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Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

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39 Reviews
  • Left my skin soft and healthy
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Have received mixed comments on my skin since using
  • Leaves my nose bright red
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    39 Reviews
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      11.12.2016 21:07
      Very helpful


      • "Leaves skin feeling soft"
      • "Cleansing "
      • "Smells fresh"


      • "Difficult to apply "
      • Messy

      Real oati

      When I first applied this face mask I can only discribe it as putting thick porridge on your face, Its quite difficult to put on because it's hard to spread,and to get an even spread wasn't an easy task!
      Every time I went to put some on my face a clump of it would fall all over the place because it's not like the liquid face masks, it was lumpy because of the teal oats in it.

      The smell of the face mask is quite nice and fresh smelling and because you have to keep it in the fridge it's lovely and cold when you apply it.

      I left it on for recommended time which is between 5 and 10 minutes.
      I found it quite a challenge to get off because of how thick it was and the fact that it is made with real oats and they were stuck to my face. Also got oats stuck under my finger nails too

      Finally when I got the face mask off my skin looked really clean and felt amazingly soft to touch.

      Although this face mask is messy and difficult to apply I would recommend this to anyone because it does leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft and clean.


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      04.12.2014 03:32


      • "It makes my skin clean and soft"
      • "It smells nice and fresh and nourishing"


      • "It is not intense cleaning"

      Oatifix face mask

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a face mask that is made by Lush. It is made of fresh ingredients and is hydrating and has got oats in it to exfoliate the skin also.


      You wet the skin and then take some mask and rub it into your skin. There are essential oils in it and oats also so that it makes your skin soft and is an intense cleanser also. When you have exfoliated you should keep the mask on your skin for some minutes and massage it again for an extra exfoliating feeling before you rinse it off.


      I do not buy very many Lush face masks because I think they smell nice but they are not special enough for me to spend the money on. I buy their Cupcake face mask alot but sometimes I like to buy Oatifix because even though I do not think it has a beautiful fragrance it is very cleansing and I think it exfoliates very good. When I first used it I remember that I thought it was very clinical but it is not and even though it does not feel like it is pampering the face mask works good at cleaning my skin.

      I think it is moisturising also but it does not make my skin feel so soft as when I use Cupcake but it is more cleansing, I think Lush face masks do not ever do all of everything! My skin feels very clean but I do not think wearing Oatifix is as pleasing to wear on my face as Cupcake and other face masks made by Lush that smell nicer.

      I like to use the oats when I scrub my face but then it feels funny not to wash them off after I have used them for an exfoliator. After I have kept the face mask on my face for a few minutes it dries up a bit but I add a little bit of water and then it goes loose enough for me to use it as a scrub again, it splashes alot when I remove it so I use a face cloth and wipe it off instead of trying to splash it with water like Lush say to.


      A tub that has got 75g of Oatifix in it costs £6.50 and I think that is alot but it is a very nice face mask and I am happy to pay that money sometimes.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      26.11.2014 08:54
      Very helpful


      • "Left my skin soft and healthy "


      • "Not very pampering feeling"
      • "Messy "

      Messy but nicer skin afterwards

      I use face masks all the time though I usually only buy the single sachets of Montagne Jeunesse ones because they are so cheap but still effective.

      I occasionally treat myself to a mask from Lush when I am feeling indulgent as they are wonderful but they are more expensive.

      I have bought the Oatifix mask when my skin has been feeling extra dry as the girl in the shop recommended it to me for dry skin and this works to just give my skin a boost and leave it looking more radiant.

      Normally I go for more mud based ones but this is different in that it resembles a porridge paste. It smells gorgeous though almost edible. It has so many lovely fresh and natural ingredients in it that it has got to be good for your skin.

      There are oats as well as bananas, almonds and kaolin as well as loads more ingredients used in it. This wasn’t the easiest face mask to apply as the paste is quite thick and gloopy and difficult to spread. It feels a lot different to liquid masks.

      After sitting with the mask on for 15 minutes you can wash it off and this makes a real mess. The oats go all over the sink and if you don’t clean them up straight away they stick and become a nightmare to remove. Also when you are applying the mask be careful not to get any in your hair or else it will stick and be hard to get off.

      As I said earlier in the review I like a mask for a relaxing and pampering experience and this mask is neither of those things. I found it difficult to relax when I had this on as bits kept falling off.

      The upside of this mask is that it left my skin feeling fabulous. My skin was so soft when this came off and it felt more moisturised and also a lot calmer and less sensitive which I wasn’t expecting. Once I had removed it and applied moisturiser my skin had a lovely healthy glow to it and it just looked clean and healthy.

      I really liked the way that this left my skin looking though I didn’t enjoy the application so much.

      The mask costs £6.50 a pot but you can get about 3 applications from that so it isn’t all that expensive when you think about it. The only problem is that this is a fresh mask so has a use by date which is about a month so you need to make sure that you are going to have the time to use the pot up so as to not waste it.


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      02.11.2014 13:33


      • "Organic/Vegan product"
      • "Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft"
      • "Amazing smell"


      • "Have received mixed comments on my skin since using"
      • "Leaves my nose bright red"
      • "Not the easiest to apply"

      Left as a great-smelling, smooth-skinned Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

      Recently I used Lush's BB Seaweed, as I am currently trying to find an organic face mask that can replace a brand not easy to find in the UK, but not 100% happy with it as my new permanent face mask. I spoke with the girl in the store and explained this, along with my other needs; nothing containing lavender that will help control breakouts and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. As well as this, I wanted a product that wouldn't dry out my skin whilst dealing with spots.

      We talked through a few different products, and Oatifix wasn't actually her first suggestion for me. However, my boyfriend uses plain oats on his face daily (a habit which I have picked up on now and then) and knowing how effective oats can be for breakouts, I gravitated towards Oatifix.

      The factor that sealed the deal for me was the incredible smell - the mix of oats and bananas smells divine. The price was £6.50 for a 75g pot, on-par with all the other products in Lush's fresh face mask range.

      On my first application/use of Oatifix, I was very impressed. The mask felt great on my face, and the incredible smell didn't harm, either! It wasn't the easiest to apply - now and then there are lumps in the mask (not sure if it's from the oats or bananas though I'm leaning towards the latter), and it doesn't have the smoothing over the skin effect that I would prefer. However, it's quite easy to apply once you actually get used to it.

