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Evian Affinity 2 Sided Cleansing Pads

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Brand: Evian / Pads / Type: Cleansing Pads / Subcategory: Pads / What it does: Cleanses, Purifies,

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    4 Reviews
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      15.04.2011 09:41
      Very helpful



      I'll buy it again, but I know what I'm expecting this time.

      I found Evian's Affinity cleansing pads in my local Home Bargains store about six months ago. We all love that shop, right? Instead of the RRP of £2.99 each, I bought two boxes for 99p. I make that a saving of £4.99! Each box has twenty-two pads in it, making that just over two pence per face wash - incredible value for money.

      The product's box is confusing somewhat. It's a catch-all box that has both French and English written on it (I suppose to save from needing two different designs!) but unfortunately this means that space is somewhat compromised, and the box doesn't give me as much information as I would like. Instructions are basically left to simple drawings which I personally don't find good enough - and quite confusing.

      The idea is that the cleansing pads are in fact little pouches. There are two different sides of cotton pad stitched together in an almost complete circle, leaving a little bit of space at the bottom of the circle to allow you to slip two fingers between the sides. One side has a wavy pattern on it and I believe this is the side which is meant to exfoliate as it cleanses, and the other has a dots pattern on - and I think this is the side which is meant to refresh and purify. The idea is to have a cleanser and toner in one product.

      This is a great theory, but I don't find that Evian have been able to pull it off in practice. Due to some confusion from the picture instructions, I've tried wetting and lathering both sides of the pad - and both produce the same lather for me. I've tried using one side, rinsing, then using the other - and it feels exactly the same both ways. This for me means that although I do find that the pads give a really good clean, the product is unsuccessful as it doesn't produce what it claims to.

      Its cleansing qualities are great - make-up comes straight off although please be careful around your eyes because the lather produced stings awfully if you let it get in! My skin feels smooth and clean although I find it quite drying (I have dry skin anyway), so I can't use the pads daily. It has become something I use occasionally when I feel my skin is REALLY dirty - like after a really long day...or a really long night!

      As for its exfoliating qualities, I'm afraid that this product just does not cut it. Perhaps it's because I'm used to using beaded exfoliation products, but I just do not feel as though the wavy (or even the dotty) side of this pad is enough to really rejuvenate my skin - not without scrubbing painfully hard anyway, and who wants to do that?

      In summary then, I find that Evian Affinity cleansing pads are fantastic for cleaning particularly dirty/tired skin. Unfortunately, the product simply does not deliver on the promises it makes and therefore should be scored quite poorly. I DO like these cleansing pads and if I ever see them at such a great price again I will buy them, but I wish they did everything that they claim to.


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      10.06.2009 13:35
      Very helpful



      Highly recommened

      I hate liquid face washes, it seems so much effort and fuss compared to using face wipes to get rid of make up. With a gel face wash I always end up with loads of it in my hair too messing up my fringe so it dries funny!

      So I get most of my make up off with cleaning wipes now but they leave my face feeling greasy so I still need to use water to get rid of that horrible feel.

      I've seen Neautrgena cleaning pads advertised but I was not about to pay £5 to £6 for a box, but then while browsing the Poundshop I found these!

      The pads come in a smallish box with a plastic bag holding the pads together. You can of course dispose of the plastic now. The box has a really cute lid which fastens nicely to keep them all in. I'm told these last 12months and not to flush them down the toilet.

      The packaging is quite nice, clearly shows what the product is and is a night blue colour. Although slightly annoying there is too much French all over the box.
      You get 22 pads per box which by my maths is just over 4.5p per use. Good value I'd say.

      THE PADS
      The pads feel sticky and not very nice to touch when they arent wet, one side is covered in wavey lines and the other lines and dots. One side is appently supposed to exfoliate but it doesn't. I like good, scratchy exfoliators and this certainly isnt that.

      I run one under the tap and rub round my face. You slip your fingers between the two sides but the pad slides off quite easily. It lathers up well and smells quite nice. Just as a warning it hurts like hell if you get the foam in your eyes so try to avoid that!
      You can see the pad change colour quickly as it takes off your make up, especially mascara and foundation. My skin feels clean and soft after using and they don't dry my skin out which always a plus!

      Overall these are really nice convenient pads to use! They are really good value and really help get rid of every scrap of make up. Highly recommended.


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        02.06.2009 16:59
        Very helpful



        Good facial pads, great price, just fall off your fingers!!!

        I have had problem skin since I can remember, there hasn't been a day for a long time where I have seen my face without at least one spot or breakout poking its ugly head out and making me sad. So I've been trying potions and creams or anything that could possibly bring down the nasty critters.. Having found one or two that have worked for a while I have finally had to change my face wash because it was just making my face sore!

        That face wash by the way was the freederm face wash that is advertised a lot on the television but it made my spots ten times worse..

        So I had been using an Avon version of this product for a few weeks before I picked up this one, and I found it dried my spots too much, so I decided to find some new facial cleansing pads, when I had a look in Savers I saw these perched on the shelf so decided to take a packet, and at £1 who could really blame me! Tomorrow I shall also be taking a walk into town to get some more!

