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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

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6 Reviews

Brand: Estee Lauder / Type: Night Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Repairs, Recovers / Product line: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

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    6 Reviews
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      21.12.2011 17:41



      amazing product

      I actually bought this after an accident left me with burn scars all over my forehead (true story, don't play with deep frying) and i wanted something to help speed up the healing process after new skin had formed but which was also gentle enough to not irritate or cause any more damage.

      True to what it says on the bottle, there was no irritation or weird sensation on application. I'm not a fan of the smell as i feel it smells somewhat chemical. Its a sort of gloopy, translucent serum, thicker than water. Once you put it on, it settles for a layer and then finally soaks in after about 5 minutes. But i definitively did see results after a couple of weeks. I feel as though it helped to speed up my healing but also it helped me not to have any visible scarring. Now a year later the scarring is all cleared up but i still use it religiously every other day. I feel as though it helps to create some balance within my combination skin, and even though i know its a product aimed for anti-ageing, i still feel as if it makes my skin look visibly better the mornings after i use it compared to the mornings i don't.

      Definately a holy grail product, one i will continue to use for years, please estee lauder DO NOT change the formulation.


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      22.02.2011 00:58



      This skin care product is well worth the money

      I was recommended this product by a beautician and was at first a little sceptical, but she was that emphatic about it, that I thought it was worth a shot. I have to say that now I wouldn't be without it. Very few products that I have tried have given me such good results within such a short period of time; I could visibly see and feel that my skin was better after a few days.

      You use the pipette attached to the lid to drop a large drop into your hands and then spread it in your palms, place the liquid on your cleansed face before bed and then add your night moisturiser (I don't bother with a moisturiser when using this) and in a matter of days you will see the difference!!!

      As you only need a drop, the product lasts for a very reasonable amount of time too.

      The downside is the price, which if bought from a department store is about £50, however, as I have said before, I think it is worth it!

      You can also buy the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair eye product, however, I don't think that this is quite as good as this one.


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      06.07.2010 20:43



      No woman should be without this product

      I have been living and working in the Greek islands for the last 8 years. Although it was an amazing experience, it has left an impression on my skin. At 36, I have found that the constant exposure to the Greek sunshine has left me with quite deep laughter lines around my eyes, not to mention tired, lack lustre skin.

      I was given this product by a friend and WOW. Within 1 month, my glow had completely returned and the lines around the corners of my eyes were VERY visibly reduced.

      The serum is light in texture and soaks into your skin almost straight away. It may be a little more expensive than other MIRACLE creams, but believe me it is well worth every penny.

      I have extremely sensitive skin. I find that I must approach new lotions and potions with extreme caution, as my skin can swell or dry out. This product leaves my skin feeling like a million dollars and the results get better and better with each application. I would recommend that this product become a staple in your cosmetics bag. I am not using all of my other (quite expensive) creams as hand lotion! 10 out of 10 to Estee Lauder


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      26.06.2010 12:17



      I'm partly sold.

      I'm a twenty-five year old with generally good skin and few fine lines. My pores are always quite enlarged and I have the odd dark mark after a blemish. I'm searching for an even, unmarked skin tone and a long-term delay to the aging process. I have been using this for around two months, and thus far I do feel that it has done something to sort out the pore problem. My skin seems smoother. The formula isn't greasy like some moisturisers can be, it sinks in really quickly and you can't really tell that you've used it. I have seen some reviews saying that the smell is quite strong, but I have never noticed that to be the case. It says night repair, but I use this twice a day and it isn't drying out my skin at all. I am interested to see what results I have seen after another couple of months use. For now I am only partly sold - its expensive and you could maybe stick to or substitute it with Estee Lauder Idealist, and a good eye cream.


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      12.04.2010 18:27
      Very helpful



      The best anti-aging serum that absorbs and works

      I have tried all the miracle potions but let's face it not all of them do what they should.

      I have used the old version of Advanced Night Repair and now using the new Synchronized Complex.
      The results are not always so immeadiate but gradual. In an instant it had absorbed easily into the skin, it was not so strong smelling as the last one and it gave a little hydration to the skin too.

      Within a month I saw it's effect. My skin was glowing, discolouration of spots had reduced and forehead lines reduced.

      This is perfect for both male and female, as this is a serum and penetrates deeper than moisturisers but also I have a friend who works quite high up in Lauder and she says the same.

      What makes this difference then the last. It is more hydrating, they have mananged to find a way to make your regenerating cells speed up (which slow down over the years) so that repair is quicker and you look younger also the packaging is lighter,

      Also be aware that you can use this twice a day, even though it is called Night Repair, it still repairs during the day and it is not harmful for your skin due to the ingredients. The instructions do not say wear at night alone either.

      Oily Skins - Wear this alone at night after cleanising with a choice of eye cream/serum. During the day after cleansing wear Advanced Night Repair, choice of eye cream/serum and then a cream/sorbet/lotion with Sun Protection (to get the best repair for your skin)

      Dry, Normal/Comb - Wear Advanced Night Repair, choice of eye cream/serum and then cream. Repeat for day but add a cream with SPF.

      This is available to buy at most stores starting at £44. Try your nearest Debenhams or at Boots and collect your advantage card points. Also get on to www.esteelauder.com and you can sign up to find out when the next gift offer is at your nearest department store.


