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Evian Affinity Original Cleansing Wipes

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2 Reviews

Brand: Evian / Type: Cleansing Wipes / What it does: Cleanses / waterproof: yes

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    2 Reviews
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      05.11.2006 21:16
      Very helpful



      Excellent moisture providing wipes for those with dry skin.

      If your like me and are eternally on the quest for hydrated, spot free, black head free, shiny healthy skin and are slowly losing the will to cleanse, tone and moisturise then this may be of some use to you. From the makers, although Im not sure I should call them makers as you dont 'make' mineral water, of Evian Mineral Water comes these handy face cleansing wipes. With so much competition on the market they have a hard job to sell this product as anything different than the usual wipes, but will the Brand name Evian come to the rescue?

      Heres my thoughts..

      Why I Got This Product

      Its part of my nightly routine on an evening to use face wipes, tonse and then moisturise my skin. This is after consuming a pack of pringles and half a box of maltesers so you could say Im defeating the object but thats my naive narrowmindness coming to the fore! I really abhore the prices manufacturers expect people to pay for what is ultimately a fancy schmancy baby wipe, but with grown up writing on the front. So whilst browsing in Poundland (hey there are some grreat bargains in there!) I came across Evian Cleansing Wipes. Now I had previously seen these selling in Boots for a more typical extortionate price of £2.99 so for these to be available for just a pound, well I thought they were worth a shot. The brand name also reassured me that I wouldnt come out in a red rash and need to buy some anti-histamines within half an hour of using them!

      The Packaging

      As with all other brands the packaging is made of sturdy plastic material that is durable and doesnt fall to bits upon first use. There is a small peelable lid bit that is re-sealable so the wipes dont lose any of their moisture and dry up.

      On the front is a small image of a mountain hence the Evian logo. Also a small amount of bumph claiming it is 'Alcohol free', shame I would have liked to smell of vodka? Also information about the product which is: Original Face & Eyes Cleansing Wipes For Face & Eyes. 25 Wipes each measuring 175mm by 200mm.

      On the back is more information about the benefits of using the product including;

      - It is helpful to remove make up, even waterproof mascara (yey)
      - It is safe to use around the delicate eye area
      - It is formulated with Evian Mineral Water so is naturally moisturising and hydrates skin.

      Also there is a website to visit www.evianaffinity.com

      Instructions of disposal show you shouldnt flush it down the loo, but instead dispose of in a bin.

      Information about Evian as a Brand

      Evian is a brand of Mineral Water which originates from Evian-Les-Bains in France. It was aquired by the Danone Group in 1991. It contains great minerals that the body requires and has hence forth become a best seller as part of the new De-Tox craze. Calcium is naturally occuring within it which means its great for healthy bones, If like me you have Osteoperosis I recommend drinking it as part of a healthy balanced diet.

      The benefits of drinking water are pounded into us by the press. We all know to drink 8 glasses a day to be healthy and full of vitality, hence the new phenomenon of 'Aquaholics' around that cant stop drinking the stuff! But water is also great for the skin. It is a great source of hydration and can help combat skin disorders such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Wrinkles and spots.

      Evian has obviously realised the selling power there brand name has and has jumped on the bandwagon of skin products releasing their new range in 2004. This includes toners, moisturisers and lotions.

      The Texture & Smell Of The Cleansing Wipes

      The texture is very velvety smooth and damp. Unlike other wipes I have tried that seem more dryer these are pleasingly wet and silky smooth with no annoying exfoliating bits that can irratate the skin. The wipes just glide across your face and neck easily.

      Forgive my description of the smell but my nose is a bit blocked at the moment! It doesnt have a distinctive smell of anything really, thankgod as Id hate to be stuck with a horrible ickly smell up my nose all day after using a wipe! It smells very natural and fresh and of nothing at all in particular.

      Using the Wipes

      Is simple. Just gently, not too hard or roughly, sweep the wipes across all of your face, behind your ears and across your neck and around the back of your neck.

      Instantly any dirt or grit is evident on the wipe itself, ick. You are left feeling refreshed, looking alot cleaner and shinier and radiant. It is a very quick way to perk yourself up, or if you are in a rush and dont have time to get washed with soap and water. The wipes promise to 'oxygenate' your face, Im note sure how thats meant to feel but afterwards I do feel a heck of alot better.

      Afterwards I dispose of in a bin as advised.

      Available from

      Boots, Any chemists, Superstores such as Asda, Morrisons, Tesco etc. I recommend poundland though at the minute as they are much cheaper by far, so I have stocked up incase they dont get them anymore in the future.


      A great alternative to other cleansing wipes on the market. Alot cheaper, very handy and ultimately refreshing after a hard days graft, these not only have a trusty brand name behind them but ooze quality mineral hydrating power to make your face gleam and shine like it means it. Grab some now from your local Poundland!!!!!

      copyright cherwaite 2006 xx


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        25.10.2006 09:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Useful for on the go cleansing

        Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know that I do like cleansing wipes…essential for the lazy person’s cleansing routine, or for those days when you just don’t have time to do the whole cleanse and tone routine.

        I have used the Evian moisturiser on many occasions. and found it excellent for my skin, so decided to give these a go.


        They state that they remove all impurities and make up (even waterproof mascara) whilst at the same time being alcohol free, and causing no harm to the delicate eye area.

        They will also leave your face toned and hydrated leaving your skin soft, clean and fresh

        Why do I always have a feeling of déjà vu when reading beauty products? They all seem to promise the same thing.


        The packaging is a blue water proof packet, small enough to carry around with you and the peel back strip is resealable.

        There are 25 wipes in the packet, each measuring about 18 cm square. Kind of like a tissue.
        The wipes themselves are pulled out of the gap one at a time and have a faintly perfumed smell. They are quite moist, enough to make you feel that you have washed your face but not so wet that you need a towel to dry off.

        HOW TO USE THEM…

        You wipe them gently around your face and over your eyes and watch the dirt and grime come off.

        DO THEY WORK?

        The wipes I have are the Original Cleansing wipes, but also available are Oxygenating Cleansing wipes and Remineralising Cleansing wipes for sensitive skin

        They certainly remove the daily grime and are great for a freshen up if you are like me and like to remove the worst of the grime when you get in from work or if on a morning you prefer not to get your face wet.

        They don’t dry out your skin, and after use, skin does feel clean and fresh. However, as ever, I would still moisturise because I don’t see how they can replace moisturiser, and although they aren’t drying, they are not moisturising enough for my skin.

        Unlike some wipes, they are a good size, and you don’t feel you have wasted half the wipe because it’s too big, and you won’t feel the need to use several to do the job. They also come easily out of the packet, and are a good size for taking on holiday, instead of all the bottles of lotions and potions.

        They remove most normal make up, but with water proof mascara is still difficult to get off, so use eye make up remover or have clogged up eye lashes.


        Yes if you want a quick cleanse "on the go". I also like them for a facial clean in the morning when my face is already relatively clean and just needs freshening up.


        I have seen them on websites with prices ranging from £2.99 to £7.99; it’s worth doing as I do and checking out discount stores for a bargain!

        MADE BY

        Evian, France


        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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      • Product Details

        These velvety wipes remove everyday impurities and all types of make up, even waterproof mascara, while respecting the delicatee eye area / Formulated with Evian Water, naturally moisturising and balanced in minerals, these wipes also tone and hydrate your skin /

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