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Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

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4 Reviews
  • keeps makeup in place
  • cooling
  • Expensive
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    4 Reviews
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      27.10.2015 11:30
      Very helpful


      • "keeps makeup in place"
      • cooling
      • refreshing


      • "Expensive "

      Lovely and refreshing

      I absolutely love using this spray in the summer and try and keep a bottle of it on my as much as possible as it is such a lovely refreshing thing to use when the weather is hot and you are warm and sweaty.

      It is available in lots of different sizes but I prefer the little mini 50ml sizes when I can find them because they are the easiest to carry about in my handbag with me.

      This is very much like magicool which I also love but I am always a little bit uncomfortable with the chemicals in magicool whereas this is supposedly just evian mineral water alongside natural salts. I don’t know if it is any more natural but I like the idea of it so I choose to remain ignorant.

      It works fantastically to cool the skin down when it is hot and it has such a lovely mist that it covers a large area with only a second or two of holding down the button. It is great at leaving me feeling refreshed and cooling my skin down which makes it less flushed in hot water.

      What it also does excellently which I didn’t really think about when I first bought it but discovered by accident is that it is amazing at fixing makeup and keeping it fresh and in place when the weather is hot.

      As well as cooling your skin down and refreshing it the spray also works to moisturise your skin. I always just spray it on and let it dry into my skin naturally and my skin always feels more moisturised when I have used it and as the heat and sun can dry skin out it makes a good pick me up and it is an easy way of just getting a little bit of moisture into your skin in seconds.

      The only problem that I have with this spray is that I do find that it is a little bit pricey for what is essentially just water. It can range anywhere from £2.50 for the 50ml bottle right up to £7 for a 300ml bottle. It isn’t horrendous and I do think it is so nice to use that the price tag is nearly justified but on the other side I don’t think it lasts that long especially not if like me you tend to use it a lot. Because it is so nice though I am willing to pay the price but I do think it should probably be priced a little bit cheaper.


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      26.04.2013 22:41
      Very helpful



      A refreshing spray of fine water for your face.

      ===Red In The Face===

      I've been using this neat little product for quite a few years now. I've always had the kind of complexion that gets very red either in high temperatures or with exertion. I have to admit that, these days, it's far more likely to be due to the second! It's not just the high temperatures that make me feel uncomfortable. I particularly struggle with humidity, burn easily and suffer from prickly heat.

      I remember coming across a can of this spray in Boots during a hot summer - do you remember that hot one we had?! It was probably then! I was sufficiently affluent and curious to buy one and try it out. Now it won't have escaped your notice that recent British summers haven't delivered those high temperatures. However we often seem to get warm, humid days when my face quickly feels very sticky and hot.

      I've been fortunate to visit the Mombasa area of Kenya in 2010 and 2012 to help in a local school. This was a product I took with me on both occasions. There were times when I felt it was worth its weight in gold - and August is one of more temperate times of the year there. I sprayed it on the back of my neck as well as my face.

      ===In The Can===

      I buy this in the small 50ml or 50g size. It's also available in larger sizes: 150 ml, 300ml and 400 ml, but to be honest this is a convenient handbag size. The larger ones would be more suitable for family use. I'd struggle to get through a larger can before the recommended Best Before date had expired.
      The ingredients are listed with relevant chemical symbols, but I'm not going into that in detail. Evian say 'due to the characteristic mineral composition and neutral ph of Evian water, the Evian Skin Care Atomiser refreshes and invigorates all skin types.' The implication is that it's just natural Evian mineral water in a pressurised can.

      ===Cooling Down ===

      It's recommended by Evian that you spray your face several times a day - even in winter. I have to admit I haven't done that. Even the thought of doing it in that really cold late winter makes me shudder. I can see the reasoning, though, especially when the central heating is turned up. Skin can feel very dry.
      For the face, it's recommended that you start to spray at the neck and move slowly upwards. You then leave it to act for a few minutes before gently dabbing away. Well that's what the instructions say. If I'm really hot I tend to just let my face dry naturally.

      ===Other Uses===

      Apart from cooling the face, it's claimed by Evian that regular use not only tones the skin but increases its hydration too. That sounds feasible to me, although I haven't used it consistently enough to test this out. As I have dry, mature skin it might be worth my while to do so. The other major use is to fix make-up. Again I haven't put this to the test as I don't wear make-up every day. I think I will though; it would be interesting to see what effect it might have.

      Evian recommend it particularly for expectant mothers [understandably] babies and small children. I don't know that small children would like having it sprayed in their faces, although I suppose if they were hot, it was done carefully and brought relief they might come to like it. Personally I think it would be very suitable for ladies going through the menopause and suffering hot flushes.

      ===Safety Notes===

      There's not a lot to worry about here. It is a pressurised container, of course, so the usual care around that needs to be taken. It would be easy to just think of it as a can of water, but there are the same risks of explosion if allowed to overheat, for instance. It shouldn't be exposed to temperatures over 50°C for that reason, or pierced, even when empty. Nitrogen is used to propel the water droplets, which is apparently good for the environment.


      The can is made of aluminium and can be recycled.

      ===Price And Availability===

      This size of spray is currently available from Amazon at £6.50. That's a little expensive if you're on a tight budget and you may feel there are cheaper ways to achieve a similar effect. It's a luxury item. I'm not sure that Boots still stock it as I haven't seen it recently. I think it's available from Waitrose online, Ebay and stores like Debenhams. It's probably worth shopping around for a good offer.


      Yes if you can cope with spraying water on your face. I've offered to share it with a few friends who haven't liked it. There may be cheaper ways to keep your face cool and hydrated but I'm not sure they're quite as effective. It's a luxury item that's not essential but a nice option to have, so 4 stars from me.


      Thank you for reading this review. It may appear on other sites.

