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Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser

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10 Reviews

Brand: Estee Lauder / Type: Cleansing Foam / Subcategory: Splash / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean

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    10 Reviews
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      16.01.2014 13:58
      Very helpful



      An All Round Brillliant Product

      Just before Christmas I was buying a few gifts from an Estee Lauder counter at my local Debenhams store. At the time of purchase they had an offer on- spend over £50 and receive a free branded make up bag, which contained 5 different make up and skin care samplers. So this is how I come to own this item.

      My sample contained 30ml of product, this in turn cost me nothing theoretically. I do believe you can request 2 free samples when spending £25 or more online. So I assume this is also the size you would receive. The full size product contains 150ml, this retails at around £22.00. Estee Lauder is a well established brand so the products are very readily available in your high street stores such as John Lewis, Boots and Debenhams. You can also purchase this online from the Estee Lauder website itself (www.esteelauder.co.uk) or chains such as Amazon or EBay.

      This product is used similar to a face wash. It removes make up and any other residue that resides. It unclogs pores and rebalances skin. It gently foams and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

      TO USE
      My cleanser didn't come with a set of instructions, I believe this is because it's a sample product, I assume the full size product would come with instructions on the box or outer packing.

      I did look online and this is used exactly like you would a basic face wash or cleanser. The product looks like cream, but does have quite a shimmery effect. You don't need to use masses of this cleanser as it quickly lathers up into a thick and full foam.

      So to use you simply make sure you face is wet/damp, apply the cleanser and massage into your skin. Once this is done all that's left to do is rinse it all off. It's very quick and easy to do and takes me just a few minutes. I use this once in the morning and once before I go to bed.

      This can also be used as a purifying mask instead of a daily cleanser. To do this you simply apply the cream, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Avoiding your eyes of course. This is advised to be done twice a week. I have tried this once but I found the effects to be the same whichever way it's used.

      I have enjoyed using this cleanser. It is suitable for all skin types, and I haven't noticed and irritation since I've been using it. So it's extremely gentle on your skin. My skin does feel refreshed after use, and the condition of my skin has improved a lot since using this. My face becomes very dry at times and this seems to be keeping it at bay.

      The cleanser does have quite a nice aroma to it and this clings to my skin. The best thing I've found when using this is that my skin looks a lot brighter and radiant. I believe this is due to the shimmery particles in the cream.

      All make up does seem to have been removed after using this, and there are no traces of dirt or other impurities.

      I haven't had any spot flare ups when using this, with some previous products I have found that when unclogging pores, it tends to bring out all the spots first. This hasn't happened with this and my skin is left smooth and rejuvenated.

      To conclude this product is one that I am proud to own. It cleanses my face better than other products I've tried. My skin looks a lot brighter, and the overall condition has improved. It doesn't leave my face dry or lacking moisture, quite the opposite actually. I haven't yet finished my sample, I have a couple of uses left but once that's gone I will be purchasing the full sized version. It does seem expensive as an initial outlay but I believe you get what you pay for. I will knock one star off as not everyone will be able to afford this luxury, but luckily samples are quite often given out.


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        06.12.2013 14:11
        Very helpful



        fab item that works but is costly

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        Ive never really used products on my skin (except face wash and make up), but with my 2 year old having severe asthma its ment hospital stays and long nights.....taking its toll on my skin. I started a regime to hopefully improve me skin, my sister works for smash box in boots, so I went into store to seek advice on the best product i could use. I have used this product religiously for about a year now, Having used this product for a year, i soon added the toner and moisturiser from the same brand.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Estee Lauder ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        Estee lauder is a top of the range brand, selling quality goods with what I feel is a hefty price tag (worth it if it works). You can find Estee Lauder counters in department stores where you are able to test the products before you buy. Should you not have a department store near you then you can still order from places such as boots/amazon/ebay.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Cleanser ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        I purchased this cleanser from boots with some vouchers for around £14 for 200ml (this size would cost over £20 in shops) It is gentle on the skin as it is alcohol free, which was very important to me having sensitive skin.

