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Garnier UltraLift Anti Wrinkle Night Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      02.08.2016 18:10
      Very helpful


      • "Leaves skin nourished"
      • "Smells great"
      • "Fast acting"


      • None

      Small cost, amazing results!!

      I have amazing things to say about this cream! But I actually didn't just use it for the purpose it was intended!

      I'm only young but I like to take really good care of my skin so I Use a lot of different day and night creams and this is one of my favourites!

      I like the tub it comes in first of all. It holds a lot of the product but isn't too big or bulky so you can leave it on your nightstand or dressing table but also easily put it in a suitcase or overnight bag without it taking too much room or adding too much weight!

      The actual cream itself is crest. It isn't too thick so it doesn't overpower your skin and a little goes a long way so just a small amount can easily cover your face and neck. It does mean it lasts a long time too so you don't have to keep replacing the tub which is extremely handy!

      Even if it did run out quickly it isn't very expensive so can be replaced often without being a big hit to your weekly budget!

      I feel that after I've used it my skin looks and feels really refreshed in the morning and I do notice a difference if I stop using it for a few days or forget at all.

      The other thing I actually used it for was my stretch marks! As a lot of women do I have a few stretch marks here and there but once got some terrible bright red ones on my hip that seemingly appeared from no where! I don't know what made me do it but I actually applied a layer of this cream before I went to sleep on the stretch marks and pretty much overnight they were unnoticeable!!

      I wrote a letter to thank garner because I was so impressed and thankful. They actually wrote back to me and went a voucher which I thought was great customer service.

      I'd definitely recommend this product. From what I can tell it's amazing for your skin and really does nourish and protect you! And for such a small cost I can't think why you wouldn't at least give it a go to see if it fits with your lifestyle and you see any difference!


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      25.03.2013 17:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I will repurchase this one, thanks Alyson29!

      When I finally remembered that I had run out of night cream, I found myself in Morrisons faced with a fairly poor choice. Of those I saw, this one caught my eye, partly because I have had positive results with the Garnier brand in the past, and partly because I recalled reading a glowing review on here from Alyson29.

      The advantage of this cream is that it fell within my budget, costing around £8 for a 50ml pot. Although I do scrimp on some beauty items, I have made a conscious decision that night creams are something I should try to buy the best my budget can afford, as they perform quite an important role, providing deep moisturisation overnight and hopefully keeping the signs of ageing at bay. Night creams are specially formulated to improve the skin's elasticity, and I think this is well worth investing in.

      The moisturiser came in a cardboard box, which contained a "wrinkle guide". The idea of this is that you mark where you think your skin lies on the guide at this moment in time, and then after 14 days' use, you reassess. Garnier claim that you should drop at least one level in noticeable wrinkles, and I must admit this did fill me with confidence (and hope!) for the product, because although I don't have really bad wrinkles yet, I have taken really good care of my skin over the years, and I'm hoping through using night creams like this one, my skin continues to develop minimal wrinkles as I age.

      The cream is packaged in a little red pot, with a screw lid top. I find this to be true of most night creams, presumably because they are slightly thicker than day creams and so wouldn't be very amenable to being squeezed through a tube. The cream sits in the pot looking perfectly smooth - it's almost a shame to spoil the tranquillity of the scene inside the pot! However, needs must, and I was quite surprised at the consistency of this product. Although it looks quite thick, it isn't a cream which requires scooping or dipping your fingers into, but instead a little sweep across the top with your fingers is perfectly adequate to get a good covering. I do this about three times, covering different parts of my face (and neck!) each time, and although it feels like I've hardly used any of the cream, it gives perfectly adequate coverage.

      The fragrance is difficult to depict, but is very natural smelling and smells slightly floral with a hint of sweetness. It's a scent which lifts my spirits, and possibly because I now associate it with bedtime and much needed rest, it has a real feel good factor to it. Although the product is fragranced, it doesn't smell artificial or chemically.

      The other thing that surprised (and impressed) me about this cream was the speed with which it sank into my skin. I usually expect night creams to sit a bit heavy on my skin, and don't usually mind this because obviously I don't wear make-up overnight so it doesn't bother me if I go to bed with a slightly shiny face. This night cream, however, almost melts into your skin, and seconds after applying it you can feel it turn into a velvety soft layer which bizarrely makes me want to touch my face because it feels so lovely! I wasn't sure if it was my imagination, but the very first time I applied this cream, I felt my skin was glowing in a more healthy way than normal, and after using it for a few months I would definitely confirm that this cream makes my skin glow.

      Upon waking, my skin still feels soft with evidence of the velvety layer still present. I feel reassured that the cream has been working hard overnight to brighten my skin, and I have certainly had no adverse effects such as spots or blemishes. I have been using this cream for a couple of months now, and can honestly say my skin looks brighter and smoother. If I'm honest, I haven't actually checked against the guide Garnier provide on their box, as I think I must have thrown this away by accident, but I have definitely noticed my skin looks smoother, particularly around the eyes where I get my laughter lines. Although they're still there, and actually I quite like having some personality about my face, the skin just looks brighter and healthier. It also seems to be helping to minimise my open pores, which I'd kind of given up on having used numerous different products over the years, but this one seems to be helping to reduce those too.

