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Garnier Vitamin Radiance Daily Moisturising Cream

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Brand: Garnier / Texture: Cream / Type: Face Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes / Product line: Garnier Vitamin Radiance

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2010 22:47
      Very helpful



      A Top Face Cream

      A few weeks ago my mom bought my auntie a big Garnier giftset for her birthday but she never ended up coming to collect it so me and my mom raided the box and took the products we wanted for ourselves. To be honest I havent realy tried out many Garnier products in the past mainly because I thought they would be dead expensive and Id rather buy something else but I chose this "Vitamin Radiance" to try out from the box as Id nearly ran out of my usual No7 facial cream. I wasnt expecting this to be great if Im honest, I didnt think it would be terrible but I never in a million years thought it would be as good as the face cream I noramlly use - shockingly though it was - if Im really forced to be honest this might just have the edge!

      This product comes in a 50ml white tub (which is actually a bit bigger that it sounds) and is contained in a small cardboard box. The outside of the box has all the information you could ever need including: shelf life (12 months), list of ingredients & an address and email address to contact should you have any problems among other equally useful bits of information. Dont worry if you want ot throw the box out though because all the same information is on the tub. The tub and the box are both designed in the same type of style in green and white - colours which I have come to associate with the Garnier brand.

      Although the packaging isnt exactly bright and eye catching I do think it still looks great. Classy yet understated is the way my mom just described it and I think I have to agree with her there, the tub will definately look great on anyones dressing table. Also the packaging is recyclable and both the tub and box can be recycled so good news if your "green".

      On the tub it advises you to apply this cream after you have cleansed and toned with the other products from the Garnier range but to be totally honest I dont think you need to. Ive applied this after using my normal cleanser and toner (No7) and without doing anything beforehand and I think it works just as well no matter how you do it.

      I usually apply this first thing in the morning before I do my make up and last thing at night before bed and I reckon thats more than enough otherwise your face would become to greasy I think. Also dont apply to much of this at any one time as you dont need to and that way you waste any - then your tub will last ages!

      The Cream:
      I find that this face cream is actually a little but thicker than most I have tried but I dont think that is a disadvantage at all because it doesnt really do anything for the product. Maybe the extra thickness is one of the reasons why this is so great but I honestly dont know. Other than that though theres nothing extra special about the colour or the cream itself it is very ordinary but totally brilliant.

      The Smell:
      Now you may wonder why I have decided to add this section but I think it is an important thing to mention because this does have a very unique scent to it. I cannot decide whether or not I actually like the fragrance or not to be honest but it is unlike anything Ive smelt before. It smells like a garden. I know that isnt a great description but that is the closest thing to the actual smell that I can think of but I dont think everyone will like the smell. Luckily the smell fades as soon as you apply it and for me thats a good thing because I cant decided on this fragrance.

      Now even though this product is scented dont worry because I dont think it will irratate your skin in any way. I have funny skin on my face and it has never bothered my skin so I think you should be fine using this, I do recommend a skin test first though just in case.

      The Results:
      The results of this cream are amazing and it does do wonders for your skin. As soon as you apply this your skin feels firmer and a hell of a lot smoother and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that it sinks in more or less immediately. Thats why I apply it first thing in the morning before my make-up because it gives you a nice, fresh and best of all smooth sort of canvas to work on and it helps blend your foundation brilliantly.

      Ive been using this cream for about a month now twice a day and I definately think that it has made a difference to my skin over that time. There hasnt been much change in appearance but I feel that my skin is much smoother and softer than it was before I started using this so I can certainly say that repeated use with this cream works wonders. As this sinks in so quickly you dont get any of that greasy residue left on your face after application so you can see and feel the fabulous results straight away and it really is a great base for your make-up.

      I could rave about this product all night but Im tried now so Im going to leave it at that but I have to say that I cannot recommend this highly enough. Even if you are already impressed with your face cream and dont want to change I reckon if you tried this one you would change your mind so give it a shot!

      This cream will set you back around £9 for a 50ml tub and it can be picked up from places like Boots & Superdrug.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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