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Freeze 24/7 Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Brand: Freeze 24/7 / Type: Anti Wrinkle / Texture: Cream / What it does: Rejuvenates,

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    5 Reviews
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      09.05.2013 22:19
      Very helpful



      Almost Botox in a jar! But at what a price!

      ~Freeze time, 24.7 with this Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment~

      I was recently lucky enough to have been offered the chance to try out a number of products from the Freeze 24.7 skin care range including their Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment. Prior to me having received my free 2 weeks worth of products I had never really heard of this skin care range, so I was able to enter into using the my new skin care items with a fairly open mind. Since I began using my freebies I have had the chance to read the information and directions for use leaflets that I was given, as well as also having a look online to see what all the fuss is about regarding the range. At the time of being offered these products I was given some information about them which made them sound very appealing and useful......If they worked that is!

      This particular product has been very popular in America where it has been dubbed 'Botox in a jar!' which is quite a claim for any skin care product to make in my opinion. I was informed of this opinion at the time of being given my trial items, which I recall made me even more curious about the results I would get when using this anti wrinkle cream. I'm not really interested in having Botox injections myself as I feel that they can sometimes give a really unappealing and not very natural look to the face, however the thought that a mere skin cream might be able to provide slightly less obvious results that looked natural and youthful did hold some appeal.

      ~The idea behind the product~

      The idea of 24.7's Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment is that it helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that build up on facial skin over the course of time, giving away tell tale signs of a womans age. I was rather sceptical about just how effective this product could be, even though I hoped to be open minded about the results once I began using the treatment, as it is hailed as being an instant product that can give noticeable results even from the first application! I have found that with many so called anti wrinkle creams and serums I have used, the best results are meant to be shown after having used the product for a number of weeks, so my thoughts naturally turned to just how this particular product could be so very quick acting.

      I was told that this treatment is not a moisturizer and as such should be used alongside other products from the same range in order to get the best results from it. Lucky for me that I was given some of these other items to try alongside the Instant Wrinkle Treatment then! Within the ingredients used to make up the product there are extracts of a Chinese so called 'miracle herb', Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, a herb about which I knew nothing prior to having used this product. This herb (its english translation being twisting vine orchid) is known (according to Freeze 24.7) as being a 'magic grass' by people in Asia, due to its anti aging qualities and reputed antioxidant properties. Whilst research has recorded some positive benefits of adding this to skin care products such as this one, prior to using this treatment I wasn't totally convinced that using it would rejuvinate and re-energise the skin as much as Freeze 24.7 said it might. There is also a mysterious complex called GABA in the treatment which is meant to work with the chinese miracle herb to give amazing results!

      ~Using the treatment~

      I have been using my free skin care items now for 10 days and whilst I was given a 2 week supply of sachets and small storage tubs I have found that all the products I have used have lasted really rather well. My supply of Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment is still going strong and I estimate that I will get at least another week or so worth of usage out of it which I am pleased about. I have followed all the directions I was given for successful application of the treatment, as I wanted to get the best results I could. I have found the treatment to be easy to use and quick to sink into the skin once applied. I haven't found there to be any unwanted side effects from using this product at all which I am relieved about, as I wasn't sure how my skin would react to the ingredients within the treatment.

      When I have used this product I have also used other items from Freeze 24.7 in order to maximize results. I have had the chance to try out Skin Glace - a de-toxifying cleanser, Ice Crystals - an exfoliating skin polish, Arctic Lift - a neck firming cream (ooh ahh! Did I really need that?) and Freeze & Go - an instant skin smoother and brightener. My results are based not only upon the effect of each individual product, but also on the cumulative effect of using all these treatments together. I have experimented with using different combinations of these products together and apart and have found that they can and do work perfectly well together when applied really very lightly to the skin.

      When I have accidently applied a little too much of some of the products to my skin I have found that a light film of white powdery residue can stick to it, giving patchy and uneven results that are not very good. I feel that when I have applied each product using only minimal amounts of each, the results have been far better with my skin feeling lighter, fresher and less coated or powdery. When I have used the Instant Targeted Wrinkle Treatment I have applied it as directed by patting a small amount of product onto my skin with my finger tips. I have found that doing this gives the best results as I only need to apply a small amount of the product around the eye, lip and chin area each time I use it.

