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Garnier Soft Essentials Cream Wash

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6 Reviews

Brand: Garnier / Texture: Cream / Type: Face Cream / Subcategory: Wash / Texture: Gel/Fluid / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Garnier Soft Essentials

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    6 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 13:15
      Very helpful



      A good morning cleanser

      When we started having all of the bad weather my skin suffered quite badly. It became really dry in places and looked quite flaky, not nice at all. Because of this I decided to switch up my facial routine and try a cleanser specifically for dry skin. I was browsing the shelves at superdrug and spotted this, soft essentials comforting cream wash.

      **What it claims**

      This is a face wash that is designed to cleanse and soothe dry skin. The plant extracts help to do this by removing all impurities to leave your skin comfortable and soothed. Well that's what Garnier say about it, how did I get on?


      This cleanser comes in a pump bottle which is kind of see through allowing you to see how much product you have left. The one thing I do not like about this bottle is that it is not really suited for travelling with. A couple of times I have taken it with me overnight and even though the pump is switched to off the bottle tends to get quite slimy as it leaks.

      When I am at home however I do like this bottle, the pump is easy to press down and it's especially useful when using in the shower.

      **Using the Cleanser**

      The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was its lack of scent. This is not a massive problem I was just expecting it to smell like roses due to the picture of the rose on the front. It just has a very neutral scent.
      The next thing I noticed was that the cleanser did not look as creamy as I had initially anticipated. I would describe it as a mix between a gel and a cream.

      As I rub the cleanser into my skin it feels lovely and gentle. I use all over my face without any problems, there was no sensitivity whatsoever.

      After rinsing the product from my face my skin looks like it has had a boost and it feels soft.

      I initially started using his in the evenings but found that I was not the best cleanser at removing makeup. I was removing more makeup than I normally would do using my toner. Because of this I decided that this would be my morning cleanser. It does a good job at this as it is just what my skin needs to perk it up in the mornings.

      **Price and Availability**

      When I bought this it was on offer in Superdrug costing £2.36 which is an absolute bargain, I have seen it on offer a few times so it is worth keeping an eye out. The normal price is around £3.50 which is still a good price.


      I think this a good cleanser to an extent but I would not use it as my main makeup removing cleanser. It helped with my dry skin as it's so gentle and I would recommend it for this purpose. I would rate this 4 stars.


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      27.05.2013 07:38
      Very helpful



      I like it

      I thought summer was never going to come! The endless months of really cold weather was really frustrating for more than one reason. My skin became really dry and became quite sore especially in the area just beneath by chin. I did visit the doctor at one point as I wondered if it was eczema but she said it was actually just very bad dry skin and that I should use moisturisers and keep the skin as hydrated as possible so I went to Superdrug and this is where I found this and bought it.

      === Packaging ===
      The packaging of this stood out to me because it is so nice. It is a dusky pink bottle with a white pump nozzle on the top. It looked so nice and girlie that it instantly attracted me to it. The bottle claims that this cream wash will help to get rid of dry skin as it removes impurities in the skin. It works as a cleanser so will clean your skin so I bought a moisturiser too so that the two would work together. The bottle is really nice looking with a rose on the picture too.

      === Using it ===
      I tend to use this in the evening to rid the impurities on my face after a long day. I always make sure that my face is wet first before applying this so that it is easier to rub into my face. To dispense the cream it's really easy to do just by pressing down on the nozzle and a little amount will come out. I like this kind of dispensing system I think it is the most hygienic and that is what you want when wanting to clean your face. The cream itself is off-white which was surprising I was kind of expecting it to be pink because of the bottle and I was expecting it to smell floral because of the picture of the rose on front but there wasn't a smell at all, well a very, very subtle one but nothing that you could pick out, it certainly wasn't rose. I don't mind this as I don't like strong smelling things on my face but it is a little misleading putting roses on the front. The cream is not very thick and I find rubbing it between my hands before applying it to my face makes it lather up into a light foam and then I rub it into my face. I really concentrate on the area near my chin which is most dry and then I rinse it off using warm water.

      === Result ===
      The result of using this is skin which feels nice and clean immediately. I do use a moisturiser afterwards too and between the two I have found that my skin is now in better condition. The dry bit of skin is still there but barely noticeable now at all. The rest of my face feels really nice and hydrated. I use this as often as I can (sometimes I forget!) but it's usually about 5 times a week and it seems to be working. It only cost me £3.50 and I think that is fine because it has worked and I like the bottle so wouldn't mind spending that again.

      === conclusion ===
      This is a cleanser, the actual product description was a bit misleading I wasn't sure whether I was just washing my face, hydrating it or what but it was a friend who said I would need a moisturiser too so perhaps it is a bit confusing just calling it a wash but for me it works well. I'm glad I bought it, I do have another cleanser but it was more than triple the price so I was a bit loathe to use it regularly but this one I am happy to use on a daily basis and have seen it have a positive effect on my skin so I am happy with this purchase and do recommend it.


