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Lush Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream

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Brand: Lush / Texture: Cream / Type: Body Lotion / Texture: Cream / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes

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    3 Reviews
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      01.08.2013 09:12
      Very helpful



      Unusual product from Lush

      My favourite store, Lush, makes a number of lovely moisturising body lotions, many of which I have tried and loved. A year or two ago, they released a 'breast cream' called Lovely Jubblies. Despite the attraction of the fun name, I didn't really see the point of this product at first - who uses a cream just for your breasts?! However, after reading several positive reviews of the cream and spying a new pot on eBay for around half the in-store price, I took the plunge and made a purchase.

      Lovely Jubblies is an extension and continuation of a former Lush product, the Mirror Mirror Neck Cream. Lush Forumites requested a bigger pot of neck cream as they reported that they were using it on their breasts too, so Lush obliged by creating this product, which can be used on the entire neck and décolletage area.

      The cream comes in a 100g black pot to match other products in the Lush range. It is priced at £16.50, which is certainly expensive whichever way you look at it! Lush instruct that you should massage the cream into your décolletage and neck area. I've been using the cream in the morning: I moisturise the rest of my body as normal, then use this cream on the aforementioned area.

      The cream is off-white in colour and has a lovely light floral scent. It contains almond oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil and beeswax to create a lovely softening lotion. It also contains soothing and scented meadowsweet infusion and fresh rose petal infusion. Orange blossom honey, lemongrass oil, ylang ylang oil and jasmine absolute add to the delicious scent. In addition, tiger lilies and meadowsweet herb are included, as these are meant to help firm the tissues. The inclusion of beeswax and orange blossom honey means that the cream isn't suitable for vegans, but like all Lush products it is suitable for vegetarians.

      My skin is generally in good condition although it can tend towards dryness. It's normally my lower legs, knees and elbows that get dry though, rather than my chest area! This cream is light but is perfectly moisturising enough for this area. In fact a lighter cream is probably better than my usual moisturiser, which can be slightly heavy for this delicate skin. I'm rather proud of the condition of my skin, and religiously use SPF50 suncream in the summer as I don't want to end up with the leathery wrinkled chest of a middle-aged lifelong sun-worshipper - this cream is helping me look after and care for my skin.

      I haven't noticed any 'firming up', but as I'm relatively young, I am relatively 'firm' anyway - and I'm not exactly well endowed in the chest area so hopefully won't end up with too many problems with sagging! The cream has lasted a very long time so far - I've barely scratched the surface of my pot despite daily use for several weeks - although someone more blessed than me might use it up more quickly because of having to cover a larger surface area!

      Despite being sceptical about this cream initially, and despite acknowledging that this is really NOT an essential product by any stretch of the imagination, I have to admit that I really like it and would consider buying it again in the future (although only if I can buy it on eBay at a lower price!). It helps to care for my skin and is eminently suitable for this delicate area of the body.


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        13.01.2012 14:04
        Very helpful



        A lovely natural but rather pricey moisturising and firming cream

        Lovely Jubblies
        As a great fan of all things Lush I find it very hard to walk past their shop without going in This does mean that I buy an awful lot of their stuff but not only do I buy products but I also always ask for at least one sample as well and sometimes I get two or three depending on who is talking to me. I find if I spend some time chatting to the staff and they now know me quite well so I always do rather well in the sample line.

        I can't believe I haven't already reviewed this as it is one of my favourites.

        I have had samples of this in the past and also bought a few pots of this rather lovely cream provocatively called 'Lovely Jubblies' As you might have guessed this one is meant for use on your décolleté area otherwise known as chest or breast area. That is the area that you show off in low cut tops and dresses. The cream is supposed to tighten and firm your skin but for those thinking this is like a boob job then, think again. This is a cream not plastic surgery.

        Yes surprisingly this area between the collar bones and the tops of the breasts is often one of the first areas in women to show aging. The reason that wrinkles appear in this area is the way we sleep. If we sleep on our sides then our boobs tend to fall together and form lines and creases between the breasts and up into the décolleté area. If you have had children and breast fed them then your breasts will also have become less firm to say the least.

        WHAT CAN YOU DO?
        Well firstly try to sleep on your back is one solution. Always plaster on plenty of sun screen on the area especially when out in strong sun. Use plenty of moisturizer and treat this area as an extension of your face. Make sure that when using a face mask spread it onto this part too, use exfoliants,and then moisturize afterwards.

        Use lovely jubblies as your moisturizer and then not only will you enjoy the lovely scent but your chest area will be well moisturized and also firmed and tightened. Obviously any moisturizer will help but this does have extra ingredients to help firm and tighten as well as moisturize.

        Obviously this cream can be used as a moisturiser all over your body but it does come at a high prve so you may want to select your body areas carefully for this special treat. The price as I said is high £15.75 for only 100 grams and there are no size choices. If you are not sure it is going to be right for you then get a sample first. I did then I managed to find a pot on Ebay so I was well chuffed as it was quite a lot cheaper.

