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Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment

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Brand: Kinerase / Type: Face Treatment / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2009 19:12
      Very helpful



      Very Expensive Cream, That Has Yet To Reduce My Fine Lines.

      This is another expensive anti-aging cream, I have recently tried and I honestly cannot see any difference in my wrinkles or fine lines around my eyes at all. I have only been using Kinerase, for about one month though, so maybe it does take more time to work. I have bought many of these creams over the last few years, as I am now at the age where I want to keep my skin hydrated and younger looking, but I have yet to find a cream that works well for me. I had seen this Kinerase treatment advertised in a magazine and it had lots of good reviews about it's wonderful effects to your skin and a great write up about how it actually does work and all these great write-ups, actually talked me into trying it out for myself. It was the most expensive anti-wrinkle cream I have bought to date, so I was expecting better results with it, but have been slightly disapointed with it so far.

      This Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment comes in a little white bottle, with blue writting on it. It is sort of see through, which is good to see the amount of cream there is left inside the bottle. It has a great little silver pump dispenser, that allows out just enough cream, for one side of your face at a time. I find you need to wipe the excess cream off the nosel after using it though, or else it dries in and blocks up the opening, which stops the cream from coming out. It is all clearly stated on the bottle, about what this product is, it's ingrediants and what it claims, it does to your skin. The overall design of this bottle is very nice indeed and it is a handy size to carry around if you need to.

      ~~On First Using This Cream~~
      When I first used this intensive treatment, I thought the cream came out of the pump dispenser well, allowing enough on one pump, to do one side of my face. The cream was a little bit thick on applying it and I really had to rub it in well, to really blend it all in and over my face. It felt a little bit powdery on my hands when it dried in, but it felt great on my face and seemed to make my skin feel a lot tighter and firmer. There really was no smell at all from this cream which I liked, because most scented fragrances on my face usually irritate my skin. I have been applying this treatment to my face every morning after cleansing it, for around one month now. My skin does feel a lot firmer, but I have not noticed any reduction to my wrinkles or fine lines around my eyes, but maybe it needs more time to work, but I have my doubts.

      ~~This Treatment Claims~~
      This intensive treatment has Argireline included in it, which is an hexapeptide, and this means, it has six amino acids, that claim to improve the appearance of fine lines to any aging skin. It also contains Ascorbic Acid, which is meant to deliver more vitamin C to your skin without oxidation. It also contains Green Tea Extract which will sooth your skin while delivering an antioxidant boost to your skin. It also has Hyaluronic Acid attracts, which will add moisture to your skin, and also will allow your skin to attract more moisture also. Overall this cream will give you a healthier looking complexion with tighter skin and looking less sun damaged. This treatment certainly has some good ingrediants in it that really are good to your skin, but the appearance of less wrinkles to my face, has not appeared yet, after a month of using it every morning.

      ~~Overall Opinion~~
      Overall this Kinerase treatment was really very expensive and I certainly did expect better results from it overall. Maybe I need to use this cream for a while longer before I will visably see any reduction to my fine lines, but I am very disapointed so far. It does seem a great cream for tightening up my skin and my skin does feel smoother and looks a little fresher, but my wrinkles have yet to be reduced in anyway. Maybe I can come back in a while and update this review with better news of how well it is working, but some how I really doubt that I will be doing that at all. I really would not recommend this product to anyone because it is very expensive, does not seem to do anything it claims to do, so therefore I find it a complete waste of money and would warn others not to waste their money either. Sorry Kinerase, but this is true.

      (This Review Is Also Published By Me @Ciao.com. Under The Same Name Hildas.)


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