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Ella Bache Hydra Repulp Hydra Revitalising Repair Balm Ultra Re Plumping

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2015 23:00
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      Giving Ella a Bash

      I had never heard of the brand Ella Bache before until I receive a tube to try out and sample. I found this listed on ebay for £30 for 50ml. It is a lot more expensive on other sites though so this is a bit of a bargain.

      What is it?
      This is an intense skin repair balm that glides on and treats the most dehydrated zones of the face and body by bathing the skin with moisture. Ideal for treating dehydration caused by extreme climate conditions, air conditioning and air travel.

      How to use:
      Apply a thick layer on a specific area or like a mask over the whole face and allow your skin to drink up the balm for 10 minutes (please note that this does not dry). Then remove with damp sponges or lightly massage into skin until fully absorbed. Apply 1 - 3 times per week.

      My thoughts
      I used this as a mask treatment and it was easy to massage the cream in afterwards, I think that is down to how much you apply whether you leave it to absorb or remove after. I used mine at night time to give it plenty of time to sink in.

      Application to results
      Although this was called a balm I thought it looked more like a thick cream as it was not at all transparent. It was nice and thick but not too thick and it didn't sit on top of the skin like a mask normally does but sunk in quite quickly. I though it made my skin feel really soft by the next morning and it felt very hydrated.

      Final word
      I would pay the £30 price for this as it would last a long time being only used twice a week. I'll keep this on my list for now as I have a lot more to work through first but I am liking my first foray in to the Ella Bache brand.


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  • Product Details

    Hydra repulp 'replumped skin' Beauty Recipe: An innovation developed using Ella Bache's expertise in NUTRIDERMOLOGIE / Rich in botanical Hyaluronic Grape Flower Essence (hyaluronic acid, essence of the grape flower and fructose), this Beauty Recipe re-moisturises and revitalises your skin in all climates, leaving your skin looking plump, dewy and with a youthful radiance / This is THE remedy for skin that suffers from dehydration / This intense-action skin-repair balm treats the most dehydrated zones of the face and body (extreme climate conditions / air conditioning / air travel) / Beauty tip: Apply in a thick layer on a specific area or like a mask over the whole face / let your skin drink up this active balm for 10 minutes / allow it to penetrate without rinsing /

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