      When removing the mask, it was recommended to me to exfoliate my face, and the mask is a great exfoliator in that sense. My skin was left feeling amazingly smooth, and has looked quite clear, particularly for the rest of the day.

      However, since the first use, I have noticed a strange side-effect. I usually have a cold nose due to poor circulation, but twice now, after using the mask, my nose has gotten very warm and turned bright red for a few hours. I was worried the first time, and didn't quite link the mask to the reason, but since it's happened a second time I can only assume the mask is the cause. It doesn't seem to have the same effect on the rest of my face - though my skin is left quite pink, it fades away after half an hour or so - it's only my nose left warm and bright red!

      I have received mixed responses from people since I started using this mask - a couple commenting that my skin looks really clear, though my boyfriend commented (on an evening where I had used the mask earlier in the day) that it looked as though my skin had broken out.

      As such I'm left a little undecided on this product - I doubt I will purchase it again due to the strange nose side-effect, which is a real shame as I had high hopes for the mask, having first-hand seen the benefits of oats on skin. I am sure though that my reaction is an anomaly; if it hadn't been for the affect on my nose, I would give Oatifix another go.


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      18.12.2013 10:52
      Very helpful



      A face mask from Lush which was a total let down :/

      One of my favourite things to do is have a pamper day, of late I really haven't had time for many at all. But had some free time I popped into Lush as I haven't tried any of their face masks before. I guess I kind of wished I stuck to what I know works!

      Lush - Oatifix Fresh Face Mask:

      'Altogether, a gentle mask that is perfect to feed dry or sensitive skin. Oatifix was invented by our shop managers on an inventing day at the factory. They wanted something for dry skin, that didn't cause irritation to sensitive skin types.'

      - www.lush.co.uk

      My Findings:

      My skin can re-act at times to new products so I'm always caution at first and carry out a patch test just incase. The lady in the Lush store advised this would be perfect for my skin and it was suitable for all skin types and shouldn't cause any irritation.

      So all in all that sounded good my skin was a little dry due to the cold weather and was told this would certainly help. As I purchased a few items I was given one application of this free of charge which I think was rather nice of her. You don't get many shops giving you a freebie!

      How I was told to use the product was to cleanse my face first, then apply to skin and leave for around ten minutes before rinsing away from my face. Smoothing this face mask on was a little tricky with the lumps of oats, some bids just dropped to the floor.

      It wasn't rough or grainy either it was like a soft mushy paste but didn't look attractive at all. It smelt very much like my breakfast, I had porridge with banana and honey! Being as you have to store in the fridge it was rather cool applying to skin which in the summer time great, but right now it is already cold.

      So once my ten minutes was up, it was time to wash the mask from my face and geez it felt like it took forever! Just using plain luke water warm the mask wasn't really coming off so I had to use my facial flannel which then did the trick. But certainly took me around five minutes if not a little longer to remove the product.

      Patting my face dry appearance of my skin was just the same and sadly it didn't feel any different either after all that effort. I'm really glad I had this as a freebie, product comes in a tub where you have to scoop the mask out.

      Price and Availability:

      As this is a Lush own product it can only be purchased from their store or via the web site costing £5.95 for a 75g tub.


      I do like the fact that this is a vegan product but sadly it did nothing at all for my skin. It does have some good reviews so it is a case of trial and error if this will work for your skin or not. Maybe see if you can get a sample for first.

      One out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      © VampirePrincess


      Glycerine, Fine Oatmeal, Fresh Organic Bananas, Water, Ground Almonds, Illipe Butter, Kaolin, Talc, Vanilla Pod, Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, Sandalwood Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, *Coumarin, *Benzyl Cinnamate, *Linalool, Perfume, Gardenia Extract


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        14.12.2012 08:48
        Very helpful



        Nourishment for abused skin

        Oatfix is my all-time favourite face mask from Lush for use in winter as it is so nourishing on my skin. The combination of going from central heating in to cold weather always plays havoc on my skin and can leave it dry and looking a little worse for wear. Although I have quite greasy skin normally, in winter it can become dry and cracked in areas especially around my nose and my cheeks. It can also look red and just generally in need of some TLC.

        Oatfix is my go to product for these times as it really gives my skin a boost of moisture and leaves it feeling and looking in better condition than before.
        Like all of the masks from Lush this one contains loads of high quality ingredients including fresh organic bananas, oatmeal, illipe butter and ground almonds.
        It smells gorgeous and you can really smell the bananas and it smells so delicious that I could easily imagine this was edible if I didn't know better.

        It is one of the messier masks to use as it is really thick and sticky and I find it quite difficult to actually get it to stick to my skin. I find that having slightly wet hands makes the whole thing easier to do. You need to be careful to make sure that you have your hair scraped back off your face otherwise any that gets on it will dry and you will end up having to wash it off with shampoo. Also when the mask dries it gets a bit cakey and bits of the oatmeal will flake off so it can all get a bit messy.

        The mess is a small price to pay though for such a good mask. This is just so nourishing that as soon as you wash the mask off you can already notice the difference in your skin. This works wonders for putting some moisture back in the skin and my face is left feeling super soft afterwards. When you are removing the mask you can make little circular movements with your fingers to exfoliate and it gets right in to all the little dry areas such as the creases of my nose and buffs away the dry skin there.

        You only need to keep this on for ten minutes and this is enough time for the mask to get to work and pump your skin full of goodness and start to rebalance it. I find that when I have washed the mask off completely my skin looks much more balanced and I am no longer left with dry patches on some areas and greasy patches on others. This actually works to normalise my skin and leave it looking and feeling the picture of health.

        I have really sensitive skin and this doesn't irritate it or cause me to have any redness afterwards. With some of the other Lush masks even though they don't irritate as such some of them can leave my skin a little pink afterwards but other than the mess I could easily use this one and then leave the house straight away afterwards as it leaves my skin looking completely normal.

