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L'Oréal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Cleansing Wipes / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Purifies / Product line: L'Oréal Pure Zone

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2008 05:15
      Very helpful



      Not worth price tag unless you want to try more products in conjunction within the range

      I do like the ease of facial wipes, but don't very often trust them to do as good a job as separate cleansers and toners. I usually cleanse and tone but it can be a nuisance, messy and time consuming and recently I've been in a hurry or not at home so I find wipes the most convenient things to use.

      In this weather I'm having skin issues. My open pores look larger than ever. My skin is looking shiny alot of the time due to the heat and I'm looking a bit greasy and well, I'm just not looking tanned and summery at all. I look a mess with huge spots that are leaking puss and I have lumps threatening to explode from under my skin like volcano's at any minute! My face is looking a mess quite frankly. The other day someone took a photograph of me and all around my jawline I had masses of dark pink angry looking spots like a teenager!

      So walking around Superdrug I was on a mission. I needed a new beauty routine. The old one is just not working for me obviously at the moment and I need to change a few things for the good of my skin. I picked up a few things and these stood out to me as they are Loreal and I do like decent branded stuff and to me Loreal is a decent brand! I did they were ordinary make up remover wipes (they are not, they are basically a spot treatment).

      The Packaging....

      Oblong turquoise coloured plastic recyclable sachet with a resealable label on the front. I'm told that they are indeed Loreal, Dermo Expertise Pure Zone, Deep Cleansing Wipes.I'm then told they are anti bacterial and contain Salicylic acid. I'm also told that they eliminate impurities, they absorb excess sebum and contain anti blemish and anti shine action and that 74% of women confirmed the effectiveness. I'm also told the pack contains 25 cleansing wipes. On the back I'm told a bit more about the product, how to use the wipes,and then stuff in foreign languages (I don't understand)and contact details for Loreal along with a small bar code. Nice enough packaging and looks suitable for anyone to buy (male, female or kids).

      The Promise Is....

      With daily use of the Pure Zone programme, pores are visibly re-tightened, skin looks healthier. Skin's texture is more even.

      To Use....

      Gently wipe over the face, avoiding the delicate eye contour area. No need to rinse. Carefully reseal the sachet after use.

      The Wipe Itself....

      Is white in colour and resembles a good quality and rather large baby wipe. It's very strong and you really have to try to tear it as it is really robust as it's fairly thick. Smell wise it has a fresh (slightly) and clean if not somewhat chemically smell about it. Nothing distinctive and not really that smelly, it's pleasant enough!

      Using It....

      Is simple. Gently (as advised) rub over face and neck (if desired. Providing you close the sachet up properly the wipes do really stay moist. I've had mine 3 weeks now and they are still as fresh as when I first opened them. They are not wet but when rubbed over the skin they really do feel cooling and moist.

      These as I have already said are not make up remover wipes but I did one night get drunk and couldn't find my usual ones and I did use these. I don't recommend this though it takes far too many wipes (I used 5 in total) although to be fair they did remove the whole lot and face felt clean enough afterwards.

      To me these are best used on a relatively clean face. I use them straight after a bath or shower as my face feels very tight if I been in hot steam and near soapy products and I use them last thing at night after removing make up first and first thing in the morning. There are no directions as to how many times you should use these so I use them maximum of twice a day.

      So as I said simple to use. None abrasive they feel rather nice really. Liquid doesn't go everywhere as it stays within the cloth so they are fuss free and the smell isn't offensive though the taste is rather so avoid using around the lips! Loreal state not to use these around the eye area well I have mega sensitive eyes and these really don't upset them. These obviously don't contain menthol as my sensitive skin hurts using anything containing that!

      They do remove grease and grime. Visibly, on what you think is clean skin. I just used one now and I got black shadows that look like grease on the wipe and I'm just out of the shower and getting ready for bed. They make my tight skin relax and to the touch my face does feel slightly smoother and more comfortable. Even though I have a load of open spots and pores on my face this doesn't make them tingle or anything. All these do is clean the face.

      The Results....

      Disappointing to be honest. They sound promising when I say they clean the face and they do. However there has been no difference to my complexion.

      Let's go back to the phrase stated on the back of the sachet that states they work 'along with daily use of the pore perfection zone programme' (I am para phrasing that the correct statement I have copied under my sub heading 'The Promise Is....'. The reason I've picked this out as a phrase is because to me that is very telling as to why this product isn't effective. There are a load of products in this range from facial washes to night time moisturisers and I think they could work along with using some other products but on their own I haven't received any of the promises made. Rather clever wording in small print that me thinks.

      My pores don't look tightened in the long term or straight after using them. Grease is gone from the skin immediately after wiping but....

      After 3 weeks of using these I not only have spots coming and going as usual and blackheads haven't been diminished I actually looked in the mirror tonight and have counted 6 large blackheads I didn't have before I started using them and that's alot for me. This doesn't help with existing spots at all and doesn't help prevent them. So although I can see skin looks a bit cleaner when using them the results are not long lasting and they obviously are not deep cleansing my pores at all.

      Most spot treatments tingle the skin and this doesn't and again that's a very telling short fall to me.

      I won't be wasting my money again on these as they are useless in my view. Ok for a quick cleanish feel but not ok as a treatment. Mine were found in Superdrug and I paid £3.99 a sachet but not recommended from me.


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