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Garnier Bodysensitive Anti dryness Moisturizer

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Brand: Garnier / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      06.06.2010 12:46
      Very helpful



      A great moisturiser which actually works!

      One thing I seem to get through a lot is moisturiser. I use it twice daily, basically every time I get out of the shower or bath as I like to keep my skin supple and soft (even more so I'm pregnant as I'm trying to keep stretch marks at bay!). One product I have been using for quite some time is the Garnier Body Sensitive Anti-Dryness Restorative Moisturiser. I chose it partly because I do suffer with dry skin (especially in the winter) and it was on offer in Superdrug! I hate heavy moisturisers and this claimed to be light which is exactly what I was looking for.

      The Garnier Body sensitive range has been created to combat tight, extra dry and sensitive skin. It has been formulated to comfort, sooth and clam dry and sensitive skin for all ages. The whole range is hypo-allergenic and perfume free.

      *** What Garnier Say ***

      "This is a great all over after bath or shower moisturiser that feels good for dry and sensitive skin, leaving it feeling nourished with moisture. It is non-greasy, and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Enriched with Maple Sap and Sweet Almond Oil the formula hydrates the skin, as well as soothing away the feelings of tightness."

      *** Packaging ***

      The moisturiser is housed in the usual Garnier shaped bottle and like most of the Garnier products it is all coloured co-ordinated for the range. So each product in the Body Sensitive range are all the same colour. The moisturiser comes in a plain white bottle with a red flip top cap and the details of the product again in red. The usual Garnier logo is at the top and the blue hand logo of the British Skincare Foundation is at the bottom of the bottle. It also has the Canadian maple leaf as a logo as it contains maple sap extract. The bottle is quite simple with its colourings and can be easily spotted on a shelf.

      *** The Moisturiser ***

      I can be a bit dubious about moisturisers which are generally for very dry skin as other moisturisers I have used have been incredibly heavy and it doesn't absorb so easily into the skin and I'm left with a greasy feel to the skin. So would this one be any different?

      The Garnier Body Sensitive moisturiser is snow white in colour and to the touch it is incredibly soft and light with not greasy feel fortunately! There is a slight scent to it but it is hard to describe as it isn't a pronounced scent but it maybe from the maple sap extract (it is used in other beauty products for its strong fragrance). However, once you apply the moisturiser this hard to detect scent soon disappears and there is no fragrance whatsoever.

      As I said the moisturiser is incredibly light but I did notice you have to use quite a bit especially if using it all over your body as a little only goes a little way but as soon as it touches your skin and it is gently massaged in it is absorbed incredibly quickly and doesn't leave a balmy or greasy feel to the skin which is great as there is nothing worse than putting on clothes and you can feel them sticking to you.

      But does the moisturiser actually work? Yes it does! To my great surprise my skin has been completely moisturised from 8am to 8pm every day I have used it. I've noticed that my skin is a lot softer, smoother and more nourished since using this moisturiser. During the winter I did notice my legs looked a bit dry by the time I got home from work but that is due to the weather conditions. I couldn't ask for more in a moisturiser. I think the maple sap extract helps also as it is known for its moisturising qualities and whether it is mind over matter but I think this is definitely a benefit of the moisturiser.

      *** Price and Availability ***

      The Body sensitive moisturiser is available in Boots and Superdrug I haven't yet seen it in supermarkets but I do know it is also available on online pharmacies. I can't remember how much I paid for mine but from having a quick Google it looks like a 250ml bottle is around £4.00.

      *** Overall ***

      A product that I am in love with! My skin no longer feels tight and doesn't look dry it now looks nourished and feels incredibly soft. What I like even more is that it doesn't leave a greasy film over the skin as it is easily absorbed. I would recommend to anyone who has tight, dry and fragile skin as this is created especially for that. Worth every penny.


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      27.05.2010 13:29
      Very helpful



      totally worth it!

