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Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser

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4 Reviews

Brand: Good Things / Type: Cleanser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Purifies,

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    4 Reviews
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      12.05.2013 00:54
      Very helpful




      Good things stay clear cleanser
      I like to buy skin products suitable for the age of Little Miss and when we saw this brand we decided to give it a go as part of her skin care regime.


      These products have been specially developed for young prone to oily skin and are free from parabems, Mineral Oils, Sodium Laureth, Sulphate and animal ingredients. It will apparently clear away excess sebum without stripping it of moisture and contains willow-bark extract, which has an anti-microbial action on the skin, so is good for young skin that is prone
      to breakouts.


      I bought this from Boots and it costs £4.99 for 150ml of the stuff, so not an overly expensive range of products.


      The product comes in a squeezy tube with a flip lid cap and has all of the instructions and information on the back of the tube.
      When we lift up the lid and squeeze out the product, we find a clear thick gel type product with a very gratifyingly fruity smell. So far the claims of all of these fruit extracts are true and it really does smell of blueberries although I cant find any mango in there

      USING IT...

      Massage into damp skin for a minute to help the
      cleanser get to work and lift off oil, impurities and make-up. Remove
      with a hot damp flannel and rinse with warm water. For best results it should be
      used morning and night. Because the gel is thick, very little is needed to cleanse the whole face and it works into a nice lather which is great because Little Miss can see where it is on her face and I think she feels it is working more effectively because it goes nice and creamy on her face. It seems to get the product off more easily if wiped with a flannel and then rinsed but if prepared for a lot of rinsing, then it is just as effective if you by pass the flannel stage and just rinse it off. Whichever method is used, no sticky residue is left and skin feels soft and clean


      A great cleanser for young skin. Little Miss finds this easy to use and likes the fruity smell. It rinses off easily and leaves her skin really clean. I have tried it and whilst I find it an effective cleanser I think it's too drying for my drier, skin.
      It does seem to keep spots at bay when used in conjunction with the other products in the range but doesn't appear to have any effect on blackheads, although it doesn't claim to do so.
      I would recommend this range to anyone looking for an effective cleanser for young skin
      Thanks for reading
      Daniela xx


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      25.04.2013 21:59
      Very helpful



      A nice enough natural face wash but not the best for me

      I quite like to try out different skin care products but I am currently on a bit of a mission to use up all the various items in my bathroom before I buy more. This has resulted in my making my way through a few different face washes and one which I am currently using is this Good Things Stay clear purifying cleanser.

      I had a phase of buying loads of Good Things products when I first discovered the range as I liked that they are natural, smell good and are also affordable. I loved one of their moisturisers (miracle Mattifier) so this tempted me into trying more of the range. They are aimed more at younger skins and they have different ones for oily or dry skin, this particular product being more orientated towards the oily skin end of the spectrum. The range was developed by the beauty writer Alice Hart Davis and the idea behind it is that it is free of parabens, sulphites etc. I have bought this brand in Boots and Sainsburys, however my local Sainsburys seems to have stopped doing it lately.

      This face wash comes in a squezy tube containing 150 ml. It is a very pale lilac colour with the typical branding and swirly writing which looks attractive but not particularly up market in my opinion. It states that it contains super fruit extracts of mango and blueberry, so I was expecting a lovely fruity smell like I get from a lot of their products.

      On squeezing out, the face wash is a thick gel and almost clear in colour. It does have quite a vivid fruity smell, more noticeably blueberry rather than mango to me. I like the smell, but I think it's not quite as nice as some of the other products. I would prefer if it was more mango-smelling. You rub the gel into your wet face, like with most face washes. You are advised to rub it in for a minute to get the most benefit out of it. I find it does not lather up as well as some other face washes, and although it does slightly foam up, it stays more liquidy or creamy on my face rather than a real lather. I would prefer a bit more lather. However it does still leave my face feeling clean. It is easy to simply rinse it off with water.

      This face wash feels gentle and does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight after washing. As it is natural I felt confident that it would not cause me any bad reactions as my skin can be a bit sensitive. I don't think it has reacted on me, however I am not sure as my skin has not been quite it's best when using this face wash and occasionally I have been getting a few little bumps under the skin along my jaw line, which I really dont like. I'm not sure if this is a reaction against the product, or if it's just not doing a great job of keeping my skin clear, or if it is just a coincidence.