        ~*~ What Are Evian Affinity 2-Sided Cleansing Pads? ~*~

        These pads, are little pads that have finger holes, wipe away impurities, make up and those nasty oils that give you a shiny face, which is something I do not like seeing when I look into the mirror.. Meaning I need to use all that extra facial powder!

        These pads have 2 different actions;

        1. Cleansing action - the exfoliating side of the pad lathers and helps to remove dead skin cells, wipe away the oil that causes shiny skin and to cleanse pores..

        2. Purifying action - to use after cleaning your face, this side of the pad, helps to condition and purify the skin and give it a more matte look and hydrated feel..

        The pads themselves have a two different looking sides, the first side, the cleansing action side has raised lines across the pad and little raised dots between them that may look quite big and high on the pad but on your face they're surprisingly small.. The purifying side have lines across the back of them that are slightly wavy but look like they would make no difference to your skin at all..

        ~*~ So How Do You Use Them? ~*~

        Well they come with little holes to put your fingers in so you are able to sweep them across your face but they are a pain in the bottom to keep on your fingers..

        Directions for use;

        1. Place your fingers in the pouch, and run the cleansing side underwater - it doesn't specify whether you put it under cold or warm water, but having tried both I have found they lather better once run under warm water..

        2. Clean your skin in upward motions - which means I have been using these wrong for the past week, maybe I should read these things a little more carefully..

        3. Afterward, place the toning side under the water, and then massage the skin in upward motions, when your done rinse your face and enjoy the results..

        This process takes literally 2 minutes, its much easier than using face wash!

        ~*~ Do They Work? ~*~

        Well I am not going to say they are perfect because no face wash is ever going to be perfect enough to give us all the perfect skin, but as something that is not all that expensive I am not going to say that they are not worth the price.. Given that they are only £1 a box I am not going to complain..

        The first day I used them I felt a complete difference in my skin, the bumps and lines on the pads that look quite large are actually quite small, especially when you rub them on your skin they don't feel like they are really doing a lot for your skin.. It is only when you rinse off your face and rub your fingers over your skin that you notice, that a lot of that dry feeling has gone and you are left with more moisturised and supple feeling skin.. That is just after one use!

        The next few days went along and I used the facial pads once a day to keep the shine at bay, and my skin stayed soft and felt very moisturised, the usual dry patches on my skin were a little less dry, so it means I am having to moisturise less - saving me money and time! The first time you use this the shiny patches do not disappear straight away they just become a little less obvious however after a few days they seem to be almost gone on my face, so I am not applying as much make up to cover over them meaning my skin is fresher because it is not blocked up with foundation and powder..

        I've been using them for almost two weeks now, and my skin does feel a lot smother and more hydrated than I expected it to, however depending on your spots will depend on how good these pads are at saving your skin from blemishes. I have quite bad spots some days, as a giant red one will pop up in the middle of my forehead but with these I am seen the frequency of the big red blighters significantly decrease, as the spots I have had have dried up and almost completely gone - and that was in the first few days.. There are always going to be little spots under the surface on my face, but these pads seem to stop them getting any bigger and without drying them out. However the blackheads do seem to have almost disappeared and considering they were the biggest problem on my face I would definitely keep buying these for that reason entirely..

        So two weeks on they are not showing any signs of letting up and letting the spots under the surface from rearing their ugly heads.. I am not professing that they are going to give you clear skin because if there was something out there that gave us clear skin then it wouldn't be £1 a box in Savers..

        My only little problem with these pads is the fact that the pads have finger holes, but the finger holes seem like they are made for people with really small hands to be honest.. I cannot really use them sometimes without them falling off into the sink, which is quite annoying because I then get bits on the pad that I am going to put on my face! So I end up putting my thumb on it, which I don't like doing because it means you get all the soap in your thumb nail which gets right on my nerves!!!!!

        ~*~ Would I Recommend Them? ~*~

        Definitely, because given how busy we all are during the day they are quick and easy to just pop under the tap rub on your face, rinse off and your done.. The benefit of the moisturisers mean that you spend less time moisturising your face, and hoping you aren't left with a shiny face.. They defiantly are good to pop in your suitcase for a holiday too because they come in a little box which on it's side would slide between some shoes or clothes in your suitcase.. Considering they contain no liquid you don't need to worry about them leaking all over your clothes either!
        The pads have no distinct scent either, which means, you can use them and not worry about having get used to some fruity of flowery smell under your nose when you have washed your face..
        For only £1 a box in saver, can you go wrong?
        Not really!


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          17.11.2008 20:13
          Very helpful



          Shame pads fall off fingers but otherwise these are really good!

          I would never use soap anywhere near my face...ever! It's a serious no no for me however course I do need to wash my face! That goes without saying lol

          I am a really big fan of Olays warming face wash but at around £6.50 a tube although it lasts me a long time it still a few quid more than I want to pay out but saying that I do need something good to wash my face with that doesn't upset my sensitive skin and so I usually end up purchasing it to be on the safe side as I know it's a sure bet.

