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Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion

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5 Reviews

Brand: Garnier / Texture: Cream / Type: Day Cream / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Hydrates / Product line: Garnier Intensive 7 Days / Contents/Size: 250ml

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    5 Reviews
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      07.07.2012 03:15
      Very helpful



      A great body lotion

      I have tried out many body lotions and I have found over the course of using and buying very many of them, that Garnier Lotions are the best working ones. I was bought this one by my mum and I think she bought it on sale, so it really was a all around bargain for me.

      I have also tried the Honey Lotion in this brand of Garnier body lotions.
      This one that I am reviewing here is a moisturising Aloe Vera lotion. I really do like the smell of this lotion. It has a really nice and refreshing smell to it and it is a lovely scent to put onto your skin. I find the scent does stay on your skin, but isn't too overpowering to rule out other fragrances that you may be putting on your skin.

      I find that as soon as applying this lotion to your skin, it is instantly absorbed, I really like this fact, because I hate waiting for lotions to dry in. I usually apply this just after a shower, or right before bed. Usually I use this product on my arms, as I always seem to get little dry patches of skin. But this product can be used anywhere on the body.
      I have found within a week of using this body lotion that my skin has much more of a softer feeling to it and the dry patches I used to have are gone. When using this product I really feel that it is working and I can defiantly see the results!

      The bottle of lotion is the 250 ml one. This size is really good for me, because I do use this lotion quite a lot. I think that if I was buying another one of these lotions, I would go for the bigger bottle, just now because of the fact that I know this product works and I love it!

      The bottle itself is a green colour which stands out. The lid is white, and the cap flick off at the top, making it very easy to open. The lotion itself is easy to squeeze out of the bottle. The consistency of the lotion is great because it isn't too think or too runny. And because of this the lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin.

      You can purchase this body lotion from Superdrug for £2.99 and that is for a 250 ml bottle. I think that is great value for this body lotion as it is a great quality.

      I would defiantly recommend this lotion to anyone looking for a good body lotion that really works. I will most certainly continue to use this body lotion and I think that I would go for this scent of body lotion again.

      Here is the link to check this product out for yourself.

      Thanks for reading!


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      03.04.2012 17:55
      Very helpful



      OK but nothing special. Won't rush to buy again

      I use quite a few Garnier products so when I saw this on offer as a new product in Superdrug I snapped it up at £1.99. I was off to South Africa for a week so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out when I had been in the sun. I know the aloe vera content is supposed to be good after sun bathing.

      The bottle is pretty standard Garnier design. Flip up lid. Feels nice in the hand, fresh greeny colour and all the relavant information,looks okay but unexciting. The new gel cream was what really interested me and the claim that it would keep you moisturised for up to 7 days. I used the cream daily after the bath or shower. The consistency was a little strange (the gel element I guess) but the smell and application were both quite pleasant. It seemed to do the job quite satisfactorily and was quickly absorbed however after a little time I felt it left me feeling slightly sticky. My husband also used it as he suffers from quite dry skin and is encouraged by me to do the male grooming bit!. He also thought it was a strange consistency and agreed that it had a slightly sticky feeling. This wasn't awful but not really what you expect from a moisturiser.

      Now I think the claim that it can hydrate for up to 7 days is far richer than the cream itself! They have to say something but I was not taken in by this at all. It's standard stuff just a little more gel-like!

      Overall it was fairly pleasant at a reasonable price but there are others I would recommend over it.


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      11.10.2011 15:27
      Very helpful



      A nice enough product


      When it comes to toiletries and beauty items I have a plethora of products dotted about in my bathroom (and secret hiding spot in my wardrobe). I tend to have several of the same items on the go at any one given time, and although I have a real penchant for anything from french company Yves Rocher, I also have several other different brands of items I like to use as well..one such product is this body moisturiser by Garnier Body entitled 'Intensive 7 days' which my review will now focus on.

      I came across this moisturiser in my local haunt of Superdrug. I must make it clear that I hadn't set out with intentions of buying a body moisturiser as I had actually gone to buy some eye drops but this was positioned in such a prolific spot that I couldn't fail to notice it and I picked it up to just glance at first.

      Having read the blurb on the back which claims to be ideal for thirsty skin I was well and truly intrigued as it promised to be different from other moisturisers, so with the added bonus of it being on an introductory offer of £1.95 (200 ml) I felt almost obliged to buy it!

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As mentioned this cost me just £1.95 for the 250 ml size, though there is also available the larger size of 400 ml for around the £4 mark depending on where you shop.

      The lotion comes housed in a sleek looking bottle which is upright standing and is made from a soft plastic material (the bottle indicates it's recyclable). The colouring of the packaging is a gentle green with the Garnier logo and other relevant information in a bold black font. Apart from the gentle green colouring that is certainly eye catching it's other redeeming feature is definitely the curvaceous hour glass shape that not only makes the bottle look slightly more appealing but also is designed with practicality in mind as it is easier to grab hold of.

