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L'Oréal Triple Active Day Cream

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4 Reviews

Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Day Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: L'Oréal Triple Active

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    4 Reviews
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      30.05.2012 14:53
      Very helpful



      A good facial moisturiser from L'Oreal which keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

      I always use a facial moisturiser and have done for many years now, trying out a number of different ones along the way. The market is flooded these days with moisturisers and 'miracle' creams which more often than not profess to be unlike any other cream ever seen before and because of this, choosing a moisturiser can be a less than simple process. This is why I have never strayed too far from my trusty Nivea moisturisers as I have always been happy with them, however, now and then I have been given other moisturisers as gifts or have bought another brand when tempted by an offer, with varying results.

      Indeed it was an offer which led me to my purchase of this Triple Active Day Muliti-Protection Moisturiser from L'Oreal. I was in need of a new moisturiser and just about to purchase my usual Nivea when my eyes fell upon this moisturiser displayed on a promotional cardboard stand in Morrisons recently. There were a number of L'Oreal creams and moisturisers available all at promotional prices and I took a closer look.
      Tempted by the offer price of just £4 for a 50ml tub of Triple Active Day Muliti-Protection Moisturiser I decided to buy one. I chose the one for dry and sensitive skin as I have noticed now that I am getting older my skin on my face is edging more towards feeling and looking dry than the combination skin it used to be. It can also feel a little sensitive at times and so I have been ensuring that I now purchase facial products for sensitive skin.

      This Triple Active Day Muliti-Protection Moisturiser contains Vitamin E, plus Ceramide and UV Filter. I have had good results when using Vitamin E enriched creams in the past and a UV Filter I think is a necessity when choosing moisturiser, so this was the appeal of the moisturiser to me, along with the £4 price tag instead of the usual £6-£7 per tub of course!

      The triple action of this moisturiser is to provide long-lasting hydration, protection and radiance. Enriched with glycerine, the formula is said to improve the skin's ability to retain water and improve hydration during the day.
      As well as Vitamin E, this moisturiser contains Vitamin B5, which along with Ceramide, helps to reinforce the skin's protective surface and leave it looking more radiant.

      You are advised to to use this moisturiser on your face and neck each day and night to achieve the best results, which L'Oreal state will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.

      The 50ml pot has a screw top lid, which when removed reveals a protective plastic lid over the top of the cream which is easily removed via a raised lip on the lid.
      What struck me first was how light the moisturiser looked and appeared to be a more fluid type of moisturiser. Whilst it wasn't exactly runny, it certainly looked lighter than many facial moisturisers I have used. I was worried that maybe it would be greasy and difficult to absorb into my skin as I looked at it in the pot, as indeed this is what I have encountered in the past with similar looking creams.
      As I dabbed a little on to my fingertips however and proceeded to apply it to my face and neck, I realised despite looking greasy, the moisturiser was sinking instantly into my skin and there was no excessive massaging required as it became absorbed quickly and easily.
      It doesn't feel greasy at all but does feel very light.

      I have been using this moisturiser for a number of weeks now and whilst I am happy with it overall, I can't say I have noticed my skin looking more radiant after continued use of this for the last few weeks.
      What I do like however, is the refreshing feeling to my skin when I apply this moisturiser and as well as feeling refreshed and hydrated, my skin loses any tightness and instantly feels soft and silky as stated. The dryness and any sensitivity is helped considerably by using this and I make sure I apply it each morning and evening, although my skin continues to feel soft and moisturised thoughout the day until the next application. It does appear to keep my skin hydrated and feeling soft for 24 hours without any dryness or tightness which is exactly what I want from a moisturiser.
      It also acts as a good base for make up and I experience no problems applying concealer, foundation or bronzer on top of this moisturiser.

      Whilst I am perfectly happy to use and recommend this moisturiser, I would only purchase it again if it is available at a promotional price. This is because I don't believe it offers anything different from the usual Nivea moisturisers I buy and they are cheaper than the RRP of this one.
      I believe it is well worth purchasing this Triple Active Day Muliti-Protection Moisturiser however, if you can get it for £4 like I did!


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        20.03.2011 20:31
        Very helpful



        sadly doesn't live up to the promises for my skin

        I tend to change my moisturiser every time I need a new one, mainly because I have never found one that I adore as yet.
        This time around my trial is with L'Oreal triple active day cream, purchased for about £6 in Tesco for a pot of 50mls.


        The pot of cream comes in a small cardboard box which is then sealed inside cellophane.
        The box itself is primarily white and has red and black writing all over the box giving you a wealth of information about your purchase. It is only the "L'Oreal" logo that stands out in a metallic gold colour on the front.
        Apparently this new triple action active day cream does it's job in, well, three ways:-
        Hydration - using glycerine enables your skin to retain water more effectively therefore increasing the skins hydration over the course of the day.
        Radiance - using vitamin B5 and ceramide your skin is protected from the weather and harsh conditions, giving it a more radiant appearance.
        Protection - vitamin E and UV filter protection help to combat ageing from the suns rays and chemicals in the air.

        According to L'Oreal I can have a more youthful appearance if I use the cream and they suggest you also use there "triple active regime". This basically is cleanse, tone moisturise - but with there three products, to get the best effects.

        This is a day cream but interestingly the manufacturers tell you to use it day and night, I suppose it saves buying a separate night cream.

        When you open your box the pot is securely tucked in by extra cardboard, probably because this is actually quite a heavy ceramic type pot - it looks stylish and would be nice on display on a dressing table etc, mine however is stuffed inside the bathroom cabinet. The lid is a screw top and has a sparkly glisten which is subtle but nice.