        As with all the fresh masks from Lush this needs to be kept refrigerated and will last for three weeks in the fridge so it isn't one to buy if you are not going to find the time to use the whole tub up. A pot costs £5.95 and I would say that it is well worth paying this as I personally think this is really reasonable for a mask that contains such fresh quality ingredients as this one. Also if you save up 5 pots you can take them back to Lush and exchange them for a new mask for free.

        Oatfix is a minor miracle for my skin. It not only calms my skin down and nourishes it from the beating it takes in winter but it also makes it look its absolute best. It works well on my Rosacea and even when my skin is having a flare up I can rely on this mask to soothe it and make it look the best it can.


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        14.08.2012 16:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        My first ever tried Lush product was very dissapointing

        Having read and heard a lot of good things about Lush products, last week whilst in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, I decided to treat myself to a couple of them. I particularly wanted to try one of their fresh face masks and I ended up purchasing the Oatifix one, which was recommended by one of the Lush shop assistants, after I let her know that my skin is a bit on the dry side.

        The Oatifix fresh face mask comes in a small black pot made from 100% recycled plastic. It contains 75 grams of the mask and priced at £5.95 it is not exactly cheap. It has a screw on lid, on which you have the small Lush logo and the name of the mask is displayed in quite big lettering. It also states that it cleanses, softens and moisturises sensitive skin. It also informs you that it is a blend of bananas, vanilla and oats to cool and nourish, illipe butter to reduce redness, ground almonds to gently polish and kaolin to cleanse your skin. You are also advised the keep this in the fridge and that if you bring back 5 clean full-size Lush pots or tubes you get one fresh mask free.

        On the sides of the pot there are stickers advising how to use (apply a generous layer over the face, avoiding eyes, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then wash off with warm water). You are also advised that Lush is fighting against animal testing and that the mask is suitable for vegans. There are also details of the manufacturer and the amount contained in the pot.

        On the bottom of the pot there is a full list of ingredients and it states that it is handmade with fresh ingredients and preservative free. There is also a round sticker letting you know who and when the mask was made by and when to use it by, I think that's a very nice touch!

        The mask itself is a very light brown colour and smells absolutely yummy, a mix of vanilla and bananas. It really does smell like something you would have for breakfast! The mask itself is very thick and slightly coarse in texture. Because of this, I found it very hard to apply to my face. It is sort of lumpy and crumbly, not moist enough in my opinion to just spread it on. Constantly, there were bits falling off as I was trying to put it on, and I ended up making a bit of a mess on the bathroom floor. However once it was on, it did not feel uncomfortable at all, if it wasn't for the scrumptious scent I would have forgotten it was there. Throughout the next ten minutes that I had it on, it did not dry but if anything it seemed to slightly melt (probably because it was no longer "rock hard" straight from the fridge and had softened when in contact with skin warmth), so it did not make my face feel tight. I did not really get any other sensations such as tingling, itching or stinging, which I sometimes get with other face masks.

        After 10 minutes, I washed it off (came off a lot quicker than it went on). My complexion hadn't changed and my skin did not feel any better than before. In fact I would probably say that my face actually felt dryer and almost thirsty for some rich moisturising cream. All in all, I was quite disappointed in this face mask as it was supposed to hydrate my skin and it seemed to have had the opposite effect. I only used it once and still have loads left (I could probably get another 5 or 6 applications out of it), but I doubt that I will be using it again. I would not personally recommend it to anyone, and it has really put me off buying other Lush face masks!


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          29.06.2012 16:48
          Very helpful



          I love it!

          Lush offer a huge range of fresh cosmetics. They do not test their products on animals and try to reduce or use recycled packaging where possible. Lush currently offer perfume, bath and body treats and a large range of skin care and gift items.


          Lush currently offer 9 fresh face masks. The masks are suited to various skin types and are made with fresh ingredients so have a short shelf life.

          Oatifix is perfect for those who have dry skin. It is free from preservatives and should be kept in the fridge. The purpose of this face mask is to give nourishment to dry skin. It also acts as a gentle scrub due to containing ground almonds, oatmeal and kaolin (mild cleansing ingredient). These ingredients should make the skin look brighter as they sweep dead skin cells away.

          Organic bananas feature in the ingredients list. They add nourishment whilst Illipe Butter leaves the skin soft and supple. Vanilla and sandalwood offer a soft scent to this face mask. This mask is vegan friendly!

          For those interested in the full ingredient list, it can be found on the Lush website (www.lush.co.uk).


          When you visit a Lush store, you are most likely to see a display with large metal bowls full to the brim with the various face masks that they offer. These bowls sit in ice to keep them cool and fresh. The pots of face masks available to purchase are also sat in the ice display. Oatifix is presented in a standard, black Lush pot with a screw top lid. The packaging has the relevant product information including product claims, how to use and the ingredients. There will also be a sticker stating who prepared your face mask, when and the best before day.

          My sticker states that Nicola prepared my face mask on the 12th of June and it should be used by the 10th of July.

          ~Price and Availability~

          Oatifix can be purchased from Lush stores or through the website (www.lush.co.uk). A 75g pot costs £5.75. Lush have a long running special offer which entitles you to one free face mask when you return 5 Lush pots (clean of course) to the store.

          ~My Thoughts~

          I like to treat my skin to a face mask once a week in addition to my usual daily skin care routine. I have lots of Montagne Jeunesse sachet masks in my beauty box but I like to treat my skin to some Lush face mask whenever I can get to the store. My first experience with Oatifix was around a year ago. The lady in Lush recommended this particular face mask for my dry and sensitive skin and I was more than happy to pay the £5.75 price.

          On my most recent visit to Lush (in Edinburgh) I decided I wanted to purchase a fresh face mask again. I enquired as to what mask would benefit my dry skin just incase they had any new masks suitable for it. Oatifix was recommended alongside 'Love Lettuce'. I didn't fancy that one due to the green colour of it so opted for Oatifix. I actually had my 5 empty pots with me so was pleased to receive my latest pot free of charge! This is a fab offer in my opinion as everyone likes something for free.


          Oatifix (not to be confused with Weetabix) is different from the liquid face masks I am used to. It is thick and a golden, syrupy colour. It smells amazing and reminds me of Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub but without the maple scent - very flapjack like! To me, the oaty smell is most evident and is complimented by a gorgeous vanilla undertone. It is quite warm and sweetly scented and I really do love it. I always feel that if something smells nice, it makes for a much more pleasant experience.