      I am very confident that if I continue to use this product, I am doing the best for my skin in terms of preventing any deep wrinkles, and smoothing out those imperfections which come with age. Although it's not the cheapest on the market, it also isn't the most expensive, and as a little goes a long way, a 50ml pot should last a long time. I think for a mid-budget range night cream, this one is an excellent option.

      (Review may also appear on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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        10.02.2012 17:47
        Very helpful



        I love this product and will continue to use it as part of my skincare regime

        My deep-seated insecurities have had a new target over recent months; fine lines around my eyes. I can't possibly start showing signs of ageing without a fight, so I recently started to realise that I needed to sit down, have a word with myself and start treating my skin with more respect.

        Never again would I neglect to remove my make up each night! Not for me the gradual decline in my will for a serious battle against the inevitable. I SHALL be the paradigm of cosmetic virtue and soon I would look five years younger and possess a glowing, radiant complexion the envy of every woman alive! Hurrah! Woman power!

        Er, yeah. It didn't entirely work out like that (but the intention was there at least!) but I did vow to make more effort to remove my make up, cleanse my skin and for the first time, invest in a night cream. And alright, I might not manage it every night, but I really did have good intentions with this. So, off to town I toddled, and I started looking at what night cream options the world had for me.

        Any of my regular readers will know that I often select my products firstly on the basis of what they claim to do and then, to get the best value and highest performing product I can for my budget, narrow down the selection by way of what is on the best promotional offer price. This way I can try different products and find one that is ideal for me (that's the theory anyway...), not break the bank for disappointing products and, of course, I can bombard you lovely people with a wider range of cosmetic reviews! What joy, I hear you cry...

        Anyway, the product that ticked all the boxes on that particular cosmetics shopping jaunt was Garnier UltraLift Night; all my previous experiences with Garnier products had been pleasant and this was reduced in my local branch of Wilkinsons, from the usual RRP via Boots of £9.99 for a 50ml pot to approximately half price. In the basket with you...

        ***WHAT IS IT?***

        Garnier UltraLift night comes in a red pot that feels like glass. Initially it also comes boxed. The lid is red plastic and the tub feels very sturdy and secure. Don't drop it on your foot!

        Inside you have a thick, creamy white moisturiser, the scent to which is blatantly clinical but, whilst I normally hate that, I don't find this unpleasant. It's very fragrant and you can smell the product as you apply it. Strangely, I find this scent quite nice - when applying this I do smell the ginger, plus the product also has an extract of cherries and I think that might be coming through in the scent too, adding a lightly fruity tone - and it fades away quite significantly not long after application.

        The cream is meant to target loss of firmness and wrinkles, containing a ginger extract and that afore-mentioned cherry essence. The idea is as with most night creams - the formula works with your skin while you sleep to target signs of ageing so you wake to better, brighter skin. Again, that's the theory, anyway... You apply to face and neck before you go to sleep, having first cleansed your skin.

        ***ANY GOOD?***
        In short? Yes! I'll get to the technical stuff in a minute but want to say from the top that I love this product and think that I will struggle to use another, even though I like to try new products before settling for one. Here's why...

        First of all, the feel of this cream is beautiful. It feels thick and luxurious, it spreads really well, it has that pleasant scent with the ginger and something fruity behind it despite the clinical overtones, it feels deeply moisturising and spreads onto the skin feeling amazingly soft, smooth and nourishing.

        You don't need to use much of this; a little goes a long way. I may not have used this every night but have probably applied this at least every other day for well over a month now and I have to say that I am astonished at how much I still have left. Even at full whack price-wise, I think this is a very high performer when it comes to value for money.

        Despite the fact that you don't need a lot of this, it is not a cloying, heavy product in my opinion, it never makes my skin feel overloaded and has never, as I was initially worried, caused an outbreak - if anything my skin, which can be prone to spots, has been better in that sense and clearer, although of course that could be attributed to the general improvement in how I treat it!

        This cream absorbs really well and my skin does not feel greasy or like there is a layer of product over my skin as I go to bed. The thing that I really like about it is that I wake up with my skin already looking better, not feeling tired or taut, and only feeling like there is any product there at all when I initially get in the shower and water falls on my skin - and that feeling washes away easily.

        I'm too insecure to go out without make up on but I have noticed a serious improvement in my skin tone and on those fine lines around my eyes that inspired all this - and seeing results this strong makes it easier to stick to your resolve and know that you are fighting the good fight against the signs of ageing and, for once, actually winning a bit!

        ***IN CONCLUSION***
        Seriously strong performer from the high street budget bracket. We can't all afford to do a J-Lo and spend something like £150 on a pot of cream, but this cream performs so well and lasts so long that I would struggle to step away from it and would probably pay the full retail price if I have to, but for now it's lasting so well that I think I have at least another month, maybe more, in which to look out for another offer and stockpile my weaponry in this ongoing battle to remain young forever! Highly recommended and now the third time I have been able to review a Garnier product and give it a full five stars, in this instance only because I can't give it six.


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      Garnier UltraLift Night Cream gives you smoother feeling skin upon waking and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles / Garnier UltraLift Night works through the night to give your skin that extra boost and contains a triple action formula: / '

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