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Lush Enzymion Moisturizer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    4 Reviews
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      28.04.2013 13:24
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      A lovely gentle nourishing cream for those with greasy skin or patches of greasy skin

      Lush Enzymion
      As one of Lush's greatest fans I spend a lot of time and money trying their different products. Most I buy from my favourite Lush shop in Derby but others I buy when travelling around to different places where I find a Lush shop and still others I find on Ebay or buy from the website .

      Last year I had a facial pampering session in Lush where I made my own face pack and was treated to a great facial from one of the lovely people in the shop. After the facial I was given several samples to take home and try for myself.

      Lush have a great range of face and body creams which are full of lots of lovely natural ingredients. As my face skin changes at different times depending on the weather and where I am in the world as well as what I have eaten or maybe things I have done , I like to have different face creams to help with when my skin is drier, greasier, my pores seem more enlarged and so on.

      This tub of Enzymion is a face cream designed for those with more greasy skin so I tend to only use it when I am somewhere hot and my face behaves in a very different way and gets more greasy especially in my T zone.

      "A thing of beauty is a joy forever
      Keeps oily skin looking at its best
      Oily skin? Don't panic.
      Often products and advice for oily skin focus on cleaning and stripping away oil. But at Lush we prefer to treat the skin with gentle care and work to find the skin's own natural balance."
      The name of this cream was inspired by Keat's poem 'Endimion'.

      It is a common error if you have oily skin to try and dry out your skin with harsh chemicals but in fact all that happens then is that your skin desperately tries to make more oil in order to balance it out again. What you should do is gentle cleansing but also gently moisturize it too with oils that are balancing.
      In this cream the lovely Lush inventors have used fresh fruit which is full of alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes. The lovely fresh lemon juice means that the skin will be left with tightened pores and a nice matte finish. Papaya is well known for its fabulous healing enzymes and in this cream the papaya help to stimulate and brighten the skin.

      These fruity extracts are blended with the light oils and cocoa butter this giving the skin gentle and healthy oils that will not clog the pores but will make the skin soft and keep it moist without being greasy.

      I tend to use this cream in summer and in hot weather and only on my nose and T zone . I find it is lovely and fresh smelling and so light to apply. It sinks in so quickly leaving my skin feeling soft but quite matte and not at all greasy.

      I find it really helps my foundation stay put when it is hot whereas before I used to find I ended up with very greasy patches and my foundation sort of slithering off. My skin feels nice and fresh and this gives a good base for my make-up. I have not had any trouble with my make up clinging to my pores and my skin feeling sticky when using this.

      I wash my face with facial cleanser then tone and moisturize but I find this cream helps tone the areas prone to greasiness. It balances my face as I use a denser cream on my drier parts and this on my greasier bits and thus get a well moisturized and balanced feel to my whole face.

      I love the fresh and gentle scent of this cream. It is not actually scented it just gets the aroma from the fruit extracts and essential oils in the cream. When applying the cream it feels cool and very light almost more like a liquid but it is a cream, almost light enough to be whipped.

      The cream does not really give too much moisture to any dry skin so it really is perfect for greasy skin but not one to use if you have dry or normal skin. I never use this as a night cream as it is so light and not nourishing enough for my aging skin. My use is very specifically for my nose area in hot weather.
      My daughter who has much younger and greasier skin finds this is perfect for her T zone and usese 'Vanishing cream' from Lush on the rest of her face. She can however get away with this on all her face in hotter weather.

      If you need any skin advice then do go to Lush and ask. They are very happy to give you one or two samples to try so that you can see which suits your skin best.

      If you do buy this or any other one of Lush's products in the black pots don't forget that if you take five clean pots back you can choose a free face or fresh hair mask for a reward. Apparently in Japan 80% of pots are returned whereas even with the reward only 20% are returned in the UK.

      Many of Lush's products are Vegan friendly and this is one of those. None of their products or ingredients are tested on animals and many ingredients are Fair trade so lush have excellent ethics and do a lot to support charities o it is nice to support a British ethical company.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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      21.09.2012 08:24
      Very helpful
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      Lovely Lush moisturiser for oily skin

      As you will know if you read my reviews regularly, I am trying to work my way through every product made by one of my favourite companies, Lush. Lush are probably best known for their soaps and solid bath products, but they also have a considerable skincare range, including a number of facial moisturisers for pretty much every skin type. Earlier this year I bought a pot of Enzymion moisturiser, and as I have nearly finished the pot I thought the time was right to write a review.

