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Kingsley House Skincare Cocoa Butter Cream

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5 Reviews
  • Moisturising and smoothing
  • Lasts ages
  • Takes time to absorb
  • None at all
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    5 Reviews
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      29.09.2015 12:01
      Very helpful


      • "Good value"
      • "Moisturises "
      • "Lasts ages"
      • "Smells delicious"


      • "Takes time to absorb"

      A bargain cocoa butter cream

      When I saw a tub of Kingsley House skin care cocoa butter cream in Poundworld I grabbed it with both hands. I used to use this brand when I was a teenager and I remembered that it was fabulous value and a really good moisturiser but I haven't seen it around for awhile.

      The tub I have is a generous 500ml and believe me that will last you absolutely ages. You only need to use tiny blob to moisturise your skin because if you try to use a lot it will just take a long time to absorb. My tub has a label on that promises a new formula for better skin absorption. I may be remembering wrong but I think the Old Kingsley House cocoa butter cream was quicker to absorb. This one is ok but it does take longer to sink in than other cocoa butter creams.

      But this still works as a bargain moisturiser that smells like a sweet creamy chocolate. My body skin is not too dry and this cream is just perfect for keeping it looking good. My skin feels softer as soon as I put this on and of course it smells gorgeous as well. I wish the yummy scent lasted all day but it is gone in a few hours, sob.

      This is a good moisturiser to use when prepping my skin for a fake tan but obviously you need to let it sink in properly. It is non greasy once absorbed and no sticky skin to deal with.

      This cocoa butter is a real bargain so keep your peepers peeled for it in places like Poundland and B&M. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cocoa butter but wants to save some money.


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      01.12.2014 15:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Not as heavy as Palmer's in either consistency or smell"
      • "Moisturising and smoothing"
      • "Smells lovely "


      • "None at all"

      Perfect For Me!

      I've always loved Palmer's Cocoa Butter products but had to stop using them after a bout of food poisoning while pregnant put me right off the smell, or not strictly the smell as such but the harsh way in which the wonderful cream smothered me for hours with the delicious but cloying stench of cocoa butter. I didn't really look for an alternative but one day as I got out of the bath I spotted a dirt cheap looking tub of Kingsley House Cocoa Butter Cream and decided to try it.

      First time result! I think this is a really super body product which I've been using since 2010 in place of my previously beloved Palmer's.

      It's a reasonably thick cream, when you open the tub it actually looks 'set' like a yogurt - the consistency is strange when you first dip your fingers in as it has a cold gel feel, but as you draw your fingers back out its quite obvious that it's a cream. It doesn't feel luxurious or pampering in any way, it's simply a very good cocoa butter cream that provides the perfect level of moisturisation for my skin and more importantly doesn't make me reek like I've bathed in cocoa butter for the rest of the day.

      The fragrance is nice and light, I'm positive some people will find it far too delicate (I would have myself while I was still using Palmer's) but I think it's delicious. It doesn't linger for long on my skin and other people can't smell it (or at least no one has ever commented on it, and I live amongst 'commenters'), I can detect it faintly for around an hour after application but that's only if I make a conscious effort to sniff my arm as after five minutes it's definitely not apparent in the air around me.

      It provides me with a level of moisturisation that is perfect for my skin; the cream absorbs pretty quickly and straightaway my not-very-dry skin feels refreshed and smooth, it's a simple moisturising product which feels surprisingly nice to use and does a sterling job for the money in my opinion.

      Yep, it's as cheap as I suspected from the rather 1970s styled tub - this one is a whopping 500ml tub which will last for months and my daughter tells me she paid £1.29. Total bargain and one I'll definitely be buying again and again.


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        22.11.2013 18:52
        Very helpful



        A value cocoa butter that keeps skin healthy.

        I'm reviewing my Cocoa Butter Cream ,made by Kingsley House.
        It cost me a mere £1 in Poundworld.


