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Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser

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Brand: Good Things / Type: Cleanser / Texture: Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 00:18
      Very helpful



      Really unsure about this one!

      I've been eyeing up the Good Things range for a while now, so when I needed to buy a new cleanser to take on holiday with me I decided to give one of theirs a go. I bought the Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser from Boots for £4.99 for 150ml.

      It comes in an opaque white plastic tube, which means you can't easily see how much you have left. It has a flip top lid which makes it easy and convenient to use, and as it stands on the lid the product is always ready to come out of the tube, assuming that you do store it this way. I really like the design of the tube, it has a very fresh, clean and modern look, quite simple but pretty at the same time.

      The cleanser is designed to be massaged into dry skin and removed with a damp flannel. It is a luxurious feeling cream with a smooth texture and a beautiful scent of grape and pomegranate which is not chemical or overpowering. It massages easily into the skin but having quite a thick consistency does mean I have to use quite a lot to thoroughly cleanse my whole face.

      It does feel nice to use and it's a very different experience from my usual wash-off gel type cleansers, it definitely feels more pampering. The directions state that it should be massaged in for a full minute, but I don't feel this is necessary to thoroughly cleanse your face, though it is nice to give yourself a good facial massage with it if you want to feel pampered.

      I don't own a facecloth as I think they're absolutely vile and I despise using them so I just wash mine off with water. I have tried wiping it off with damp cotton wool but no matter how many times I wipe my face and how thoroughly it's removed my face just does not feel fully clean if I haven't rinsed with water.

      After using it for the first time I was surprised at how fresh and clean it left my oily-combination skin feeling, I honestly wasn't expecting a creamy cleanser to have much effect, based partly on past experiences, but it did leave it feeling lovely and clean. My skin also felt quite soft and smooth and it looked fresh and bright.

      Unfortunately after using it for a couple of weeks the skin on my cheeks had become really dry, and this is an area of my skin which has never ever been even remotely dry before, so I was quite shocked to feel just how dry it was. After I stopped using it my skin was back to normal within a few days. I do have quite sensitive skin sometimes but nothings ever affected my skin quite like this did, things usually just make me itch or bring me out in a rash, so I can't be sure whether this was a reaction I had to it or if it would affect other people in the same way.

      Overall I did think it was a good cleanser until I realised what it was doing to my skin, but sadly it just wasn't right for me and I definitely won't be buying it again.


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        07.11.2011 14:54
        Very helpful
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        Can I kid myself I'm young enough to buy this again...?

        Good things fresh start

        The facts and figures:
        As with most products I buy on a whim, this was part of a promotion in Superdrug when I first bought it, and from memory I think it cost around £1.20. It usually retails at £4.99 for 150ml. The packaging is mainly white with a modern floral design. It has a flat lid at the base, which is fairly conventional for a face wash and makes it easy to dispense the product. The cleanser itself is creamy white and fairly thick, making it easy to control how much you use. 

        What are the claims? 
        This facial cleanser is part of a new range by well known beauty expert Alice Hart Davies, who wanted to create a natural, affordable range of skincare products aimed specifically at younger skin. The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and free from sodium laureth sulphate, parabens, mineral oils and animal ingredients. 

        It contains moisturising mango seed oil to clean skin without drying it out, along with calming cactus extract and antioxidants derived from grapes and pomegranates. Together these ingredients allegedly give you the 'fresh start' your skin needs every day. 

        Does it deliver?
        I have to confess, I didn't realise this product was aimed at younger skin otherwise I would never have bought it, as much as I may be in denial, I don't think I quite fall into that category any more! There is nothing on the front to state who the product is aimed at, although on hindsight the package design is probably aimed more at a teenage market. In fact, I only realised because I stumbled across a mention of it in a magazine after I had started using it. Sure enough, the blurb on the back does say it was designed for younger skin. Which in fact leaves me with a dilemma, as this is one of the nicest face washes I have ever used. 

        The wash doesn't lather up in your hands, in fact it virtually disappears if you try to add any water to it. I'd guess this is due to it not containing sodium laureth sulphate as that is usually added as a foaming agent  If you apply it with wet hands to a wet face, it goes on nicely. 

        The first thing I noticed when I put this to my face is how absolutely amazing it smells. It is an intensely fruity yet very natural smell and I instantly fell in live with it. 

        Initially I was a but worried by the lack of foam and used this cleanser in conjunction with my Body Shop facial brush in order to be sure of a thorough clean. For the purposes of this review, however, I started using it alone and simply rinsing it away with water. I was immensely impressed with the result, it left my skin feeling clean and very soft. 

        Would I recommend this product?
        I would never have bought this product if I had known it was aimed at teenage skin. However, I am really glad I bought it. It has left my skin feeling super soft and smooth and the scent makes it an absolute treat to use every morning. I do think it is a little pricey at £4.99 compared to what I would normally buy, but for anyone looking for a product free from any worrying ingredients, this is guaranteed to please. 


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