          Until I saw these wipes in of all places ... Poundland! Now I was concerned about buying these. However they are Evian and I am familiar with Evian products whether I consume them or use them and I thought for a quid a box I couldn't possibly go wrong! So I bought five boxes! lol

          The Packaging....

          White cardboard flip top box which is exactly as on the review photograph at the top of this page (for once lol). There is a photograph of a lady using a pad and then on the left hand side of the box there is a small picture of mountains then under that I'm told they are 'Evian Affinity, Bi-Faces Nettoyants (2-sided cleansing pads)'. I'm then told in large letters that the are Oxygenants and some stuff in foreign languages. On the left hand side of the box I'm told a load of stuff in foreign languages, on the right hand side of the box I'm told a bit about the product and what they should achieve for my skin and directions for use. At the front of the box (the slip down bit) I'm told they are two sided pads and there is a diagram pointing this fact out, on the back of the box I'm once again told what they are and who they are by and on the bottom of the box I'm again told loads of stuff in a foreign language (I'm sure it's French but I failed it at school lol) but in English I'm given a list of ingredients, contact details for Johnson & Johnson and shown little symbols which are the recycle symbol and a do not put them down toilet symbol and finally there is a bar-code on there.

          The packaging is ok but I'm not into all this dual language sort of packaging. I had thought this was cos I purchased them in a cheap shop but it isn't and the packaging for these is standard.

          About The Product....According To The Box....

          Everyday, impurities, make-up and excess oil asphyxiate your skin and may cause shininess and imperfections. You would like to oxygenate it in order to eventually allow it to breath.

          Introducing New Evian Affinitiy Oxygenating 2 sided cleansing pads. 2 different pre-permeated textures, for 2 targeted and complimentary actions.

          1/ Cleansing action:

          The exfoliating pattern acts with the cleansing lather and oxygenating cocktail to effectively help remove dead surface skin cells, eliminate excess oil and cleansing the pores.

          2/ Purifying Action....

          In a complimentary action with the cleansing side, the refreshing lotion helps condition and purify the skin for a matte-appearance.

          At true great breath of oxygen for your skin! It is purified and matified.

          Directions For Use....

          Put your ringers in the pouch.
          Place the cleansing side under water-clean your skin in upward motions.
          Place the toning side under water-massage your skin in upward motions.
          Rinse your face.

          My Experience....

          The pads are a white thick cloth material and are very strong and soft to the touch indeed. Sniff the pad and they have a very light floral smell to them which is really fresh and pretty and not at all invasive. The pad is round and textured and quite large. One side has some slightly wiggly grooved in lines within it and the other side is virtually the same but for some slightly protruding round bumps between said lines.

          So to use a pad you put your fingers into the 'pouch'. It's quite a wide pad so your three main fingers (not thumb and little finger) go in there easily.

          First problem... although wide enough to house your fingers this pad isn't long enough for them (and I got short, stumpy fingers lol) making it hard to get it to stay on fingers to use it properly. Even by stretching fingers wide in there it just slips off particularly when it gets wet. So we may as well establish that in my opinion we have certainly met a design fault here!

          When I wet my pad the pad holds dome liquid and I apply it to my damp face (it's an easier method) and it lathers up thick, white, rich bubbles right away and simply. It feels so smooth on the face and if the pad didn't slip it would be so simple to use apart from another design fault that is!....

          Both sides of the pad do look similar. If you use these everyday I'm sure you'd become familiar with which side to use first but me I don't use them everyday and have flipping memory problems so I always end up having to grab the box to look at the diagram to see which side is which, which is pain if in the shower and the box is over the other side of the room and I've already got me pad out and am mid use! In my opinion somehow this needs to pointed out more clearly on the pad either a colour coded dot or anything for daft mares like me!

          So I use the more bumpy side first and it doesn't feel more bumpy it just appears it to the eyes. I wouldn't say it exfoliates or anything but it doesn't scratch or feel any different to the other side. It's very comfortable to use and glides over my skin ever so gently. At no point does the skin tingle or hurt or feel irritated when using this (or after usage).

          Then I rinse it off my face and use the smoother side to finish. Nothing to report here. It works in the same way as the bumpier side, still feels soft and gentle! Although the pad has been used it still has a lot of life in it and plenty of lather and I just give a gently rub once again and a good rinse.


          I haven't used these on a totally made up face but I have used them after thinking I had removed my make up properly and these did remove some make up I didn't think was there! Although these look very harmless and not all that cleansing they are and are very gentle all at the same time. Although they cleanse the skin though (I feel this) I don't feel they exfoliate and don't see how they could).

          They certainly do remove surface oil, grease and grime and I'm sure they'd remove make up too unless really heavy stuff which is welded on! The pads are good sized, robust and strong with plenty of product in them and they do leave the skin feeling ever so soft and velvet like after using one (one is all that's needed per use as well). They are nice to use and relatively fuss free and great for everyday use. When you've finished you simply reseal the box, pat your dry face and your left fresh faced and beautiful (ok maybe that's an exaggeration these are not miracle workers after all lol). Face isn't left feeling tight like you've used soap and skin does feel naturally clean! Brill!

          Do look about for these and look in online discount stores for good deals!


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