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Guerlain Super Aqua Day Cooling Facial Stick

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2 Reviews

Brand: Guerlain / Type: Face Stick / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Guerlain Super Aqua

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    2 Reviews
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      24.05.2012 23:07
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      A mixed bag

      ~Cool skin with Guerlain~

      As someone who has used a number of products from the Guerlain range and found them to be in the main of a fair quality I was more than happy to try out the Guerlain 'Super Aqua Day Cooling Facial Stick' from this high end brand. When I was given this I thought it looked useful, however I was really rather shocked at how much these cooling sticks actually cost to buy, as they are much more expensive than some similar products I have used in the past. I feel that whilst this range does have a lot of science and research behind its products in this particular case the price you pay and the effectiveness of the product do not really match up, as even though this works quite well, it is too expensive to justify its place in my make up bag in my opinion.

      ~Using the product~

      I found that the cooling stick can be easy enough to use, with it working in a very similar way to a lipstick style product in terms of how it is held and used, although of course it isn't used on the lips. The cooling stick is enclosed within a lip stick style case that holds a measured amount of product (that is at most 9gms in weight) which I feel is very little when you think of the cost of this product. On the plus side I feel that the case itself is quite nice as it closes down well and is easy to handle. I found it easy enough to take the cooling stick out and about in a bag for use on warmer days as needed, as it didn't take up very much room at all and stayed well sealed when rolling about amongst the other things I had with me in my bag.

      I tended to use this product in summer when not wearing make up as it worked best that way. I used to apply it around my neck area and lightly across my cheekbones when I felt I needed a cooling boost with some extra moisture for my skin and I found it did help to add just enough moisture on warm sunny days when my skin felt stressed or a little too sun kissed. Times like that were what I saved the cooling stick for as I felt it wasn't something that I wanted going to waste due to its high sales price. The cooling effect this product has is quite good in my opinion, with it instantly setting to work to cool and refresh, although of course it doesn't last forever.

      I feel that in use this sinks in to the skin fairly easily as it seems to melt in on hotter days and sets to work quickly to cool and hydrate at the same time. I found that the scent given off by the cooling stick wasn't too strong (which can be very irritating in my opinion) with it feeling light enough so as not to put me off using it. The effect is not at all greasy on the skin as it doesn't leave a residue when applied lightly which makes it something that you could also use on made up skin if wanted. My main concerns with the product relate to the price it would have cost me to replace it, as it retails for just over £30 making it a very costly item that I feel is somewhat over priced.

      ~Product rating~

      My rating for this product is rather mixed as I feel it does help to cool the skin and leaves a nice smooth relaxed result after use on hot sunny days, when I felt my skin could do with a little boost now and then. I cannot really justify the high sales price of this product though, as I have found that there are other products such as facial aqua sprays which can also give very good cooling and hydrating effects for far less money. Therefore I feel that a mid point rating of 3 stars would be appropriate for this product based on both sales price and effectiveness.


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        30.09.2011 16:00
        Very helpful



        a waste of money really

        Guerlain is premium beauty company offering skin, make up and fragrance products.


        This Cooling Facial Stick is part of the Aqua-Day range from Guerlain. It is a stick designed to be used on the go to provide your face with immediate moisture boost as well as leaving it refreshed and toned. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used prior to applying or touching up makeup.


        The stick is supplied within a blue and silver tube which allows it to be twisted up much like you would a lipstick. The Guerlain logo is present on the top of the lid.


        This stick is 9g in size. It is available from the following stockists :

        *www.strawberrynet.com - £41.00
        *www.amazon.co.uk - £35.95
        *www.escentual.com - £34.00

        ~My Thoughts~

        I like trying out premium beauty products and usually receive them as hand-me-downs from my sister or lucky bargains in ebay job lots! One such product I received it an ebay lot is this Guerlain Aqua Stick. Guerlain products are normally of a high quality though I could tell this sort of product would be lost on me!

        The packaging is sleek and the lipstick case design is convenient to store in a handbag. The stick itself is a cloudy white colour and unlike a lipstick, starts of completely flat (as opposed to having a slanted top). When I received this, I wondered what on earth I could use it for and kept it by for the warmer days hoping it would come in handy for something.

        ~In Use~

        The stick has a pleasant enough scent. It is light, fresh and has a delicate floral hint. I have dry skin which is sensitive and the stick hasn't irritated it. It looks and feels a little greasy at first and if I run my finger over the top of it, it leaves a shiny residue. On days where the weather was particularly warm, my regular moisturiser couldn't cope with keeping my face hydrated all day and often felt uncomfortable. Apply this stick was really easy and I could smooth it across my forehead, cheeks and chin without it dragging on my skin. The stick produces a light clearcoating on the skin which feels a little damp. My skin does appreciate it though and drinks it up fast leaving no residue on the surface.

        The faint smell lingered naturally and once absorbed, my skin feel soft, smooth and felt uplifted. The stick has a cooling effect on my skin and this isn't far off a mid range, day cream type feel. I have used it over the top of make up without ruining it and also alone on my face whilst out and about without issues. I find it soothing to use during certain times of the month when I'm feeling a little flushed as it cools me down quickly and freshens up my skin. I try to apply discreetly as I often look like I am applying lipstick to my head! The hydration aspect of this stick is ideal for when out and about or on holiday as it does give the skin a decent boost. It is however short lived lasting a matter of two hours or so and cannot compete with a decent moisturiser.


        Whilst I can appreciate the concept of this type of product, I find the price tag for something so simple to be rather high. The tube will last ages as the consistency of the stick allows a tiny slick in each area of my face to go a long way. It barely looks touch and I have used it several times. If I hadn't go this as part of a big lot of mixed goodies, I wouldn't have purchased it as I feel it isn't anything special considering the premium cost of it. A spray of water and some Johnson's day cream would suffice!

        If you can get it free or cheap then go for it!

        Thanks for reading :)


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