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Liz Earle Skincare

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6 Reviews

Brand: Liz Earle / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    6 Reviews
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      17.01.2011 21:29
      Very helpful



      Quite expensive, but worth every penny!

      The majority of people in my office are women and therefore there is always some sort of chat about, clothes shoes hair or make-up! It's fantastic as you always hear about new products, websites or stores! Liz Earle cropped up in one of these chats.

      I have very sensitive skin and find it really hard to find products I can actually use for long periods of time on my face, some which may appear fine at first over time just completely dry out my skin and I have to stop using them. I find this particularly frustrating as beautiful skin is something I long for!

      So whilst chatting about my quest for model perfect skin I was recommended Liz Earle. Knowing how difficult I am to impress with skin care I didn't rush out and buy anything, especially as to buy a complete Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise set you are looking to spend near £50 (if not more). However, my boss who recommended it to me gave me a small moisturiser sample to try out.
      Only a small tube, but as soon as I put it on I knew I would have to visit the site! Also the fact that all the ingredients are natural I think is what helped not to irritate my skin, which normally breaks out if I use perfumed products. (Liz Earle is available in a few stores or QVC but I find the prices on their own site are always the same so buy from there). I use a lot of moisturiser so I knew straight away that the consistency was really good, it wasn't too oily and it just seeped into my skin nicely making it feel plump and soft!

      From the site I purchased the Cleanse & Polish -Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost - Skin Tonic and the Skin Repair Moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. I thought it was good that when you buy the moisturiser you have the option of picking one to suit your skin type.


      The items come very well packaged and before you open it you already get a sense of the quality and effort that goes into the products. I have since bought gifts from Liz Earle and love the quality of the gift wrapping-sturdy boxes and pretty cross grain ribbon or nice cases!
      On each order you receive a brochure and often a small sample of something new, hich I always enjoy trying out!
      You receive a little letter saying Thank You for your purchases as well as a note saying who has packaged your items, and an invoice of what you purchased. All of these are put in a nice envelope sealed with a Liz Earle sticker. All the little touches add up to a great service.

      *The Products*

      Cleanse & Polish -Hot Cloth Cleanser
      I bought the 100ml tube which comes with two muslin cloths.

      I cannot say how much I love this! Out of all three items I bought this is one I would say if you were going to buy only one thing this would be it! After my first use I noticed my skin looked fresher and clearer!
      You use the cleanser and muslin cloths together. First massaging the cleanser into your dry skin. It is not like a cleanser I have used before; it is of a thick consistency and is more like a moisturiser the way it nicely rubs into your skin-it also smells lovely. You then remove the cleanser with damp, warm muslin cloth, paying extra attention to any areas prone to spot or black heads. The aim is that the cloth gently rubs away any dead skin leaving your face looking bright. It did exactly what I hoped for and more! I may not have had instant beautiful skin but it felt softer and the overall appearance looked better!

      Instant Boost - Skin Tonic

      I like this toner as it is really gentle and smells amazing! With this I can say a little goes a long way. My skin felt refreshed when I put it on and it almost felt like I was adding an extra protective layer to my skin, helping to keep the softness form the Cleansing.

      Skin Repair Moisturiser

      This is also a lovely product! Smells wonderful and fells wonderful on you skin!
      It is very thick, not runny or watery but as I said previous is not too oily. You do not have to use a lot to feel the benefits which is great as I cannot afford to spend £17.60 on moisturiser monthly. I found my first post lasted about 2 months maybe a bit longer, and I still have my first Cleanse & Polish and Instant Skin Boost.
      It has Vitamin E in it and lovely things like Avocado which means all this loveliness is near all natural(I cannot say it s 100% natural, as some companies always manage to sneak something in), which for my skin type is a big plus!
      My Skin looks lovely and healthy after I have applied this whether it is after my skin routine of at any other time!


      After using these products for a few months now I really do notice the difference! The only downside-which is nothing to do with the product itself- is keeping the routine. As sometimes it is far too easy to just use make-up wipes. However, when I do fall into a lazy spell I notice the difference straight away which gets me back on track, as I miss my skin being so nice!
      I have to admit I have been using these as well as drinking Skin Purify Teas (possibly another potential review) and these also help.
      The area I have really noticed a difference idly is around my nose, where I was prone to large pores and black heads. This now feels really smooth and my pores are not as large.
      I also now rarely get spot breakouts, the only time I do is when I have a lot of bad food in my diet and don't take as much time on the skin routine. Even then it is only one or two spots.