        The cleanser is suitable for normal/combination skin, it targets both oily and dry areas, so is great for most peoples skin. With its unique ingredients it is designed to thoroughly but gently clean the skin, removing any dirt, un natural oils and re-balance the skin.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Using The Cleanser ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        To use, simply open the lid and squirt a little onto your fingers, ( you can use cotton pads if you wish but you will find you need more so go through a bottle quicker). The cream is white and very thick in consistency, so you will only need a little, the amount of a 5 pence piece normally does my face. The smell is very clean with only a hint of fragrance. Simply using your fingertips massage the cream into your face, taking extra care where you can get creases (chin, nose etc as these are more prone to clogging and dirt build up). It will be very thick once on your face, and feels very luxurious and rich, and as its pure white you can see exactly where you have already applied it, Its almost mousse like but thicker, so its lovely to have on your face because your face feels like its getting a good treatment, when applied it looks like 1 of those face masks but softer, you then simply splash the cleanser away thanks to its unique formula, I will go into detail about this below.

        Upon opening the bottle you can immediately smell a clean smell, exactly the same as the toner, it reminds me of those sterile products used in hospital. Personally i hate the products with a fruit fragrance as the smell tends to linger all day making me feel a little sick as the small is just to sweet, this is perfect.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ Splash Away ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        The 'splash away' solution is designed to make it easier to wash the product from your face. If you watch the adverts or read about it your just ment to simply splash the product off your face. Personally i found this not easy to do, the product is very thick so doesn't come off right away but personally i don't find this a problem, it just means you will need quite a few splashes of water to remove the product, I prefer it not coming off straight away with 1 splash because it means its a thick rich formula which I prefer on my race compared to its thin slippery oily competitors.

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ For best results ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        For best results its recommended to be used along side the toner, moisturiser and facial scrub which can be purchased separately from Estee Lauder, there is also a exfoliator available, all are priced around the £20.

        ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *Did it work ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        Yes!! I also own the estee lauder make up remover but i found this so thorough, removing everything that i no longer need to use the make up remover (money saved!) Normally when washing my face it still feels as if there are products on my skin, or that it isnt 100% clean, but this cleanser left my skin very neutral and re-balanced my skin, without being harsh or removing any natural oils.
        This cleanser even removed my make up, and thoroughly cleaned my skin, leaving it soft, clean and smelling fresh (with no horrid fruity smell) ready for the toner, the rich creamy mouse like formula felt like heaven on my skin and im pretty addicted, I use it both morning and evening, and have even caught my fiancé using it.
        Yes it is costly, but its the best product on my skin, as said in another review i did for freederm gel i do sometimes suffer from the odd spot so wanted something gentle on my skin, but something that removed all dirt and didn't clog my skin, it was very important the product cleaned my skin but didn't leave any residue to cause spots or clog the pores. So far ive been using the product for nearly a year twice daily and have to buy a new bottle every 2/3months so it doesnt work out too bad....The product does get pretty hard to get out of the tube when you get near the bottom, so I always cut the tube right down....at the price of it I want to use every last drop!

        * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Overall Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *
        9/10, it smells clean and sterile and cleans my skin leaving it soft and balanced. Only downside is the cost.


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        20.02.2012 17:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        It did the job - cleaning my face - but not very well, for £20+ a tube


        Normally there's absolutely no way I'd buy this for myself, as I'm not one for spending a great deal on beauty products. However when I was offered an almost full 125ml tube of it for free, there's not a lot of chance of me turning it down, as in theory I'm not opposed to spending a lot of money on products that I know give great results. That's why I love samples so much!

        This is aimed at normal/combination skin, which is perfect for me. I have pretty robust skin with a tendency toward oil on the T-zone.


        I really like the look of this product - it's a tall, thin, pale blue. squeezy tube with a flip top and a discreet Estee Lauder logo. It looks good in my bathroom and I'm happy to leave it out. It's clear about instructions, ingredients and so on if you're interested in that information. Compared to the kind of face washes I usually get - Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, that kind of thing - it looks a lot classier and a lot more grown up! I always feel like a teenager when I have something from Clearasil next to my sink, so it makes a nice change to have this out.

        The flip top is pretty sturdy, but mine did get damaged when I moved house. Part of it cracked but it still functions okay so I'm really pleased with that. It opens and closes easily and isn't too fiddly when I've got wet hands and I'm trying to wash my face.