          I popped this in the fridge when I returned home last weekend and warned my boys not to touch it. The men in our family have a habit of throwing Lush products out. My Dad once through a large tub of shower jelly out as he thought it had gone off due to a layer of white foam in the bottle! Anyway, this mask is packed full of skin friendly ingredients which I appreciate. It is very natural and likely to appeal to a lot of people.

          My first use of this new pot was last weekend and I used some more last night. Past experience has led me to gain four applications from one pot which I feel is fair and this allows me to use it once a week for the four weeks. Applying this face mask is a little trickier than applying a liquid face mask. It is thick, soft and cool. I would recommend giving your face a quick wash to open the pores and leave your skin a little damp - this makes it a little easier to apply in my opinion.

          I pinned my hair back and took a little blob of face mask from the tub at a time. It will drip if you aren't careful. I smooth the face mask across my skin and ensure I rub it gently. It feels a little sticky and the oats/ground almonds can be felt through the paste like mask. The mask does feel gently exfoliating but not at all harsh on my skin. It is a little bit tickly if I am being honest. It is difficult to spread the mask due to the consistency of it hence why damp skin is the best option. It isn't exactly a luxurious face mask.

          Once my face was covered in a thin layer of mask, I did look really funny! My face had a golden colour and there were lumpy bits which did not look pleasant! I looked like I had smothered my skin in thick porridge. The smell lingered though and was absolutely delicious - we are warned not to be tempted to eat it though. It is recommended that you relax for 5 - 10 minutes but I would say to relax for how ever long you can as it doesn't tingle or make your skin feel tight unlike the liquid face masks - always a bonus.

          Anytime I have used this, I am chilled out for 20 minutes or so to allow the mask to give my skin much needed nourishment. Whilst the mask was on my face, I noticed it was soothing and fairly cool whilst the scent was somewhat relaxing. I really didn't want to move. Touching my face, I could feel the lumpy bits turning a little hard and crumbly but the areas I applied a little more too were still quite sticky so I relaxed for another 5 minutes. This mask certainly doesn't set like a regular mask and I would recommend being careful not to get it in your hair as it is a nightmare to remove.

          ~Oat-standing Results!~

          It is recommended that you remove this mask with warm water. I filled up my sink and splashed by face with some warm water. I took the opportunity to work the damp oats around my skin before using a flannel to remove the excess oats. It is definitely worth removing this mask over the sink as the oats drip everywhere - think Mrs Doubtfire but with a oaty face mask and not a cream mask!

          I normally have to apply a thicker layer of moisturiser over my skin after using a face mask. Not with Oatifix! Oatifix is incredibly nourishing. My forehead is the main dry skin culprit and eac h time I have used this face mask, it has coped brilliantly with eliminating the dry areas. My skin felt instantly smooth and soft to the touch. It was very hydrated and the oaty particles had helped make my skin much brighter and healthier by buffing away the dead skin. No day cream or night cream required and no residue remains after rinsing.


          I can highly recommend Oatifix. It smells lovely and really does treat the skin to some nourishing ingredients. The sweet oaty scent lingered and was perfect to detect whilst relaxing in the evening. This face mask would be ideal for morning or evening use as the results last. Of course, you do need to set aside some time to use it to gain full benefits from it. It is one of the best face masks I have ever used and I am confident that my skin is reaping the benefits of the fresh ingredients.

          If you aren't sure you can use a full tub within 4 weeks, you could split the mask with a friend or relative. I personally want to keep it all to myself though. I once shared it with my sister and it was too heavy for her combination skin due to the rich oily banana ingredient.

          Highly recommended to those with really dry skin!

          Thanks for reading x


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            04.06.2012 22:33
            Very helpful



            A wonderful face mask for dry skin, maybe a little too rich for any other skin type though.

            Lush is quite possibly my favourite shop for cosmetic products. Their products are not tested on animals which is the most important thing to me. They're environmentally friendly and use fairtrade and organic products and actually do a fair bit to support people in developing countries. Because the majority of the ingredients that go into their products are fresh and natural it's very rare I will find something which causes irritation to my very sensitive skin and it's pretty much the only shop I can walk into and feel confident about using anything I pick up in there.

            Despite all of this and the fact I've been religiously buying products from there for a good few years, I had never actually tried any of their fresh face masks until recently. I don't really know why, they'd just never appealed to me all that much. However a few weeks ago I discovered five empty Lush pots hanging around underneath my kitchen sink and I decided to go and trade them in for a free face mask.

            There were a fair few to pick between and I didn't really know where to start. Luckily, there was a friendly shop assistant near by to help me with my choice. In the end I went for this Oatifix face mask due to its scent and its skin brightening effects. I was allowed to try a little on the back of my hand and the difference between the brightness after using this compared to the hand I hadn't used it on was more than impressive. Plus it left my hand feeling silky smooth, I couldn't pick a fault with it!

            The face mask is available in Lush stores and on their website for £5.75 for a 75g pot. As I've mentioned, if you take pack five clean, empty Lush pots to any store they'll give you a free face mask so it's worth holding on to them if you purchase from Lush regularly. I find the 75g pot gives me about a month and a half - two months worth of weekly usage so the price isn't too outrageous (Lush can be a little on the pricey side to say the least).

            The pot is the typical basic looking black Lush pot. It's made from recycled plastic and is still fully recyclable. The pot contains a product name in large white lettering along with a little product description underneath. On the base of the pot can be a found a sticker with the face and name of the lovely person who hand made this product.

            The face mask itself is a pale brown colour and quite lumpy looking. It has a beautiful scent of banana with a little touch of vanilla and almond. It really does smell good enough to eat! The ingredients list of this face mask sounds more like the occasional breakfast you'd have as a treat than a cosmetic product. This mask contains oatmeal, fresh organic bananas, ground almonds, illipe butter and vanilla pod - it really does smell as good as it sounds! The ingredients were not just chosen for their scent though. Each one has a different function. Bananas are good for hydrating dry skin as they're rich and oily. Illipe butter is good for moisturising the skin and the oatmeal and ground almonds act as a gentle exfoliater which is what gives such wonderful skin brightening effects. There are no added preservatives in this face mask so it must be kept in the fridge to preserve its freshness.