      I would recommend these products to anyone! It is a great treat or a great gift! Liz Earle have Try-Me Kits on the site which means if you didn't want to buy a whole supply in case you didn't like it you can try out the products in miniature.
      One thing I would say is that if you order the Cleanse & Polish order another pack of muslin cloths as I is hard to keep two clean all the time, as you have to wash them very two day! So if you buy an extra pack which has 3 inside it, it becomes a bit easier.

      *This review also feature on my blog, with a little snap shot of the products!


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        05.10.2010 17:36
        Very helpful



        Stylish, good quality products

        My Nan has been using Liz Earle products and raving about them for over ten years now and i've heard loads of other people rave about them so about a year ago I decided to give the cleanse and polish a try and since then i've also started buying other products too.

        The products I have tried are all high quality and made using natural ingredients which soothe the skin.

        The products can be a bit pricey but in my experience they are worth the expense.

        The Liz Earle packaging is all very clear and straight to the point and uniform in look which I like as it is quite stylish.

        The range isn't available in many places - you can get it direct from Liz Earle online, via QVC or in some John Lewis stores.

        I generally use the Liz Earle website because their customer service and attention to detail is second to none - all of your items arrive individually wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a Liz Earle sticker, which feels like you;re unwrapping pressies when the products arrive! They also always throw in a free trial size product with your order, as well as a glossy brochure of their latest products.

        I had a problem with one of my orders (in that it didn't turn up) and they quickly and efficiently sorted things out by sending my order out again by courier. I can't fault their customer service at all!

        All in all, I would say that if you've had problems with other skincare ranges and are looking for good quality skincare then Liz Earle is hard to beat!


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        05.08.2010 21:17
        Very helpful



        try it out!

        Up until very recently I always used Liz Earle skin care. My mum uses it, and many of her friends do also, since my mum likes to do facials from home. Up until very recently I thought liz Earle skin care was the bees knees. It just seemed really good for my skin. My skin is constantly changing, especially as I have just gone through my teenage years, and I found Liz Earle skin care very good at adapting to my skin type.

        I just find that the skin care would give me a healthy but natural glow. I have to admit, some of the products are fairly expensive which I guess can be a little off-putting for many people, but for me I always felt assured that I was using 'better' products.
        I also like that the ingredients are all natural. I have also never broke out in spots or rashes with this skin care. I just generally always have healthy skin and a clear complexion.

        However, up until recently I discovered that this skin care was not really working for me any more. Perhaps my skin just needs a good change, but after switching to a new brand and new product, I have felt that my skin has felt even healthier and more clearer.

        I would recommend Liz Earle to many people. I think it is good for most skin types for all ages since I know people as young as me, to people who have retired who use the skin care and swear by it. The only problem is it is a little pricey just for trying out so I recommend you try a 'try me' kit or try get some samples.

        Liz Earle can be found online, or in stores such as in London near Knightsbridge.

        Even though I am now using an alternative product, I definitely recommend Liz Earle. It is multi award winning for a reason - the reason being it is great skin care!

        It also lasts a long time since it is quite concentrated and not a lot is needed when applying. This generally applies to most of the products, from the types of moisturisers, to exfoliators and masks.


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        03.03.2010 21:32



        Hot cloth polish cleanser is a must

        Talking to a friend and she directed me towards Liz Earle and I am so glad she did! After using various skin care brand and never being particulary loyal, now I have tried Liz Earle I won't be going elsewhere. The products are easy to use as the instructions are easy to follow. All natural ingredients so they smell lovely and feel fantastic when being applied to your skin. The hot cloth cleanser in particular feels luxurious when it is applied and when you wipe your make up off on a night your skin just feels so lovely and clean. The cream is thick and easily spread around your face and neck so gets into all of the little creases (if you have any). The muslim cloths exfoliate as they wipe the cream off and your skin just feels radiant. When followed by the moisturiser you have the lovely scent of the products but your skin also feels fresh and nicely moisturised. The cleanser does not dry your face out like some soaps can and the moisturiser gives just the right amount so that your skin does not feel "claggy". Overall a must for any girls bathroom.


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        21.12.2009 11:47
        Very helpful



        In my opinion it is not suitable for sensitive skin!

        Liz Earle skin care products!

        I have always had problem skin, such as spots, blackheads, eczema and now rosacea so a few years ago i thought that the best way to create good skin is to go back to nature and use products that only have natural, calming, herbal properties. So I bought the Liz Earle '3 step skin care package' - like a natural version of the Clinique 3 step skin care products but less harsh on your skin.

