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Lush Aqua Marina Face Cleanser

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Face Cleanser / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    4 Reviews
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      12.11.2012 14:30



      I tried this to feel like a mermaid

      Aqua Marina is described as best as a cleanser for sensitive skin and skin which can be problematic. It gets its lovely pink colour from the calamine in it, and it's lovely fishy smell from the seaweed! There is obviously no fish in this cleanser.

      It doesn't smell amazing, but not everything that is good for you does! The seaweed is so nourishing to your skin adding moisture, and the calamine calms any redness down. Personally i tried this cleanser to see how it felt, but it wasn't suitable for my skin type as I'm more combination than sensitive.

      But if you have an itchy face and occasional breakouts with dry patches, i'd really recommend Aqua Marina as it really does moisturise while cleansing, and my skin was so so soft! Nearly as soft as with Angels on bare skin (which i am devoted to now).

      If you don't want an exfoliating cleanser, and you have sensitive or temperamental skin, this is a really good choice! It almost feels like play-doh or putty in your hands. The best way to use it is to keep your tub in a cool dry place, and pinch off a small piece of the cleanser with dry hands (so as not to create mold) then mix with water to form a paste. Massage into your face and neck and then wash off.

      - Very gentle on your skin
      - calms any redness or irritation
      - really good after you've slightly sun burned your face.

      - The fact it doesn't really help breakouts that much.
      - There was a trail of seaweed left in my sink..
      - Wish they could add some more essential oils while still keeping it a gentle cleanser, simply to mask the strong smell of the seaweed.


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      01.07.2012 21:40
      Very helpful
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      I have always liked my face to be clear. In my late teens I suffered from a spat of spots across my forehead because I had a fringe (my very own fashion faux pas!) and I remember trying everything to get rid of them. Eventually I grew out my fringe and kept it off my face and the spots went away but the feeling of utter despair that I had them has always remained a memory for me. With this in mind, I have always treated my face with the upmost care. I never want to feel like I did in my teens again. I just wish I had found Lush when I was in my teens!

      I have just about tried every cleanser Lush sell. Aqua Marina is one of them. Aqua Marina is one of Lush's solid cleansers. It comes in one size which is 100g and costs £5.95. It comes in one of the well known Lush black tubs. The black tubs are great as you can rinse them out when finished and if you have collected five of them you can take them back to Lush and exchange them for a free Fresh Face mask. Or you can use them to decant your own lotions etc in for when you go on holiday. There is the usual Lush logo and label on the pot with the name of the product and how to use it as well as the ingredients used. However, Lush used to wrap it in seaweed and then in paper before they switched to the black tubs. Whilst the black tubs are much more practical I do miss the seaweed!

      When you get the cleanser out of the pot it is all pink and squishy with bits of seaweed running through it. This particular cleanser is not for exfoaliating uses, it is completely smooth and not at all scrubby so is perfect for daily use if you so wish. It's main purpose is for calming the skin down - for example, if you skin is sore or you have spots this would be perfect for it. It would also be perfect for chicken pox as it has calamine lotion in it. Lush also say it is good for skin that has been in the sun too long. Its ingredients also include: carrageen extract, vegetable glycerine, Irish moss gel, aloe vera gel, sea salt, sweet wild orange oil and patchouli oil.

      To use the cleanser you take a smal amount out of the pot and mix it with a bit of water in your hand so it forms a paste. You then gently apply it to your face. The idea is to massage your face with it, not roughly but just nice and gently. Once you have finished, you rinse it off with warm water.

      I found this cleanser to leave my face feeling very soft, smooth and refreshed. It kept period spots at bay and was very easy to use and remove. I think this cleanser is great as a day to day cleanser but.....

      I have only ever purchased this product once because of the smell. Some people say it smells salty, others say it smells like seaweed, I say it smells like dead fish! I really, really cannot get on with the smell. And although I used my whole tub (I couldn't bear to waste it) I hated the smell each and everytime and it put me off of buying it for life. The scent is just urrrggghhh! when I was smelling it in the shop I thought it was so strong because there was a whole bunch of them together but I was wrong! My husband actually asked me if I had been rubbing tuna into my face!


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        25.05.2012 13:16



        It's NOT fishy, it's FLORAL!

        I have read many reviews about this product - Why does everyone say that it smells of fish? It doesn't!

        Aqua Marina is a calming cleanser for sensitive skin.

        I like playing with this before I use it. It feels nice and squishy and it's so easy to use. You just break off a small piece of it, mix it with water and apply it to your (wet) face. The smell is floral and pleasant. I actually love the smell of it. It's so soft and creamy and the calamine in there helps to calm down irritated skin. I have sensitive skin and this cleanser really helps to calm my skin down. After use my skin feels soft, smooth and cleansed.

        The cleanser also helps with excess oil. It doesn't strip your skin of it's natural oils but it does help to mattify your complexion. You may need to moisturise your skin after use as using this product too much can dry out your skin. I was using it twice a day to begin with but I noticed that my skin felt a little dry so I now use it once a day when I buy it. I alternate it with Angels on Bare Skin.

        This cleanser lasts ages though as you only need to break off a small amount each time that you use it. In warmer weather you can store it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. It's great teamed up with more gentle Lush products such as Eau Roma Water and Celestial moisturiser.

