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Johnson's Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Lotion

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Brand: Johnson's / Type: Cleansing Lotion / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Refreshes / Product line: Johnson's Daily Essential

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    2 Reviews
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      13.02.2011 17:29
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      A great product if you are looking for a little bit extra cleaning for your face

      As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I changed my whole skin care routine. Previous to using this product I had been using toners on my skin, which were proving to be too harsh on my newly sensitive skin, as were all of my other skin products. So, while looking for a new moisturiser I found this cleansing lotion. At the time, boots had a special offer of '2 for £4' on the Johnsons Daily Essentials range, and as I couldn't find many other cream cleansing lotions I decided to buy the oil balancing fluid (which I will write a review on soon) and this cleaning lotion. I bought the one for dry skin. There is also one for normal skin.

      Normally a 200ml bottle costs about £3 but every time I've been to boots, I've always seen an offer on this range.

      Anyway, the bottle is a really simple white bottle with a pink flip lid at the top. The liquid inside the bottle is a thick-ish white lotion with a pleasant subtle scent. You might need to squeeze the bottle to get some out. Anyway, you put some of the lotion onto a cotton pad and then wipe it over your face.

      This lotion is supposed to remove waterproof make up so I tried it once to remove my eye make up... But rather than removing my make up, it kind of just smeared it about. NOT GOOD!!

      However, using this after I washed my face, it was lovely. It got rid of any final dirt that was still left, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and clean. I then apply my moisturiser, as suggested on the bottle. I find that my moisturiser seems to settle better if I use this cleanser than times when I don't use it. I've been using this twice daily for about 3 weeks and am about half way through the bottle, so I believe this is lasting a good amount of time.

      I have sensitive skin and Johnsons don't make a cleansing lotion for sensitive skin so I had to use the one for dry skin. I find I don't have any problems, in general. But if I've got a spot coming out or just healing, the lotion may sting a bit in that area. But otherwise, it's fine.

      I really like this as a cleanser, but it's not great to remove waterproof make up. I still love this product.


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        29.01.2011 08:54
        Very helpful



        A rather disappointing cleansing lotion from Johnson's

        As you're no doubt aware I absolutely love trying out new products and despite me vowing not to buy any more toiletries until all of my existing bottles and tubes are used, I simply could not resist when I discovered the Johnson's Face Care range a couple of months ago in Tesco. I always associate Johnson's with the words, soft, gentle and kind, particularly as they are a trusted brand and are well known for their baby products.

        You may recall that I have previously reviewed a number of Clearasil products, which basically stripped my skin and caused me considerable dryness. Consequently, I've decided to never touch astringent cleansers as their ingredients are simply too harsh for my skin and as a result, I ended up with worse problems than I had to start with. Whilst I have used Johnson's talcum powders and baby lotions on dozens of occasions I had never purchased any of their facial products until now and this review discusses my experience of using their Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Lotion, which is fairly new and consequently, I had to make a product suggestion to Dooyoo.


        Whilst the appearance of the container is very clean, fresh and welcoming, I really feel that Johnson's have limited their target audience, particularly as the colour pink is very evident. These days there are so many men that enjoy grooming themselves as much as women and why not? I like nothing better than a perfectly groomed and gorgeous smelling male!

        Anyway, back to the product - the lotion is presented to us in a 100ml opaque rigid plastic bottle where we are able to see the familiar Johnson's logo together with the word "new" situated directly above. There is a calming image of a pink feather located underneath, which seems to be the trademark of the new Face Care range. One point I hadn't noticed when I purchased this product is that it is aimed at those with normal skin and I was initially a little apprehensive in using this, particularly as I suffer with "T" Zone and would describe my skin as more oily as opposed to normal. However, as I cannot abide waste I decided to proceed with using the product.


        The lotion is easily dispensed via the very pink flip top lid, which I am pleased to advise securely clips back into place after use. The directions for use are that the lotion should be applied to cotton wool and swept across the facial skin to remove any impurities. The beauty of the lotion is that Johnson's claim it will also remove make-up, including waterproof mascara. Consequently, I gently squeezed the bottle to dispense a five pence piece size dollop of the good consistency lotion onto a cotton wool ball and attempted to remove my mascara, which I would advise was not waterproof. However, whilst my normal extremely gentle and very effective run-of-the-mill baby lotion always removes a good amount after only a few wipes, I found this product somewhat of an effort where a little elbow grease was needed. Obviously, I did not wish to be applying too much pressure to my eye area and eventually gave up and opted for my normal product.

        After thoroughly removing my make-up I washed and towel dried my face and picked up the Johnson's lotion to use as a skin cleanser. Its' fragrance is simply delightful and whilst it does not offer the extremely recognisable aroma as with their baby products, it is very clean and fresh and most of all I have to say that it is a very favourable scent to apply to your face. I say this because over the years I have used many products whereby the fragrance has been absolutely unbearable, particularly when applied within inches of my nose! The lotion is very cooling when it makes contact with the skin and I gently swept the cotton wool ball over my skin. To ensure that I was not distributing any impurities I used a further two cotton wall balls to cleanse the entire area.

        I carried out a quick inspection of the cotton wall balls once I had completed the task and noted that there was no dirt of discolouring, which told me one of two things - either the product is ineffective or I had thoroughly removed any impurities when washing my face and I would like to think the latter is the case. My skin felt totally fresh and clean as well as being soft and smooth. There is a recommendation on the reverse of the bottle to use a moisturiser directly after cleansing, so I applied my favourite product. Whilst I found this lotion wonderfully refreshing on my skin and I am of the opinion that it carried out a good job, I cannot say much about its' effects as an eye make-up remover, as it was too weak and consequently, ineffective. I will continue to use the remainder of the bottle on my skin, but it is very doubtful as to whether I will purchase this lotion again.


        There is a considerably long length of ingredients, which for obvious reasons I do not intend copying into this review. The lotion should be used within 6 months of opening and the container can be recycled once empty.


        I have checked Tesco website to provide you with a price and at the time of writing you can purchase Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Lotion for £3.13 for a 100ml container.

        As for rating this product, unfortunately, it was totally ineffective as an eye make-up remover and I really do not know how it would shift waterproof mascara, particularly as it struggled with my normal mascara. Consequently, it receives 3 stars from me. It is clear that Johnson's have mastered the baby care range, but are a long way off perfecting this lotion.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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