        About two years ago I bought the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and the Skin Repair Moisturiser - Normal/combination, it also comes with the pre musilin cloths (which are really soft but exfoliating on your skin). All of the products are multi award winning but just because they work for some women and their skin doesn't mea that it will work for your skin type.

        Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - It seems like a really good idea, you apply the cream onto dry skin, massage in and then you gently buff away the 'dead skin cells' (even though all the surface layers of your skin is dead anyway) and to exfoliate your skin, which in turn improves your skins circulation. I found this product to have a really nice silky texture on my skin and when you have buffed the cream off, my skin feels as soft as a babies bottom! And it really smells nice but after about a week of using it my skin became really and I mean really irritated. My rosacea and eczema started to flare up quite badly.

        Instant Boost Skin Tonic - you sweep this water like liquid all over you face after you have using the cleanse and polish with a clean cotton wool ball. It again initially felt really smooth and soft on my skin and it had the same natural smell (all products contain Almond milk, Rosemary, Chamomile and Eucalyptus oil). But again it did slightly irritate my skin!

        Skin Repair Moisturiser - Normal/combination - use as a normal moisturizer you gently massage the silky gel all over you face and neck. You can buy the moisturizer that is suitable for your skin, such as normal skin, oily skin or dry skin. Which is good for making the skin care products personal to your skin type, not everyone else's! But it also irritated my skin and it didnt really moisturizer my skin, and I had to use my trusty E45 cream to properly moisturize my skin!

        It is also really quite expensive! The products I used included, the cleanse and polish 200ml tube is £20.25, the 200ml tonic is £12, the normal to combined 2 X 50ml tub moisturizer is £31, so overall it was £63.25, which is really quite expensive!

        Overall I wouldn't recommend the skin care products if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema, rosacea or if you have really dry or sensitive skin as it might make it worse! *Just because it says its multi award winning or lots of people recommend it or that it is quite expensive, it doesn't mean that it will work or that it will be suitable for your skin type*!

        Thank you for reading my review, I hope it was helpful! :D


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          27.06.2009 00:09
          Very helpful



          Great range of natural botanical products available for every one

          Here's an introduction to Liz Earle skincare and company.

          The company was started in 1995 by Liz Earle and Kim Buckland, 2 long standing friends who had worked together in the past, then gone their separate ways (work wise), but both remained in the beauty industry.

          Liz- specialist in botanical ingredients, natural health and well being. A beauty editor, regularly on t.v, she has written over 30 books.

          Kim- concentrated on the manufacture, packaging, retail and marketing of cosmetics.
          Looking at the market, Kim noticed a gap for trusted, beauty specialist, offering natural products and to give expert advice and tips on beauty and health, Kim approached Liz and Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare was born.

          They are based in Ryde on the Isle of Wight which offers a healthy lifestyle with a slower pace of life, this compliments the philosophy and focus they portray with their natural products.

          1996-launched on QVC, their first product sold out in 1/2 an hour.
          1998-set up a customer care centre and team on the Isle of Wight.
          2001-opened Union their unique shop in Ryde.
          2002-started trading on-line
          2006- opened a shop in London.

          The product ethos is- pampering but affordable, simple to use, for every age and skin type. Using the best naturally active ingredients for every product. A genuine commitment to quality and service for all customers. Each product bought on-line/ by post is wrapped individually in tissue paper and more often than not they include samples for you to try- nice touch?

          Green Policy- they enjoy the benefits of working with the environment, not against it.
          Ingredients ethically sourced, fairly traded and sustainable.
          Packaging- made from easily recyclable materials.
          Newsletters- on recycled paper with 100% vegetable based ink.
          Headquarters- has geo-thermal heating which also heats the water, rain water is used to flush the toilets and all the lights work on sensors.

          To date they have 24 awards including MBE's for services to the beauty industry both Liz & Kim.
          Cruelty Free Award 2006
          Natural Health Beauty Award 2007
          Which on-line survey- 95% customer satisfaction
          Red Best of Beauty, Woman & Home Best Beauty Buys, Natural Health Beauty Award- 2009.
          To name but a few...

          The company is now available on-line in-
          Republic of Ireland
          To date they employ in excess of 300 staff.

          Available to buy are products for-
          Skin. Eyes, Body, Feet, Specialist ie cellulite, Suncare, Essential Oils, Men's product range, Accessories, Kits and Gifts.

          17 products currently feature in The Green Beauty Bible.
          Various products are frequently featured in well known magazines, encouraging people to try them.

          www.lizearle.com is an excellent website includung lots of information and advice.
          In my opinion Liz Earle Skincare have achieved alot in a relativley short time


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