      There is a white cap placed directly on top of the bottle which is in the design of a flip top lid. This opens and closes with relative ease and features that satisfying 'click' when closing which I don't know why but always gives me slightly more peace of mind that it is closed as substantially as possible (to avoid spillage if knocked over).

      Availability wise this can be found in most chemists, supermarkets and in most outlets that sell similar products. Cost wise this particular bottle can be found anywhere from £1 (as a friend advised she had bought some costing £1) so it's worth looking around if interested in purchasing.

      *~*A lotion is surely a lotion?*~*

      This lotion is enriched with aloe vera and L -Bifidus (probiotics). The aloe vera is a well renowned plant extract know for it's soothing and moisturising properties and the L-Bifidus is supposed to help the skin reinforce it's natural barriers by locking in moisture.

      By using this product regularly it is supposed to give the skin an overall feeling of intense moisture and hydration for 'up to 7 days'..

      The claim - "..after just 7 days of use the skin's quality is dramatically improved.."

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      On testing this out for the first time I was actually quite excited (sad I know) as my skin does tend to be more on the dry side so the fact this lotion claimed to drastically help really appealed.
      I decided to test this out after my evening bath when I felt my pores would be open and more susceptible to response. After slightly patting my skin to semi dry it with a towel I felt ready to apply the lotion and hope for miracles!

      On opening the flip top lid, which I will just add has a small over hanging lip to make it easier to to open, I proceeded to squeeze a reasonable amount in to the palm of my hands ready to apply. What I was greeted with was a surprisingly thin and watery like lotion - at this point I wasn't overly fanatical about it as I wondered how a lotion of such thin consistency could do justice to dry skin, and what's more keep working for 7 days?

      I decided to just treat it as a *regular* body lotion and apply all over my body to slightly dampened skin (I always feel it absorbs more this way). I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance as it has such a fresh and clean scent which I presume is the aloe vera but not only that there is a crisp cucumber aroma as well that smells truly refreshing.

      The cream is a very bright white in colour but this soon disappears when applied to the skin as it absorbs in a very rapid manner. I found the lotion to feel incredibly light and even when applied liberally it still melted into my skin instantly and started hydrating my dry skin on contact. After it has soaked in my skin has felt very soft and there has been no sticky residue or film covering it - it doesn't sit upon the top layer like some lotions can.


      I would be lying if I said this lotion hydrated my skin for any greater length of time than usual. That's not to say I have anything overly negative to say as I don't - it certainly moisturised my skin wonderfully when applied and the lotion literally melts into the skin as mentioned so it scores points with me on that front.

      I found that my skin felt hydrated and soft for around a day when applied - if used in the evening my skin felt soft through to around the same time the following day just as if used in the morning it was approximately 24 hours later that I noticed my skin starting to feel dry. As I shower/bathe every day my skin is regularly moisturised so I can only really comment on it's effectiveness over a short period of time.

      I have been using this consecutively for around 10 days now since I purchased it and have found my skin to feel in silky soft condition. I would definitely buy this again though think it only works as good as any other body lotion I have tried so I am going to deduct a star as it's only slightly above average in my opinion.

      All in all a very good moisturiser that hydrates the skin well but I have used others on the same par and had the same results in the past.


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        27.04.2011 12:51
        Very helpful



        Great lotion, works wonders, great value, go out and buy it!

        I was in my local Asda buying some toiletries for my holiday to Cuba back in March and one of the things on my list was body moisturiser. I didn't have a specific one in mind, just something that smelt nice and made my skin soft.

        I came across this Garnier Intensive 7 Days which they had in a few different scents for different skin types and on offer for £2.50 for 400ml which is a fantastic price (usually £4.99 which is still good value). I have quite dry skin, especially in the sun, so I settled on one of the ones for dry skin with mango oil. It smells beautiful, nice and fresh. When I got to Cuba and started using the lotion, I was slightly apprehensive as it is quite runny and I was under the impression that a body moisturiser needed to be thick in order to work properly. This lotion proved me wrong. I used it every day for 2 weeks on holiday and my skin felt so so soft even after sunbathing all day. I also noticed that after I'd had a shower but before I had moisturised, my skin felt much softer than usual so I think its claim that it hydrates your skin for 7 days has some truth in it. You do need to use it every day for a week before it has that effect though.

        I was left with about half a bottle at the end of my 2 week holiday so it lasts really well too as you don't need a lot with it being so runny (my boyfriend had also been using it daily to give you an idea of how well it lasts). I did leave the rest of the bottle for the maids and to keep my suitcase weight down on the way back but I loved this lotion so much that I went out and bought another bottle within 2 days of arriving back in London and have been using it regularly.

