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Kleenex Facial Cloths

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Brand: Kleenex / Type: Wipes / Suitable for: Face Care / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      30.09.2012 18:14
      Very helpful




      ==Kleenex Facial Cloths==

      How do you wash your face? Do you just use wipes, just use face wash or just grab a bar of soap? Well I use all sorts of potions & lotions that my local Wilkinsons stocks, but, me (being me) loves to try out new things, especially when it comes to body cleansing or cleaning! Kleenex have recently brought out a new face care range, which has face wipes, eye make up remover pads, nose oil strips & these facial cloths. I originally brought these in Tesco's where they were only £1 for a pack (RRP £2.99) so that was quite a massive saving in itself. I used these & thought they were brilliant, until my Mum got roped in on them aswell! This meant that we were both using one a day & that meant they lasted us two weeks! But, in Savers recently, (where I seem to be in most of the time at the minute!) &, was apparently so drawn in to all of the Kleenex Face Products to the incredibly tasty offers!

      ==The Product Itself==

      The Prices:

      Kleenex Face Cloths: 99p

      Kleenex Oil Cleansing Strips: £1.49

      Kleenex Face Wipes: £1.49

      Kleenex Eye Make-Up Remover Pads: £1.49

      As you can see the prices are really cheap compared to the supermarkets where they are £2+! I wouldnt pay these prices for these products but again they are very good & if Mum kept her mitts off my stuff they would last a lot longer let me tell you!

      The Cloths themselves come in a sturdy cube shaped white box with purple patterns over it. The Kleenex logo is in purple & the products name is on the front. These cloths have been made with natural fibres. To open the box you just pull up the flap to reveal 30 neatly folded cloths that are very soft when you touch them. You just tuck the flap into the box to close it up again.

      ==Performance & Quality==

      You just take one out of the box & when you unfold it, it is quite big & feels very thick. They have little dots printed into them & this makes them textured to feel very comfortable against your skin. It says on the side of the box that to use you just add you favourite Cleansers, Toners or whatever you want to add to them to use. What I do is just add Warm Water to them & they are so thick they don't break apart when you re-open them again. The quality of them is really good & they perform really well, especially for 99p. Whilst wiping your face you can feel them actually working & helping to wash your face & what I've done before is actually re-wet them when it needed it! This is also good because of the fact that they are really thick & very soft they are able to do that. What I like about them is is that they are as soft as a cotton pad, but are as big as a flannel, a.k.a a big soft flannel. Also they do work with just water, face washes & scrubs, cleansers & toners, & of course just good old H2O.


      For 99p for these Cleansing Cloths I will continue to buy them for this price, but as long as the price stays at this or even goes up to £1.49 I will still buy them. But one thing is you never know with Savers as their products dissapear as soon as the stock runs out so I should buy the whole lot really! I'm glad i've found a substitute to Cotton Pads though!

      '''Thanks for Reading!'''


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      31.08.2012 17:07
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to cotton wool

      This is a review of the Kleenex facial cloths I have been using recently to remove make up and nail varnish. I spotted them in the supermarket and being familiar with the brand and seeing they were new I decided to give them a go.

      What are they?
      Each wipe is around the size of a baby wipe but they are a lot thicker than a baby wipe and very dry. You add your cleanser or remover to the wipe and gently cleanse your face (or nails). You could use these to remove a foaming cleanser in the shower as they also hold together when wet.

      The claim
      These gentle, cotton sheets are not only larger but softer, and are designed to be more effective at cleansing than cotton wool due to their quilted texture and natural fibres. They are soft and strong when wet or dry, so you can use them not only while applying cleanser and toner, but also while removing facemasks and even nail varnish.

      The wipes look a little bit like a box of tissues, being cardboard with a perforated part to remove the tissues from. There is a clear panel in the side so you can see how many you have left in the box.

      In use
      I have a box of these handy and keep forgetting to use them as I have a large supply of cotton wool discs in at the moment but when I do use them I remember how good they are. They are really strong and don't disintegrate or fall apart. Because the wipes are so large it can seem wasteful if you are only using a bit of one to then throw it away. It only takes one wipe for me to remove two hand's worth of nail polish, that includes when it's a dark colour.

      My thoughts
      I think these are quite a unique product and whilst they work out a little more expensive, they are effective and robust so are great if you have a hardy cleansing routine. They do feel a little bit too good to be just throwing away so are definitely in a premium category for me. I like the versatile nature of the wipes and think they are handy to have in and a box will last me quite a while as I don't need them every day but will probably always keep a small supply in.

      Price and availability
      I can't remember what I paid as it was a few weeks ago now but I remember they were on some sort of special introductory offer. At the moment a pack of 30 cloths are priced £1.99 at Superdrug which I think is quite reasonable.

      Final word
      It's worth looking out for these when they are on offer as they are a great item for beauty junkies to keep handy. The Kleenex range have released a few new products recently including moist cleansing wipes and shine absorbing sheets so I may be trying those too in the near future. I like the dry wipes and would say they are the 'Bounty' of face wipes and a different option to cotton wool.


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    Material: Ecoform Natural Fibres, 65% cellulose from certified sources

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