        A great gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.


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        23.05.2012 22:52
        Very helpful



        An interesting cleanser from Lush

        Lush - Aqua marina Fresh cleanser

        This is another product that I got to try and was given a really generous sample to take home when I was lucky enough to attend a Lush event where we made our own fresh face mask and then we were treated to a free facial in the store. This gave us the opportunity to try products that we hadn't tried before and use them in the correct way.

        I usually choose Lush products for ancient dry and lined skin as I am getting to that stage but I thought that I would take the chance of trying some different products and so instead of my usual '"Angels on Bare Skin" fresh cleanser I asked if I could try this one. I would like to add that I not only tried it in my facial in the shop but they also gave us a pretty good sized sample of all the products they used on our faces to take home so I have a small pot of this at home too which I have been using in between my usual one.

        This fresh cleanser is a pink colour with really obvious seaweed stirred through it. In the shop it arrives like a pink swiss roll with nori seaweed sheets used to roll it a bit like a pink giant sushi. This is a far gentler cleanser than the 'Herbalism' I reviewed before. This can be used daily and has no scrubby ingredients so this one is not an exfoliator at all. I find I like to alternate the different fresh cleansers as they do very different jobs in my view. I use the 'Herbalism' one about one a week, the 'Angels on bare Skin' about three times a week and this one in between.

        This usually costs £5.95 for a pot containing 100g but my pot has about 20g in it but mine was free so I was quite thrilled. The usual thing applies if you buy this in the black pot, if you wash it and return five of them you can choose a free fresh mask or hair mask which I think is a great incentive to encourage people not to just throw these pots away.

        This fresh cleanser is designed for those with sensitive, dry and tired skin Mine is sensitive, dry and tired so perfect for me but I do also like to use one with an exfoliating ingredient every other day or so
        This cleanser is pink and this comes from the calamine powder which is why this is so perfect for calming any redness or skin that is sore for any reason. We can all remember having chicken pox and applying buckets of calamine lotion I am sure.

        This is a very gentle cleanser full of natural healing ingredients such as aloe vera gel, chamomile and calamine powder. The nori seaweed is the same as that used in sushi and seaweed is supposed to be good for skin as is Irish moss gel, both help nourish dry skin and the glycerine helps soften skin making it more ready to absorb the nourishment.

        This cleanser has a strange sort of sea smell which is hardly surprising given that it is wrapped in seaweed and the Irish moss gel also smells that same seaweed sort of smell too. When you stick your nose in the pot and sniff the seaweed smell dominates, however when you use this on your face the smell is far nicer. To me it smells slightly of rose but there is no rose in there. The sweeter scent must come from the sweet wild orange oil. This also has patchouli oil in it but despite the fact that patchouli is one of my favourite smells I really can't detect it in this cleanser. In the pot it is not an unpleasantly seaweed smell but I have to say that the smell when using it on my face is so much nicer and really quite pleasant.

        The idea is that you take a small amount and put it on the palm of one hand, this is quite hard to get out as this is more like a very thick paste. You then mix it with a little water and with a finger rub this into the palm of your hand until you have a softish paste . This wet soft paste is what you use to cleanse your face. I very gently, using just a little water rub this into my face in a circular and upward motion. You don't need to rub hard just really gently massage your face with this and then rinse it off with warm, not hot water.

        Once you have cleaned all the 'Aqua Marina' off your face then pat your face dry and finish the cleaning process off by applying a gentle toner so that you close the pores and stop any dirt getting in. You can then apply whatever moisturiser you think your face needs; finishing off with makeup if you want to apply some.
        I found this did a good job of gently cleansing my face leaving it feeling fresh and clean and in no way sore or irritated. It really is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised not tight and dry at all. It feels more like a creamy face wash as the paste becomes quite creamy except for the bits of nori that sort of fall off my face as I am using it. I try to sort of squash or break up the nori so that the benefit of this ingredients gets spread around!

        Would I buy this again? Yes but I wouldn't want to only use this as i do like to use a cleanser with a bit of an exfoliant a couple of times a week. I like using 'Angels on bare Skin' at least three times a week as it smells lovely and has the gentle exfoliant of ground almonds in it. I think this is a perfect daily cleanser and very suited to sensitive and dry skin which is mine for sure. It isn't an unpleasant smell and once on my skin the seaweed scent is not obvious at all and the way my skin feels afterwards is really lovely. I am more than happy to have both these cleansers and alternate them depending on how my skin feels at the time which is what I am doing now.

        I think if you do have very tired dry skin and want a gentle face cleanser then this is the one for you. I would definitely pop down to Lush as they have very knowledgeable staff who can advise on good skin care.
        I am more than happy to use this myself and would also happily recommend it to anyone with tired and dry or older skin even. It is worth a try as it contains nothing nasty and might be the 'magic' cleanser you need. On the front of the tub it has these words;

        " Marina, Aqua marina, You're magic to me. A beautiful mystery." And as Lush say "This invention was inspired by mermaids. Have you ever seen a mermaid with bad skin. Didn't think so."
        This is a good cleanser full of nice natural stuff with a rather 'interesting' smell but certainly one I would recommend trying.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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