            As wonderful as this product sounds thus far, I have found it has its fair share of disadvantages as well as advantages.

            Firstly, application is extremely awkward and time consuming. The oatmeal is a lovely product to have on your skin but it makes getting it on your skin a nightmare. The lumpy, thick consistency means bits are forever falling off of my face and into the bathroom sink. Trying to get an even coverage is near impossible as this sort of all clumps together. Still, with persistence I do get there eventually and then its time to sit down and relax for ten minutes to let the face mask work on my skin. Applying this above my upper lip means I've got that heavenly scent directly underneath my nose so that's a massive bonus! Surprisingly, when this is on my face I do find it quite easy to forget about. I was expecting it to be really heavy and feel quite uncomfortable but it really doesn't. As I've had this kept in the fridge I find the coolness of the mask to be really soothing as well. Once its on, it does feel really pleasant.

            Once its off my face also feels lovely. I tend to wipe this off using baby wipes. Using a face cloth means I then have to spend ages washing it to try and get the bits of oatmeal out of it. I can eventually achieve this and it doesn't ruin my face cloth, I just find it much simpler to use baby wipes I can then throw away. Using this method, getting the face mask off takes a fraction of the time and effort required to get it on.

            The after effects of this are, at first, wonderful and pretty much instant! My face is noticeably brighter, it really calms down the red patches on my cheeks too which is great as I really hate my constant flustered look. My skin feels smoother, softer and much more supple. It has quite a radiant glow about it after using this face mask and who doesn't want that? It seems perfect.

            And here's where another negative comes into play. The instant effects are beautiful, I really love them but, unfortunately, every time I have used this face mask I have woken up the next two with two or three rather large spots. My skin is thankfully quite clear most of the time. I do suffer with a bit of uneven skin tone along with a couple of scars but I've never really suffered much with spots and that's always been the one thing I've liked about my awkward skin. So this effect is almost heartbreaking especially after such wonderful results the night before. The last time I used this face mask I woke up with three spots with big yellow heads on my forehead and I don't recall ever getting any spots on my forehead before this! I didn't want to believe this lovely product was having such effects on me and I actually carried on using the entire pot in hope these outbreaks were nothing more than coincidence. I have now come to terms with the fact it was this face mask making me turn into a pizza after all.

            On the plus, it does seem to be only me who suffers with this reaction as I've never known anyone else who has used this product to have the same complaint. I personally feel it may be down to me not actually suffering with dry skin which is what this mask is targeted at. Perhaps the rich oils contained in the bananas are a little too rich and oily for my already quite hydrated skin.

            I would still recommend giving this product a try. If it wasn't for the spot outbreaks I'd definitely continue to use this as the positives by far outweigh the only other negative out the awkward application. Unfortunately, I don't think this one is for me so next time I'll be trying a different Lush face mask. I think if you do suffer with dry skin this would perfect - if not then maybe something else would be better.


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            04.05.2012 08:13
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A lovely fresh face mask from Lush

            I'm a huge fan of Lush's fresh face masks, and especially the offer which allows you to get a free one when you take five black pots back to the store. Almost all my fresh face masks were obtained this way. The most recent one I've tried is Oatifix.

            Oatifix is designed for dry skin and resembles porridge in appearance and scent. It contains fresh organic bananas, which are very rich and help to condition the skin. Illipe butter is also included, and this is a very moisturising ingredient. Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin are designed to bind the ingredients and these also add texture to the mask, so it can be used as a gentle facial scrub. Vanilla pod and sandalwood oil scent the mask and talc prevents it from being too greasy. The mask is suitable for vegans. The ingredients are meant to be very nourishing and look after dry and sensitive skin.
            To be honest, I don't actually have dry skin. In fact it is prone to oiliness especially around my T-zone. However it can be a bit sensitive, so I thought the mask might be suitable. In fact I just wanted to give it a try as it sounded so yummy!

            As with all Lush's fresh face masks, this one should be stored in the fridge to stop it from going off. This makes them feel wonderfully cooling and soothing on the skin, and Oatifix is no exception. I cleansed my face thoroughly and then applied a thin layer of the mask. Though it has a porridge-like texture, it is a bit thinner than conventional porridge so it is easy to apply, and luckily it is quite sticky so it doesn't fall off the face even after several minutes.

            The mask smells absolutely amazing - like sweet sugary porridge. It didn't taste bad either - I couldn't help licking around my lips when I was wearing the mask, though I wouldn't recommend this as a normal course of action!

            While wearing the mask, I did find that I experienced a slight itchy feeling on my face which was rather annoying. I experienced it each time I used the mask, so it wasn't a one-off incident. However it wasn't unbearable and it didn't have any visible ill-effects on my skin, so I continued to use the mask.
            After leaving the mask on for ten to fifteen minutes, I washed it off my face. This was slightly tricky as the mask was quite sticky and bits of it kept getting stuck in my hair! As I was taking the mask off I kept rubbing my skin a bit to gently exfoliate.

            After use I applied toner and moisturiser to my skin. My face felt refreshed and soft and looked bright and healthy. Longer term, I noticed that while I was using the mask my skin was in great condition. My skin tone was more even and my complexion looked healthy and radiant. I didn't have any dry bits as I occasionally do. I went home for a week and even my mam commented that my skin was looking good. When I first started using the mask, I got a few spots and thought the mask was to blame, but then I went home for a week and started to use different cleansing and moisturising products on my face. I didn't get any spots after that, so maybe the products I was using in London were responsible - either that, or the combination of those products plus the mask were too much for my skin.

            I was impressed with the mask, particularly given that it wasn't designed for my skin type. It did make my skin look and feel good. However it did seem to irritate my skin a little - rather ironic considering it is supposed to be for sensitive skin, but perhaps my skin just doesn't like one of the ingredients. I did like the mask, but might not choose it again myself for this reason. I do recommend it, though.

            The mask costs £5.75 for a 75g tub, but as mentioned previously you can choose a free one when you take 5 black pots back to Lush. The mask lasts three to four weeks if kept in the fridge, and I've sometimes used masks past this time with no ill effects. I get around 7-8 masks out of a tub, so it is good value even though it is expensive.


