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Garnier Soothing Sensation Toner

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Toner / What it does: Soothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      05.07.2012 23:40
      Very helpful




      Garnier toner

      I always like to tone my skin after cleansing because it makes my skin feel instantly cleaner and more refreshed. I tend to like the Garnier products as the products are dermatologically tested and where possible, as far as I am aware they use naturally derived products.


      This is apparently for skin which feels fragile when cleansing and for those with sensitive skin. Whilst I don't have especially sensitive skin I figure it won't do me any harm and I figure it will probably be better for my skin than something which is for oily skin and may be too astringent.


      The toner contains water lily extract, which apparently soothes skin and Pro-vitamin B5 in a gentle formula which leaves the skin feeling fresh. It has no perfume, colorants or alcohol so any make up is removed gently to leave skin feeling toned and refreshed.


      The toner comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with all of the instructions and information on the back. To dispense the product I have to lift up the flip up/shut down lid and then the toner is dispensed through quite a large hope. Care must be taken to ensure too much of the product doesn't come out of the bottle; this certainly doesn't need a shake!

      The product looks a pale blue when viewed inside the bottle but I think this is actually the bottle because when it is dispensed it is completely clear. As expected, the toner itself is odourless and because the information states that there is no perfume this is exactly what I expected and also what I prefer for a toner.

      HOW TO USE IT...
      The toner should be used after facial cleansing and before moisturising. It should be applied with a cotton pad using circular motions on your face and neck and left to dry naturally before applying moisturiser. When I dispense the toner it does pour easily onto the cotton wool pad and leaves it nicely moist to apply on my skin. It is a very refreshing toner and not at all astringent, so my skin doesn't feel tight.


      The toner is widely available from chemists and supermarkets and costs £2.99 for 200ml. given that a little goes a long way, this represents great value for money.


      The product definitely does as it promises. It leaves skin clean and refreshed and any last traces of dirt are removed gently from my skin.

      Reasonably priced, I would recommend this product.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      06.05.2011 13:47
      Very helpful



      Works just as well as more expensive alternatives

      I am addicted to The Sanctuary products, and swear by their toner. However, it has increased in price massively since I began using it (whilst also decreasing in size, but I will save that rant for elsewhere). Always looking to save money wherever I can, I try to use a cheaper toner after cleansing in an evening, believing if it leaves my skin feeling tacky or looking shiny it does not matter because nobody will see me. Garnier's Soothing Toner is the latest product I have purchased to try.

      The Product

      The toner comes in a blue plastic 200ml bottle, with a white lid. It is widely available, priced at around £2.99, although Boots currently have it on offer at 2 for £4.

      It is from Garnier's Skin Naturals range, which means it contains no perfume, no alcohol and no colourants.
      The soothing toner is designed to refresh and cleanse impurities. It is designed for those with fragile skin after cleansing and for those with sensitive skin.

      My Experience

      I try to be good, and cleanse, toner and moisturise morning and night every day. As I have explained, I bought this toner with the intention of using it on an evening, in an attempt to make my preferred toner last longer. I chose this toner because Garnier promise it is suitable for sensitive skin. My skin is sometimes prone to breakouts, so I always look for products designed specifically for sensitive skin whenever possible.

      The toner is clear in colour. I was surprised at the scent, as it does smell quite unnatural and chemically. This is a Garnier Skin Naturals product, which Garnier say means all products are made with naturally derived active ingredients, formulated and tested to ensure effectiveness. Having read this I was expecting quite a fresh smelling product, so was a little shocked by the scent.

      I applied the toner to my skin using a cotton wool ball after cleansing. I use a hot cloth cleanser, which is removed with a muslin cloth rather than through rinsing. Because of this there is occasionally a slight residue left on the skin, so I feel toning is vital. I used the toner on my entire face and neck area.

      My skin dried within just a few seconds. I felt instantly refreshed, and my face felt moisturised. My skin did not feel sticky or tacky to touch, which I have found can be the case with some toners. More importantly, although I feel the toner added moisture to my skin, it did not leave it looking shin, which again is something I have experienced before.


      I have been using the product for a while now, and I am so far very impressed. I have had no skin break outs, it has not dried out my skin, and I do not have a big shiny face. In fact, I am so impressed I am not going to bother replacing my Sanctuary toner when my current bottle has run out, and I am going to stick with this. At a quarter of the price, it does exactly the same job, and I would rather spend the difference on chocolate.


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      17.06.2008 14:11
      Very helpful



      Simply a must by for a clean, smoothe face!

      I once read a review by a woman who was writing about a cleanser and within the review she added that she didn't use toner as she couldn't see the point in it and I was horrified by that statement because for me it's a very big part of my skin care routine.

      When we are advised to cleanse, tone and moisturise there are reasons for this. Cleanser to rid face of gunk of any description, toner to remove last traces of said gunk and the cleanser you don't get off properly and to help clean blocked or overly tight pores and a moisturiser to well to er moisturise! I love my toner and I only buy the best so when I came across this and it promised to be sensitive I just had to try it since I'd tried the Garnier Clean Sensitive Moisture infusion cleansing water (read my review) and been absolutely delighted with it.

      The Packaging....

      Exactly as on the review photograph at the top of this review (for a change, what joy lol). It's a 200ml recyclable light blue almost see through plastic bottle with black flip top at the top with a small whole in the top and you gently shake the bottle or give it a gentle squeeze to get the liquid out. On the front of the bottle there is a sticky white label on that tells me it is Garnier, Skin Naturals 'New' Clean Sensitive Soothing Sensation Toner and I'm also told it softens and refreshes skin and eliminates traces of make up. Then at the bottom of the bottle I'm told it contains soothing waterlily extract + vitamin B5. Under that I'm told it's for sensitive skin and that it doesn't contain alcohol and is non-perfumed and dermatalogically tested. Other than that there is a blue flower on the right hand corner of the label and the bottle on first glance looks really pleasant and grown up and not at all cheap. On the back once again I'm told is soothing sensation toner.