        I recommend this lotion to anybody as they have one for everyone whether you have dry skin or not and it worked wonders for me!


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        10.03.2011 23:37
        Very helpful



        An excellent body lotion from Garnier.

        I do like to use body lotion these days a lot more than I used to. I have never really suffered from dry skin apart from on my feet, or when I have been on holiday and my skin has been exposed to the sun more than usual. I have recently however, begun to notice that my skin has lost some of its glow or shine that it used to have, which I suppose is down to the joys of aging.
        With that in mind I have been using body lotion more regularly, in a bid to keep my skin looking and feeling soft and moisturised. I have a few different body lotions to use which I have bought myself and also received in gift sets bought for me, so I didn't really need to buy any. However, when I spotted this new body lotion from Garnier on display on the end of an aisle in Morrisons, I stopped to take a look. The promotional price of only £2 for a 250ml bottle was appealing too and I decided to buy some.

        ~~ Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion ~~

        Whilst I have tried hair products and deodorants by Garnier, I have never tried any body lotions or creams by this brand prior to purchasing this intensive 7 days hydrating lotion.
        There are a few different body lotions in this new range available for different skin types and they include shea butter, honey and aloe vera for normal or dry skin etc.
        I chose this body lotion for normal skin, which includes moisturising aloe vera and is a hydrating lotion with L-Bifidus, which up until purchasing this body lotion was something I must admit I had only came across in regards to yogurts! I picked up this bottle for normal skin first, as I did not think the other lotions would be suitable for my skin type. A quick check on the back of the bottle told me that this lotion would be right for me if I feel my skin becomes dehydrated over the course of the day, losing softness and moisture even if I have used a body lotion that morning. I could identify immediately with that and so felt confident I was purchasing the correct body lotion for my skin type.

        L-Bifidus helps the skin retain its natural protective barrier by locking in moisture. Inspired by probiotics, L-Bifidus results in long lasting hydration for your skin.
        Aloe Vera is a plant found in the desert which is capable of surviving without water. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains soothing properties to nourish the skin. Combining the two is to benefit the needs of your skin and keep it hydrated.

        Garnier state that their consumer studies show that by using this body lotion, your skin will feel hydrated and moisturised seven days after the last application. A fact they happily advertise on the bottle and hence its name - Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion.
        The lotion is formulated with natural-based ingredients, is dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin and is colourant-free.

        ~~ Using the body lotion ~~

        The lid of this body lotion is a handy flip-top and on flipping it open the aloe vera fragrance is detectable immediately. It is a nice fresh fragrance which I prefer as I really dislike some body lotions I have tried which have a sickly-sweet smelling floral scent. This one seemed just perfect for me.
        The lotion itself is white and not too thick, nor is it runny. Indeed Garnier have got the texture just right here as it is very light, extremely refreshing and easy to apply without running. I also love how it is so easily absorbed into my skin and does not feel greasy at all, so therefore the lotion itself and the application of it gets full marks from me.

        So what about the hydration and moisturising claims, are they correct?

        Well in my experience I have to say yes, they are. Using this body lotion leaves my skin feeling soft and totally refreshed. I use this on a morning after showering and my skin feels soft and moisturised for the rest of the day. Its effects do not seem to wear off or fade as the day goes on, which is often the case with some of the other body lotions I have used.
        The scent of the aloe vera is not as strong once it is absorbed into your skin which is probably a good thing, as it does seem a little strong when you smell it in the bottle. Once it is on my skin however, I notice just a faint smell of it now and again which is nice.
        At first I was using this lotion every day, but after around four days I decided to leave it and see if my skin still felt as moisturised without it for a while and I can honestly say I did not think my skin lost any of its moisture for the next four days. I didn't leave it for seven days as to be honest I was actually missing applying body lotion to my skin. I do like the refreshing feel of this one, as well as the smell of my skin when I apply it.
        I have also applied this lotion to my feet and have found it moisturises them well, even though this particular bottle is not particularly designed for dry skin.

        I would also imagine this is lovely to use to refresh and hydrate your skin after being in the sun and I intend to take a bottle of this on holiday with me in the summer.

        Overall I am really impressed with this body lotion and will be purchasing another bottle as it is still only £2 per bottle at Morrisons. It is light, non-greasy, easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling fresh and moisturised, which is all I need from a body lotion. I can highly recommend this product.


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      • Product Details

        How does it work? Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion with Moisturising Aloe Vera / Normal Skin is enriched with natural-based Aloe Vera and L-Bifidus, inspired by probiotics, which have been selected to meet the specific needs of normal skin / Results: Immediately, skin feels soothed, smoothed and protected from dryness. Skin is optimally hydrated for 24 hours / After only 7 days of use, skin's quality is dramatically improved: dryness -37%, roughness -42% and suppleness +34%.

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