      ~The anti wrinkle tingle!~

      When I first apply the treatment to my skin with my finger tips I get a very light tingling sensation to the areas which have been treated. This effect takes place each and very time I use the treatment, regardless of whether I dab or rub the treatment onto my skin. Rubbing the product in gives poor results, where as dabbing it lightly with the fingertips uses less of the product and works far better in my experience. I would describe the sensation I get from the treatment as being a cooling and tingling feeling that is very refreshing in the same way that some shower gels can be when they contain mint or tea tree oil. Of course the cooling and lightly freezing effect I get from this product is much milder than you might get from a shower gel, as it is never too cooling or tingly and doesn't seem to sting or irritate my facial skin, even when it has been freshly applied. I have become used to this slightly tingling feeling which occurs as the treatment dries down on the skin and have found it to be quite refreshing. As the tingly effect softens over the course of a few minutes I find that my skin appears a little more relaxed, with a slightly enhanced appearance and no puffiness or redness.

      ~A treatment with a light and airy texture~

      The treatment comes in the form of a light and airy creamy mousse style product that feels very smooth and easy to handle in my opinion. There doesn't really seem to be much of a fragrance to this product in my experience, as it has a very mild face cream type scent that is not at all over powering or offensive. The clean and bright white coloured cream mousse can leave a light film on the skin if applied too thickly in my experience, so a less is more approach is the best way forwards with it. I have found that I only require a super tiny amount of this product each time I use it which is why my tub of cream has lasted so well. I find that the creamy mousse like texture of the treatment makes it super easy to apply to the skin. The cream never feels heavy or oily and it seems to be able to absorb or reduce any slight oily shine that may be present after having used a moisturiser.

      ~My results~

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case the proof of the usefulness ( or not ) of the treatment is in the results it gives and in this case I have been pleasantly surprised with the results, although I am not 100% certain that I would buy this treatment all that often due to its super high sales price. When I have used the treatment my skin has felt refreshed and cooled, with a nice even texture to the areas that have been in contact with the product. I would say that the effects of the treatment are instant to a point, as I most certainly feel there is a very slight improvement to the look and feel of my skin immediately after having used the cream.

      I cannot say that over the course of the last 10 days the effects of using the product have been any more dramatic than when using the cream as a one use only treatment as there haven't really been any cumulative results that I have noticed. I would say that any fine lines I have around the eye area have appeared a little less apparent, although I must say that I am not overly wrinkly in any way (as yet) so I would expect any fine lines I may have, to have been hidden or improved in appearance by using the treatment - After all this is meant to be as good as Botox in a jar isn't it?

      I have found that my eye area looks a little fresher and has a slightly more matt appearance with no oily of shiny areas to be seen when using the treatment. My eye lids appear wrinkle free with a nice even texture and no lines of any sort. The under eye area appears bag free (as it does most of the time to be honest) but with a slightly improved softer and more relaxed look and feel. I have applied the product to my chin and around my lips too and found that it gives very similar results with no shine or oil to be seen, leaving those areas looking and feeling soft with a matt finish that is easy to apply foundation over.

      ~My honest opinion of the product~

      In my opinion Freeze 24.7 have come up with a product that does temporarily help to even up the look of facial skin with certain limitations. I don't feel that the results I have had from the product are amazing, yet I do feel they are pleasing to the eye. As I am not overly wrinkly to start with I feel that my results may not truly reflect the capabilities of this skin treatment, as there weren't many fine lines for the product to really get to grips with in the first place. I would say that the slightly enhanced feel and texture the treatment gives my skin lasts only whilst the product stays in place, as when I wash my face the soft feel and matt finish disappears in an instant.

      I have found that all of the products from this range that are not a face wash, facial cleaner or exfoliating skin care product can and do leave a very light and soft powdery white film on the skin once dried. I feel that this effect gives a filler type enhancement to the look of facial skin that hides fine lines a little and only lasts when the treatments are on the skin. This leads me to think that the results given are probably very superficial and not overly long lasting even with repeated and regular use of the product.