      On the whole it seems to be a decent product, especially as it is quite cheap (I think in the region of £5). I will happily finish the tube. However, it's definitely not my favourite face wash as I prefer more lather and I don't think this one leaves my skin quite at its best.


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      22.12.2012 08:37
      Very helpful



      Ethically sound, effective and good value cleansing product

      My teenage years are long gone (I've just ruined 41) but I've been lucky in that my skin has aged quite well ; a friend recently asked how it is that I don't have any wrinkles and I must confess that recently I have looked at friends of a similar age and thought that their skin does look quite old. Looking younger than I really am isn't as great as it sounds, however, and I still find that I my skin still suffers from some of the problems you'd expect to have in your teenage years: occasionally spots, odd patches of blackheads and a tendency to have slightly greasy rather than dry skin still haunt me.

      When I bought 'Good Things: Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser' it wasn't with these problems in mind and I bought it on the strength of the information on the front of the tube, rather than the more detailed information on the back. 'Good Things' is a skincare range that has been developed (by award-winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis - whether she is any relation to Adam is a question for Google methinks) and is according to the blurb 'specially designed to make the most of young skin'. Of course, I only discovered this when I got home but I hoped that, given that my skin still has a youthful appearance (as well as those problems that come with youth) it might not been such a bad purchase.

      Something that did appeal to me immediately was that the Good Things range is free from parabens, mineral oils and sodium laureth sulphate. It's also free from animal ingredients and suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans. The absence of parabens and sodium laureth sulphate was the most important aspect for me. I'm aware of the issues around both and while I wait to be fully convinced of the detrimental effects of both, I would prefer to avoid them if I easily can.

      So, now we know what it doesn't contain, what does it contain, and why? This range is based on the benefits of superfruit extracts and this particular product has extracts of mango and blueberry, as well as willow bark; the claim is that these ingredients 'purify and decongest the skin, keeping oiliness and breakouts at bay.'

      This cleanser comes in a 150ml grey plastic tube with a flip top. The writing is slightly raised which makes it easy to hold the tube with wet hands. The packaging design makes this look like a fairly expensive product; it's simple and stylish.

      It didn't cross my mind when I bought this product but the description of it being a 'cleanser' might be misleading to some as this is, if you want to be pedantic, a face wash; I inferred this from it being in a tube because, of course, I hadn't really read the blurb properly, but 'cleansers' do come in many different formulations and I think that it would be better to label it as a 'face wash'.

      A lovely fruity aroma bursts from the tube as soon as you flip the cap. It's not a zingy vibrant fragrance, more of a toned down scent warmly fruity with a mild floral hit. It's a fragrance that lingers on the skin for an hour or so after use; if you don't like the fragrance it's probably a product you should avoid because the scent doesn't disappear after rinsing and you'll be stuck with it for a while. The gel lathers nicely and doesn't sting or tighten the skin. The instructions say you should massage into the skin for a full minute; this is no time at all and though I'm not someone with a dedicated and involved skin care regime, I don't find it tedious to spend the time doing this. You're meant to remove the gel with a hot damp flannel then rinse with warm water; I have done this from time to time but if there's not a flannel within easy reach I do tend to just rinse off with warm water which takes a bit longer as the lather doesn't rinse off really easily.

      As gentle as this product appears, it does leave my face feeling really clean and refreshed and I would go so far as to say I feel clean longer and oil free when I've used this than with more intense products such as scrubs. The only downside is that it doesn't do anything for blackheads, even though the blurb suggests it's effective in removing impurities; a couple of times a week I'll use a scrub for that problem.
      Good Things recommends using this in conjunction with the brand's 'Miracle Mattifer' moisturiser, something I haven't done, but I find that a moisturiser that is meant for combination skin seems to work perfectly well with this and doesn't seem to diminish the after effects of the cleanser.

      The Good Things range is available from Superdrug; this cleanser currently sells at £4.99 but the range is sometimes discounted. Boots also stocks the range and until 29th January you can buy two products from the range for £6.99 (don't forget to use your Advantage card too!) The range is also stocked by Sainsburys.

      I like this cleanser a lot and find it effective and pleasant to use, though I acknowledge that I'm not really part of the target group. I don't actively look for products that are paraben free but it's always nice to find that something is, especially when it's not at an inflated price as these products frequently are.


