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L'Oréal Visible Radiance Renewing Gel Toner

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Brand: L'Oréal / Type: Face Gel / Subcategory: Toner / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: L'Oréal Visible Radiance

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    2 Reviews
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      16.12.2011 10:30
      Very helpful
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      Long lasting gel toner at a reasonable price

      I am not entirely convinced that we need toners as part of a skin care routine but I do like to use one if I use a cream cleanser to make sure all traces of the cleanser are removed before applying moisturiser.
      What I find when I buy cleanser and toner together is the toner runs out well before the cleanser , mainly because it is difficult to control the amount dispensed and that most of it is absorbed into the cotton wool.
      What I particularly like about the L'Oreal Visible Radiance toner is that it is a gel and is much thicker and easier to control the amount used and I think it is reasonably priced at £3.46 for 200ml

      The Packaging
      It comes in a frosted plastic bottle that closes with a cap that clicks into place. It can be a struggle to open, there is a groove where you place your thumb and push open, that is a little awkward and I always catch my fingers on the lid.
      Once open it is easy to dispense , simply pour onto cotton wool. It comes out quite quickly so be careful or you will take out too much.
      It is easy to see how much is left in the bottle.
      The back of the bottle has instructions for use, a description of the benefits and the results you should see , together with a list of the ingredients and the shelf life.
      This is written in white against the white frosted plastic which makes it really difficult to read , not helped by the fact that the writing is tiny. I needed a magnifying glass to read this.

      The product
      Loreal do a few different toners, this one is their anti-aging formula designed to improve skin tone, reduce the appearance of open pores and leave skin looking radiant.
      The consistency is a runny gel liquid in a peach colour , which has a light fragrance.

      After cleansing , simply pour some of the toner onto cotton wool. I usually apply a small amount which sits on the cotton wool and I spread this across the whole pad. I really like that I don't waste any toner as unlike other toners this does not readily absorb into the cotton wool.
      Sweep the cleanser over your face and neck avoiding the eye area. I use both sides of the pad , which is normally sufficient to do my face and neck.

      If you do get this product in your eyes, rinse immediately with warm water.

      What always surprises me is that there is usually some makeup or dirt removed even after I think I have cleansed thoroughly, so leaves skin feeling really clean and fresh.

      L'Oreal say this is suitable for all skin types including sensitive.
      My skin is sensitive and I do experience a light tingling when I first apply this, however that does not irritate or inflame my skin.
      I think this is the alcohol in the toner and I may try the renourish toner next time, which is specifically for sensitive skin.
      Despite the slight tingle this leaves my skin feeling soft and there is no tightness.

      The ingredients are listed on the back of the bottle , it isn't really clear what these are as the terminology used is very scientific and I am not sure what they are. It does contain Hydra Novil which apparently has hydrating and gentle exfoliating properties, plus Vitamin C to boost radiance.

      This will last for 12 months unopened.

      The Results
      Effectively removes all traces of cleanser, makeup or dirt on your skin.
      Leaves skin feeling clean , soft and refreshed.
      I am not sure that this alone would make my skin look radiant as I immediately moisturise, but I didn't buy this specifically to improve radiance.

      Would I Recommend
      Yes, this is a really nice toner which I particularly like because of the gel like consistency. I find this is less wasteful than other toners.
      It does not irritate or dry out my sensitive skin, but be aware that it does produce a slight tingle.
      For me this is about ensuring my skin is really clean and I find that using a cotton wool pad alone does not remove all traces of cleanser, but this does the job and my skin is soft and feels refreshed.

      This isn't the cheapest toner on the market , but I do think the gel consistency ensures you use less and it lasts much longer than the liquid equivalent. I still have some left and have been using for several months on a daily basis, but I don't use this every day as I like to use wash off clenasers as well and I dont use the toner on those days.

      Availability and Price
      I bought mine from Sainsburys .
      This is widely available from chemists, supermarkets and online retailers.

      Superdrug is £3.46 for 200ml and 2 for £4.99 at the moment or stock up and buy from Boots when they have 3 for 2 offers.


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        04.02.2010 18:14
        Very helpful



        A fantastic toner

        I actually purchased this product by accident. I had used L'Oreal's Re-Nourish cleanser, and thought that this was the matching toner. In fact this one, although in a virtually identical bottle, is actually from the visible radiance range.

        It states on the bottle that this evens skin tone - something I could do with as I have blotchy skin, as well as immediately boosting radiance and diminishing the appearance of pores. What really intrigued me (once I'd got home and realised what it was I'd actually bought!) was that this is a gel toner, something I'd never come across before, as in the past all toners I've used have been liquid.

        The toner comes in a frosted plastic bottle through which you can see the pale pink gel and it tapers towards the top. As I've mentioned it's fairly similar to other products in the L'Oreal range so be careful to check the label! One thing I would mention is that the lid can be quite stiff to open but otherwise I have no real complaints about the packaging.

        To use, you just apply to cotton wool and wipe over the skin after cleansing in the same way you would any other toner, to remove any traces of make-up or cleanser. I found that one benefit of using a gel over a liquid, is that with a liquid it soaks through into the cotton wool, whereas the gel sits on the top, so you rarely use too much. In fact I've been using this product twice daily for around two months and there is just under three quarters of the bottle left, so this actually turns out to be a very economical purchase.

        One thing that I really love about this toner is the scent. A lot of toners can have a quite strong chemical smell to them but this one smells absolutely gorgeous. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the fragrance is, but it's very gentle and soft, almost like a slightly sweet baby powder scent. It's very subtle, but strange as it may sound, I find it to be quite a comforting smell.

        I remember when I first used this, being surprised at how nice the gel felt against my skin. It's quite a cooling gel, but as you wipe over the face it feels incredibly silky and smooth. It's actually a pleasure to use, and considering this was a fairly cheap product to me it feels like luxury!

        The toner is very effective at removing any make-up that my cleanser has failed to wash away. As for evening skin tone, I find that one difficult to judge but I must admit, I'm normally very bothered about the redness on my cheeks, yet it's not something I've worried about so much later. Whether that's because the toner has made it less noticeable or whether I've just found other things to worry about I can't say!

        One thing it does do very well though is reduces the appearance of open pores. I used to have quite noticeable open pores around my nose, but since I started using this they have virtually disappeared, which of course I am thrilled about.

        Aside from getting rid of my ugly open pores, by far the best thing about this toner is the way that it makes my skin feel. My skin has never felt as smooth as it does now, it's absolutely amazing - it's almost like touching silk it's so smooth! I think it's one of those things you'd have to try to believe!

        A 200ml bottle of this toner costs just £1.69 from Superdrug at the moment, although they do have the normal price listed at £3.39 so I think this is a special offer. I think I paid about £2.79 for mine from Wilkinson's which is still a bit of a bargain.

        So in conclusion although I bought this product by accident it turned out to be quite a happy accident. It is truly one of the best toners I have ever used, and I can't recommend it highly enough.


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