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        21.02.2010 11:25
        Very helpful



        Just ok

        This is an improved version of Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex which replaced the old formula in 2009. I had first used the previous version of this product because it was part of Estee Lauder skin care set I bought some time ago. I was excited about this product because I am getting closer to my late twenties and want to delay the skin ageing process as much as I can.

        After the bottle finished, I received a sample of the improved version and I wanted to compare the two formulas to see if anything changed. Protective Recovery Complex is not produced anymore, but the new formula was supposed to keep all the previous characteristics of the product, as well as include application of the latest discoveries from DNA research.

        Already, I can tell you that I haven't noticed any difference between the two in terms of their properties. The only difference I noticed is the fact that the screw cap looks slightly different and that 'Synchronized Recovery Complex' replaced 'Protective Recovery Complex' in the name.

        I don't use proper anti-ageing skin care yet and didn't want this to be a product designed to reduce wrinkles or a product for mature skin. Before buying I researched this serum and also asked at Estee Lauder counter and they confirmed it's mainly supposed to protect the skin from getting wrinkles prematurely, but it can also reduce the first lines.

        I am fortunate enough not to have developed wrinkles yet but I have one line on my forehead which really annoys me and presumably this was created on my skin due to several years of frequent eyebrow raising (don't even ask, I guess this was just my habit). My goal was to protect my skin and also to reduce this stupid line on my otherwise smooth face.

        ---- The product itself ----

        First of all, this serum has a slightly confusing name which suggests that it is a night time product. It actually should be applied in the morning and at night - at least this is what my bottle says. It comes in a brown see through rectangular glass bottle with a golden screw cap and gold description on the bottle. Attached to the screw cap, from the inside, is a drop dispenser. The bottle itself is packed in a blue carton box, typical of the Estee Lauder brand.

        This serum has slightly sticky texture but is also very runny, which makes it easy to spread on the skin, just make sure you don't drop the bottle because it will spill. The product is transparent light-brownish colour. It absorbs into the skin quickly and, although I can't feel it on my skin after application, I suppose some people might experience a feeling of stickiness.

        The smell is quite specific and not the nicest (I cannot really define it), but it is also hardly noticeable and definitely not noticeable after you have applied the moisturizer over it.

        Prices and sizes available:
        * 15 ml (if you buy it in a set)
        * 30 ml - £36
        * 50 ml - £49

        ---- How to use? ----

        This adds another step to your daily routine and does not (contrary to what some people think) replace a moisturizer. Wash and dry your face then apply this serum and follow with a regular moisturizer. Use it in the morning and evening or if you prefer only in the evening (Estee Lauder website recommends applying at night).

        The regular sized bottles have a special dispenser which allows you to apply just a few drops of the serum and this, I assure you, is enough to cover your whole face.

        My mini bottle contains only 15 ml, so it doesn't have the dispenser, but I found that it is easy just to put my finger on top of the opened bottle, turn upside down, and what stays on my finger is enough to cover ¼ of my face.

        Considering this, the serum is very efficient and will last for a long time. Once the bottle has been opened, you need to use the contents within 24 months and I think this is a great shelf life.

        I have to say here that I haven't been using this regularly. I was very excited when I first bought this and was pretty good at keeping up the routine but after several weeks I lost the energy. I now usually use it for a few weeks then cannot be bothered (don't have time or forget to apply) for 1-2 weeks, then I start using it again and lose my energy and so on. I was using the Protective Recovery Complex (the previous formula) for about a year and Synchronised Recovery Complex (new formula) for about 4 months now.

        ---- Properties ----

        This serum is supposed to repair and protect your skin by neutralizing up to 90% of the free radicals from the environment, including the damaging effects of UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke or stress, and moisturize the skin thanks to content of Hyaluronic Acid. It also promises to soothe irritation and visibly reduce first signs of aging, such as lines and uneven skin tone.

        I noticed an improvement to the colour of my skin - it is now more even and the skin condition is better. My skin is smoother, even better moisturized. However, I haven't seen any improvement to my dreaded line on the forehead. I do admit that the line is rather deep set and this product is supposed to reduce fine lines, but I was hoping for at least some change. Unfortunately, if there was any, I haven't noticed it. In the end, I am not going to buy a special strong anti-ageing product just for my forehead! Also, I think this lack of results is the reason why I get de-motivated and don't use it regularly anymore.

        ---- Summary ----

        * Long lasting
        * Improves the colour and texture of the skin
        * Absorbes quickly
        * Suitable for all skin types
        * Award Winner for Best Serum (Beauty Awards 2009 and Fitness Magazine 2009)
        * Does not cause skin irritation (at least not for me)

        * Very expensive
        * Smell not the most pleasant
        * Doesn't seem to reduce existing lines

        Other information:
        * Fragrance free
        * Dermatologist tested
        * Ophthalmologist tested
        * Non acnogenic

        ---- My verdict ----

        Overall, this is an OK product. Definitely improves the texture and appearance of the skin. However, I cannot say how well it does protecting my skin against external environment and against skin ageing. I still have no other lines, but I could have had the same result without using this product. It has not made any change to my existing line. Add to it a heavy price tag and my resulting rating is only 3/5. I might have been harsh here but I think with a high price comes great responsibility. Such an expensive product has got to deliver in proportion to its price and this one doesn't quite do it for me.

        I might buy this again, but probably in another mini form. This is just too expensive and the results are not living up to the claims or the price of the standard bottle.


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