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      16.12.2012 11:28
      Very helpful



      A lovely face wash which is ideal for those with dry/sensitive skin

      For about 5 weeks or so I have noticed a change in my skin. It has become drier although not a massive change for it is still noticeable. This happens to me every year when the colder weather starts and I therefore have to change my skin care products and routine for those more suited to dry/sensitive skin sufferers. There is no shortage of brands that produce these sorts of products but the one brand I like to use is Garnier.

      Garnier have their own range specifically made for dry skin which needs softening and smoothing so perfectly ideal for me. My face wash at the moment well last 5 weeks has been the Garnier Soft Essentials Cream Wash. I chose it simply because it is from a brand that I trust and I like the results that they give. And it also helps when I went to buy a few face care products the Garnier range was reduced!

      == The Face Wash ==

      As said above the Garnier Soft Essentials Cleansing Wash is part of Garnier's Soft Essentials range which contains several other facial care products. They have been specifically formulated for those with dry and/or sensitive skin as their formulas are all made to cleanse your skin whilst being gentle leaving your skin nice and soft.

      The Cleansing Wash is no different as it has been formulated with natural plant extracts which have been dermatologically tested so they have been proven to be delicate enough on the skin. The wash is designed to remove all impurities, clean your skin and therefore hopefully leaving it not only freshly cleansed but also cared for and nourished.

      == Packaging ==

      For each Garnier product range they colour code their items, so for the Soft Essentials range the colour theme is a lovely pale pink. The bottle is a gorgeous rose pink colour which features a white label together with the Garnier logo, product name and an image of a lovely rose. On the back there is information about the product, how to use it, ingredients list and of course contact information for Garnier. The bottle has a pump action dispenser which does need to be turned round and pressed down before you can get any of the cream wash out.

      == In Use ==

      The bottle does make you believe that the creamy face wash inside is also going to be pink. Well in fact it isn't at all! Instead it is a pearlescent white colour which is hardly an issue just clever marketing! The consistency when you have dispensed it out of the bottle is quite thin, almost very similar to that of a liquid soap so when you have dispensed it is wise to quickly rub it between your hands to get it foaming slightly before applying to you face.

      Being part of the Soft Essentials range it does have a very mild fragrance, one that is almost unnoticeable which again is hardly an issue. I do however find that the fragrance changes when you start to massage it onto your face the fragrance does change slightly and although it isn't unpleasant it isn't the nicest it could have been but once washed off the face this odd fragrance has disappeared.

      To use the face wash you simply dispense a small amount onto your hands gently rub together until the liquid becomes quite creamy and almost foaming and then apply directly to your face - your face does need to be damp and not dry. You then just need to simply massage it over your face gently making sure you are applying it all over. You then simply need to rinse off and dry with a towel.

      Now I have been using this facial cleansing wash for about 5 weeks now at least once a day as my skincare routine does change at night. I have found that it doesn't irritate my skin whatsoever so no embarrassing flare-ups occur. It manages to keep my skin nourished and definitely doesn't dry it out either which again is what I was wanting. I find that after using it for a substantial amount of time my skin is incredibly soft and my dry patches which can occur have managed to stay away and I do find that this has a part to play.

      == Overall ==

      If wanting a decent face wash which will cleanse, comfort and soothe your skin whether you suffer with sensitive and/or dry skin then this should definitely be worth a try. It has a very gentle natural plant extract formula which not only cleanses your skin but it cares for it all at the same time. I find it gentle enough to use but it is incredibly effective. Therefore, a definite recommendation from me and I can easily away it 5 stars.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Garnier
      Price: £3.55 (Superdrug Dec 12)
      Volume: 200ml
      Availability: Supermarkets, pharmacies etc


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      13.02.2011 16:45



      A wonderful addition to a skincare routine

      I bought this after trying many products that wouldn't upset my skin. My skin is very sensitive and can get dry at times so I wasn't looking for something that wouldn't make it red and blotchy and would also help with the dryness.

      This product is fabulous.

      I'm always sceptical of trying new facial products - especially with the problems that I've had in the past but this product was different.

      It left my skin feeling clean and soft with no redness afterwards. It's very easy to use and the packaging is of a nice design and appealing to the eye. The product has a pump mechanism so you don't accidentally use too much. It lasts for ages too and the pump can be locked so avoid any spillages by twisting the pump to the left.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend this product. It's ideal for those with dry, sensitive skin who want a gentle product.


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      16.08.2010 21:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good buy

      *** Soft Essentials ***
      This product is part of Garnier's Soft Essentials range which, according to the Garnier website, is "the irresistible partner for dry and sensitive skin". Products in the range are enriched with rose extract and vitamin e, and are designed for everyday use.

      The range includes cleansing milk, toner, facial wipes, day cream and this - a cream facial wash.