        Lush take pride in the fact that they do not have over packaged stuff and this cream comes in one of their standard black pots. The ingredients are printed on the label and of course there is the little sticker to say when it was made and who made it. The lids on these pots are really good as they fit securely yet they are easy to get off. I often take these travelling and have never had one spill on my clothes or in the toilet bag as some things do.

        I do like the way Lush describe their products and the way they tell you how to use them. They are friendly and normal not stuffy and up themselves. On this one we have these instructions:- "to get your own fabulous pair of lovely jubblies, smooth this firming floral lotion into your.. ahem.. decollatage and neck area. Depending on how blessed you are, you might need two pots."
        " Inspiring men and women alike. Lovely Jubblies gives some lurve to your curves and peps up your puppies. Meadowsweet tightens; tiger lily firms and oodles of organic oils keep your ladies soft and supple"

        "A luxurious cream to make you soft and snuggly, with added ingredients to tighten and firm the skin."

        And finally
        "A product that is designed to make that most enticing area even more enticing. Because everybody needs a bosom for a pillow."

        I love the smell it is subtle and sophisticated in my view. It lasts the day and yet does not bowl me over with its strength so that I can smell nothing else.

        The wonderfully soothing orange blossom honey provides a subtle sweetness and this combines perfectly with the lovely fresh rose infusion, lemongrass oil, ylang ylang and then finally the sexy addition of jasmine absolute. You couldn't fail to fall in love with the smell which is sexy, subtle and yet still very feminine.

        The moisturizing ingredients include the rather luxurious almond oil, rich cocoa butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil and beeswax which all combine together to make a gorgeous softening and moisturising cream to feed your tired thirsty skin.

        Then comes the little extra; Lush's secret ingredients to make this cream special to tighten and firm this area. Apparently a herbalist recommended both tiger lilies and meadowsweet herb as having firming and tightening properties for skin tissues.

        Now what about these lifting and tightening claims? Bear in mind I am in my late 50s and have breast fed to children I was not expecting a miracle but was there any change at all?

        I can't say that the effect was mind blowing and certainly my husband didn't comment of my boob perkiness at all but I do think that my chest area felt lovely and soft and certainly looked less tired. There is a limit to what a cream can do even one including the meadowsweet and tiger lily. Maybe it was just the fact that this area had been treated to a £15 cream and that psychologically t made me feel that bit more lifted.

        I also loved the slightly floral but subtle scent that rose from this area and I have been told that a perfect scent " should be discovered, not announced. This is in a perfect place to be discovered!

        The cream is soft when applied goes on very easily. I find I sinks into my skin nicely without it feeling greasy or heavy.


        Cocoa Butter
        All the moisturizing ingredients are natural and so good for you. Starting with the one everybody knows cocoa butter from the cocoa nut not coconut and is great for softening and smoothing old and tired skin.

        Jojoba Oil
        The jojoba oil comes from from the jojoba shrub and the Native Americans were the first people to discover the many uses of this rather special shrub. When used on the skin, jojoba oil acts as a natural moisturiser.

        Avocado Oil
        Avocado oil which has been found to help the skin to naturally increase collagen production. Collagen is the ingredient in skin which makes your skin tighter and younger looking so this is pretty important in a skin cream.

        Tiger Lillies and Meadow sweet which are apparently are a natural firming and tightening ingredients for the skin.

        There is also bees wax in the cream which makes in non vegan but beeswax is also a very good natural moisturizer for the skin.

        SO FINALLY
        If money was no object I would buy pots of this stuff but I do have to be careful and not waste money so as this is expensive at £15.75 per 100g pot I don't buy it regularly. I often ask for samples which usually give me a week's use if I am careful. I buy them on Ebay when they are on there but I am careful to include the price of postage in my calculations. Every so often I treat myself to a full priced pot as well. It is worth the money as it really is a lovely scented moiturising cream with added benefits.

        Don't forget to keep the standard black pot it comes in as when you have five of these you can swap it for a free face pack.

        In short it is pricey but good. It does firm a little and certainly makes that special area feel ery special. Sometimes us ladies need a bit of TLC and this provides it in the form of a lovely fragrant moisturizer for the chest area and any other areas you think might need a bit of tightening and firming.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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          11.01.2012 05:56
          Very helpful



          Really reccomended if you don't mind forking out £15 for 100 grams!

          Lovely Jubblies
          Lovely Jubblies is a breast cream made by the wonderful Lush, this product is designed to tighten and firm the skin, basically meaning it helps keep boobs perky! Not only this, but it also acts as a moisturiser and helps keep skin (whether it be your boobs or not - it can be used as a moisturiser all over your body if desired) nice and soft, smooth and generally looking and feeling healthy. I bought this product a few months ago shortly after discovering I was pregnant. I wanted to make sure that I moisturised my 'chest area' as much as possible to keep the skin soft and well hydrated to avoid stretch marks. I was also in need of a new, good quality moisturiser so this stuff seemed ideal!