      I would say that in my experience I haven't been able to go make up free after having applied any of the skin care treatment creams I have used from this range, due to the powdery nature of each product. My facial skin has had a softly coated powdery look that I can see close up in a mirror, which means that other people could probably see this too. I have applied a nice light foundation mix over the top of my Freeze 24.7 treatments and found that the results given when combined in this way are very pleasing to the eye. My skin looks fresh, line free, evenly textured and not at all oily when I combine the skin care and foundation products in this way, which is where I feel the best results are.

      For anyone who wants a natural foundation free look I would say that the treatment would not be the best choice for a fresh and youthful look. In this case I would opt for a beauty flash balm or skin boosting treatment such as Boots Time Delay, or Beauty Flash Balm instead, as I find both products work amazingly well on summer skin with a light natural tan to give a freshly boosted complexion. If however you intend to wear a light foundation over the top of this skin treatment I would say that results are very pleasing and natural in a make up wearing kind of way.

      ~Ouch - How much does it cost?~

      Here is the painful bit I am afraid. The cost of a small 10ml sized pot of this is £40, with a slightly larger 15ml pot being on sale for £65. All I can say to that is .... Ouch! Most of the product containers in this range appear chunky and beefy so as to give the illusion that you are getting plenty of product for your money in my opinion, although in reality you are not. I was offered the chance to buy a 4 in 1 treatment set for £70 after trying out my fee products, which contains 4 of the main skin care items from this range. I feel this set offers slightly better value for money, although at this point I am not certain whether even this reduced price is justifiable - I have yet to make up my mind about that! I have seen a 10ml pot of the product on sale at sites such as Amazon for £26/ £33 which is a little cheaper and there is an offer set which also contains Skin Glace for around £36, that I may consider at some stage.

      ~Product rating~

      At full price I feel this skin care treatment is just too expensive for many women to consider, which is a great shame. I feel that I would be more inclined to buy some of this after my free items run out, 'IF' it were a little cheaper, as I have found that the results it gives me are fairly good at times, with a few limitations as mentioned. As I cannot really use the product and go make up free due to its slight powdery effect, I feel it isn't an ideal skin treatment and is more of a quick fix, best used when wearing full make up. When used with foundation over the top I find the results I get are much better and more natural looking, as the powdery effect is hidden by covering it with a nice light make up base. I feel that this product may well appeal to a wide range of women in spite of its flaws, as it can be helpful if used as a temporary quick fix. Giving consideration to both the high cost and the results this skin treatment has given, I feel that it is a 4 star skin care product as it does have some positives to it. Had results been slightly better (without the powdery feel on the skin) and the price been much much lower, I would perhaps have given this a full 5 star product rating. As it is I feel 4 stars is more than fair.


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        29.11.2011 15:06
        Very helpful



        A real confidence booster

        When you get to a certain age , looking in the mirror can be slightly scary and definitely depressing, so I am always on the look out for products that will help with ageing and gravity.

        I first saw this advertised in a magazine many years ago and managed to track it down in SpaceNK, it was a very considered purchase at the time, but I am pleased to say that it has come down in price significantly since then.
        Do shop around though as I have seen this advertised from as low as £25 to £128 for the same size.

        It claimed to be a safe and effective product - an alternative to costly and invasive cosmetic procedures and based on that , I decided to give it a try.

        This is advertised as an anti-wrinkle product but it isn't a moisturiser or something you have to use for weeks to achieve a result , you should see a difference within 10 minutes of using it .
        The claim is that Freeze24 uses a patented technology which when combined with other key ingredients should produce a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles within.

        I was excited but quite sceptical , but I did one half of my face and was amazed at the difference.
        I have tried many products on the market and most do not work, but this one really does , even on deep lines!

        Application Technique
        This is a really effective product if you master the application and that can take time.
        It must be applied to skin before moisturising and the technique takes time to get right as if you over apply it leaves a white residue. So less is more , you can always add more if required.
        It has a peculiar texture more like polyfilla than a moisturiser.
        Apply a small amount to each wrinkle and pat gently . Leave for a while and then start your normal routine .
        Once you have mastered the technique it does perform a mini - miracle and lines do disappear , even deep ones. I find it particularly effective on forehead lines , but it does work in other areas . It is just a little more difficult to apply well on more rounded parts of the face.
        I am guessing but I suspect some of the bad reviews of this product are because the users have not applied it correctly.