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              22.03.2012 08:33
              Very helpful



              Not what I had hoped

              ---------- Introduction ----------
              I kind of have an obsession with skin care products as I am always looking for ways to make my skin clearer, brighter and flawless! And recently I was looking on the Lush website, and I came across their fresh face masks. I was instantly interested as I love face masks, and so I had a further look at them. As I read the product information and several reviews about Lush's face masks, I became more and more interested in buying one. So the next time I was out shopping and came across a Lush store, I popped in to buy one.

              After looking around the store for several minutes, a worker from Lush came up to me and asked if I needed any help. I told her how I was interested in getting a face mask. She then started asking me several questions about my skin type, and I told her that my face can get quite dry. She then pointed out that the Oatifix mask would be good for me seeing as I had dry skin. I had originally planned on getting the face mask called 'Brazened Honey', however unfortunately they were all sold out of that mask, so instead, trusting the Lush worker, I went ahead and bought Oatifix instead.

              ---------- About Lush ----------
              Lush is a company that sells a variety of handmade products, including bath bombs, soaps, body butters, deodorants, moisturisers, lip balms, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and many more. Lush promise that they do not test on any animals, nor do they buy ingredients from companies that test on animals. Also they use only vegetarian ingredients. So that's brilliant for me, especially as I am a vegetarian and love animals. Lush also makes sure that the ingredients used in their products are as fresh and natural as possible. To sum up Lush in two words, I would say they are 'very ethical.' If you would like to find out more about Lush, they have a video on their website under the link 'our values'.

              ---------- About Oatifix Face Mask ----------
              As I've already mentioned Oatifix is designed for people with dry skin. The name 'Oatifix' gives you quite a nice idea about what is in the product. The main ingredients are:

              - Bananas - according to the Lush website, bananas are a rich and oily fruit, and are therefore used to 'get goodness into dry skin'.
              - Oatmeal, Ground Almonds and Kaolin - these apparently act a gentle scrub, to scrub away dead skin cells and brighten your skin.
              - The last main ingredient is illipe butter - I don't actually know what this is, but Lush claims it moisturises the skin and reduces redness.

              So basically this mask claims to moisturise dry skin, scrub away dead skin cells, and it also claims to not irritate sensitive skin. This mask is also preservative free, and needs to be stored in the fridge. One of the main things that annoy me about this face mask is that there is an expiration date. Okay I know that Lush uses fresh ingredients, and so obviously these fresh ingredients will eventually go off, however it is a bit annoying. You have about a month until the face mask has passed its expiration date; however that depends on when you buy it as there is a little sticker on the back of the tub telling you the date the product was made, and when you should use it buy. So if you buy the product right after its been made, then you will have about a month to use it, however if you buy it for example a week after its been made, then you will only have 3 weeks to use it, so it all depends on when you buy it.

              ---------- Packaging ----------
              Oatifix comes in a simple small black tub. To be honest, when I went into Lush and looked at the face masks in their tubs, I was so close to not buying one, because the tubs just looked so small, and I thought after like 3 uses there would be none left. However I have had this face mask over a month now and I use it twice a week and I still have around half the product left! (Even though it may have passed the expiration date!)

              On the top of the tub it says 'a delicious face mask to cleanse, soften and moisturise dry and sensitive skin.' It also tells you in small print what the main ingredients do, and how to use it and store it. On the back of the tub it tells you all the ingredients, and when you should use the face mask by. One thing that caught my eye was on the side of the tub there is a label saying 'bring back 5 lush pots, get a Fresh Face Mask free.' I feel this is quite a good deal, well for me anyway! I think you get that label on quite a few of Lush's other pots, not just the face mask ones, so make sure you look out for it!

              ---------- Using the Face Mask ----------
              When I first twisted off the lid, I was met by a yellowy, oaty colour. It doesn't put me off, however other people have commented when I have been wearing this mask that it looks like I'm wearing sick on my face, which I guess isn't a nice look, however it doesn't bother me as I'm not exactly going to walk down the street wearing this anyway. The smell of this mask is gorgeous, I can't quite put my finger on it, however it smells like a mixture of oats and vanilla, it really is a nice smell.

              To apply this mask you just dip your clean finger into the mask, and then wipe the mask all over your face. I was surprised at how little mask you needed to cover your face; you really didn't need a lot at all. I find that as the mask has been stored in the fridge, when you put it on your face, it is nice and cooling. However as its quite cold, and the actual mask isn't very runny (which is good don't get me wrong) it just means it doesn't spread over your face that easily, and you have to rub quite hard, so it isn't the easiest mask to apply. I would describe the consistency of this mask as thick and lumpy.

              If I have a lot of time on my hands, I tend to cleanse my face first, and then steam my face to open up my pores, and then finally apply the mask. However if I don't have a lot of time, I just cleanse my face and then apply the mask. Make sure that you only apply this mask to clean skin and not over the top of makeup. Once you have applied the mask you then leave it on for 5-10 minutes, I tend to leave it on for 10 minutes, and I have sometimes even left it on for 15 minutes. When the mask is on my face, I find that as it's not runny I can still walk around and do other stuff at the same time.

              A couple of times when I have had this mask on my face and where my skin is dry, I sometimes feel a kind of stinging sensation. It's not strong enough to put me off carrying on using the mask; however it's not exactly the nicest feeling. I would just like to point out that I don't get this feeling all the time, only occasionally.

              Once the time is up, I then get some warm water out the tap, and rinse the mask off my face. I find it takes a fair amount of scrubbing to get the mask off my face. Also be careful when applying this mask to make sure that all your hair is out your face, as several times I have ended up with this mask in my hair. Once I have washed the entire mask off, I then just pat my face to dry it.

              ---------- Results ----------
              After using this mask I have found that my skin does feel cleansed and moisturised, however that is all. Several times I have applied this mask over really dry areas of my skin, and I feel I was a bit let down as it didn't moisturise it as well as I would have liked. If my skin is a bit dry, I feel it does the job well of moisturising it. However when my skin is in real need of some moisturise, I just feel it doesn't moisturise my face as much as I would have liked it to.

              My face does feel nice and soft after using this mask; however this is only a short term effect. Oatifix does leave my face smelling rather nice as well, however again, this doesn't last long.

