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Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive

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3 Reviews

Brand: Eucerin / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisture Cream / Subcategory: Treatment / Cream / Contents/Size: 250ml

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    3 Reviews
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      13.10.2011 16:54
      Very helpful



      A fantastic cream for dry skin condtions.

      Lately I've been suffering from some dry itchy patches on one of my legs. I've been scratching them quite a lot to the point where they got a little scabby, which isn't nice. The itching was driving me crazy and I had tried slapping on E45 cream but it made no difference. I decided I needed something better so popped to boots to see what I could find.

      I looked at the section in boots which was for dry skin, they had lots of different types of E45 cream and then I saw the Eucerin products, which I have heard of before and recently read a few reviews about. They have lots of different products for area's such as the face or hands, but I decided to get the Dry Skin Intensive cream.

      I purchased this from boots and it cost me £12.79 for a 100ml.

      ***THE CREAM***
      This cream may be a little expensive for a 100ml tube, how-ever it's espicially designed for dry skin conditions such as eczema and other dry skin conditions. The cream can be used daily and is great for dry, flaky and itchy skin which is exactly what i was experiencing. The tube is made from metal and comes with a blue screw lid. The tube them comes in a cardboard box which has information about the product. A leafleft comes with the cream stating how you use the cream and other information. The cream contains Urea which is a fantastic moisturiser, which helps to leave the skin feeling, smooth soft and moisturised.

      The cream itself is white in colour and has very little smell to it, which was nice as I often find that some skin creams for skin conditions can smell quite strong and nasty. This how-ever was very bearable as I could barely smell it at all. I rubbed the cream into the problem areas. There was no stinging or soreness when I rubbed the cream onto the flaky skin and it rubbed in easily. I didn't need to use a lot of this as a lot goes quite a long way, so I can imagine the tube will last me quite a while.

      I followed the information on the leafleting by applying the cream twice daily. After using this cream just twice in 1 day, I noticed the following morning that the patches weren't as dry and scaly as they were before. My skin was a lot less itchy too which was a relief. I continued to use the cream longer, and crossed my fingers and hoped that the dry skin would go. About 1 week after using this the dry, scaly patches are looking much better. I haven't even be tempted to scratch my legs, the cream relieved all itching I was experiencing before. Although the skin looked slightly red where the dry patch was, it actually felt smoother and softer than it had done a week before. I was very impressed at how quick this cream work.

      This is a totally amazing cream if you are suffering form dry skin. I'll be sure I always have some of this in the bathroom cabinet incase I get any dry skin patches again. Recently I have been using this all over my legs just to keep them moisturised and to stop any dry patches from coming back. I have used other dry skin creams, but they have sometimes made my skin feel sore on contact and they haven't given very fast results. This is by far the best cream I have ever tried for dry skin. I would highly recomend others to use this cream.

      (review also on ciao)


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        28.05.2011 15:40
        Very helpful



        lovely cream for dry skin

        Since as far as I can remember ( I think I was about 6 years old), I have always had these horrible spots on my upper arms. When I was younger, it never really bothered me that much so I used to still wear capsleeve/short sleeved tops. As I grew older people would start commenting on my arms making me really self conscious so from the age of about 12 to this day ( I am now in my 20's) I have not worn any sleeveless tops or any tops which show my upper arms. It was really frustrating and after seeing several GP's and 2 dermatologists, the only response I got from them was 'moisturise and it will fade as you get older' - very sympathetic (detect tone of sarcasm). I took matters into my own hands and got onto the internet to discover a name..finally!! All of these years I have been suffering from Keratosis Pilaris or KP. I found a few message boards where people shared what had worked for them and somebody had raved about the Eurcerin dry skin intensive 10% w/w urea treatment lotion. I went into my local Boots and found it YAY but at a hefty price of £13.47 for a 250ml bottle. It was expensive but at the time I thought that I had to try it and it was no use to keep complaining and feeling self conscious yet do nothing about it.
        So what is keratosis pilaris? It occurs when your body produces too much keratin (the stuff that makes hair, nails ) and is usually genetic ( my mum has KP too but just not as bad as mine). KP is more common in women than men and affects most adolescents. As a result of too much keratin, you get bumpy spots which have trapped hair in them. Most commonly KP is found on the upper arms but people are known to get it on their back, face and other areas of their body. KP does not usually itch and tends to be worse in the winter months. To this day there is no 'cure' and it is the case of as time passes it should soon go away. In the meantime people try exfoliation, deep cleansing, moisturing, oil pulling but different people have different results and it does not completely disappear.