        **SO WHATS IT LIKE**

        The minute you open the pot the cream looks thick and creamy with a tiny whipped up bit in the middle.
        My cream is for dry and sensitive skin and dipping my finger in the cream for the first time I was impressed. I tend to prefer cream as apposed to lotions as I feel they sooth my skin more and this appeared like it was going to do the job.

        My first impressions - The cream is very light to the touch and easily absorbs into my skin within seconds and does seem to relieve my skin of the tight feeling I get after using my current face wash. My skin is left with a slight sheen, not greasy looking but a definite sheen which is acceptable to me as it is then covered once I use my foundation. However, if I didn't wear foundation or another base this would be unacceptable.
        No real smell to the product just a cream one, by this I mean that it is not full of added smells of flowers etc.

        After a few hours - My initial soothed skin is now not so, my skin is starting to feel dry again in places and I feel like I need to replenish my moisturiser, not something I want to be doing all day at work as I just haven't the time. I am left wondering how it is going to for fill it's other promises of radiance and protection if my skin feels tight after just a few hours.


        I will use the product until the end, but I am disappointed and I don't think I will by it again, as it is full of promises it just doesn't seem to deliver for my skin.

        Review maybe posted on dooyoo and ciao under the same username


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          12.01.2011 16:12
          Very helpful



          Not for me at all

          As I suffer from combination skin, I wanted a decent quality day moisturiser to keep in my desk drawer at work for light application throughout the day. As I have a lot of L'Oreal cosmetics and skin care items already the natural choice was L'Oreal Triple Active Day Cream which I purchased about 6 months ago to try. It has SPF coverage which is essential in a day cream though to be fair I don't get much sun stuck in the office!

          I have to say that though I am a big fan generally of the brand I wouldn't buy this particular cream again. For my normal to combination skin it is far too heavy and the scent is actually rather unpleasant to me, it smells very faintly yeasty, which is obviously not something you really associate with good skincare! The heavy cream sits on my face even when I use a minimal amount, and stays rather oily on my hands and causes a sheen on my keyboard. Whilst it's always good to stay moisturised and hydrated, I am not really a fan of this day cream for these reasons at all and have since changed to Olay with much better results, in the same price bracket (around £9).

          I can't say I'd recommend this to anyone as whilst it is presented nicely in a box and has a decent screw lid jar, the product inside doesn't really meet my expectations of the brand.

          A rare miss for L'Oreal and me on this on I am afraid - one of the few times I'm ever likely to throw something in the bin rather than bother using it in the future.


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          25.04.2010 22:04
          Very helpful



          Fabulous, but leave some in Boyes for me!

          Recently I ran out of moisturiser, I thought I had another bottle of my usual type but realised I must have already used it and had left myself without any. Not a huge drama if you live in a town but we live out in the sticks with no shops for miles and this was Easter weekend when practically everything in our nearest small town would be closed for the duration. Normally I stock up online but of course with no post either that wasn't going to help, so what to do? Make a trip to trusty Boyes and hope they had something remotely useful, also obviously hope they were even open!

          Boyes were indeed open for a half-day (phew!) and I stood in the skincare section scouring unknown labels for anything that seemed like it might suit my sensitive and often dry skin. After a while I settled on this L'Oreal Triple Active Day Cream that stated it was for dry/sensitive skin and only set me back £4.49 so if it was truly awful I hadn't spent much money either. I usually use a L'Oreal one but I use the Revitalift and I have very temperamental skin so anything could have happened with this change of cream!

          L'Oreal Triple Active Day Cream has Vitamin E, Ceramide and a UV Filter, hence the triple part of the name. Vitamin E has long been recognised for it's skin soothing properties so no mystery there. A UV Filter is a good idea for keeping skin away from the sun and its harmful aging rays so again no mystery there. Ceramide however required a bit of research on my part. Ceramide is apparently a mixture of fatty acids so that's the moisturising part taken care of.

          This cream promises to be "light and non-greasy" and leave skin feeling "soft and silky". On the back of the box it also tells us it contains Vitamin B5 which should help reinforce the skin's protective surface and leave it looking more radiant however "Quadruple Active Cream" doesn't really have the same ring to it does it?

          The cream comes in a white opaque glass pot with a plastic screw on lid. The pot contains 50ml which will equate to about a month of use for me so not looking too shabby for my £4.49 so far! However my skin is so prone to hissy fits I was a bit nervous about using this. If it isn't the weather, stress, hormones, allergies or dryness setting it off it's usually the cream I'm using. However, with no other options I had to give this a try or by the end of the Easter weekend I would have had bits of skin flaking off and a lot of soreness.

          The cream smells like a bland moisturiser with no particular fragrance I can identify but once on the skin you can't smell it anyway. It is white and thick and I soon found a little goes a long way so just a large pea sized blob will do the whole face and neck if you rub it in quickly. So far so good.

          And it just kept getting better too! This cream has got to be the best one I've ever used in my life. It seems to perfectly suit my sensitive/dry skin needs and leaves my skin positively glowing. I can't believe how well it is absorbed, but not to the point of leaving the skin dry, and how fresh my complexion looks after using this for a while. I'm a total convert and plan to go and stock up before Boyes sell out! I've had no skin flare-ups or red patches, no dry flaky areas and no annoying spots that even us dry skinned folks get from time to time. I am truly amazed at how well this cream suits my skin.

          So overall there should be no doubt I'm impressed, it works brilliantly on my sensitive/dry skin, makes my complexion look fresh and bright, lasts about a month and costs very little. I can't give this cream enough stars! However shop around, I've seen it in other places for £7.99 and £9.99 so do look for a bargain while Boyes have some. Excellent, I can't fault it.

          Completely and utterly recommended!


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