        ~~Using the Product~~

        When you squeeze the cleanser out, you can see that it's thick, white and creamy with a pearlescent sheen. You don't need much to use it; it comes out in a line like toothpaste and something about 1 to 1.5cm long is plenty. It foams up and spreads really easily and it only takes a few seconds to spread it over your whole face. It can form quite big bubbles which is fun! (Well, you know, compared to washing your face normally.) The smell is quite strong - it's quite floral and clean, a very 'white' sort of smell if you know what I mean.

        It feels very smooth and glides over your skin very nicely, but I do find that if I get it anywhere near my eyes they can sting quite a lot and leave them looking red and sore. If your eyes are sensitive in anyway I definitely wouldn't recommend this, and for the same reason it's not really much good for removing any eye makeup either. As well as stinging, it just isn't effective at removing the makeup and generally leaves me with dark smudges under my eyes if I've been wearing mascara or eyeliner.

        As far as the 'Splash Away' part of the name is concerned - well, I'm not convinced. The formula seems to be quite clingy, and the product does really hold on around my hairline and in nooks and crannies like the corners of my nose. It's a bit more difficult to wash off than most cleansers, and it's actually quite difficult to get it off without getting throwing water all down your front and on the bathroom floor.


        To be honest, the only word that comes to mind here is average. Yes, I think this product cleans my face. However it isn't particularly adept at removing makeup, so your face has to be fairly clean before you can even use it. Afterwards my skin feels completely normal, which I suppose is a good thing. I don't have any dry patches or flakes, but neither do I feel like anything has been done to moisturise my skin at all.

        Having oily skin, I can be prone to blemishes, and this doesn't seem to help with that at all. I exfoliate every couple of days as well, and I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin condition. I certainly don't get any fewer blocked pores, or blackheads, and my skin is just as oily. With a brand name like Estee Lauder, I was expecting something a lot more impressive than this. I don't think it's much worse than a £4 bottle of Clean & Clear, but it sure isn't any better.

        ~~Shelf Life~~

        When I got the bottle I'd say it was over three quarters full and so long it has lasted me about three months. I'd say I've still got another month or so's use left in the bottle. This seems pretty reasonable to me as I'd be surprised to see most facewash bottles last five months.

        ~~Price and Availability~~

        If this was maybe £5 or £6 a bottle, I'd consider getting it just because it's so long lasting and the bottle is nice, and the performance is okay. Unfortunately, though, you're looking at paying anything between £20 and £30 for this. I did see it on one website for £13, but it wasn't one I'd ever heard of and I couldn't find any reviews for it, so do obviously exercise caution if it sounds too good to be true! At this kind of price I'm expecting something that leaves me absolutely glowing, or does something to improve the long term condition of my skin, but I didn't get that at all.


        You definitely won't catch me shelling out my cash for this. Whilst it's perfectly serviceable it is by far the most expensive cleanser I've ever used and it's not at all the best. When I can get the same thing for less than a quarter of the price, there's no way I would consider buying this.

        I can't justify giving it a really low rating, considering there's nothing drastically wrong with this except the price, but I don't think I can give it more than three stars. Its completely unremarkable.


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          26.06.2011 01:44



          Wonderful product for oily skin

          I have used this cleanser on and off over the years, and even under the reformulation, it is still my favourite 'shower cleanser'.

          I was once told by an Estee Lauder consultant that it was really the only thing on the market that will completely remove the brilliant and durable Double Wear foundation in one go, and boy is she right!

          Applied under the shower, after massaging it for about 10 minutes, all of Double Wear and all eye make up has vanished and my skin is sparklingly clean and smooth!

          I do have oily skin though, and I can imagine if your skin was dry that your skin would feel too tight afterwards. I think it's perfect if you have oilier skin and wear a lot of make up, and still want to feel like your pores have been completely cleaned out, but if your skin tends to be on the dry side and/or you don't wear that much make up, you may feel as if your skin has been stripped bare!

          But otherwise, perfection!


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          26.06.2010 10:45



          Highly recommended for slightly oily skin like mine.