        ***WHY I BOUGHT THIS***

        Having read quite a few reviews of cocoa butter creams on dooyoo and ciao I had decided I'd give one a try.
        My funds are limited so I wasn't keen to spend too much in case the cream disagreed with me in any way. Then I spotted this jar in Poundworld . At £1 it wouldn't be a big deal if I disliked it and needed to pass it along to someone else.

        ***THE PRODUCT***

        This comes in a HUGE jar that stands 4" high and is almost 4" in diameter .
        The Jar is plastic, both lid and body ,and is fully recyclable .
        There is no inner seal to the jar .You unscrew the lid and the product is fully exposed in all it's glory.

        The cream itself is a gorgeous gentle shade of pink.
        The smell is beautiful, a really sweet cocoa fragrance with just a hint of vanilla lurking in the background.
        The cream is very light in texture and a little goes a long way.


        This is one of those things that smells so nice that you can't help wondering will it STILL be just as nice once applied. I found/find that it is, but then again I'm a big chocolate fan in general, so things smelling of cocoa are right up my street as long as they aren't overpowering. If you are not into those kind of smells this most definitely won't appeal.
        I find that the best way to use this is by dotting it around the area you want to moisturise and then gently massaging it in .
        Personally I keep the dots small, not great big dollops. That way you get a more subdued coating of the product on your skin and it sinks in faster .
        I actually use a bit more on my feet and lower legs because I simply like the massaging that I do in that area and find using extra cream there very helpful and relaxing .
        This is absorbed quite easily. Not immediately of course, because were that the case I'd feel that it was ineffective. But I find that when this is used lightly in the mornings I can dress within about 5 mins without worrying that my clothing will get stained by it.

        As for the results ? Well, I'm fortunate enough to have quite normal skin.....good in some areas and okay in others and I find this cream just perfect for my needs. It seems to be just as effective at moisturising as the much MUCH more expensive E45 creams I've been using and has the added bonus of a nice sweet fragrance, which is lacking in my E45 basic aqueous cream.
        The smell of this lingers, but isn't intrusive. For example I can smell it off my skin at odd moments during the day but it doesn't overpower my deodorant or any body spray that I might be using.

        I've been using this for 4 weeks now and it is doing a good job of helping my skin feel moisturised. With winter upon us we have started using our central heating and between that and chilly winds during outings my skin suffers if I don't moisturise, so finding a cheap alternative moisturiser is a timely blessing.
        The massive bonus is that 4 weeks on there is barely a dent in the cream because it takes so little to do the job.

        ***ANY NEGATIVES ?***

        Regarding the cream itself , no. It is effective and good value.
        But the packaging has one thing that concerns me. It has no inner seal. You know that seal you get on the top of coffee jars ? The one you pull back ? Well ,I think this would benefit from that, because I was able to open this in the shop to smell it and while that was handy for me it DID concern me that anyone could mess around with the contents if they felt so inclined .
        No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I thought I should mention it in case some people are ultra safety-conscious.
        Also the smell might be off putting for those who prefer floral fragrances or no fragrance. But like I said earlier ,you CAN sniff this in the shop and judge that way if it meets with your olfactory needs.

        This is made by Kingsley House cosmetics, which I'd never heard of, but apparently they are an English company with a good reputation and the product is made in England .
        I'm really not sure where they stand on the cocoa butter they use for this product, so that might be a deal breaker for some people ....however they DO claim that they don't test on animals.......YAY!!!

        The Kingsley House range includes an aqueous cream and an 'olive oil cream' . I might watch out for those .

        Would I recommend this ? Whole heartedly. I find it meets all my needs.
        Smells lovely.
        Feels really nice to use.
        Leaves my skin feeling soft and pampered.
        Excellent value for money.

        Despite the tiny niggles I mentioned previously I'm actually very happy to give this product 5 stars.

        Please DO look for this in the Pound shops. Normally I automatically just choose brand names I recognise and simply bypass things likes this, but thankfully this one caught my eye and I would advise you to watch for it. The stock photo (above) might be for the tube, but I'll be posting a picture of the jar on ciao later for those who might want to watch for it.

        Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful~~~myloh.