      ***Tracing the story of Enzymion***
      Enzymion is a moisturiser designed for oily skin. The name was inspired by John Keats' poem 'Endymion', and by the fact that it contains enzymes. These come from the fresh fruit which goes to make up the moisturiser, particularly papaya, and help to stimulate and brighten the skin. The moisturiser is full of fruit ingredients, including lemon juice which helps keep the skin matte, and tangerine and lime oils which help to tone the skin and add a lovely refreshing citrus fragrance to the product.

      Obviously a moisturiser has to moisturise, and the oils and butters in this product have been specially chosen to nourish the skin without being greasy. Cocoa butter, avocado oil, evening primrose oil and wheatgerm oil gently moisturise without being too rich. Aloe vera gel is good for sensitive skin. The moisturiser is suitable for vegans, and a 45g pot costs £13.75. There are many cheaper moisturisers out there, but there are also many that are more expensive: including most other Lush moisturisers.

      I was drawn to Enzymion not only because of the cool name, but because I have oily and combination skin, particularly in the summer when I often end up with a shiny T-zone. My skin can also be sensitive, and I trust Lush products not to irritate it. Lush state that the moisturiser is especially good under makeup, as it helps to keep oil at bay, giving makeup better staying power on the skin. This sounded great, as I would love to be able to apply powder less often!

      ***My impressions of Enzymion***
      I know some people don't like pots of moisturiser, finding them unhygienic, but I really like them, as it means there is no waste. I also find Lush black pots to fasten securely, and can transport them if I need to without worrying that they will open in my bag. This was especially good to know with this product, as the moisturiser is quite thin, with a very light, lotion-like quality. Having said that, it isn't particularly runny. The moisturiser is very pale yellow and has a lovely delicate fragrance that reminds me of citrus and tropical fruits.

      To use, I dab my finger into the product and dab a little over my face before blending in with my fingers. The moisturiser is very thin indeed but I still don't need to use very much. It sinks in very easily, and doesn't feel at all heavy or rich on my skin - I can hardly tell it is there. It is so light that I actually wondered if it wouldn't be moisturising enough - my cheeks in particular do get a bit dry sometimes - but this wasn't the case at all: my face as a whole felt absolutely fine, not dry or tight in the slightest, and was visibly soft and smooth, with no dry patches.

      The matte effect was obvious from the first application, and the effect lasted. I've always used face powder to tone down shine, and in the past have had to reapply powder and, more recently, oil-absorbing sheets at some point during the day. Since using this moisturiser I haven't had to use as much powder and I haven't had to reapply it nearly so often; my oil-absorbing sheets have become almost redundant, though this does vary from day to day. My makeup looks better and my eyeshadow doesn't crease as much. I have experienced no skin irritation whatsoever from this moisturiser.

      ***Any negatives?***
      Unfortunately, the moisturiser doesn't contain a sunscreen, which is a real pity as it's the summer when I really need to use it. During the week it isn't a problem, as I work indoors, but at the weekend I've had to switch to another moisturiser when I'm out and about. I've been using Lush's British Nanny, which DOES have a sunscreen, but is way too rich for my skin.

      Though the lightness of the moisturiser is perfect for warmer weather, I have a feeling I will need something a bit heavier when winter begins to kick in and my skin takes a bit of a battering. This isn't too big a deal though, as if I buy a pot of this at the beginning of the summer it lasts all the way through and runs out just in time for the beginning of the colder weather. My pot, which is nearly empty, has lasted all season though I should point out that I haven't used it every day (mainly because of the lack of sunscreen).

      The moisturiser is also a bit pricey, but it works so well that I am willing to pay this price. It's hard to find a really good moisturiser that helps to keep oily skin under control, and I don't think the price is as bad as it could be, particularly as the moisturiser uses high quality fresh ingredients.