        Back to the cream...it is a rectangular shaped white bottle with a blue lid. The Eucerin name is printed in blue with a red arrow underneath. Under the name of the cream it lists some conditions which the cream may be suitable for such as atopic eczema, ichthyosis, hyperkeratosis (too much keratin like in KP) and xeroderma. It also says that it is dermatological skincare and that it is fragrance free. Directions of use is to apply to the affected areas twice daily or as directed by your doctor. The urea in the cream is great for the skin especially if you have dry skin as it traps moisture leaving your skin feeling really nourished. The cream itself is white and fairly runny and light. You apply it to where it is needed and gently massage into the skin. Once the cream has been rubbed into the skin, it leaves an oily/greasy layer so make sure to use this cream let it soak in then put clothes on. If you don't do this you may find that your clothes stick to you and the cream ends up going on your clothes. The cream doesn't have a particular smell to it either. I used this cream twice a day for about 3 weeks religiously and could not believe the improvement in my skin. Whilst exfoliating I noticed that the bumps were being exposed, opening and the trapped hair was able to be picked off (sorry I know that is unpleasant) but my skin was so much smoother no lumps or bumps. The only thing is that I still have dark spots on my skin (not actually spots with bumps but dark where the spots were - I do have crazy pigmentation and tend to scar over nothing). My KP has NOT disappeared but has reduced sooooo much and my upper arms feel nice to touch. I still do not wear sleeveless tops mainly due to confidence but I have worn short sleeved tops which show some of my upper arm and have felt so good that I don't need to hide when the weather is not now. I still use the cream daily (all in all I've been using this cream for about 6 months) but only once daily, I guess this is due to laziness but I will continue to use the cream and see whether my KP reduces anymore. It has done wonders for my confidence and even though you can still see my KP it is nowhere near as bad as it was before.
        If you do suffer from KP I really do recommend it just bear in mind that it will not disappear.


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        12.02.2008 19:00
        Very helpful



        A highly moisturising treatment cream including atopic eczema and ichthyosis


        Since 2002 I've been suffering from sensitive, itchy and very dry skin on my hand and elbows which was due to my allergy to chrome, a substance that I have an unusual sensitivity to even in tiny amounts. For the next 2 years I had been told by GPs, chemists and dermatologists that my skin is 'just' dry and I should use a barrier cream like Neutrogena to keep my hands moist.

        This of course didn't help and even got worse. Itchy blisters started to appear underneath my skin that looked like spots. When scratched they would ooze water and itch even more. With time, these blisters then rose to the surface where they looked like rashes. There were itchy and red and the skin around them now started to flake and become scaley.

        What causes eczema?

        The cause of eczema, or the type known as atopic dermatitis is not yet known though it's thought be genetic. There are a lot of environmental triggers that can cause eczema to flare up such as allergies, stress, harsh chemicals, fabrics etc.

        There are many types of excema and they also vary from sufferer to sufferer so treatment is difficult. Unfortunately, the immune system's reaction itself to the irritant chemicals often exacerbates the symptons as it will continue to cause skin irritations long after the contact with the allergen ended.

        Treatments of eczema

        In 2004 a private dermatologist revealed that my skin condition was called eczema or atopic dermatitis. Since then I've been trying a vast array of prescription and non-prescription drugs to treat eczema and its symptoms such as hand creams, mild and medium strength steroids, repair creams, antihistamine tablets, homeotherapy and so on.

        Some didn't work at all, some only moisturised the skin more but was unable to eliminate the redness. A few treatments showed initial improvement for two or three weeks then stopped being effective any longer.

        What is Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Cream?

        Urea is a substance found naturally in the skin and its purpose is to hold water in the outer layer of skin cells. Water is also retained by the natural oils called sebum though water and soap wash it away and this results in dry skin. Urea is the active ingredient in Eucerin Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Cream and as it is easily absorbed it increases the skin's capacity to hold in the moisture.


        The treatment cream has a 10% concentration of urea so it is only suitable to treat small, badly affected areas. The cream is water based, has a light texture and is absorbed very quickly. I apply lightly 3 times during the day which means every five hours. The recommended dose is to use it sparingly twice a day though the I found that being the condition of eczema on my hand quite bad and a light top up is needed after each time I wash my hand.


        I bought this cream thinking I am going to try another excema treatment that won't work. After 10 days of usage, I've noticed improvement in the following:

        - The itchiness has stopped altogether (most treatment cream will achieve this)
        - Blisters have got slightly smaller and somewhat softer
        - Redness still shows but is less angry
        - Scaly appearance has stopped almost immediately as the cream creates a hydrated layer on the skin not allowing it to dry.
        In the morning, or in dry, cold weather the scales do come back though to a lot less extent and dab of cream will restore my skin to normal.


        I have yet to wait up to three weeks to see if my skin gets used to it and renders it useless. Nonetheless, there are already promising results and this time I feel (rightly, I hope) that this
        cream is not just masking up the problem and patching up the skin's appearance but is effectively and definitely working.

        Price / where to buy

        Chemist's, Boots, Superdrug

        £9.50 / 50ml Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive 10% w/w Urea Treatment Cream

        Eucerin make a range of other products too including
        - Eucerin Dry Skin Relief 5% Urea Face Cream Night
        - Eucerin Sensitive Skin Lipo-Balance Nourishing Cream
        - Eucerin Sensitive Hydro-Balance cream


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      • Product Details

        For daily care of extremely dry, itching, scaly skin and aged skin / For the treatment of atopic eczema, hyperkeratosis, xeroderma and ichthyosis.

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