        How Long Does the Effect Last
        What I have found with this product is it doesn't disappear like others I have tried after applying moisturiser and makeup. It stays put which is excellent. It is only temporary though , but should last for 7-8 hours.

        One thing to be aware of is that it does not keep very well , so make sure that you close the lid properly every time it is used as it will deteriorate. Something I discovered which was a costly mistake.

        This product does work , even on really deep wrinkles, but it is time consuming and tricky to apply correctly. For that reason I tend to use it only when I have plenty of time. Obviously how much time you need will depend on how many wrinkles you have and how deep they are. What is good though is if you get it right it makes you feel like a million dollars!
        If only it lasted longer than a day!


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        07.03.2009 15:04
        Very helpful



        hope in a jar - well worth a try

        I decided to spend some of my Dooyoo earnings on myself for a change - I wouldn't say it was treat - more of an absolute necessity!

        The problem is my wrinkles which seem to get deeper every time I look in the mirror & make me look old & miserable when inside I feel young & content. The wrinkles started to appear when I started the menopause & have got a lot worse in the past couple of years especially between my eyes & around my mouth - everything seems to have not just gone south but deep south!

        I keep an eye on my diet & drink the recommended 2 litres of water per day but years of smoking & a pretty 'mad' teens & twenties have certainly taken their toll on my skin & no way can I pretend nay more that these are 'laughter lines' or 'fine lines & wrinkles'!

        To be honest I had no idea what to look for in Boots as there are a huge amount of anti-wrinkle creams, lotions & potions - what I really felt I needed was some polyfilla from B&Q... I wasted a lot of time & money over the past couple of years as nothing I tried seemed to help.

        I was flicking channels the other day & saw a live demonstration & presentation on QVC for 'Freeze 24/7'. Initially I was sceptical as I've bought creams before from the TV & they hadn't worked, but when I saw they offered a 30 day back guarantee plus an offer of 'easipay' I thought that I'd order a jar knowing that the most I would lose was my postage.

        A couple of days later a rather large box arrived & inside was my precious 'Freeze' (unnecessarily packed in huge amounts of plastic wrapping) which I've now been using for 2 days.

        Let me state at this point that I always try to be as honest as possible when writing reviews, but this product may be seen as a 'considered purchase' at £34 (plus £3.95 p&p) so I'm being even more careful when writing this as I don't want anyone wasting their hard-earned cash.

        The packaging
        - a lovely bright red box revealing a 15g very attractive plastic jar as shown in the photo.
        - an easy to open screw-top lid with silver design around the rim.
        - a pull-off white plastic inner seal which keeps the contents fresh & uncontaminated.

        The cream
        - I'm calling it a cream but actually it's a mixture of a cream & light paste.
        - thickish, white & very little smell.

        - couldn't be easier - just use of a clean face, pop a bit on the finger & apply to the d*****d wrinkles & work deeply into the skin.
        - wait one minute.
        - for deeper wrinkles it suggests using a second or third application.
        - after applying moisturise the face.

        - I won't bore you with the long list but here's a few - maculata flower extract (orchis maculata) ethoxydiglycol, bismuth oxychloride, PEG-150 distearate etc - see what I mean about boring?!

        my opinion
        - OK - I said I was sceptical didn't I? I was NOT expecting this to work & had kept the packaging & receipt as I fully expected to be returning this product, but it WORKED for me!
        - I applied it as they'd done on TV - I did the right side of my face first & worked the product into the top of my lip & around the mouth & noticed a marked difference straightaway. When I compared the right & left side it was even more noticeable.
        - I used another application on my deepest wrinkles, as suggested & this made an even further difference - I was so happy I nearly cried (bit then my 'Freeze' might have come off so I didn't!)
        - the only thing I'd recommend is to apply moisturiser sooner than I did otherwise it turns a bit flaky - this was my fault (directions were given) as I was too busy looking in the mirror to see the results.
        - the full results were evident when I applied my usual make-up of foundation & a bit of bronzer - I know the wrinkles are there somewhere but it honestly made a huge difference & my whole face looks brighter & younger & I feel so much better.
        - I haven't used it around my eyes as the wrinkles (for some reason) aren't so bad & I tend to avoid creams in that area as my eyes are rather sensitive - but on TV the results were great.