          Put simply - I love this cleanser. My skin type is on the slightly oily side of 'normal' skin, and this cleanser suits me just right. It is quite thick, and you need to use only the smallest amount each time to get a good cleanse. As a result, a 125ml tube has lasted me five months and still has probably a couple of weeks left - talk about value for money. It foams up really quickly covering the whole face, and washes off really easily and quickly, leaving the skin literally squeaky clean. It dries up any oil and I find that this lasts all day. You need to follow up with a good moisturiser though as otherwise it could leave you a little dry. I also use Estee Lauder for this. When I first bought it the seller recommended it for 20-something skin. So maybe seek advice if you are any older or younger.


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          16.06.2010 17:32
          Very helpful



          A great face wash if it suits your skin, better to try this one before you buy

          Estée Lauder's perfectly clean splash away foaming cleanser is great if like me you have normal to combination skin, as well as looking for a product that both smells lovely and feels silky smooth. I find that this skincare cleanser form Estée Lauder leaves my skin feeling both invigorated and clean.

          -- Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser --

          The perfectly clean splash away foaming cleanser comes packed in a rather attractive pale blue tube that matches the range of other similar skin care products also on offer from Estée Lauder.

          The cleanser itself is relatively thick cream and is white and slightly pearlescent in colour. I found when I applied the foam to my face that it stayed exactly where it was meant to and didn't run everywhere, generally I find that it stays put on your skin and washes off with no difficulty.

          --Value for money?--

          I have found that with this product a little goes a long way. Estée Lauder recommends that the cleanser is gentle enough to be used twice a day or as required and is great for removing make-up. Although it initially cost me £18 for a 125ml tube I predict (even using it twice a day) that it will last me at least a couple of months if not longer.

          If you are lucky enough to live near somewhere that has an Estée Lauder counter then you can ask to take a sample home with you to try before you purchase. In my experience they will give you at least enough for a couple of days which will give you an idea of whether the product will be suited for you or not. I believe the product is good value for money but only if it suits your skin, so if possible definitely try before you buy!


          Overall this product delivers exactly what it sets out to do, it is a fab smelling and luxurious foaming cleanser that leaves my skin feeling clean but without feeling dried out. I have sensitive skin and this product was recommended to me by the skincare professional at the Estée Lauder's counter as a gentle cleanser that is also great for removing make-up. So far this perfectly clean splash away foaming cleanser has not irritated my skin whatsoever.

          From reading some of the other reviews it just goes to show how different skin likes different products. I really enjoyed using this product (particularly in the morning to give my skin a good clean before applying make-up) and I would recommend it. However, I would also recommend that if possible try before you buy because although I enjoy using this product there seems to be quite a few people out there who don't.

          It gets a well deserved four out of five Dooyoo stars from me! 


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            28.05.2010 14:26
            Very helpful



            An expensive cleanser which didn't suit my skin type.

            When it comes choosing products for facial cleansing I adopt the policy "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". The selection I use suits me and produces good results so I have no real need to make any changes. It would take an exceptional offer or the discovery of a particularly interesting product to persuade me to try something new. One thing guaranteed to coax me into trying a new line, however, is a freebie and that is how I came to test out this Estee Lauder product with the not-so-succinct label of Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser. When changing planes at Gatwick airport we had about ten minutes spare to dash into the Duty Free shop and pick up a couple of our favourite perfumes/after-shaves and the very pleasant and helpful chap who served us promised to "pop in a couple of samples" as he put our goods into a carrier bag. It wasn't until we were sitting at the departure gate that I looked to see what these samples were. I was very pleasantly surprised to find not a mere sample sachet but a full sized tube of this Estee Lauder Cleanser. The Estee Lauder range has never really appealed to me so I am quite unfamiliar with their products. I thought it would make an interesting change to try not just a new product but a different manufacturer. I could at least approach the item without any pre-conceived ideas.

            The Presentation:

            The cleanser comes in a plastic tube - pearlescent powder blue in colour - which stands upright on a gold plastic twist on/off lid. The tube contains 125 ml of the cleanser. The gold Estee Lauder logo with the 'EL' cipher appears on the front of the tube along with the lengthy product title and the direction that this is for 'Normal/Combination Skin'. Information on the rear of the tube is printed in dark blue typeface and although the print is very small it is quite clear. A description of the product's properties namely, "Deliciously refreshing foam gently yet thoroughly cleanses and rebalances skin." appears in five languages. Further information given includes a lengthy ingredient list, a website address for the company and two logos - one indicating that the packaging may be recycled (although I guess that would rather depend on the available facilities in your part of the world) and the other indicating that once opened, the product has a shelf life of 24 months. A London postcode is given for the UK headquarters of the company - but no address, which I find a little odd.