              I really had high hopes for this mask and I really really really wanted to like it. However I just feel although it moisturises my skin and makes it feel soft and leaves it smelling nice. I feel that firstly it doesn't work as well when my skin is really dry, and secondly it doesn't really do anything for my skin in the long term, for example it hasn't brightened it or made it softer In the long term, even though I use it twice a week.

              I don't think I would repurchase this mask, as I feel it's a lot of money for what you get, and also you have to use it up in a month anyway. (I would just like to add though, that I have used the mask several times after the expiration date and it still performs the same. I will continue to use it until it starts to smell funny or look funny - I don't like to waste a lot of things!)

              ---------- Price and Availability ----------
              You can get this face mask from Lush for £5.75 for a 75g tub.

              ---------- Overall ----------
              Overall this mask is okay.
              What I like: It moisturises my dry skin, leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling nice, Lush doesn't test on animals, and the ingredients are natural and fresh.
              What I dislike: It doesn't seem strong enough to moisturise my skin when it's really dry, have to use it up within about a month, doesn't do anything for my skin in the long term, and it's a quite expensive price to pay seeing as it only should last a month.

              Although this mask hasn't exactly been perfect for me, I am certainly not giving up on Lush! This was my first product I bought from Lush, but it certainly won't be the last. I'm sure some of you will be surprised reading that seeing as I only gave it 2/5, however I have read other reviews of the other Lush face masks, and I am still interested in buying another one and seeing how I get on. There is also a face mask that interests me called the 'mask of magnaminty' which has an expiration date of up to 4 months, and I feel this will be better suited for me. So although Oatifix wasn't exactly what I had hoped, I am definitely interested in trying out more of Lush's products.


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                05.01.2012 13:08



                See review for details

                This took some getting used to!

                Why? Well...

                The face mask itself looks horrible. It seriously looks like someone has vomited on your face when you've applied it! Also, the mask is quite runny and gloopy, which makes it difficult to apply. I have to apply this over the sink otherwise I end up with it all dropping onto my bathroom floor and it's a nightmare to clean up! The mask takes a bit of getting used to as it's not as thickest mask in Lush's fresh face mask collection.

                The mask is a little hard to master. I started with just a small amount of this at first and applied it to my face in a circular motion, topping it up with more when needed. The mask doesn't dry, it just sits on face. I don't mind this though as the mask smells lovely. It has a lovely sweet scent to it that reminds me of cakes and all things sweet. The scent of the mask tends to linger on your face for a good while after you have washed the mask off, which is a bonus. The mask is easy to wash off and after use all you need to do is dry your face with a soft towel and apply a few drops of moisturiser. The scent makes up for it's runny consistency.

                The mask leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and cleansed. It also helps to reduce spots and/ or redness. The mask is suitable for sensitive skin as it is so gentle and the mask is 100% natural and cruelty free.

                Worth a try if you can get used to it's consistency.


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                15.10.2011 05:06
                Very helpful



                A fantastic face mask from Lush.

                === The product ===

                This is a fresh face mask sold by Lush. If you are visiting a Lush store you will find this resting on ice, along with a selection of the ingredients that make this up, and you can even test a little out if you ask the staff nicely.

                === The packaging ===

                This is provided in a small circular tub. Washing out and returning 5 Lush black pots will receive you another fresh face mask completely free of charge. The packaging is strong, sturdy and recyclable. The lid is a screw top lid and is easy to remove, even with wet hands.

                === How to use this ===

                Apply this to your clean, dry face and leave for around 10 minutes. Once finished use a warm flannel or even just your hand to remove this ensuring you don't swallow any or get any in your eye as this really will not be a pleasant experience!

                === Where can I buy this & for how much? ===

                This is available to purchase in store, online and by telephone order by calling 01202 668 545. Oatifix is £5.50 per 75g pot.

                === Overall opinion ===

                I have been prone to suffering from outbreaks this year and I seem to be constantly trying new face masks to help combat my problem skin. One of the problems that I have noticed is that I have been getting lots of spots along the line of my jaw. I believe that this is due to the downy hair I have there (no, not a beard!) and therefore when visiting Lush recently I was looking for an exfoliating product. This was why I purchased the Oatifix after speaking with a member of staff.

                This face mask is best kept in the fridge, as I did, and I found that it lasted around 3-4 weeks with me using it 2-3 times a week on alternate days to a different face mask that I was also using at the same time (but on different days).

                Initially when using this face mask I did find the colour a little unappetising, however, the scent was lovely so I continued and gave it a try. This is quite thick when applying and I found that I needed more of this than of other Lush face masks, however, I still found I got more out of the pot than was suggested in the shop so that is always good. I find that using wet fingers to apply this is the best as it seems to spread this better and stop this clumping and dropping off my face in to the bath. Bananas and vanilla are the prominent scents that I can detect and these smell delicious when combined together. There are other scents there too, some milder than others, and overall this is a very enjoyable face mask to smell. When I am waiting for this to works its magic I can feel my skin being smoothed. Once ready to remove I usually remove this with a face cloth and ensure that I give it a little scrub. This leaves a small bit of redness on my face but it does not last for long after I have removed this and this definitely leaves my skin deliciously soft and smooth.

                I thoroughly enjoyed using this face mask and I will definitely purchase it again in the future. I can get around 10 applications from one pot which makes these face masks much more economical than they initially seem. My skin has definitely been improved greatly since using more face masks and I definitely take more care of my facial skin in general now. My skin is left soft and supple after using this and apart from the initial redness, which is probably caused by the way that I choose to remove this rather than the product itself, my skin suffers no adverse affects at all.

                I would firmly recommend this, particularly if you have some pots to return to Lush. I have found that this can be used past the recommend date that they supply on all their products by at least several weeks, as I did, and still be beautifully scented and work well at softening and cleansing my skin.