      *** Beautiful bargain ***
      I was on the look out for a new face wash and was lucky to find an amazing bargain in my local branch of Morrisons. They were selling two selected Garnier products for £3 - even thought the retail price of the individual products was over £3. So it was cheaper to buy two products than just one. This seemed a bit crazy to me, but who am I to argue? So I picked up two products - a face scrub (which I am sure I will also be reviewing) and this cleanser.

      *** Pretty in pink ***
      My first thought was that the packaging was really nice. I like the pink colour and I can't think of many other facial products that come in pink packaging. It seemed quite unique and it was a nice shade of pink too - not too bright or sickly - but definitely girly!

      *** What does it do? ***
      The product describes itself as a foaming cleanser for dry and sensitive skin that doesn't contain soap. Although I don't have extremely dry or sensitive skin, I do need to keep it well moisturised, and find it usually feels a bit tight after washing. So I was hoping this product would make my skin feel nice and soft.

      *** What's inside? ***
      The bottle is the pump dispenser kind, and I have to say I found the product thicker than I thought it would be. It reminded me of a shampoo-like texture. The colour was a slightly pearly white colour.

      ***Putting it on ***
      I applied the cream to my damp face, as instructed, and the product was easily to apply and rubbed in well. However, I wouldn't say the product was foamy at all but maybe I just needed more water! It was pleasant to apply, felt very gentle and had no discernible smell.

      *** Washing it off ***
      The product washed off easily and I definitely thought my skin felt very soft and clean after use, although I did apply my usual night cream. And, in the morning, I must say my skin still felt soft and moisturised. I was pleased with the results.

      *** A great buy ***
      I reckon I used 2-3 pumps of the cleanser, so I think this bottle will last me for months. So even at the full price of £3.50ish I think this is a good buy. However, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with extremely dry or problem skin.

      Overall, a good, effective product which is ideal for everyday use.


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        17.02.2010 01:07
        Very helpful



        A gentle cream was for those who suffer sensitive skin

        Garnier Soft Essentials Cream Wash is one of the newest offerings to be bought to us by Garnier within the 'Soft Essentials' range.

        The Soft Essentials range offers facial skin care products that have been designed and dermatologically tested specifically for those of us who suffer from delicate, dry, sensitive skin and find it difficult to find skin care products which dont irritate and leave our skin feeling worse. That by enriching these products with ingredients such as Rose extract, Vitamin E, Shea butter and Aloe the skin is left feeling calm and smooth and not irritated, tight and uncomfortable.

        Now Ive personally been using Garniers Soft Essentials range of products for some time now. I use their Clensing milk, toner and 24hr Day cream each and every day. In the past I always found it difficult to find products which would not irritate and inflame my face anymore but this range is absolutely amazing, So when I saw this new cream wash on offer at my local super market I jumped at the chance to give it a go, but also my main reasonings is that since I was a teenager I have not been able to use any form of soap on my face what so ever, No matter what brand I went for wheter it be cheap or expensive my face would be left tight, uncomfortable, inflamed and would be left feeling and looking dried out so because I had got on with the other products within this range so well I didnt really have much to loose.

        Now instead of being a soap this is a cream wash which is enriched with plant extracts

        Vitamin E-which as well as helping to repais rough and damaged skin it is a natural antioxidant which hlps to protect the skin agains every day environmental damage from pollution and the sun.

        Shea Butter- which can help to restore the skin's natural elasticity and also allows the skin to absorb moisture from the air which helps the skin to stay moisturised for longer therfore improving the quality of the skin allowing it to become softer.

        Essence of Rose- which is known for its soothing properties allowing the skin to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

        and Aloe - which have properties which include relieving inflammation and redness,Soothing itching ,Nourishes the skin and helps to restore the skin's natural beauty.

        The cream wash comes in a 200ml pump dispensing bottle which is very girlie and pink in colour and dispenses the product easily. Once despensed the cream is pearlised white in colour and has a creamy consistency.
        Now compared to their other products within this range the cream wash has a completely different scent to the other products, I was expecting the usual strong floral, Rose scent but instead I was getting something which I would only discribe as citrus.

        Directions of use are simple:
        Apply to a damp face
        Massage in circular motions with the fingertips paying specific attention to the t-zone area
        Rinse thoroughly with water and dry.

        Now even though ive noticed that the cream rinse does not create much of a foam that you may expect with it being a facial wash what foam is created effectively removed any dirt and impurities from my skin and left it feeling soothed, hydrated,refreshed and nourished.. no signs of redness, inflammation or tightness what so ever.

        Now I purchased this product from my local super market on Introductory promotion so the 200ml bottle was £1.74 so at the moment I am unsure what the full retail price for this product will be but if any of their other products are anything to go by I am guessing it my retail between £2.00 - £3.50 depending on where you purchase it from.

        So if your looking for a gentle cream wash for your delicate skin this could be the perfect product for you. Another great product from Garnier within the Soft Essentials Range


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