      I think that this stuff is a total godsend!

      I'm really fussy about moisturiser, I'm a bit of a snob if I'm honest, and won't use cheaper brands if I can help it. I know it's wrong, but I can't help it! So, I was really glad when this beauty was released, as it meant I no longer had to put up with the stigma of using e45 cream...

      The idea behind this product, is that it is an equivalent to e45, it has been formulated especially for dry skin, and more particularly, sensitive skin.

      I wouldn't say that my skin is especially sensitive, mostly I can use any old moisturiser and I'm fine, but about this time last year, I noticed that I was starting to suffer really badly with my legs. As I was shaving more often, my legs developed an irritation whenever I moisturised them afterwards.

      I started using this on my shaved legs instead, and I noticed a massive improvement almost straight away. There was no irritation as soon as I had applied it, and there was no rash or itching feeling.

      This only continued with use, and the sore rash that had appeared, soon went, and my legs were looking normal again. Now, I always use this cream after shaving, especially if my skin is feeling a bit dry too.

      Another good use is as an aftersun. I first used this when I had been caught out by the sun, and didn't have any aftersun in the house. I tried this instead, and was pleasantly surprised... It kept my burn soothed and moisturised, and even stopped the peeling.

      In short, it's a great product, it smells great, and works wonders on your skin. You can also pick this up for a bargain price of around £6 for 400ml, which will keep you going a good while!


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        12.02.2009 19:49
        Very helpful
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        A must have for winter skin

        This is the other product I ended up buying on my trip into Boots before work!

        My skin this winter has seemed to get extremely dry. I've developed eczema (for the first time ever) on my arms, knees and chest. This skin is itchy and looks and feels rough and I don't like it at all!
        I have been prescribed some bath stuff for my eczema and its improving parts of it, but my legs seem to be a different kind of dry skin (all fun) and this is what I bought this cream for. I thought it would be perfect as even the bits of my skin that aren't incredibly dry are very sensitive!

        This cream is in the same shape bottle as other garnier moisturisers, this one is a white bottle with bright red writing.
        The full name of the product is written on the front of this squeezy bottle; Bodysensitive Anti-Dryness Restorative moisturiser, Hypoallergenic, with maple sap.
        Below this is a little red picture of a maple leaf in a circle with writing going around it saying 'High performance formula'. I am also told it is fragrance free and suitable for dry and sensitive skin (I'd already guessed that from the name hadn't you?)
        The only bit of the bottle that isn't white or red is a blue patch on the front which is informing the buyer that Garnier skincare research is recognised by the British skin foundation so this can be trusted.

        --Is this cream for me?
        Yes if your skin is dry or sensitive or if you're like me and blessed with a mixture of both!
        Anti-dryness restorative moisturiser (what a mouthful) is different to other creams as it moisturises intensely and the result is immediately obvious; your skin will feel less tight and dry.

        --Maple sap extract?
        This extract is immediately absorbed by the skin and helps to reinforce the skins barrier function to protect against any external elements which could dry you out.
        This leaves your skin protected but not at all greasy or sticky.

        --Does it work?
        As with my last Garnier product the results were fantastic!
        I have been using this for 5 days now and my skin is noticeably improved, so much so that last night I started to apply this cream to my eczema and it did soothe it.
        The patches of dry skin on my legs are a lot smoother and my skin feels soothed whenever I apply this thick white cream. It absorbs really well and once i've applied a coat and that sinks in I apply another coat of cream to my extra dry bits.
        Like the hand cream I reviewed, I'm going to be stocking up on this while it's at this great price though hopefully my skin will improve in the summer!
        The cream doesn't smell of anything really so if you're sensitive to perfumes it would be great for you.

        Bodysensitive is a relatively new mini-range within the Garnier Skin naturals range.
        This should have been £2.93 but was £1.46 in the current up to half price Garnier promotion at Boots.


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        A non-greasy, light weight moisturiser /

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