            The appearance of the packaging is of little consequence of course, the only important question being whether the product actually works. Nonetheless I keep looking at this tube and wondering if there may be a very fine line between classy and cheap looking and I wouldn't be able to say on which side of the line I think this package design falls! If asked to sum up the packaging in one word, I would choose 'dated'.

            The Ingredients:

            As already stated, the ingredient list is lengthy but I still feel inclined to reproduce it here as some people have intolerances and need to check ingredients with care. It is as follows:

            Water, Potassium Myristate, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Potassium Behenate, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Potassium Palmitate, Potassium Laurate, Potassium Stearate, Polygala Senega Root Extract, Nymphaea Alba Root Extract, Berberis Vulgaris Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Caffeine, Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose, Sucrose, Urea, Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG-3 Distearate, Polyquaternium 51, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin,
            Benzoic acid, Phenoxyethanol.

            It will be of interest to some consumers that there is no mention of parabens.

            I had a look at the additional information about this cleanser on Estee Lauder's website and it highlights three plant extracts which are included: white water lily, senega and barberry. (The Nymphaea Alba Root, Polygala Senega Root and the Berberis Vulgaris). I wondered what properties these plants have to offer and so did a little research. White water lily extract is said to help purify the skin and reduce oil secretion; senega is used to condition skin (it is also an anti-inflammatory) and Barberry is a mild astringent and anti-inflammatory.

            I also wondered what Dipotassium Glycyrrhirizate may be. Licorice root was the answer, and this is an anti-inflammatory used to soothe skin and it can also brighten skin and help to regulate sebum production.

            The Estee Lauder website also makes the brief statement that this product is "Dermatologist-tested". After some additional research I found a further statement from the company assuring that the trials of the products take the form of "....clinical tests on human volunteers....". I also learned that they "....do not test ingredients or finished products on animals... ".

            The Cleanser:

            The first thing to strike me about the cleanser when I removed the cap was the strength of the smell. It's a fresh, clean, floral fragrance and I find it quite attractive but it did surprise me that something proclaiming it's ability to act gently would be so strongly perfumed. The cleanser is a quite a thick, white, opaque and slightly pearlescent cream. It took a few 'tries' for me to work out the correct amount of the cleanser to use and I settled on that ubiquitous phrase - a 'pea-sized' amount. I dampened the palm of my hand and squeezed out that small amount. I find that it transforms into a thick, rich-feeling foam with ease just by using my fingers. I do like to use a brush for facial cleansing though, and this also quickly works the cream up into a foamy mass. I found when I applied the foam to my face that there was no question of it dripping or running off. The consistency of the foam is perfect - it stays put on your skin and yet rinses off with ease. (Although the product name suggests the foam should simply be 'splashed away' I do choose to use a facecloth soaked in warm water to remove cleansers of this type.)

            The Result:

            The first time I used the cleanser I was very disappointed with it. There was no doubt that my skin looked and felt extremely clean but almost immediately after rinsing and patting dry, I experienced a strong tightness and discomfort in my skin - almost a prickling feeling. I persisted with it and as the days went by I noticed that the discomfort diminished. (Could using too great an amount have played a part in the unpleasant effect, perhaps?) I have to admit though, that despite the discomfort my skin did look and feel very clean, clear and smooth.
            The 'experiment' has been going on for about a month now and I think that is sufficient time to assess my overall thoughts on the effect this cleanser has had. I decided to look at the additional claims and descriptions made about the cleanser on the Estee Lauder website and then see how they compared with my own findings.

            * Splashes away with no soapy film, no trace of impurities. - It certainly cleansed thoroughly and no feeling of a 'film' remained.

            * Lightly hydrates and conditions as it cleanses. - Not for me. I had no impression of hydration whatsoever, in fact I couldn't wait to get some moisturiser applied after cleansing.

            * Gently manages oily zones while soothing dry areas. - I suppose this statement serves to highlight the fact that this is probably the wrong cleanser choice for me. I don't really have any 'oily zones' to manage though I can understand how it would be capable of cleaning away oiliness. My skin is only prone to dryness in extreme weather condtions so I suppose, again, this aspect was not tested to the full but I can state with certainty that I felt no 'soothing' qualities at work.