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          15.12.2012 15:26
          Very helpful



          A light budget moisturiser that is easy to use but the effects don't last long

          Cocoa Butter is my favourite body moisturiser by far. I usually buy Superdrug's Cocoa Butter Lotion as my first choice but I keep finding it out if stock in my local store. I don't like the varieties that are combined with another ingredient such as coconut so of course they are always available! Anyway, I have been experimenting with alternatives and this led me to try Kingsley House Cocoa Butter Cream. I mainly bought it because it was available for just £1 in Savers so I didn't have much to lose if I didn't like it.

          I recognised Kingsley House Skincare as a company that make a lot of the skincare items that you see in the discount shops. This was the first of their products that I have tried though. The cream comes in a chunky basic looking 500mg plastic screw-top jar. It doesn't look a premium product but the price reflects that so I don't mind. I actually like the tub as it has a nice wide mouth which makes scooping it out easy. The lid is easy to open, and closes tightly which helps to keep the product fresh. [I have smelt gone-off cocoa butter and believe me, it is not at all pleasant!] The cocoa butter cream inside is a thick and slightly caramel colour. It has a sweet but slightly chemically creamy scent which I did not notice until I put my nose close to the jar. It is pleasant enough but the cream is not as strong or delicious smelling as Palmers Cocoa Butter or my favourite Superdrug version. This is a shame because the scent is a big part of why I use cocoa butter, despite the fact I don't normally like strongly smelling products. What scent there is doesn't last that long on the skin either - a couple of hours maybe. Some people may find that an advantage as cocoa butters sweetness can get sickly. [It isn't made from pure cocoa butter but nor are the other products I have tried.]

          The fact this cocoa butter is a cream form rather than a lotion means it is a bit less messy to use and I can get away with slathering it on somewhere other than the shower! Despite being very thick, it does actually spread out easily nice on the skin. It feels cool and soft and I did enjoy massaging in. What really surprised me was how easily it was absorbed. I didn't need to work at it at all and it didn't leave any kind of film on the skin surface. This fact encouraged me to use it regularly because doing so was hassle free and quick. Even my hands remained in a non greasy state despite the fact I used them to apply it all over my skin, bar my face. [I use a special facial moisturiser because I have pores that tend to get blocked easily.]

          My skin is what I would call "normal" on my body, not oily or very dry. The exception is my elbows which do tend to get dry. I moisturise frequently so my skin was reasonably soft, at least to start with. I have been using this for 4 weeks now, either once or twice daily. I'm afraid that while my skin did feel a little softer and looked smoother immediately after I used the cream, the effect didn't last long. I really noticed the difference if I didn't use it twice a day. After I had been using the cream as my sole moisturiser for a week, I noticed that my skin was less soft than normal. I think this is because any benefits lingering from my previous moisturiser had long petered out, and using the Kingsley House version wasn't enough on it's own to make my skin feel really looked after. I wouldn't recommend this if you have especially dry skin as I doubt it would work well enough for you if it didn't do a good job of hydrating my normal kind. To it's credit, the cream didn't give me any kind of problems such as spots or irritation, but I don't have sensitive skin so this is rare for me anyway. I would also say that considering how often I have used it and the fact I am using it all over, I have made very little dent in the cream. This means that if it suits you it is fantastic value for money and will last a long time. I did try using it in large quantities to see if worked better that way but there wasn't enogh difference to justify using all the extra cream.

          I will happily use the tub up as it isn't dreadful, it is just not as effective as similar products for me. I think it works best as just a top up moisturiser on not too dry skin, but I wouldn't recommend it for those wanting or needing something more intensive. If you are happy with a light moisturiser, then the fact it is fast absorbed and doesn't leave your skin sticky means it is a good buy. I will certainly get a lot of uses out of it consideriing the low price I paid. If you want to try it yourself, it is available in most of the poundshops and in Savers. There are also several online stockists but many charge a lot more than a pound, especially when postage is taken into account.

          [This review also appears on Ciao under my user name.]