      ©Verbena April 2013


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        25.04.2013 17:27
        Very helpful



        4 stars

        Rummaging through my holiday toiletries in preparation for next weeks holiday to Vegas (super excited!) I came across my little holiday wonder product which I had completely forgotten all about.

        Perfect for hot weather, this product is essential for me and my pathetic fair skin which wimps at any heat whatsoever. It's currently 35 degrees in Las Vegas so this will get used every single day and will be carried around with me during the day in my handbag.

        The product has so many uses which is what I love about it. Primarily it's a cooling spray, but it also works to fix make up in place, which for me is essential on holiday as my make up often just melts! Working as a cooling spritz it is light and refreshing and on parr with other similar products on the market (specifically I find that it isn't any better or worse than the Clinique spray which is more expensive).

        The aerosol can means it sprays an even mist onto the face and doesn't leave you sodden in the process! This spray aside from cooling the skin also works to moisturise and I definately notice a difference in my skins hydration levels when I'm using this. The only aspect of using this on holiday which I sometimes get concerned about is that the water vapour is reducing the effects of my sunscreen. With this in mind I will often spritz my skin and then will come out of the sun to allow it to dry before reapplying a light sunscreen on my face again.

        It is tempting to rub the mist into the skin somehow, however it is a lovely cooling process (and calming too) if you just let it dry naturally. It is perfectly fine to spray this during the day ver make up and it doesn't make it smudge or run. I don't know if its meant to but I find it sets my make up. The spray is also lovely to have by your bedside table to refresh your clammy skin when you first wake up on a morning, it allows you to come round and is a lovely refreshing way to start the day.

        The product is pretty heavy on the price tag for basically a tin of water, however I do think its worth it and you will find that similar products are also around the same price range. This Evian spritz is around £14 but I do see it on promotion, usually around this time of year in the run up to holiday season. I once found it on a 3 for 2 promotion in Boots which seemed to run forever so do keep your eye out.

        The spray isn't scented.


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          27.12.2012 20:51
          Very helpful



          for hot days opt for Evian!

          ~Evian Facial Spray~

          Evian offer a range of skincare products. One such product is the facial spray which is formulated with Evian water from the French Alps and has a neutral pH.

          This facial spray is presented in a tall aerosol can which has a clean and basic white and pink design. The droplets of facial spray are propelled using safe, natural nitrogen. Evian state that this spray can be used daily as a way of increasing your skins hydration, fix your make up and to leave skin freshened. This facial spray is also said to moisturise and tone so is a 3 in 1 product. It is suitable for use on babies skin to cool them down.

          The can should be recycled after use.

          ~Price and Availability~

          Evian Facial Spray is available from Amazon priced at £11.64 for a 300ml can. A smaller 50ml sized can is available priced at £5.04. The John Lewis website offers the 50ml can for £3.57 and the 150ml can for £7.10.

          ~My Thoughts~

          This is another one of those products which my sister offloaded to me during a clearout of her beauty box. I have tried the Evian beauty products in the past and found them to be quite good. I have used this type of product before with mixed results. I wasn't impressed with the expensive Clinique Moisture Surge Spray so I had hoped this one would be a bit more worth the money. Is it really any different than splashing some bottled Evian water across my face though? Well..

          The can is a simple affair and very easy to use. I have a 150ml sized can but a 50ml is more practical for popping in to my handbag to use on the go. The reason I use products like this is because my skin (mainly my face) becomes very hot when I am stressed or in a crowded or confined area for too long. It is almost like a hot flush and it can make me feel very light headed. It is of course worse during the warmer months and it is sometimes nice to have something to spray on my face for a bit of a boost.

          It is worth noting that I have dry skin and usually opt for a full cleansing routine in the morning. I do not find that this facial spray is strong enough to replace my routine because of my difficult skin though those with less dry skin could get away with using this as a 3 in 1 spray. I normally just use it when I am feeling hot and uncomfortable. The spray top is easy to press down on and releases a beautifully fine and gentle mist across my face.

          The mist feels incredibly light on my skin and is fragrance free. The effects are instant as the spray immediately cools my skin and leaves it feeling incredibly refreshed. There is no need to spray too much on as the mist does travel well. The mist leaves my skin feeling quite damp at first but not soaking wet. Sometimes I rub the dampness into my skin but I prefer to let it absorb itself. It is certainly different from splashing regular water on my skin. If I just use water it seems to leave my skin uncomfortable and tight feeling but with this spray my skin is left soft and refreshed.

          I love the way my skin feels after spraying this on. I feel more calm and cool which makes me less stressed about having a red hot face. It is very soothing. I sometimes use it on my skin too for a quick refresher and find this works well. This spray is incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn't agitate my dry skin. It leaves it feeling nicely hydrated but not moisturised. This isn't a problem as I moisturise daily anyway. I have applied it over make up and find that it doesn't smudge or annoy my make up but actually stops it from fading due to me having a hot face!


          This facial spray does a good job of cooling my skin and refreshing it. It is easy and pleasant to use and one can lasts really well as the mist is so fine. I find that spraying a small amount across my face leaves my skin cool for a few hours. It does tingle at first but this feeling quickly disappears as the mist absorbs into my skin. I do feel that this is an overpriced product as it is just a watery spray but I do find it more kind to my skin than the cheap facial sprays from Semi Chem or Poundland. It seems to be of a higher quality and I would expect this from a brand such as Evian anyway. It seems to be quite natural too.

          4 stars

          Thanks for reading x


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        • Product Details

          Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray is a great way to gently hydrate your skin. The mist provides an immediate feeling of freshness, so it's ideal for keeping you cool in warm temperatures. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray can be used at home, on the beach or in the office. The spray is so gentle it can be used on babies skin for cleaning or cooling.

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