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Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisturising Cream

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Brand: Lavera / Texture: Cream / Type: Face Cream / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes / Product Line: Lavera Basis Sensitiv / Contents/Size: 50ml

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2011 11:53
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      I am sitting on the fence as the positives are sitting up against some negatives.

      Lavera - Basis Sensitiv Moisturising Cream with Q10
      Regular readers of my reviews will know that wherever possible I try to purchase items that are ethical and natural. Lavera is one of my favourite companies based in Germany. The cosmetics and toiletries they make are some of the most luxurious and fragrant you can buy. In my experience they also perform really well compared to mainstream products and in most cases they are reasonably priced too.

      The latest product that I have purchased from them is the Lavera - Basis Sensitiv Moisturising Cream with Q10. I noticed this on the Holland and Barrett website when I was placing an order, and as my previous face moisturiser was running low I decided to purchase. I am rather interested in Q10 as this is a supplement that I take which was recommended by a top US doctor who specialises in ME/CFS - a disease that I have. It helps to provide energy within the cell and also to fight free radicals, and so theoretically it should help to prevent cancer. Some studies also suggest it helps with heart function. Of course this is a topical cream so these possible benefits may not be relevant, but as an ingredient I think it is worth mentioning what it may do for you since it is included in the product. Also in the cream is jojoba oil and aloe vera gel which are moisturising and anti-inflammatory, and the product is sold with the promise that it will work against fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains vitamins C and E, shea butter and almond oil. As I am 51 I was interested in this product which I feel is aimed at ladies of maturing age, and so I went on to trial the cream which I have been doing for some months now.

      Beautifully Presented
      Presented in a glass jar within a box this cream looks aesthetically pleasing. This can of course be recycled which is important to me. What really matters as much though is the fact that this cream is free from synthetic preservatives and only contains natural ingredients.

      My Opinion
      The cream has a pleasant almost honeyed sweet fragrance and is very creamy, but on the thin side almost like lightly whipped cream and this has positives and negatives. The positives are that it absorbs so well into the skin as it is non greasy and light. The negative is that it is rather messy and difficult to handle, and if you were to take it travelling for example some of the product would transfer into the lid. This means that you have to be very careful when opening. I think this is quite a serious negative and would deter me from taking this product on any trips that I make.

      What I have found however is that it is just so moisturising and it leaves my skin really soft, and as it absorbs so well you can apply make-up quite quickly afterwards. I am finding this to be a tremendous help in the mornings. Also this time of year can be very drying on the skin and it is certainly keeping my skin moisturised, and in many ways performs better than a product I have recently finished which was a Nature's Best day cream. It can be used in the morning and in the evening as a night cream.

      The lack of sunscreen in this product means that I would not use it outside of the winter months. There is a history of skin cancer in my family, and I prefer to use moisturisers and foundations which have a high SPF in spring and summer or if I am going to be spending a lot of time outside.

      Price wise this retails for £12.35 for 50mls from Holland and Barrett, and is also available on the internet from many other natural and whole food outlets. The price is reasonable for a natural product of this quality and I am happy to pay this for it as fundamentally it does suit my needs.

      The only point I would like to make about the claims it makes regarding bestowing firmer and smoother skin with reduced appearance of wrinkles is that these sorts of promises are very difficult to quantify. I tend to disregard this sort of claim on any product, as I think if your skin is cared for properly and moisturised, and you eat well and keep hydrated, these things are probably going to influence your wrinkles more than any chemical or natural ingredient. The cream has certainly imparted moisture to my skin and I am pleased with it in general, but any wrinkles I have are unchanged over the three month period that I have been using it.

      Final Thoughts
      In conclusion I would say this is a good natural moisturiser which absorbs well and imparts a soft and hydrated feel to the skin. The negatives are the consistency which is slightly too runny in my opinion as this is a barrier to travelling with the product. The fragrance is pleasant and has no overwhelming scent that dominates, and for the price this represents reasonable value for money, especially within the natural market which has some pricey competition contained within it.

      Would I re-purchase? - I am on the fence here because I have several favourite natural moisturisers that are cheaper and don't have the travel problems this has. Having said that this is a good product and I certainly wouldn't dismiss it when looking for a product of this type. I think it is especially good for older ladies who may be looking for added moisture in a product, rather than younger women who may be prone to oily skin and breakouts.


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    • Product Details

      The moisturising care formula with jojoba oil and aloe vera gel provides your skin with intensive moisturising care / With essences of rose, lemon balm and witch hazel, the moisturising cream ensures healthy functioning of your skin / Vitamin E and Shea Butter offer anti-ageing protection.

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