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          01.01.2011 16:07
          Very helpful



          A cheap body butter

          Sometimes I suffer from a very dry skin especially in winter or when I do the gardening with my bare hands removing the weeds. In a bid to get rid of this dryness, I try to moisturise my skin as much as I can paying extra attention to my hands using creams etc. Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I touch my husband's soft hands and I wonder why men have soft hands; however I should take into consideration that he doesn't work in the house. By that I mean cleaning and washing the dishes. I have tons of creams and lotions; actually my mission in life is to collect moisturisers and creams and that is what my husband continuously says to me.

          As I mentioned before, I have dry skin so I always look for the word hydration and moisturising so I tend to buy a variety of creams, cheap and expensive brands and try them on my skin then choose what suits my skin better.

          I was looking for a cheap body butter to use during the day, after I finish doing my daily chores so I spotted Kingsley house skin care cocoa butter cream in Savers. I have to say the name sounded odd to me. I had a quick sniff before I bought it; it was alright so I paid for it and took it home for my first trial.

          == Kingsley house skin care cocoa butter cream ==

          I have never heard of the brand before so as usual I did my research and found their homepage which wasn't so helpful or informative however if you are interested in their products you can have a look.


          == The body butter ==

          The cream is stored in a round, white plastic pot which was massive and it was sealed by a brown lid. The label is extremely close to the famous brand, Palmers Cocoa Butter. It has the same colours as palmers like the orange, brown and yellow. I don't think that was a coincidence because when I first spotted the product I initially thought it was Palmers then when I looked closer it wasn't so.

          Moving on from the labelling issue, you can find all the necessary information on the back of the pot with the name and the address of the company as well as the main ingredients.

          The smell was sweet and delicious however I could not describe it as the "cocoa" smell. It smelled alot more like vanilla ice cream or a packet of delightful custard creams. It wasn't as mentioned but it was still pleasant enough to apply onto my skin. I have to admit that I wasn't disappointed at the smell, because my husband dislikes the strong smell of the real cocoa butter, so having the subtle sweet smell was kind of relief for me.

          In the past I had used many cocoa butter creams or creams which have cocoa as its main ingredient. All of their colours were a pale brown/beige colour. However Kingsley house skin care cocoa butter cream was light PINK. The colour is nice but I didn't expect it to be pink, I thought it might be the traditional cappuccino /beige colour but there you go it has a different smell and yet a different colour.

          As for thickness, it is firm yet light and fluffy; it's more like a whipped cream consistency or a meringue.

          == Directions on how to applying the body butter to the skin ==

          For best result, use the cream after a hot bath or shower or whenever you feel that your skin needs it. Apply the body butter to your skin and massage gently until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin. Repeat the process when necessary.

          === My experience ===

          I took some cream out of the pot and rubbed it into my most dried areas like hands, elbows and knees. The cream was light and was easily spread over my skin and it didn't take much time to penetrate, at first, it felt nice and less greasy when applied, however unlike some expensive brands it wasn't that luxurious or indulging. I guess you get what you are paying for.

          When the cream completely absorbed; it left a sort of powdery residue which I didn't like.

          The smell didn't have that "wow" sort of fragrance, it was kind of pleasant when applied and when it dried the smell faded gradually and completely disappeared in a less than an hour.

          As a result, my skin was moisturised and felt a lot softer but the powdery residue was my main concern it made my skin a bit tight too.

          == Where to buy and how much it costs? ==

          I bought Kingsley House Cocoa Butter Cream from the discount shop "Savers", it was 500ml for 99p which is extremely cheap and very good value for money. You can buy it online for but it's a lot more expensive as it comes for around £2.49. So if you are interested in buying the product, try to buy it from high street shops like Savers.

          == Warning, please read on ==

          Before using the body butter, please double check the ingredients just to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

          Aqua, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, liquidum, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Lauryl, Sulfate, Theobroma Cacao, Coumarin, Parfum, Cinnamyl,Alcoho, CI 15510.

          == Further information ==

          * Use within 12 months from opening
          * Ideal to use on dry skin and it can be used as an after sun.
          * This product is not tested on animals.
          * The pot is recyclable.

          Thank you for reading.

          Mistee-Dreamz 2011


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