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Lloyds Pharmacy SpotClear Advance

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Brand: Lloyds Pharmacy / Type: Red Light Therapy for Acne / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      28.12.2012 15:40
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to harsh products

      ***Why I want the product***
      Since my teenage years and early 20's my skin has been nothing to moan about really. It was only until I had my daughter in my middle 20's did my skin start to freak out. Whether it was due to hormones or starting acne at a later stage I don't know. I don't have a severe type of acne that comes to a head, but the ones that forms bumps under the skin, which can be difficult to heal, very red and unsightly, moderate acne.
      Since my face is sensitive and more so since getting older and medications I am finding even my usual facial products are reacting to my skin, making my face red and slightly sore. This meant I wanted to use an acne treatment but something that wasn't going to harm or irritate my delicate skin even more.

      ***Red Light Therapy***
      I previously heard about Red and Blue Light Therapy for acne, but I only ever heard of this therapy being done in a salon and can become very costly over time, I didn't also realise you can purchase red and blue light therapies for home use but obviously these are not the same strength as the ones in a salon.
      Using Red Light Therapy, which is recognised as safe and effective by many healthcare professionals, it stimulates cell regeneration to speed up the healing time of spots and acne, as well as reducing inflammation.

      These type of treatment is pain free and can be used alongside other treatment and medications without any side effects.

      ***SpotClear Advance***
      After searching for a red or blue light therapy I came across Lloyds Pharmacy website and they have a product called SpotClear Advance Red Light Therapy.
      Even for me I thought the product sounded better than what it might be but as I was running out of ideas I decided I had nothing to lose.

      Lloyds say this product "Is an innovative, effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of acne and spots. Using Red Light Therapy, which is recognised as safe and effective by many healthcare professionals. It stimulates cell regeneration, thus speeding up the healing time of spots and acne.
      Lloyds also say SpotClear helps to clear up spots and acne fast, reduces inflammation, pain free, can be used alongside other treatments and medicines and quick, easy to use and two illumination areas for different size treatments.
      SpotClear uses red wavelength of 660 nm + 20 nm. Batteries can last for up to 50 treatments.

      SpotClear requires 4x AA batteries, which are not included.
      Don't use if your eyes are sensitive, children under 12 must be supervised by an adult when using this product, don't use if you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, avoid using near flammable or anaesthetic gases, don't use if you're connected to, or near to, high-frequency surgical or industrial equipment, don't use in the direct vicinity of short-wave or microwave equipment and don't shine directly into the eyes of other people or animals.

      SpotClear Advance came in a blue box, the front tells you what the product is with a clear picture. One of the sides tell you how to use SpotClear and the back tells you about the product.
      Inside the box you will find your SpotClear device in a plastic wrapper, which sits firmly in a cardboard holder and manual.

      ***What does the device look like?***
      The device looks like a flat egg shape, it measures 4 inches length ways and 2.5 inches in width. It fits comfortably in my hand with an easy grip and not heavy with a weight of 73g without batteries. The device is shiny, smooth white with the battery compartment located at the back. The front sees the see through round face of LED's. This measures around 2 inches and has 24 LED's for larger areas of your face. The top sees a see through part of 7 LED's, which is used on smaller spots, individual or smaller parts of your face.
      There is a green button on the right hand side, which turns the device on and also switches to either the 7 or 24 LED's.

      ***Using the product***
      Although I wanted this product to work I was also sceptical at how it could work. After cleansing my face I wiped the larger part of the device clean so it was ready to be placed on my cheek area. Holding down the green button for a few seconds I am greeted with three small beeps to say the product is on. This activates the smaller 7 LED's first, pressing the green button again switches to 24 LED's, keeping the device on my face for the recommended one minute to which the device beeps to before reaching the minute time, beeps three times and turns off automatically.

      Because the larger part of the device was on my cheeks, the red LED's are so bright you have to close your eyes. Although it's not a laser to damage your eyes the lights are still bright enough to slightly hurt your eyes.
      To get the full benefit from the treatment, you keep the device on your skin for the full minute. It is very much pain free but you may feel a slight warming of the skin and nothing more.
      Lloyds Pharmacy recommends you use this three times a day for maximum results and not to exceed treatment in the same area for another hour. By doing this you are actually reducing the healing effects.

      If I am treatment my whole face this can take around 4/5 minutes as you have to do individual parts separately.

      ***Did I like the results?***
      I have used this in the past and more so with medications I am on have brought my skin out more in stubborn spots on my cheeks and forehead that didn't seem to move with treatments alone. I used SpotClear twice a day for five days, to which I saw an improvement on my third day of use. I used the device in the morning and night after cleansing before any moisturisers or treatments. By the third day I noticed my raised spots/acne reducing and healing until they we're completely gone, I then continued the treatment to once a day as a preventive measure.

      ***Did it continue to keep acne and spots away?***
      I am not going to say this is the best treatment to stop spots and acne from forming as I don't think it is, I continue to still develop spots and acne in some areas even with continual use. However, SpotClear does the job it is meant to and that is to heal the spots quicker and reduces inflammation than using treatments alone so, thus meaning spots and acne clear quicker.

      ***Price and availability***
      I purchased my device in April 2012 and I paid £19.99 for this, while others on the market with the same technology costing £50 plus I thought this was a good deal. Since then I have seen the device on Lloyds Pharmacy website for £49.99. www.lloydspharmacy.com

      ***Would I recommend?***
      Yes I would recommend this product as it's a great device, especially if you have sensitive skin and feel you can no longer use your previous products but still want to treat spots and acne, for the price I paid I would also say it is a great purchase but for the new price of £49.99 I am not sure and doubt I would pay that much for this. Personally for that price I would be looking for something more upmarket, something that incorporated blue light technology as well.


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