously mentioned, you want something which leaves your skin just a little more moisturised, especially if you want to apply foundation afterwards. A cream that is absorbed like a sponge may sound ideal, but I found that my skin was thirsty again within a couple of minutes. The surface of my skin doesn't feel moisturised, even after a couple of applications.

          When applying moisturiser, I always allow at least a minute for it to be absorbed into the skin prior to applying foundation.

          When applying the foundation on top of this moisturiser, even with a brush, I encounter the 'bobble factor'. This is when, no matter how carefully applied, the foundation looks patchy and dries on the skin to such a degree that it sort of bobbles in clumps. I don't find this happens with richer moisturisers - moisturisers which, whilst not heavy, feel really creamy and when applied to the face are not only absorbed but also leave a fine film of moisture on top of the skin. When foundation is applied on top, it should glide - not dry, streak and bobble.

          The bottom line is this: With a name like 'Plump Perfect', one is led to assume that this cream will plump out fine lines. If you are 35 or younger and have lines so fine you need a magnifying glass to see them, then you may indeed notice a different when using this cream, but if like me you are in desperate need of a proper skin pick-me-up then take my advice and keep your money in your purse and keep on looking for that cream that "Really works!"

          Sorry, Elizabeth Arden. This cream is overpriced and over-hyped. I've bought better for a tenner.

          Available at stores like Debenhams. Cost £42 for 50ml but there appears to be a permanent special offer going on for this product. I think I know why.

          Note: For the product rating on this review, I have rated 3 stars for 'average' because I can't, in all fairness, rate the product as bad. It's just not worth the money and for me, it doesn't live up to it's promises so neither can I recommend it!! A little contrary, I know, but I have to go by the options given.
          © Skyedame - 2006


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