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Elizabeth Arden Good Morning Skin Serum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Type: Face Serum / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      30.10.2012 22:46
      Very helpful



      A great day primer - even better if you can get it cheaply.

      I discovered this great shop near my boyfriend's flat that sell expensive brands at discount prices. I'm not entirely sure how it works but I get the impression the majority of the make up and beauty products are slightly older and therefore maybe bought in bulk. With things like make up this often means it can be a load of rubbish but when it comes to brands like clarins, clinique and elizabeth arden you know the quality is guaranteed. This is where I stock up on things like eight hour cream and also find some new products at a cheaper price.

      One of the items I've picked up is this elizabeth arden morning serum. All of the boxes are sealed in this shop and there are no samples so really I just went on price and reading a little bit of info on the back of the box. From what I could tell this was sort of a moisturiser/primer and because I love using primers I thought I would give it a go.

      This product comes in a very classic looking white box with silver edging, I always associate these colours with this brand as they often use this for packaging. Inside there is a tall cylindrical glass tube with a yellow plastic lid which pushes down to squeeze out the product. The feel of this design is very luxurious and expensive but I do have a couple of issues with it. For a start I think the yellow pump is kind of hideous and totally incongruous with the classic look of the glass. Rather than a lid for this there is a little cap that prevents the pump from pushing down. While this is preferable to no lid, it is quite annoying because the product gets inside the cap and is tricky to clean. I also think that having a glass bottle means it is difficult to get all the product out of the bottle when it begins to deplete.

      The product itself is a clear coloured gel. I use it as a primer before applying make up but it also works quite feel as a moisturiser if you don't plan to wear any make up. The primer feels very smooth and silky and has a similar consistency to smashbox primer if you've tried it (not dissimilar to hair gel). It smoothes onto skin really easily and instantly evens out skin tone and visibly reduces the appearance of pores. I love this primer for everyday use because it feels really lightweight and so is perfect for daywear. It makes my make up look really even and my face never feels heavy with product when this is applied.

      I paid £10 for this 15ml bottle and having had a quick look online you can pay anything between £20-£30 for the same sized product in a regular retailer. I'm not sure I would pay full price for this because you do only get 15ml but for £10 I think this is a pretty good price. I do wish you got a little more in the bottle, though I do find it goes pretty far and mine has lasted about 4 months with use once of twice a week usually.

      Overall, my favourite primer for daytime use.


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      24.05.2009 14:39
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Must have for combination skin

      I first discovered this serum when it came in a small sample sized tube in a bonus pack that was free with another Elizabeth Arden product. I'd tried a few Elizabeth Arden face products and always found them kind to my sensitive skin so having never tried this particular product before I thought I'd give it a go. I now buy and use this product regularly.


      The serum comes packaged in the simplistic style I have come to expect from Elizabeth Arden. The box is white, and features the brand name, logo and product title in black writing. This minimalistic packaging is quite appealing in my opinion, as it looks classy and clean.

      The container itself is a slender translucent tube that allows you to see how much of the serum is remaining. The tube itself is also minimalistic, again with just the brand and product name printed on. The product comes out of a pump at the top of the tube, which I found to be a nice feature, much more hygienic that having to plunge your hands in a tub or jar. It also means you can get just the right amout with no wastage.


      It's not the cheapest product out there, retailing at around £28 for a standard 15ml bottle, although it can be found cheaper online. This is a pretty average price of a skin remedy from what is considered to be a "premium brand".

      I am a big fan of a bargain and so something has to be pretty special to make me part with my hard earned pennies. I believe that this product is. Although pricey, you do not need a huge amount and so the product lasts a long time. I have had my full sized tube a couple of months now, and I use it nearly every day.


      The serum itself is light and non-oily and has an almosty gel-like consistency. This means that it glides onto the skin really smoothly and spreads really well meaning that a small amount can go a long way. As soon as I apply the serum I notice the difference in my skin.

      I have combination skin and find many products combat my dry skin but leave my skin feeling greasy. This product however makes my skin feel even and soft. My skin is left smooth and supple and so I find it ideal for use as a foundation primer. I apply it after moisturiser and before foundation and find that my makeup is easier to apply, and stays put all day, wihout flaking or looking shiny

      The only thing I can think of to make this product is perhaps including SPF, but thats just me being picky.


      You can buy this product from all major department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis; larger Boots stores, or online for an even better deal.


      Although pricey this serum has become a regular in my skin care routine. It leaves my skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.


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        22.05.2008 07:52
        Very helpful



        A great skin primer but just a tad expensive!!

        - Price -

        This is an expensive item, well for me anyway, retailing in Debenhams at £26.00 for just 15ml although there are some cheaper options on the internet such as strawberrynet. Fortunately for me it was given to me as a gift to improve my look, a hint that I have been looking perhaps a tad dowdy of late!

        - Packaging -

        This comes in a box, plain white on the front with a simple Elizabeth Arden red symbol along with the name of the product. On the back of the box is a photo of the product which does indeed match the actual product which isn't always the case.

        The serum is in a cylindrical glass tube, a silver screw top section on top of which there is a yellow plunger from whence the serum is dispensed. There is also a little cap that fits on to the top after use to ensure that the plunger doesn't plunge when you don't want any serum to leak out.

        - What is it? -

        ~ To be used daily as a makeup primer.
        ~ An invigorating blend of Vitamin A and botanical extracts.
        ~ Helps makeup go on more smoothly, evenly and naturally.
        ~ Immediately provides a new level of softness and vitality.
        ~ Wakes up tired-looking, uneven-textured skin.

        The product doesn't state that it is for a particular skin type, so I can only presume that it is for all skin types.

        - My Experience -

        This reminded me of hair serums that I have used but the difference is that compared to hair products this skin product doesn't smell.

        It has a slightly greasy feel to it when first applied but it is very quickly absorbed when a small pea sized amount is smoothed on to cleansed skin so don't let the initial feel put you off, if the price hasn't already!

        I rarely used foundation during the day but whenever I do for an evening out then I have always used a moisturiser to ensure that the foundation goes on smoothly but this serum means that I don't have to do this and it ensures a far better primer for foundation than my previous method.

        It certainly lives up to some of it's claims:
        ~ It does make foundation go on more smoothly and evenly. In terms of the 'natural' factor, well that all depends on how natural-looking your foundation is!
        ~ It certainly gives my skin feel a lot softer but it isn't until the foundation is applied that I get a new look of 'vitality'.

        However it doesn't make my tired-looking skin look wide awake - only good living and sleep would manage that at the moment.

        - Overall -

        I have been very impressed with this serum although it's more of a 'Good Evening' than 'Good Morning' product for me! Nonetheless, whatever time of day I have used it before applying foundation, it certainly does do most of what it promises and at that price it really should do!

        Despite the fact that I have been impressed, I am not so overwhelmed by it that I could justify paying that amount for it although I know that my Mum has replaced hers, so impressed was she!

        For those of you who can justify that amount on a serum then it really is a good addition to your makeup regime.

        5 out of 5 stars for being a great primer, however if I was marking it on price the stars wouldn't be full!


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