      It then asks... is it right for me? and says....
      Yes if you have sensitive skin
      Yes, if you want to soothe your skin after wearing make-up all day
      Yes, if sudden changes in temperature re affecting the way your skin feels

      Then I'm told how it works, results to expect, how to use it, then told a bit about Garnier in general, the ingredients are listed, the size (as I've stated already) and a bar code.

      How Does It Work?....

      Garnier clean sensitive soothing sensation toner combines soothing waterlily extract and vitamin B5 in a formula which removes last traces of make-up


      The last traces of make-up are eliminated, skin is cleansed and left feeling soothed, supple and fresh

      How Do I Use It?....

      Use after cleansing milk, to compliment your skin make-up removal routine. Apply with a cotton wool pad using circular motions on your face and neck. Leave to dry naturally.

      A Bit ABout Garnier products...

      Our latest effective range specifically developed for sensitive skin. These make-up removers and facial cleansers remove make-up with no need for rubbing, which can make your skin feel more delicate/sensitive.
      The products do not contain alcohol, and are suitable for skin prone to feeling tight. Skin is cleansed and feels more soothed, softened and more comfortable.
      Use whenever possible active natural ingredients, which have been carefully extracted to preserve their quality and purity.

      Why Did I Buy It?

      Well like I said at the start of this review I swear by toner and it's a must buy for me. Not only to remove any traces of cleansers I use but also to wipe over my face when out of the bath or shower. It's always the second job I do (after combing my tangly hair) because my face on my skin goes so tight and it feels really unnatural to me , I hate it. I do have to be careful with products on my face. At 33 I have combination skin and I am really, really prone to spots and of course I am getting wrinkles (but we won't discuss that too much eh!).

      Using It....

      Well as directed use it on a cotton wool pad or a big wadge of cotton wool. It feels like water, runs like water and is colourless with a slight odour but only very slightly of plant extracts so to me Garnier saying there is no smell at all is not true. My opinion though. Do not saturate cotton wool cos like water when you put pressure on the cotton wool it dribbles everywhere!

      Now I use this after cleansing in the main so I'll address this first. Do wipe off most of your make up first then as advised use this in circular motions. You do not need to rub and scrub just go nice and easy and gently wipe the face and eyes and yes it does really lift off last traces of make up and any grease/oil off skin that you can't even see. The nice thing about this is once you have thoroughly wiped your skin over you really don't need to do it again just to make sure you've removed everything hence your not getting through loads of this product. It works amazing and you can trust it to do a great job first time round. It can if pushed take off a whole face of make up but be aware it isn't really designed for this purpose but can do it if need be just be aware you need heaps of cotton wool and loads of the product and it's a messy buisness as it is just like water and spreads make up all over the place.

      Anyway the results after using after removing make up are purely fantastic. It leaves skin really soft, and really fresh. Takes away any tightness, closes pores and makes you look so clean you appear to be glowing. It's so easy and quick to use and it's a marvel.

      Also as I said earlier I use it when out of the bath or shower on a face that I've had no make up on. Some mornings as soon as I wake up because I cleansed, toned and moisturised before I went to bed I just want to do a few jobs before getting ready for my day and I will use this just to freshen up my face with no cleanser. It's amazing how a face gets dirty doing nothing at all! It cleans face again giving way to soft skin that feels all clean but also if you look at the cotton wool I always see like a dark, grey greasy stain on the cotton wool. If you imagine reading an old fashioned newspaper and then touching your face and seeing the grey staining it always reminds of that colour!

      Another great use for this Ive found is I'm a bit of a nightmare using eyeliner and am prone to making a lot of mistakes. Well a bit of this on a cotton wool bud just to correct mistakes is amazing and takes the unwanted products away without a fuss and cleanly waterproof make up or not.


      This really is a product I rave about. Overall my face feels fabulous when I use this so it's actually luxurious and a pleasure to use. Over the time I've been using this (about two months every day once or twice a day sometimes) my complexion has really seriously changed. I use a decent cleanser (not one from the Garnier range but it is heavy duty) and this and I've had one spot in all the time I've used this which wasn't an awful unsightly sore one of which I used to be prone to. My pores look tighter and skin texture wise feels and appears less bumpy particularly in the heat. I've had only one blackhead appear opposed to a whole host of them pitching up regularly and them being so deep I couldn't squeeze them out if I wanted to (the one I had popped out easy, I know I shouldn't but what can you do with one sat on the end of your nose!) and my skin looks generally lighter and brighter and because of that I look more glowing, healthy and younger. My skin to the touch feels very soft after using this and not at a sticky or anything but way after that when dried it actually feels like I've used moisturiser when I haven't so I love to pop on some moisturiser over the top of this to get extra benefits. Also this is fabulous popped on a couple of cotton wool pads straight from the bottle and rested over eyes. It's so sensitive it doesn't irritate eyes at all and it really does soothe them and if you have black bags it really does help them!

      This product will make you think twice about toner. It's just a lovely product and if its made all the world of difference to my dodgy skin then think if you have decent skin already what this can do for you. It's amazing with multi ways of being used. try it you'll love it!

      Can be found in all good chemists and supermarkets at around £3.29 a bottle and I think that is a bargain!


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    • Product Details

      Soothing sensation toner with Waterlily extract and vitamin B5 /

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