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Garnier Moisture Infusion Cleansing Water

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Brand: Garnier / Water / Type: Cleansing Water / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Infusion / What it does: Cleanses, Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2008 00:38
      Very helpful



      Suitable for anyone to clean and freshen their skin, men included!

      I've always adored make up apparently. From the age of five I've had a morbid fascination with it and my first experience was when I trashed my Mothers make up bag late 70's lol It's gone from bad to worse as I own as much as Boot's without exaggeration. Just today I bought 18 blushers (full size, new on eBay lol). So as an 'addict' I know how important it is to look after my skin.

      Not only do I own alot of make up I use alot also. I'm not a natural beauty and I love heavy eye make up in particular, false eyelashes, glitter eyeliner and when you think about it with all the stuff I use on my skin that's abrasive and greasy and made up of all sorts I'm quite unkind to my face really. So when it comes to which cleansers and toners I use this is where I'm willing to spend out.

      Cos of all the make up I use I do suffer spots from time to time. I do have enlarged pores, black heads and even white heads and a couple of small broken capillaries on my cheeks probably caused from trying to get my slap off! I suffer with dry skin, laughter lines, oily T Zone and chin and it doesn't always have the same issues, no, they change weekly!

      After say about 6 hours of make up wearing I'm really ready to take it all off and when it comes of there is loads it a hard removal task I dread. Who wants to be a scrubber? Not me! I want something soft, soothing, gentle but bleach like in it's effects. I cant stand the feeling of grubby skin and never now a days as I'm getting older do I go to bed without at the very least taking my make up off even if I'm too drunk to put moisturiser on! There's nothing worse than waking up thinking you've had a stroke in the night cos you can't open your eyes in the morning as your mascara has glued all your eyelashes into a big knot and your breath stinks and every time you burp you can taste creme de menthe whether you've drank it or not!

      So I own alot of cleansers and toners, all in one removers, eye make up stuff and wipes if I'm really, really drunk that I put on my bed for when I get in, I'm that strict with myself!

      So I was wandering around Sainsbury's on no particular mission. I always looks at toiletries and scan the price tickets looking for bargains. I always buy something that's on a really good offer whether I need it or not and it happened to be this.... Garnier 'Skin Naturals', Clean Sensitive Moisture Infusion Cleansing Water.

      What Is It?....

      It's a make up remover specially developed for sensitive skin. Developed to remove make up with no need for rubbing, which can make your skin feel more delicate/sensitive.

      About The Product....

      Suitable for face and eye area.
      Hydrates skin.
      Soothing plant Extract + Vitamin B5.
      Does not contain colourings or alcohol.
      Non perfumed.
      Dermatalogically and Opthalmologically tested (safe on eyes).

      The Packaging....

      200ml clear plastic bottle. Has a black pump action nozzle situated at the top. Labelling to front and back clearly states what it is etc and you can see the 'water' through the bottle.

      To Use....

      Get some cotton wool, pump out some liquid and wipe away make up til all traces have vanished of course!


      Well I purchased two bottles as they were on offer and when I sat on the bed reading all about it the claims are great and just what I need but at the end of the day it's 'water', fruit infused or not lol. I thought no way is this going to work on me particularly my eyes!

      I can be wrong from time to time however and this was a really nice, welcome surprise! It comes off onto the cotton wool as promised. No fragrance and no colour and on the cotton wool it feels like water. However cos its a watery kind of product and not a cream or lotion it doesn't mix with the make up your trying to remove and get messy. The 'water' lifts off the make up. Using this was a new experience for me as it does feel different like I am using tap water. It doesn't lather up or anything and trying to scrub doesn't work you have to gently wipe lol

      This simply and cleanly takes off all traces of make up. For all my make up I need one piece of cotton wool and not to keep wiping and binning and redoing it over and over. The water attracts the muck to it and away you go.

      It's great on eye make up which was my initial worry. It takes off eyeshadow pretty much on first contact but for eyeliners and mascara's a couple of sweeps does it. It's effortless and I can now take my make up off in the dark if I want to and I trust it to do it's job. If the water gets into your eyes you wont get red stinging, weeping eyes. If I don't you won't lol

      Skin feels really refreshed after using it, cool and extremely clean. I've had absolutely no adverse reactions to it and noticed I haven't had any spots appear since using it which has been a fortnight now. My overall facial appearance just looks alot smoother, cleaner and no rough bits of skin. It really is I think the most simple make up remover I have ever used and feels so natural to use! I love it and when I've ran out of these two bottles I shall repurchase at full price it really just is excellent!

      I got mine on offer for 99p in Sainsbury's usually £4.99 and also can be found in Boot's and Superdrug.


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    • Product Details

      Soothing plant extract and vitamin B5 combined together in a formula which dissolves make-up and removes impurities, no need for rubbing / Skin is left feeling hydrated and soothed /

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