            * Leaves skin feeling renewed, comfortable, healthy. - Not for me. Not at all. Certainly not comfortable.

            The immediate after effect of using this cleanser is that my skin is clean, smooth and extremely soft to touch - so it is doing something right - but the appearance is more of a peach-skin, matte and slightly dull effect rather than the dewy, healthy glow which I find can be achieved by using other products. Although the problem of 'tightness' improved, there is still a slight feeling of tight discomfort after I have used it which I do not like. One month on and my skin is clear but I can neither see nor feel any additional benefit.

            Price and Availability:

            It isn't going to be difficult finding this cleanser if you fancy trying it. Estee Lauder counters are to found in most, if not all, major department stores and the company's products are also available online from Boots or, of course, the UK Estee Lauder site itself which is http://www.esteelauder.co.uk/

            The recommended price is £18.

            The Conclusion.

            My conclusion is very simple - this is just not for me. I can't overlook the caveat that I did not have a consultation with an Estee Lauder representative to assess which cleanser would be most appropriate for me. This one is probably not the best choice for my skin which I would describe as 'normal' as opposed to 'normal/combination'. I definitely would not recommend it for anyone with skin like mine but it could well be that someone prone to oiliness may find this cleanser very useful. The price is high though I did find I it was only necessary to use a very small amount. I can imagine one tube lasting months so it may turn out to be reasonable value in the long run - as long as it suits your skin!

            (NB: this review also appears on other sites under the name ALM1)


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              29.09.2009 20:20
              Very helpful



              Moisturising and gentle face wash but doesn't remove make-up

              I am always on the look out for new, interesting cosmetics and once decided to treat myself to a mini set from Estee Lauder. I usually don't buy many expensive products because I think you usually pay high price for the brand name, rather than an exceptionally good product. However, this time, I thought I'd give it a try and I might be surprised.

              I don't remember anymore when I bought the set, how much I paid for it and what exactly was inside, I will only review the item I use most nowadays - Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser for Normal/Combination Skin.

              I have to tell you that I had a slight confusion with this name, as I though the product was something like a face wash that I would use daily or when away on holidays. But the French version says this is a make up removing mousse.
              First of all, I wouldn't say this was a mousse. The texture is very light, but I would say this is rather a cream consistence than anything.
              Second, the cleanser doesn't really create any foam. When applied to wet face (on dry face this is very unpleasant and too tick to spread all over the face), it turns into a milk.
              The scent of the cleanser is very delicate, hardly noticeable but also pleasant. The product has been dermatologically tested and was designed to be gently and moisturizing.
              Visually, the cleanser is very attractive. It is in a powder blue, upside-down tube with black and blue lettering, complemented with Estee Lauder logo and screw cap in gold.

              Usage and properties
              This product is very easy to use. I usually squirt a pea-sized amount on wet fingers and rub a little to mix the product with water. This way it is much easier to apply it to your face evenly and clean more effectively. Then just splash warm water on your face to rinse the product. The cleanser is easily removed and doesn't leave any residue. It is gentle to the skin, so shouldn't cause any skin irritation if you worry about this.
              After using, I always feel that my skin is soft and clean. Some face wash products make you skin dry quickly but this one doesn't. I would say my skin feels more moisturized thanks to this. The hydrating and conditioning properties are provided by extracts of white water lily, senega and barberry.
              As to the make-up removing properties, I would agree it removes some of the make-up. It does the job more easily with non-waterproof foundation or eye shadow but my waterproof mascara doesn't come off at all. Disappointingly, after using a cotton pad to dry my face and remove the water (I do this instead of using a towel), I found that the cotton pad wasn't clean and had traces (quite visible) of my foundation, which is not waterproof. This product definitely doesn't remove make up.

