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Forever Living Aloe Propolis Creme

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3 Reviews

Brand: Forever Living / Texture: Cream / What it does: Protects

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    3 Reviews
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      09.12.2009 17:14
      Very helpful



      Best used as a hand cream and fab for winter!

      I have been using the Forever Living Products for around six months after having a trial box of sample products from a friend to try over a weekend. I tried all of the products and have written or am writing reviews on the ones that I find personally most effective.

      Forever Living Products are available from selected suppliers, on line or via ebay.

      All products are based on natural ingredients especially the healing and soothing properties of ALOE.

      The Aloe Propolis Creme comes in a 113g or 4oz plastic tube with a clip off lid. The lid is easy to remove and is secure on closure. It also comes in a white an yellow cardboard box, which is quite nice if giving as a gift.

      Please be aware this product does contain Lanolin, so if you are allergic then do not use this product. The main ingredient is of course aloe vera gel. Other ingredients include alcohol, bee propolis extract, beta carotene and ascorbic acid. It also contains vitamins a and e and moisturisers.

      Propolis cream is recommended for use all over the body including the sensitive area of the face. It can be used on hands, feet and body too.

      Propolis cream costs around £12.50 for a tube of 113g or 4oz. Although this may seem a little pricey compared to supermarket or chemist creams its well worth it read below.

      *THE CREAM*
      The cream itself is a pale yellow colour and is of a thick and what first seems like a greasy consistency. However, it is VERY easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling beautifully soft and moisturised. The smell however is not fragrant it is quite a natural smell with no strong odours.

      *MY OPINION*
      Personally I do think this cream is TOO expensive to use as an all over body moisturiser, well for me anyway. My primary use is as a hand cream and with three young children my hands are in water ALOT. However, this is excellent for stopping my hands drying out and to be honest you only need a moderate amount. I tend to use this just before bed and a whole tube has lasted me around three to four months depending on the time of year (I use more in winter).

      I would recommend this as an excellent moisturising hand cream and well worth the extra bit of money as it lasts well!


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      25.09.2009 14:41
      Very helpful



      I will never go back to using normal mostuirizer or heavy excema cream.

      Ever since Scarlet monkey was born she has suffered from excema and seems to take after her mummy as I suffer from it aswell. We even have it in our hair.

      Scarlet has tried everything the doctor gave us, including Steriod based cream and Dermol bubble bath plus shampoo. Nothing seemed to be working. She is allergic to Strawberries and Dairylea which seem to always make her worse so we avoid these like the plague.

      Everyweek on our girls night I would always be moaning to the girls that she was just getting worse with it and how the doctor just didn't seem to help or even know where to start. After several weeks of me moaning a friend suggested I try Forever Aloe Propolis Creme. Her mum is a representative for the company so they both use the products and Claire highly recommened it.

      Like Claire I am a bit scepticle when it comes to lotions and potions but she recommened it so highly she was on the phone to her mum there and then to sort me some out.

      Forever is a company I have never actually heard from before and Claire explained they deal with natural Aloe Vera extracts. She explained they can be quite expensive but well worth every penny and she uses it on her son.

      What is the Creme ~
      Aloe Propolis Creme is a rich, creamy blend of legendary Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Proplis extract used to nourish your skin with the unique combination blended with soothing herbs, vitamins A & E and select mioisturizers.

      What is it used for~
      To be used as a skin mosturiser and conditioner.

      Ok here we go. Once I had received the cream I gave Scarlet a bath as normal, then started to use the Creme. As soon as I opened the tube the smell was just lovely (for thoese who read my review will notice I am obsessed with smell, but we have to smell nice). It smells like /bees Wax so when it was rubbed on the skin the smell was not too over powering, just lovely.

      Scarlets skin is so rough and bobbly I was so worried it was not going to spread evenly but it is just like a moisturiser and went on so quickly. Thank god I thought as she generally starts wriggling like crazy to go and play once you have dried her. It was so quick applying that she was soon running around naked which is her usual after bath activity.