      Of all the Lush moisturisers I have tried, this one is my favourite. It is good for my sensitive skin and is perfect for my skin type. The lovely smell and unusual name are added bonuses. Definitely a product that I recommend and I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase.


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        23.04.2012 09:30



        It just doesn't soak into the skin...

        I bought this moisturiser a while back now. I have been shopping at Lush for YEARS and i've had to go through a good amount of moisturisers to find the perfect one!

        This product costs £13.50 per 45g pot. I did think this was a little expensive but one pot lasts around three to four months, depending how much of it that you use. The moisturiser is a little thin in consistency so be careful with the pot. Sometimes it leaks out a little bit so make sure that the lid is tightly closed!

        The moisturiser is easy to use. You just apply it to the skin in small circular motions after cleansing and toning. The smell of the moisturiser is great. It has a gorgeous fruity scent that lingers on your skin after use. Initially this product looked really promising but it takes FOREVER to soak into your skin after use. It's one of those moisturisers that "sits" on top of the skin without fully absorbing. This lead me to developing small white pimples around my nose where the cream had builded up and not sunk in completely.

        I continued using the moisturiser but I only used it at night as it was far too greasy to be used during the day. My skin still felt oily as I woke up so that goes to show how greasy it actually is!

        A nice moisturiser but a pity about the "grease" factor!


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        01.06.2010 14:28
        Very helpful
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        A good basic moisturiser for those with problem skin

        After using Lush's cleansers and seeing good results I thought I'd give their moisturising lotions a try as well. Enzymion is one of the cheaper options from Lush and costs £12.25 for a 45g tub. One pot of this lasted me for around 7 months so even though this was my first 'expensive' moisturiser purchase, it worked out to be good value for the amount of uses I got out of it. I'm now more open to spending more on a better quality lotion with natural ingredients rather than covering my face in cheaper chemical-filled products. For reference, my skin type is oily/combination, and sensitive in winter(!) - Enzymion is best suited to oily skin types.

        The moisturiser itself is pale and light, quite thin and actually looks a bit oily. It has a fresh and summery scent to it and smells very much like a lemon soufflé. It is not as citrussy or sharp as Lush's Lemony Flutter cream for hands, but there is a distinctive smell of lemon to this lotion. The scent fades not too long after application so you don't have to worry about going around smelling fruity all day!

        Upon applying the moisturiser it spread very easily and I only needed to use a little. It is incredibly light and feels very 'wet' rather than creamy, and it seemed to sink in quickly. Once it has been absorbed it almost feels like you have not put anything on your face at all, there is hardly any hydrating effect, but it did work well for keeping the levels of oil down. It did not work miracles but my skin felt fresh and it provided a good base for make-up, no problems with it being sticky or the make-up clumping over it. I did still get some shine on my T-Zone as the day wore on but not a huge amount, and I even felt comfortable enough to skip the make-up on some morning as it helped my skin to stay clear.

        If you suffer with oily or spotty skin this is a good lotion to use as it will not clog up your pores and it is very light to balance out the oils. It worked perfectly for me during the hotter weather when my skin is more prone to oil breakouts, and it is perfect for a day cream to put on first thing in the morning. I found that after using face masks or exfoliating this did not provide enough moisture, so when I use such treatments I prefer to follow up with a heavier moisturiser. I use a different lotion for night cream but Enzymion is a good all-rounder and very refreshing for the skin.

        Once you've finished using the product make sure to save it to return to Lush, when you have 5 of these you can exchange them for a fresh face mask. Just clean out the empty pots and make sure there's no leftover bits still inside. This scheme is used to promote re-using of packaging and it gives you a nice little treat for free as well. The offer only applies to the black screw-top tubs, as the clear plastic bottles can be recycled as usual at most recycling centres.

        This is a vegan product and Lush are against animal testing, please keep your beauty cruelty free!

        Fresh Organic Lemon Infusion, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Cocoa Butter, Stearic Acid, Freshly Juiced Papaya, Organic Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil, Glycerine, Triethanolamine, Freshly Juiced Organic Lemon, Organic Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Cold-Pressed Wheatgerm Oil, Tangerine Oil, Lime Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, *Limonene, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben
        *Occurs naturally in essential oils


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