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Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask

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3 Reviews

Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Type: Face Mask / Subcategory: Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Hydrates,

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    3 Reviews
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      21.09.2011 12:39
      Very helpful



      OK but there are better around

      I spotted the Elizabeth Arden Hydrating face mask online a few months ago and couldn't resist trying it, as it was going for a bargain price. As well as the low price, I was also attracted by the fact that it was a hydrating mask as I have particularly dry skin on my face, which is often in need of a moisture boost.

      This product is an intensive hydrating treatment, which claims to maintain suppleness of the skin, as well as give younger, firmer looking skin with regular use. I have used quite a few products from Elizabeth Arden in the past, and whilst the majority have been of very high quality, like most brands there have been one or two duds along the way. To be honest, the fact that I got hold of this so cheaply worried me slightly as I thought perhaps they were trying to get rid of it because it wasn't selling very well.

      The mask comes in a smooth white tube, with plain black writing, and although simple, the look of the product is quite effective and looks luxurious in a very understated way. The lid on which it stands has a silver band around it, which adds to this subtly expensive look. Instructions for use are clearly printed on the back of the tube along with an extremely long ingredients list. I do like masks that come in tubes as opposed to sachets, as I find them less messy and there tends to be less wastage. Also I find it more practical to store just one tube than several small sachets.

      Amongst other things, this mask contains:

      *Shea butter -widely used as a moisturiser
      *Kiwi fruit extract - contains high levels of anti-oxidants which are thought to have anti-ageing properties
      *Cucumber extract - high in vitamin C
      *ginkgo biloba leaf extract - boosts the formation of collagen in the skin to help retain elasticity
      *hops extract - claimed to soften and smooth the skin.

      To use, you simply apply to the face, leave for five to ten minutes and then either rinse or tissue off.

      The mask is an off-white colour which is verging on being grey. It has a thick consistency and comes out of the tube in a thick worm-like line! Despite initial appearances however, the product goes onto the skin very easily and smoothly and you don't feel like you're dragging your skin as you apply it. In fact, applying it almost feels like you're applying a thick moisturiser. I apply it to my whole face avoiding my eye and mouth area and I find that I can spread a small amount over quite a large area of skin which makes me feel that I am getting my moneys worth.

      The mask does have a scent to it, although I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is. I'd say it is a sort of fruity/floral mix and whilst it is noticeable I wouldn't describe it as being strong or overpowering, which is a plus point for me as I'm not generally comfortable about applying highly scented products to my face.

      During the time the mask is on my skin I find that it feels very cooling but also quite tingly. Whilst I acknowledge that the tingling sensation is probably just the product working, there is always a worry for me that the tingling is actually the mask giving me some horrendous allergic reaction and that always takes the relaxation side of using the mask away!

      I always leave this mask on for the full ten minutes as I go by the philosophy that the longer it is on the skin the more chance it has to work. During this time I don't find that the mask goes tight or hard on my skin, it seems to stay pretty much the same consistency as it was when it was applied.

      Despite being quite thick the mask is easy to rinse off, and I usually use a wet face cloth to help the process. I have never tried the other method of removal Elizabeth Arden recommend which is to 'tissue off' the mask, but I can't imagine that would work at all. The mask is, as mentioned rather thick and I think you'd need a hell of a lot of time and tissues to remove it!

      Like many face masks I have used, this one seems to leave my skin looking quite red immediately after use. My skin has a very reddish tone to begin with (a problem I am forever trying to solve/cover up) but this product really worsens the problem, so it's not one I would recommend for use immediately prior to a night out or special occasion.

      The feel of my skin after use however, is immediately improved. It feels slightly softer, but more importantly not quite so dry. I am not going to lie, the improvement isn't huge, but there definitely is one and the usually dry areas on my cheeks and forehead feel much more hydrated and comfortable.

      Once the redness calmed down - I would say approximately 30-45 minutes after use, I couldn't really see any improvement in the appearance of my skin. The fact it felt more hydrated to the touch would perhaps lead you to assume that it would look better, but unfortunately having used the mask several times now, I have failed to see any significant visual improvement.

      I bought this mask from www.cheapsmells.com for around £6.99 a few months ago. Having just checked the website unfortunately they are no longer selling this product. In fact, having done a search it seems that there are very few places with this in stock, which leads me to think it is probably a discontinued product. I have managed to find it at the following online stores should you want to give it a go:

      Straeberrynet.com - £14.50
      fragrancemad.com - £8.99
      fragrancex.com - £11.09

      As the tube holds 100ml, I think you should be able to get between six and eight applications from one tube.

      Overall, I have mixed feelings about this mask. It definitely made my skin feel better to the touch, however there was no noticeable difference to the appearance of my skin. I do like to use this as a weekly treat, but whilst it's OK, I don't think there is much to make it stand out over cheaper face masks, and it's not one I would go out of my way to purchase again in the future.

      *Also posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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      01.12.2009 14:53
      Very helpful



      Use once a week to see improvement.

      I have dry, occasionally blotchy skin and I am always on the lookout for 'hydrating' products. I saw this Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask in the bargain section of a factory outlet shop near me, it was £2 which for Elizabeth Arden is an absolute bargain. I have used her eight hour cream before which I love, so I snapped this up! I haven't seen it anywhere since but you can get it on the internet from various shops, for various prices (£7 to £25 are the prices I have seen).