      Once I had applied the Creme I noticed that her skin was not so rough. She wasn't at all greasy which was an added bonus as the doctor always seemed to give us greasy, heavy creams. So I continued using it after every bath, every morning and night. We no longer have dry patches or little excema patches at all, I am so impresses I will continue to use the Creme as long as she is still suffering with it.

      I paid around £12.00 for the cream in a 4oz squeezy bottle but it is worth every penny. We still have 3/4's of a bottle left as you don't need to use alot at once and that is also with me using it on my face. I actually loved this product so much we now use the Aloe Vera Gelly and Aloe Vera face and hand wash which I use to wash Scarlets whole body in the bath.

      We still do have outbreaks of really bad excema (which is where the Gelly comes in as it sooths the soreness) as there is something else that triggers her off which we are still investigating but the little patches, dry and bobbly skin have gone.

      Just give it a try to see the results and you'll never go back.


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        12.05.2007 19:54
        Very helpful



        Dual purpose cream that works.

        Forever Living Aloe Vera Propolis Creme is a dual purpose moisturiser containing natural skin softening emollients with the added benefits of bee propolis for minor skin ailments.

        The key ingredients in the Creme is the aloe vera which give it its rich moisturising and soothing qualities,
        and the bee propolis which is a natural germ-fighting product of the bee hive,
        Propolis makes this the perfect creme to soothe occasional scrapes, minor burns and rashes, or as an everyday treat for the skin.

        I was given a tube of this creme by my Mum who has been using it for a long time now,
        she uses it on her arms and legs as she finds as she gets older that this is where her skin seems the dryest,
        she doesn't have any skin ailments as such but uses it simply because its a great moisturiser.

        The creme comes in an easy to open tube with a flip top lid and is very easy to squeeze from the tube,
        there is no distinct smell to it as such so nothing overpowering just a clean fresh smell.

        The creme itself is white and quite thick but feels really soft and smooth as it is rubbed into the skin,
        you don't have to use a lot either as it spreads really well and is easily absorbed leaving a natural barrier on the skin.

        This Creme is so versatile it can be used on stings and minor burns and injuries or even for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.
        and it also helps with cold sores and acne soothing the affected area with its anti-biotic properties.

        I tend to use this after a shower / bath............. on my elbows, knee and ankle areas and since using I have noticed a big improvement , my skin is a lot softer and actually looks better.

        And after applying I have never noticed any residue left from the creme
        on towels or on my clothing or bedding.

        After applying it you can definitely feel it on although you cant notice it to look at, I use it as a body cream and I wouldn't us it on my face unless it was seriously dry and I was staying in for the rest of the night !

        And although it can be used for help with cold sores I personally haven't used it for this as yet but I have used it when I burnt my hand with the iron,
        it was only a little burn but the pain was ferocious,
        but after applying some of the creme the pain did gradually subside, faster I think than it would have without the creme and the burn didnt blister as I thought it would.

        This is an excellent all round Body / Hand skin moisturiser and conditioner with a blend of Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera along with other ingredients, including vitamins A and E which all contributes to healthy skin.

        Forever Living Propolis Creme is one of Forever Livings most popular skincare preparations and can be bought from the Forever Living website for £12.96 for a 113g tube, but can be bought online at a variety of online shops for around the same price.


        The website has a huge variety of skincare products containing Bee Propolis and Aloe Vera along with the history of the company and is well worth a visit.

        Take care as some people are allergic to Bee Propolis, try a small patch test first. and check with GP or Specialist before using with medication.

        Thank You for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Soothes scrapes, burns, rashes and most skin conditions / Helps with cold sores and acne / creme leaves protective barrier on skin / Aloe Propolis Creme is made with 100% stabilized aloe vera gel with the added benefit of bee propolis, a natural germ-fighting product of the bee hive / Propolis makes this the perfect creme to soothe occasional scrapes, minor burns and rashes, or as an everyday treat for the skin / Your skin will thank you /

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