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Gatineau Gommage Visage Gentle Facial Scrub

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Brand: Gatineau / Type: Face Scrub / Subcategory: Cleanser / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      05.12.2011 14:06
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      Wish I could give this six stars , it's that good

      I received this when I purchased a neck cream from Gatineau , I wasn't impressed with the neck cream or any of the other products but am really glad I gave it a go , as I wouldn't have come across this exfoliator which is brilliant!

      It is designed to gently remove dead skin cells and can help to reduce the appearance of flaws leaving your skin looking healthier and revitalised. Gommage is the French word for exfoliator.

      It is described as an anti-aging scrub. To me that conjures up images of a rough grainy textured product and the beauty of this product is that it is a smooth cream and you do not have to scrub to get results.

      The Brand
      Gatineau is a brand that was developed in France by Madame Jeanne Gatineau who opened her first salon in 1937. It has a long history of developing skincare ranges. This particular product used to be a beauty salon secret used in facials and wasn't available to buy until the past few years.

      The instructions on the back of the tube are very brief, but I believe it does come with a leaflet.

      Apply to cleansed skin
      Shake well; this is primarily a mix of essential oils so I recommend shaking before applying to ensure all the oils are blended together.
      Apply a thin layer over the face and neck, it turns translucent, leave for about 5 minutes and then start to gently stroke your skin, until you feel the texture changes and it begins to roll off your skin.
      I usually avoid applying this around the eye area as the skin is more delicate and I don't recommend even gentle stroking in this area of your face.
      Roll off the entire product and then wipe off any excess, rinse thoroughly or take off with a toning lotion.

      Ensure you only apply a thin layer as if you put too much on it takes ages to get to a point where you can roll this off your skin.
      I squeeze a small amount out and if there is any excess. Smooth that over the back of your hands as it will significantly improve their appearance.
      Don't apply this whilst soaking in the bath as it isn't as effective, I think the steam affects it.
      If you leave the product on for a long time it will peel off and I don't think this is as effective. When you roll the product off it seems to lift more and also takes off ingrained dirt. Which is surprising, given that I do this after cleansing thoroughly?
      It is very satisfying experience because the product and skin rolls off and it feels like you are removing a thin layer of skin but in a very gentle manner.
      It is messy and I always manage to get some on my eyebrows and hair line, so I always need to wash my hair afterwards.
      Expect to spend 15-20 minutes devoted to this.

      I have very sensitive skin and at first smell I thought this was going to be like one of those masks that are so strong they make your eyes water. So I was pleasantly surprised that this is so gentle but very effective at sloughing off dead skin.
      After any treatment my face is red as I am very fair skinned and prone to redness, so when I cleanse and moisturise it doesn't matter what I use my face takes a while to lose the redness. This product does not irritate my skin in any way and it feels much moisturised.
      I usually apply a moisturising mask after exfoliating, but that isn't an essential part of this routine, just something I always do.

      The Results
      Visibly brighter more youthful soft skin, it really does deliver time after time. It makes a massive difference to my skin and means that any product I apply afterwards is more effective.
      I have learnt that applying serums and moisturisers on top of dull dry dead skin, has little effect, so exfoliating is something I make sure I do on a regular basis. Miss this step out and I really notice the difference on my skin
      What is difficult is finding something gentle yet effective, when you have dry sensitive skin, so discovering this means my search for the perfect exfoliator is over.
      No more grainy scrubs that leave my skin sore and inflamed - hurrah!

      The Product and Packaging
      It comes in a cream tube with silver writing on and a grey lid. Nothing to write home about , but who cares if the product is brilliant.
      It is a blend of oils including - Yellow mandarin, mint, sweet almond, jojoba, lavender, rosemary sunflower, cranberry seed and shea oils
      The texture is creamy; there are no abrasive elements in this scrub. It is a cream colour and feels creamy but gloopy.
      It has a refreshing mint scent which makes it pleasurable to use
      Suitable for all skin types and all ages.
      Also men and women if you don't mind sharing.
      It can be used twice a week but no more than that.
      It has a 2 year shelf line once opened
      I use this once a week and I also use it on my hands and décolletage - so it lasts me 3 months

      Ranges from £33-£35.75 for a 75ml but buy 2 for £36.25 +postage from QVC at the moment.
      Available on line at QVC and other online retailers and in salons that do Gatineau facials.
      If you do decide this is for you make sure you buy the Anti-Aging Gommage in a cream tube. Gatineau also does another Gommage in the Active Éclat that comes in a White tube with Activ Éclat in Orange writing. It isn't the same product and I ordered this by mistake.

      Would I Recommend This
      A resounding yes. It is the most effective exfoliator I have ever used and it makes a significant difference to my skin. I would not be without it as it is so difficult to find a good exfoliator that does the job, but is suitable for dry sensitive skin.
      This one feels like you have had a face peel and what is satisfying is you can see the results in the dead skin that rolls off with the product. I know that's slightly gross but you will see what I mean if you try this.

      Pricy , but makes all your other skin care products work better.


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