      I really liked this product and felt it did hydrate my skin. The bottle it comes in is pink with a white screw lid that the bottle sits on, making it very easy to squeeze the mask out. The bottle is very simple and chic and looks good in the bathroom! There isn't really any blurb on the back of the bottle other than instructions but the mask is supposed to be "super hydrating and give skin a boost" acccording to various websites. The instructions tell you to apply the mask all over your face avoiding the eye area and then wipe off with tissue or wash off after 5 - 10 minutes.

      The first time I used the mask I was pleasantly surprised, I had not heard of the product and was expecting it to be ok but not great. The mask is a pale pink colour and quite thick. It smells like a floral soap which is quite a pleasant smell. The mask is thick enough to really coat your face but not too thick it's uncomfortable. I applied the mask all over my face, quite liberally and although it only says to leave on for 5 - 10 minutes, I left it on for about 15, after a few minutes it hardened slightly, I then washed it off in the shower. I have never 'wiped' the product off with tissue because I feel you would be left feeling sticky and the best way to get it off is with warm water.

      The first time I used it my skin felt really nice and soft, and looked healthy too. I decided to keep using it to see if it made any real difference to my skin. I used it once a week for a few weeks and I really noticed improvements in my skin, it was softer and smoother and looked alot more radiant. I have been busy rushing around the last few weeks and have forgotten to use it and my skin definitely feels dryer and I have blotches on my cheeks. I think this proves the mask was definitely working, and I will start using it again now the weather has got even colder as my skin suffers this time of year.

      The only thing I don't like about the mask is that it is a bit sticky. If you try and wash it off in the sink, you need alot of water, so I would recommend applying it before you get in the shower/bath and washing it off in the shower/bath.

      I really like this product, it is lasting ages as well as a little of the mask spreads over your face really well. It is a little pricey but you do seem to be able to get it in bargain beauty shops and on the internet for around £7, which I think is reasonable as it really works and it could just be a treat for your skin in the winter.

      All in all a highly recommended product which, when incorporated into your beauty routine, leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated as well as looking glowing and radiant.


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      30.10.2008 16:08
      Very helpful



      A mask with a very short term hydrating effect.

      Skin type: Not specified

      ~ Introduction ~

      Back in August while browsing in beauty discounter I noticed a range of masks from Elisabeth Arden. One of these masks was called Hydrating Mask. My face always in a bit of a need of some TLC and at £6 discounted price I snapped one up right there.

      ~ What it says it does ~

      There aren't any particular claims written on the tube itself other than the usual instructions. However, I've found these below
      on sites where this mask is being sold, again at a discounted price and having the following product description:

      * (...) luxurious, intensively moisturizing mask for dry skin enriched with botanicals.
      * (...) leaves skin hydrated, soothed, feeling rejuvenated

      On another site:

      * (...) particularly useful in the winter time when skin is most parched and in need of deep hydration
      - An intensive hydrating treatment mask. Regular use maintains suppleness of complexion and will result in a younger, firmer looking skin

      ~ Apperance and application ~

      The mask comes in a pale pink tub that stands upright on its large, disc-shaped lid. I really like the distinguished screw lids from Elisabeth Arden which are mounted on a metallic ring thus leaving a gap between the lid and the tube itself providing excellent grip.

      The mask is also pale pink and strangely has a strong soapy smell together with a green hint of aloa vera and talcum powder. An interesting combination I haven't come across before and I'm not too keen on it to be honest. The soapiness is offputting for a 'hydrating' mask, to start with.

      The texture of the mask is soft and wet but solid enough to keep it together. A light squeeze on the tube is all you need to squeeze the mask through the slightly oversized pinhole.

      I apply a generous layer on my skin, eventually going over once again as some of the mask sinks in. After a few moments the mask doesn't feel wet anymore, it sets in slightly. After the time instructed (5 - 10 minutes) the mask is almost dry and still has fairly strong soapy smell.

      ~ What it really does ~

      * Deep hydration 3 / 5

      Removing the mask is a lot harden than e.g the Warming Mineral Mask from The Body Shop I reviewed recently. On contact with water, the mask appears to be actually sticking a bit so a good rinse with warm water is necessary.

      The feeling I have afterwards on my face is that it's smooth and slightly plumped. Some lines appear less pronounced (laughter lines around lips and frown line between brows) though to my disappointment the smoothing effect only lasted a few hours.

      After each use, I noticed a short term hydrating effect, though this was just as short lived as the smoothing one lasting only for a couple of hours. I've been regularly using this mask once a week but I haven't seen any improvement or effect I could attribute to this hydrating mask.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      I have normal skin which of course lacks some moisture due to external aggressions and aging. I do not have parched skin at the moment (I do in the winter sometimes) so I would not recommend it as a treatment as it is simply not hydrating enough to address dehydrated / parched skin conditions.

      Seemingly this mask does contain lots of nice and hydrating extracts but there's something soapy in it as well that must have a drying effect overall. Not recommended.

      ~ Price / Availability ~

      I bought it for £6 / 100ml at beauty discounter Beauty Base in Ealing Broadway, London though their stock is changing every week so it will have sold out long ago. I've seen it online at £6.95 from www.cheapSmells.co.uk

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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