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Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Coco Vanilla Balm

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Brand: Figs & Rouge / Type: Body Lotion/Moisturiser / Subcategory: Body Balm / What it does: regenerates / Quality Standard: Organic

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2013 16:55
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      one of my new favorite products I am so glad I gave it an chance and tried it

      I came across figs and Rouge balm while online shopping at boots and thought it was pretty interesting considering it was 100 percent organic and had cute packaging. Something that isn't very popular.I am a slave for cute packaging and just cannot help myself. I did some research on it and found that so many people are using it and loving it, I was shocked I hadn't heard of it myself.
      From all the appealing flavors they had online like pomegranate, aloe and mint and wild cherry etc, I chose coco vanilla because it seemed different from other balms that I've had in the past. I got it home a few days later and to be honest, the tin that it comes in is just like a Nivea or a Vaseline tin but a lot cuter because it has a pattern on it, it has fun colors and it looks a little bit vintage.
      I opened the lid and got a lovely scent of chocolate straight away. that was the first ting I noticed and it was a pleasant surprise. I hate it when I buy something in a specific flavor and the smell is next to nothing. This had a very obvious chocolate and vanilla scent which is absolutely lovely.
      The second thing that surprised me was the gritty look of the balm, it wasn't smooth, rather it appeared a little like an exfoliator. It got me worried at first since this is not what I wanted. I definitely was looking forward to a balm but as soon as I got a little of the product on my finger and rubbed it on the back of my hand, i realized that the grittiness actually melts with the warmth of the skin, leaving a smooth glossy finish.
      I love the fact that this balm is an all in one product. It can be used for lips, hands, elbows and knees and I find that instead of carrying around lots of different products in my bag I can touch up any dry areas with this. Its a miracle product that actually works almost instantly. Because I do suffer from the flu, when I'm at work i can just dip in to my pocket, rub a little balm around my nose and my lips and I look as healthy as can be! No one would notice i'd been rubbing and pulling my nose with tissues all day.
      The fact that is 100 percent organic gives me mental satisfaction. I know that i'm not rubbing any chemicals into my skin which is always good and it is is free from petroleum, a common product in lip balms.
      Price wise, it isn't the cheapest product but it is also very inexpensive if you take into consideration that it is a branded product, it is an all in one balm, it is unique and it isn't temporarily going to mask the dryness, rather it will hydrate. For four pounds and ninety nine pence, i'd buy this product as presents and stock up on it or myself. Even for men, this product is perfect. I'm glad I tried it.


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        21.06.2012 13:11
        Very helpful



        delicious and indulgent coco vanilla fragrance

        I absloutely adore the Figs and Rouge balms range. All of their products are 100% pure, 100% organic and 100% natural. All of their products are also made in the UK. They retail at £4.99 each, and I've bought all of mine from Urban Outfitters. I've been really impressed with the range and can highly recommend it.

        Figs and Rouge do a number of different balms;
        Coco Vanilla (delicious and indulgent),
        Rambling Rose (moisturising and protecting),
        Sweet Geranium (conditioning and hydrating),
        Peppermint and Tea Tree (soothing with anti-bacterial agents),
        Pomegranate (nourishing and moisturising),
        Aloe and Mint (soothing and protecting),
        and Wild Cherry (silky smooth lips!).

        The Figs and Rouge balms all come in little tins, a bit like tins of Vaseline, and all of the tins are actually very retro inspired, they are all very beautifully designed and look lovely either in your handbag or on your dressing table. The Coco Vanilla balm is contained in a beautifully retro designed blue and yellow tin (it's a little bit of a 70's design I would say), and the top flips off just like a tin of Vaseline to get to the balm. Here's where the similarity with Vaseline ends. The Figs and Rouge balms are much more solid and waxy balms, as they don't contain any petroleum like Vaseline does. The Coco Vanilla balm is a clear balm, there's no colour in it.

        The Coco Vanilla balm has a lovely sweet and delicious chocolatey vanilla fragrance, it smells just like a bar of choolate flavoured with vanilla, it smells good enough to eat! The divine sweet scent lingers on your skin for quite some time after you've applied it, it makes me want to lick my lips or my skin, wherever I've applied it!

        The balms are advertised as lip, hand, face and body balms, and I would say that this is accurate as I've used the balms in a number of ways so far, and have been really impressed with them.
        I use the Coco Vanilla everywhere; I've used it as a lip balm either alone or under lip gloss or lipstick, it is not greasy at all it just glides over my lips leaving them soft and smooth. It just leaves a gleam rather than a shine like some other lip balms, its not sticky and gloopy at all.
        I've also used it on dry patches on my face overnight and found that they'd vanished by the morning. I've rubbed it into other dry patches on my skin and again found that it really soothes and heals them. It does actually feel really calming and soothing as soon as you rub it into your skin.
        I've rubbed it into the backs of my hand and it really seems to improve the texture of my hands.
        The balm is really easily absorbed, wherever you choose to use it, it's really nourishing and moisturising, and it really does protect your skin.

        I always have one of the Figs and Rouge balms permanently in my handbag now to use throughout the day. Altough they are only small tins of balm, at 17ml, a little bit really does go a long way. I do find that less is more with these, and a very small amount of the balm works best.


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    • Product Details

      Ingredients: Helianthus Annus Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit Butter, Cera Alba, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter / Petroleum free / Soil Association Accredited / Certified organic lip, face, hand and body balm / Delicious and indulgent, Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Coco Vanilla Balm pampers and conditions lips and skin / Both calming and soothing for skin and lips / It tastes divine / Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Coco Vanilla Balm is an excellent travel balm / keep it in your handbag for all moisture needs / A favourite of Emma Watsons: / I am obsessed with organic skincare and was overjoyed to see how beautifully packaged Figs & Rouge products are / ” /

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