              Would I recommend it?
              It is definitely a good face wash, although not as good a make-up remover, so I would recommend only if you like brand names and have some spare cash. In the end, who wouldn't like to be seen with Estee Lauder in their wash bag?
              However, if you are on a budget, it is not worth it. At £17.50 for 125ml, the price of Perfectly Clean cleanser is extortionate, compared to what it delivers.
              I only like it because I use it only as a face wash and I love the miniature format which you can take with you for short weekend trips.
              I will not be making a repeat purchase, unless this is included in a mini set again. There are several high street brands which offer equally good cleansers and are priced in the range of £2-5. I am not a brand snob (at least when it comes to cleansers) and will stick to the cheaper priced brands.

              For more info, visit:

              Also on Ciao under the same name.


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              23.02.2009 12:23
              Very helpful



              Far too pricey for the results you get.

              I am a big fan of Estee Lauder and I use their Daywear Plus on a regular basis so I thought I'd give one of their cleaners a go.

              The Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleaner was recommended to me as I have normal/combination skin and it costs around £17.00 for 125ml and comes in a lovely light blue tube.

              The cleaners itself is quite thick, white in colour and has a slightly gritty texture to it which disappears one you massage it into your skin. The fragrance was very slight but was a nice clean soapy kind of scent. I did notice that it foams up really nice and the thick texture means when mixed with water, it doesn't run off your face and onto the bathroom floor!! Also being a splash away cleaner it did just that, came off straight away with a handful of water or to and no rubbing.

              The cleanser is packaged as containing light hydrators and conditional botanicals that gives you refreshed and healthy looking skin.

              My skin did feel really clean afterwards but once my skin had dried it felt tight and dry so I'm not sure on how much the hydrating elements really work.

              I would recommend this to someone who has oily skin rather that normal/combination skin as it felt a bit too harsh for me to use everyday, I'll be keeping this for using on holiday to remove heavy make up and greasy sunscreen.


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              04.01.2009 22:04
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              Expensive cleanser that cleanses but leaves skin not ph balanced

              Christmas was very magical this year in our house hold, plenty of christmas cheer and smiles all round which was mainly induced by the wonderful gifts all greatfully received. As requested by moi I received a wonderful array of Estee Lauder products from my husband, all beautifully presented and now all tried and tested. The first of many products I wish to review from Estee Lauder is their Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser.

              To be honest, I have not had much experience with their cleansing products as they are so costly, but, I have had more to do with their cosmetics and fragrances and have always been pleased with my purchases. This product was to be a first for me and I eagerly anticipated it's first usage.

              The product is packaged in a pale blue tube with the Estee Lauder branding on the front and the product description. The product stands on it's lid, which is a flip top, making it simple to use and apply the product.

              The product is white and relatively thick in consistency which to my mind resembles a good quality hand cream but it also has a lightness to it which enables the product to foam up quite easily. It is very delicately scented and extremely feminine which makes it an absolute delight to use.

              The product is fragranced with White Water Lily, Barberry and Senega. I can honestly say I have never smelt a face cleanser quite like it and I have been pleasantly suprised.

              The product is designed to cleanse your skin without leaving any residue, hydrate your skin, moisturize any dry patches and control any oily areas as well.

              To use the product you should first agitate a small amount in your hands with warm water before applying to your face. After cleansing your face remove all traces of cleanser with warm water.

              The results; well it works, but not with bells on. I have to say this is the first time I have been disappointed with an Estee Lauder product. I like the packaging, I like the way the product smells absolutely divine and that it is also has quite a tactile feel to the product. It foams up really easily allowing for ease of use and also that as very little product is required to cleanse your face it could prove reasonably economical.

              I found that the product did clean quite well and removed all traces of make-up without any scrubbing. It did feel like it was actively moisturising my skin whilst cleansing it at the same time. This all changed however after rinsing the product off. My skin felt clean but at the same time it felt stripped of all natural oils, slightly tight and almost reminiscent of a cheap soap that would leave your face all squeaky clean and tight, literally. I found I had to moisturise my skin immediately just for comfort, rather than as part of my normal routine.

              This product did not perform as expected and I feel hard pushed to recommend it. It is quite costly at £16.64 for 125ml and is not a stand alone product. Estee Lauder recommend this product is used twice daily and then followed by their Perfectly Clean Balancing Lotion and then to moisturise. I can achieve the results to which I am accustomed by way of another product for far less money and without the need to use other products.

              In this instance I would suggest giving this product a miss and spend your money on their cosmetics which actually do what you expect - tenfold.

              Thanks for reading.


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