          Product Claims
          Lush claim that Lovely Jubblies is a breast and neck firming cream that also acts as a moisturiser which nurtures and cares for dry/damaged skin, keeping it soft and smooth. It also makes the huge claim that the cream is able to tighten and firm the skin. This is a pretty big claim in my opinion, as I wasn't even aware that there were creams available that did this sort of thing, however to be fair to Lush it seems to of being doing what it claims to in the few months that i've been using it!

          The Ingredients
          Lovely Jubblies is full to the brim with amazing sounding stuff, for instance cocoa butter, which is well known as an ingredients which softens and smoothens skin as well as giving it a gorgeous healthy glow when used regulary enough. Another equally brilliant ingredient in this product is jojoba oil, which I have previously used on my hair to make it nice and shiny. When used on the skin, jojoba oil actually acts as a natural moisturiser. Avocado oil is another ingredient in this cream, which I liked the sound of but wasn't sure what its purpose actually was. According to a website that I found via trust old Google, avocado oil helps to increase collagen production naturally. Collagen is the stuff which makes skin smooth and firm, meaning this is probably one of the most inportant ingredients in this breast cream, as well as the tigerlillies which apparently also firm the skin. There are plenty of other lovely sounding stuff in this, but for obvious reasons I won't ramble - the full list of ingredients can be easily accessed via the Lush website. On a side note, for anyone who isn't familiar with Lush, all of their products contain natural ingredients which is a huge plus! Alot of their products are also vegan, however unfortunetly this isn't as it contains bees wax.

          Price, Value For Money and Availability
          The price of Lovely Jubblies is quite high, and I don't think it's ideal that there aren't a range of different sized tubs available which vary in cost, rather than it costing £15.75 for 100 grams. Obviously for anyone who doesn't know if they will like this or not it's not a product you're going to take a risk with at £15, so I do think Lush should consider making a smaller sized tub available. I personally got a free sample of this before buying the full sized tub, as I had purchased a large amount of stuff and Lush are really good at giving out samples to their customers, so I would reccomend asking for a sample next time you buy something from there. The price is expensive, however the product is good quality. It doesn't, however, last for a huge amount of time - in the 4 months since I discovered it, i've gone through two and a half tubs - one small sample sized tub, one full sized tub and half of another full sized tub. I do use this on most of my body though including my torso which obviously has used it up quicker than it would of have I only used it on my breasts. This cream is only available from Lush, it can be picked up either in store or via their website. They have a UK website which ships worldwide.

          The cream comes in one of Lush's infamous black, sturdy plastic pots which is nice and simple. The pot contains 100 grams, and is filled to the brim. On the lid of the tub is the Lush logo, a brief product description and a brief rundown of the main ingredients, explaining what each does. It also includes directions of how to use the product - "to get your own fabulous pair of lovely jubblies, smooth this firming floral lotion into your.. ahem.. decollatage and neck area. Depending on how blessed you are, you mght need two pots." On the bottom of the tub it has a lengthy list of ingredients as well as a yellow sticker telling you who made your pot of cream and when. The lid is easy to put on and off and I keep my cream on my bedside table out of direct sunlight to avoid it going off.

          Smell and Texture
          The smell of this stuff is amazing! It smells very floral and very strong (but not overpoweringly so) with a slight grassy hint, it smells natural and at first i'll admit I found it a bit mummsy/grannyish however i've grown used to it and i've had no complaints from my boyfriend! The smell does linger, i'd say for around 2-3 hours, however I apply this before bed anyway so the smell has gone by the time I wake up and it therefor doesn't clash with the smells of my body butter and perfume. The cream contains several ingredients that are very prominant in the smell, for example orange blossom honey, fresh rose infusion, lemongrass oil, ylang ylang, tiger lilies and jasmine absolute. It's a very relaxing smell and I really like it. The texture looks to be thick when it's in the pot, but it's actually nice and lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly, it's not the sort of product that makes my skin feel smothered if that makes sense!

          My Experience
          I love this stuff! I bought this mainly because I wanted to keep my boobs nice, or atleast decent while they grew etc due to pregnancy. I am lucky that my boobs aren't saggy, however they're not majorly perky either due to alot of weightloss/fluctuating weight in the past few years. The skin on my breasts is okay, however I personally think that the skin on the bottom of my breasts appears to be very slightly dull and there's a bit of flab/slight bit of excess skin from the stretching from pregnancy/weightgain and because of my previous weight loss.

          When I first started using this, I didn't have my fingers crossed for it to be a miracle cure but to my amazement it seems to of made a noticeable difference. The skin that I feel was slightly 'damaged' feels alot more strong if that makes sense - much firmer, smoother and even the texture of my skin on the 'damaged' part of my breasts is much smoother and less flabby/loose skin feeling. It in no means has made my boobs more perky, it's not a boob job in a pot but simply an aid in making the most of what you've got and keeping your boobs in the best condition! It also makes my skin feel smooth, soft and the skin feels slightly firmer, even on my arms which is bizzare, it's only very, very slight but it's definetly noticeable! My confidence has already been slightly boosted and I would really reccomend this!


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