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        16.07.2011 10:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A frutiy cleanser that cleanses oily skin and helps to prevent blemishes

        Good Things is a range of skin products that have been created especially for teenage skins by the former beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis. The range promises to deal with all the problems that often come with being a teenager such as excess oils being produced and pesky blemishes. Although I left my teenage years behind me many years ago, my skin has maintained many of the traits, making me a big fan of the Good Things products. One of the latest products that I have bought from the brand was the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser.

        What does the product do?
        The product is a face wash which promises to remove excess oil and impurities from the skin. Using Superfruit Beauty Boosters, it claims to remove all traces of make up in a gentle way while nourishing your skin and preventing the formation of blemishes on the face. It is delicate enough to be used on sensitive skin and contains no Parabens or animal ingredients.

        How does it work?
        The cleanser contains Mango which nourishes the skin with vitamins and as it is an antioxidant, it also helps to keep the skin looking healthier and youthful. It is extremely moisturising and so prevents the skin from becoming dry and therefore allows the skin to retain its elasticity. The fruit also helps the skin to form healthy new skin cells and heals the skin quickly.

        Blueberry are present because of their high content of antioxidants so the fruit also helps the skin to maintain its youthful appearance. It detoxifies the skin, leaving it glowing with health. Blueberries are enriched with vitamins and minerals which nourish the skin and the fruit also contains fatty acids which are essential for the development of healthy new skin cells.

        Licorice is included because it is an anti inflammatory and so it helps to calm angry red blemishes and makes them less noticeable. It is a gentle substance which brightens the skin, giving you a healthy radiance. Willow Bark Extract helps to tone the skin and reduces the size of pores meaning that less excess oils will be produced by the skin. This substance is also an anti-inflammatory and as it has antiseptic qualities, it helps to heal blemishes while preventing the formation of new ones.

        And finally, there is the inclusion of Salicylic Acid which is commonly found in acne treatment. It is a gentle substance which exfoliates the skin, removing dead skins cells that are dulling your complexion. This means that pores won't become clogged and enlarged, and blemishes won't form.

        How do you use the product?
        The product is to be used in the same way as a normal cleanser. After splashing my face with water, I squeeze a small amount of the product into my hands and massage it into my skin. After about a minute, I rinse my face with warm water until the product has been completely removed. Once it's off, I splash my face with cold water, to tighten my pores. The product is gentle enough to be used both in the morning and in the night.

        Packaging and Price
        The product is packaged in much the same way as all of the products in the Good Things. The cleanser comes in a pure white tube with a flip top lid on which it can stand, meaning that you bathroom will look tidier. On the front of the tube is some black and purple writing which is surrounded by black and purple swirling leaves, flowers and branches.

        The product is fairly cheap for a cleanser and will cost you around £4.99 for 150ml of the product. It can be bought from most department stores including Boots and an increasing number of websites so shop around and you may find it for cheaper.

        Extra Thoughts
        The cleanser is actually a face wash rather than one that you rub onto the skin and then wipe off with a cotton wool pad, as I initially thought it would be. The cleanser itself comes in the form of a clear gel which is fairly runny. The consistency can be a pain as when the bottle is fairly full, it seems to trickle out without you even squeezing the tube. When you dispense the product into your hands, it can run off your hands before you manage to put it on your face.

        Once on the face, the cleanser is totally gentle and causes no irritations or discomfort, even on my sensitive skin. When it is removed, my skin feels lovely and fresh, with no tightness or dryness what so ever. It feels soft to the touch, moisturised and very clean.

        My skin looks matte for longer when I use this cleanser so it lives up to its promise of removing excess oils. It also removes my make up but it doesn't quite manage to get all of my eye make up off so I have to use eye make up remover on that area as well.

        It has helped to prevent blemishes and although I still get some forming, it is less than before I used the product. I'm not sure as to the extent of which it speeds up the healing process of blemishes, it certainly doesn't make them any worse or cause the formation of any new ones.

        This product smells completely delicious and has a fruity aroma that lingers on the skin after use. The cleanser is free from lots of the nasty ingredients that are commonly found in cleansers and it nice to know that you are applying natural ingredients to your face. The product doesn't foam much on the skin and it can feel like it's not doing such a good job but it is commonly artificial ingredients that cause the foaming so it is simply because this product is more pure.

        All in all, this is a great gentle cleanser for teenage skin or simply those with oily skin. It helps to prevent blemishes, removes excess oils and leaves your skin squeaky clean. The cleanser smells good enough to eat and nourishes the skin with natural ingredients. This is a cheap cleanser in comparison to others in the same category and one that works just as well.


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