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Go With Nature All The Flowers Face Cream

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Brand: Go With Nature / Texture: Cream / Type: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2010 11:36
      Very helpful



      A cream which I highly recommend.

      "All The Flowers" face cream is a gorgeous day moisturiser made entirely from natural ingredients. I came across this product simply by searching the internet for paraben-free cosmetics. Regular readers of my reviews will know that I am on somewhat of a crusade to replace my toiletries with those made with natural ingredients. This challenge has been exactly that - a challenge - as I have tried to choose items which are competitively priced and comparable in value with high street alternatives. This has excluded some beautiful high price products, which if you are in the market for them are certainly out there. However I am not filling my make up bag with these high priced lovely items, and then emptying my bank account in the process.

      "All the Flowers" face cream is made by a lady who runs a small company called "Go With Nature". Her website has recently been upgraded and can be found at http://www.gowithnature.co.uk/. This website is well worth visiting as it is beautifully feminine in its design, and here you will find a treasure trove of products which are all hand made and all have the most wonderful names. I have to be honest and say that it was the names of some of the items which absolutely convinced me to make an order. My first purchase, which I have already covered on Dooyoo was the "Moonlight Night Cream", this gorgeous name conjured up images in my mind that I would be applying this last thing at night, just as the owls were out and the stars were twinkling. It really was as good as the name suggested, so this led me to purchase the "All The Flowers" face cream.

      The lady who runs the business has a long history of being interested in plants and healing, and this stemmed from her grandma who had a cottage garden where she would grow herbs and flowers for every ailment. This reminded me so much of my own dear gran who did very much the same, as being born in 1894 the doctor was somewhat of a rarity in those days, and turning to flowers and herbs to cure common ailments was the order of the day. I think the fact that my own childhood memory mirrored hers meant that an accidental stumble on a website brimming with remedies and natural cosmetics could only lead to one thing, and that was a lifelong plan to remain a customer of this website. This has so far has delighted in every aspect from purchase to delivery, and of course to usage of these gorgeous products.

      "All The Flowers" day cream is presented in a simple screw top jar similar to the ones you buy with baby food in them. A simple black and white label is on the pot which has a basic description of the cream as well as an ingredient list. Hand made to order in small batches these are fresh from the garden, and as far as possible the products used are organic. This cream is made from jasmine, neroli and rose, and what I adore about this cream is that it is so light to wear. It is absorbed so easily by the skin and I have found it to be a perfect base on which to apply my make up. It has a gorgeous summery floral fragrance and is intensely feminine.

      Price-wise, at £7.75 this is absolutely fantastic value. I have been using my pot for 2 months now each day, and so far I have only used a quarter of the product, as a little goes such a long way. The base of the cream is made with organic rosehip seed oil which acts as a protective layer, almond oil, which is softening and revitalising, and the cream also contains rosewater, which is a calming ingredient. As the company has such a keen interest in aromatherapy the ingredients are chosen not only to reflect the fragrance required, but also to give the user the benefit of the properties these ingredients have with regard to their healing properties. So you are essentially buying a treatment as well as a beauty product.

      Neroli has regenerative properties and rose has hydrating properties so in combination these ingredients make this suitable for anyone with dry, sensitive skin and more especially if you have redness or any thread veins. What I noticed in particular was that my skin looked dewy and more radiant than usual, and this is something I am hoping to keep up as I have now turned 50 - dry skin is not really what I want going forward.

      The cream is not tested on animals and is free from colourings.

      On my recent holiday my daughter spied this cream in my bag and asked to try it. Almost 30 years younger than me she adored the cream, and used it for the entire week of the holiday. She was delighted with the cream, the way it felt on her skin, and the moisture it gave. This is testament to the fact that I feel this cream is perfect as it spans two generations, and would certainly span three, as older ladies would, I am sure, find this to be a perfect day moisturiser.

      Supporting small business is one of my passions. I try, wherever I can, to support companies who have sound business ideas and operate ethically with care for the environment. This company is a gem in my opinion. Its genesis from a love of cottage garden flowers and herbs, together with its ability to deliver products which are sensibly priced and easily affordable is outstanding.

      Ordering from the website is secure and very quick indeed. I used Paypal and my items arrived the next day expertly packed. The website has an opportunity for customers to comment on the products they have bought, which I feel is an asset to any prospective purchaser. There is nothing like another view than your own to delve deeper into a product and its attributes, and this adds to the security you feel when you place an order.

      The owner has the view that in her words "new miracle products so often become tomorrows scare story" and takes a natural approach to skin care and cosmetics in general. The "All The Flowers" face cream is a delight to use, and a valuable asset to anyone wishing to turn their make-up and beauty drawer into a natural oasis chemical free zone.

      There are many products to choose from and the range is expanding all the time. I am about to order some flower water to use as a toning lotion, and I might even try the "Sunset Rose" moisturiser next. Then there is that "Women Only" range for hormonal issues such as PMT, and many products for health issues including creams for fibromyalgia. Everything is there, natural and inexpensive - simply choices in a cluttered world. Highly recommended.


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