        - easy & quick to use.
        - although highly sceptical I can see this has made a real difference to my whole face.
        - worth trying from QVC as they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
        - this was a 'considered purchase' for me as £34 seemed a lot to pay but, in my opinion, it's worth every single penny.


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          11.08.2008 13:09
          Very helpful



          It does work but try getting a sample before you take the plunge

          I have seen this product on the Shopping Channels, QVC I think it was and it looked amazing. The presenter put a little on to someone who had lines around the mouth and eyes and fanned it with a piece of paper and hey presto the line plumped up and disappeared before your very eyes. The claim was pretty much that the cream erases up to 99% of facial lines on application and it lasts for twenty-four hours

          Due to the price of around £65.00 I managed to stop myself from lifting the phone immediately. I'm a real sucker for a nice piece of advertising speil and I've spent so much money on things like this which just don't seem to work for me that I said enough is enough.

          Around Christmas last year the Daily Mail ran a piece on this miracle cream and allowed readers to collect tokens and pay I think is was around £7\8 for a small sample pot of this wonder cream. I duly collected my tokens and sent off at the earliest opportunity for my new miracle in a bottle. I waited and waited and two months later I emailed. The nice people at the Daily Mail confirmed that due to an unexpected demand my sample would arrive in another few weeks, obviously this offer was very appealing to the whole of womankind possibly mankind as well who wanted to try before they spend huge sums of money..

          Around three months after a I sent for my sample jar it arrived, I can't describe the packaging as in my rush I just ripped it off and got the lid of the cream. The cream is white and very thick. The instructions said to put a small amount on a finger tip and gently dab it over your wrinkles. The wrinkles would then plump up and disappear. If this did not happen then you could apply another coat and this should make a bigger improvement.

          I applied this to my furrowed brows (they are hereditary I got them from my kids) and waited for the magic to happen, there was a tingling sensation when first applied and then ...............nothing. I applied another thin coat and this time the lines did indeed seem to plump.I wouldn't say they disappeared completely but there was certainly a very marked improvement.

          I admit to having been well chuffed and then disaster struck. Yes my wrinkles looked faded but when I tried to apply my foundation it wouldn't glide over the area where the cream had been and by this time I had it dotted all over.my face The foundation caused the layer of cream to rub off in lumps. I looked like I had some kind of tropical disease with tiny bits of skin\cream\foundation or whatever it was clumping on my face especially around the eyes.

          I had to remove my make-up and (boohoo) the cream and reapply the make-up on its own.

          Having seen results I will persevere with changing the application technique and applying make-up to see how I can get this to work.

          This product is

          Clinically Tested

          The Good
          1. Cheaper than Botox
          2 No danger of the long term side effects of
          3. Brilliant for special occasions

          The Bad

          1. The Price (although it will last a long time)

          The Ugly

          1. The way foundation affects it.

          For further information please vist www.freeze247.com. Thay are an American based Company..

          You can buy this cream at

          www.spacenk.co.uk £68.00 for 30g
          www.salonskincare.co.uk £55.00 for 30g
          www.qvcuk.co.uk £34.82 for 15g

          This cream does work and the fact you can layer it on means it should work for everyone but unless your face is naturally beautiful and you can go out without foundation or find a very moisturizing foundation which works with the cream don't spend your money.

          If you ever see an offer or a sample up for grabs then go for it. At this price you need to be sure before you part with your hard earned cash.

          Hope this helps


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            21.02.2006 16:15
            Very helpful



            If you don't like the effect, you aren't stuck with it!

            I'm 36 years old and although I eat healthily, I am a caffeine addict and I did smoke for some 15 years. Consequently I probably haven't aged as well as I could have and my laughter lines no longer disappear half way into the morning like they used to.

            I'm not a girlie-girl and never spend much on cosmetics. However, before I got married in May last year I did a bit of research into anti-wrinkle products because, like all brides, I wanted to look my best on the day and was feeling a little paranoid about my lines. Reading through a copy of the Evening Standard's ES Magazine one night, I came across a new product on the UK market called Freeze 24/7 Anti Wrinkle Cream.

            WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO

            Freeze 24/7 Anti-wrinkle cream strap-line is:
            "Hope might not exist in a jar, but miracles do. This dream cream is for real and delivers a powerful punch against wrinkles".

            The cream is supposed to diminish the appearance of lines on your forehead, crows' feet, laugher lines, feathered lip lines and rosacea (don't worry - I had to look that one up too!) and once applied, promises to give the appearance of a firmer, fresher look which lasts up to 24 hours.


            The tub comes in a red and green cardboard box with Freeze 24/7's distinctive branding and a detailed information leaflet about the Anti-wrinkle cream and other Freeze 24/7 products available.

            The tub itself fits in the palm of your hand. It's oval in shape, made from clear Perspex (with a green tint) and has a flat bottom and a screw lid. The lid unscrews very easily and upon opening there is a secondary thin plastic lid with a tab to protect the cream.

            THE CREAM

            The cream is white and smells ever so slightly of mint and watermelon. It's not an over powering scent at all. Consistency-wise, it's very thick - and won't move a jot even when you leave the tub lying on its side for any length of time in your make-up bag.

            THE SCIENCE BIT

            The active patented ingredient in Freeze 24/7 that makes your face "freeze" is called GABA, which is an abbreviation of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid. This ingredient is used to release topical muscle relaxers into your skin . GABA is a naturally occurring muscle relaxing agent found in our bodies that acts to lower muscle cells activity. It might sound fierce but it's a lot, lot safer than Botox. And if you don't like the effect, you aren't stuck with it for 6 months.

            GETTING IT RIGHT

            Having tried the product a few times now, I've just about got it sussed!

            • Using a small spatula (or one of your nails if it's long enough) take a small amount from the pot. Peppercorn size if applying to lines around you mouth, or Pea size if applying to area around eyes or forehead.
            • Apply the cream with your fingers to the target area (the specific lines or wrinkles) and massage very gently until it is fully absorbed. If you rub too rigorously or apply to much at once then the cream creates a white residue on your skin.
            • Wait at least 2 or 3 minutes for the cream to be fully absorbed into the skin.
            • Repeat the application a second time on deeper lines if required.


            What this product effectively does is relax the muscles around the wrinkles. ON application, you feel a very strange, but not unpleasant, cooling feeling on your skin. It's like washing your face in ice cold water and this sensation lasts for 2 to 3 minutes.

            When I use it, the lines around my mouth and on my forehead literally disappear within one minute and my skin looks and feels much firmer and smoother. I need to apply two applications around my eyes then the lines gradually disappear within minutes.

            An hour or so later the lines around my mouth, forehead and brow still show no sign of re-appearing but I've found that under my eyes, although the wrinkles have gone, because the skin around the eyes is quite delicate, the relaxing effect makes my skin appears a little puffy. Consequently, I no longer apply it under my eyes.

            When I use Freeze 24/7, I normally apply it earlier morning, but despite the fact the manufacturer claims that one application lasts 24 hours, my skin starts to settle down into its old clothes by earlier evening… 12 hours short!


            Freeze 24/7 claims to be an age reversal technology cream but I'm giving it 2 stars because I find this claim incredibly misleading considering the effects only last around 12 hours and long-term use does nothing to reduce the signs of ageing.

            At £65 for a 30g (1oz) jar, this is a expensive, very temporary face-lift. Yes, the pot I have will last me a very long time - coming out on special occasions - but unless you have money to burn, i wouldn't recommend this product. It just doesn't feel like value for money.

            Drinking 2 litres of water a day is an altogether cheaper and more sensible option that does your skin a lot more good in the long-run.

            WHERE TO BUY

            If you are still interesting in buying this, it costs £65 for a 30g (1oz) jar. Not many high street retailers stock it and the only UK retailer I have found on the web is Space NK. Their website address is: www.spacenk.co.uk


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          • Product Details

            50-90% reduction in the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within minutes of application / Freeze24 Age Reversal Technology works to diminish the appearance of forehead creases, droopy brows, crow's feet, furrows, laugh lines, feathered lips, and more / Reduces the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, rosacea, and enlarged pores /

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