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Lancome Clarifying Cleansing Fluid

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  • does clean my makeup off
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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2015 17:22
      Very helpful


      • "does clean my makeup off"


      • price

      Does what it says and removes makeup - but is expensive!! & cheaper options available

      Review of Lancôme cleansing fluid for face and eyes.

      ***THE PACKAGE***

      The cleansing fluid comes in a white plastic bottle with a clear screw top lid, portraying the Lancôme name on it.
      On the bottle is the imprint of the Lancôme flower logo, how to use and a list of ingredients as follows for those that are interested, or know what half of them are! : -
      Water, mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, ultramarines, pineapple fruit extract, sodium hydroxide, hydro citronellal, peg32, peg60 hydrogenated castor oil, eugenol, chlorphenesin, silica, linalool, benzyl alcohol, cinnylalcohol, propanediol, caprylyl glycol, papain, carbomer, hexyl cinnamal, perfume.

      The bottle is easy to use; a gentle squeeze gives a small amount of the product via a small hole in the top. It stands up very well and given the size (400ml) is easily handled.

      ***THE PRODUCT***

      The cleansing fluid is a light, white lotion in a quite thin consistency with a clean fresh smell of no particular fragrance to me. It does feel quite creamy when applied to the skin and so I can appreciate them saying it is gentle and softening. I can’t say whether it particularly softens because it’s not on my skin long enough to notice.
      To use you apply a small amount to a clean cotton pad/ball and gently move over your face and eyes to remove make-up.
      I find I do need a reasonable amount to remove my makeup, but it does quite well. I need to go over the same area a few times for my eyes, to remove darker colour eye shadow, eyeliners and lipstick. For waterproof mascara I do need a bit more of a firmer rub, again of a few times. Other than that, one or two swipes for my foundation and blusher.
      My skin does feel clean and freshened after using but you are needing to use a toner afterwards to remove the lotion left behind, of which they have there own to match.
      Recommended for normal to combination skin.

      Price comes in at £36.00 for 400ml bottle

      Available from www.lancome.co.uk or at department store with Lancôme counters.


      I would use it again but am somewhat undecided on recommending it. It does what it says and a quite good job in doing it. However, given the price I would not go out of my way to buy it and would probably only use it if it was part of a gift set. There are plenty of cleansers on the market from cheaper brands that do a good if not better job like garnier etc

      Review maybe posted on other review sites under the same username Siberian-queen ©


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      11.11.2011 20:16
      Very helpful



      waste of money

      Lancome is a premium beauty brand offering skin, body, make up and fragrance lines.

      *Cleansing Fluid*

      Lancome offer various cleansing products in gel, water and fluid form. This review discusses the Clarifying and Cleansing Fluid.

      This cleanser is suitable for all skin types and has been dermatologically tested. When applied over the skin with a cotton bud, the cleanser should remove all traces of make up (mascara, lipstick, foundation etc) and leave your face cleansed.


      This cleanser is presented in a tall, chunky plastic bottle. The bottle is white with various pieces of information about the product adorning it. The fluid is dispensed through a pump dispenser. The bottle can be recycled.


      This cleanser is available in a 200ml size and is priced around the £20.00 mark. It can be purchased at Lancome counters and online through www.boots.co.uk.

      *My Thoughts*

      I have tried numerous cleansers over the past few years and normally prefer a wash off cleanser to ensure my skin is squeaky clean. I received a 50ml bottle of this Clarifying and Cleansing Fluid during a Lancome gift with purchase promotion. This is an ideal way to try out products before commiting to the expensive prices of the full sized products.

      Cleansing is the first step of my daily routine and I also cleanse at night. I use a toner and moisturiser afterwards and tend to vary which brands I use to suit my needs. My skin is sensitive and dry so I need to watch what I am using. Given the price of this cleanser, I expected miracles but was left deeply disappointed and most certainly shall not be making a purchase of the 200ml bottle.

      *Coming Up Smelling Of Roses...*

      I don't mind a scent in a cleanser but when it comes to using products on my eyes, I prefer them to be unscented. On opening my bottle of cleanser, there is a strong, sickly floral smell much like roses. I hate it but with my first use, I kept an open mind, The cleanser is white and has quite a thin, runny lotion consistency

      Using this in the morning when applying to a bare face, it isn't too bad nor is it brilliant. I pour a tiny amount onto a cotton pad and smooth it across my skin. The cleanser doesn't need to be wiped off. It does refresh my skin to a certain degree but the scent is hard to accommodate. My skin doesn't feel fully clean until I've carried on and used a toner. The cleanser does nothing for dry areas nor does it make them worse.

      The main point of this product is to cleanse the face and rid it off dirt and make up. It doesn't work very well in this respect. It removes the surface powder and blush that I wear but after continuing with a toner, I can still see some make up on the pad (I don't cake make up on either). I tried this once to remove my eye make up. Never again! Lancome claim this fluid is gentle on the eye but it nipped like a bugger and despite it's runny consistency, it was still too thick a product to manipulate around my eyes.

      It didn't effectively remove eye make up and irritated my eyes and the scent didn't help matters. Personally I would rather use an unscented wipe or my Clinique eye make up remover fluid as these products are more effective and less harsh. Using this cleanser to dissolve lipstick is a no go as the flowery smell lingers and tastes rotten!


      I do not like this cleanser from Lancome. There is too much scent added to it and it simply doesn't work very well on my skin. It isn't worth the high price tag no matter how long the bottle lasts. A 50ml bottle lasts around 20 applications but either way, I cannot recommend it.

      Thanks for reading x


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