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                  21.09.2011 04:53
                  Very helpful



                  One I like, but the price is a let down

                  === What Is Oatifix? ===
                  Oatifix is a Fresh Facemask which is hand made by Lush. It is additive free and contains completely natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free ingredients, some of which are oatmeal (porridge oats!), organic bananas and ground almonds. This particular mask is best suited to people with dry and/or sensetive skin. Because of the bananas that the face mask contains, it is a very nourisihing face mask and is perfect for getting goodness into dry skin, as bananas are a very rich and oily fruit which are full of antioxidants. The mixture also contains illipe butter, which aids in moisturizing the skin, leaving it nice and soft. The ground almonds and oatmeal act as an exfoliator and so act as a very gentle facial scrub to lift any dead skin from the face, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and looking healthy and brighter. As this is a fresh face mask, the use by date isn't very long, and mine is 20 days from the date it is made. It is also necessary to chill this product to avoid it going off, as like I said before it is completely free of any additives - including preservatives, and if left at room temperature it will not last for as long. I do think that it's a shame that the masks don't last for a little longer, and it is something to bare in mind when purchasing this - will you use it all up before the use by date? If not, then I wouldn't waste your money, as it isn't exactly cheap.

                  === Price, Value For Money and Availability ===
                  This fresh face mask isn't the cheapest, and at £5.50 for a small 75 gram pot it is not a product that I buy alot of and I usually try to only buy this face mask as a little treat or pick-me-up, as this face mask definetly is a personal weakness of mine - I love it and I can't help but nip down to Lush pick a tub of it up when i've got a bit of spare cash. £5.50 is alot of money for a small amount of mushed up bananas and oatmeal in my opinion and I have tried mimicing the recipe but I can't get it right! Despite the price though, I do feel it is decent value - I usually get around 4-5 uses out of each 75 gram tub as long as I am very careful with how much I apply each time. I always make sure I use it within around 2 and a half weeks to avoid risking it going off as I don't want to waste a single drop of the mixture as it is so expensive! The face mask can be bought online or in most Lush stores. I buy mine in my local Lush as I like to get it as fresh as possible and have never purchased this via the website to avoid any cock-ups (getting lost in the post and going off or something similar!) however according to one of my friends, all of the Lush fresh face masks she has bought were delivered within 2 days which I think is reasonable. For anyone reading this review who lives outside of the UK, the Oatifix face mask is also available on the .com Lush website.

                  === Packaging ===
                  This face mask comes in a little black plastic Lush pot, which is quite well known and it is instantly recogniseable as a Lush face mask pot. The pot is quite sturdy and I love keeping the pots from my face masks when i've used them to store stuff in, but the pot is also recycable if you don't want to keep it.The pot is circular and holds 75 grams of product so it is pretty small. The pot has a screw-on lid which has the Lush logo, a brief product description and a brief rundown of the main ingredients, explaining what each does. It also has brief instructions on how to use the mask. On the pot itself it has the product name and on the bottom of the pot it has a list of ingredients which is suprisingly not as lengthy as the ingredient lists on my other Lush face mask pots. It also has a yellow sticker on the bottom which has the name of the person who it was made by (the name of the person varies on each tub, mine was made by Adam) and a picture of them which from a distance looks like a photograph but it's actually pixelated to look like a cartoon. I think it's a very cute addition to the product and reminds us that Lush products are all made by hand to an extent. Overall, the packaging is simple and unisex. The lid is simple, quick and easy to get off and it also goes back on nicely, keeping it sealed shut tightly. This may seem an odd thing to mention but with fresh face masks it is highly important to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible so putting the lid on tightly and properly is a must.

                  === Physical Appearence, Texture and Smell ===
                  This face mask looks so bizzare, it's almost like a pot of porridge - it's a light yellow/beigey colour and is really lumpy and you can see the oats very clearly. The consitency of the face mask is very thick and has quite a gloopy feel to it, although not to the point of feeling like a gooey, sticky mess. I think the thickness is actually a plus side as it seems to keep all of the oats merged into the mixture together - if it was slightly more wattery/thinner in texture then I think applying this would be much more messier than it actually is. The texture of the thick mixture is quite gritty, but doesn't feel harsh or anywhere near as gritty as an exfoliator, and because the gritty bits are only ground almonds and porridge oats, they definetly are not too rough and they act as a good exfoliator. Smell wise, this smells beautiful! I was quite shocked at first at how sweet it smells - I was expecting it to just smell purely of porridge. The dominating smell is by no doubt the porrdigey oatey smell (a suprisingly pleasant smell!), however it also smells just like banana with undertones of vanilla. It smells so feminine and fruity - almost good enough to eat, however the sweetness is not to the point where it's unpleasently sweet or overpowering. It smells completely natural, it doesn't have that horrible chemical undertone to it like alot of face masks do and it is such an unusual and pleasant smell which lingers on my skin for around an hour after using the mask.

                  === How To Use and My Experience ===
                  Using this is simple. I personally apply mine onto bare skin after cleaning and toning and I make sure there is no makeup at all on my face. I then tie my hair up to ensure that none of the product gets into my hair. I would definetly reccomend tying your hair back even if your hair isn't too long, as because of the lumpy texture, it is not a pleasant thing to get in your hair, trust me - I had to have a bath the one time I did get in my hair as it left my hair feeling gritty and sticky. I then simply scoop a generous but not too generous amount of the mixture on to my fingers and apply it evenly onto my face, carefully avoiding my eyes. As the product comes in a tub, there is not the option of using a pump mechanism for minimal mess, but if you don't want to use your fingers then I would reccomend using a loofah, exfoliating gloves or a spatula. I have applied this with exfoliating gloves but to be honest because of the amount of time it took to get the gloves clean again it is easier to just use my fingers. Application isn't as easy as it would be with a smooth textured face mask, and because of the texture of this it does lump up quite easily so it's important to smooth it down evenly and properly to avoid bits of the oatmeal falling off when it's dried. As I mentioned before, it is important to keep this in the fridge, which means when I apply it, it's really cold and refreshing so really wakes me up and refreshes me. Lush reccomend keeping this face mask on for around 10-15 minutes, but because I love the smell I sometimes leave it on for upto half an hour depending on how busy I am. Once applied it feels extremely moisturizing and it has a suprisingly gentle and lightweight feel to it until it starts drying. Once it is dry it does noticeably feel heavy and tight, but it is not uncomfortable. It is quite a discreet face mask due to the light yellow colour and the oats are not really that noticeable, but it isn't discreet enough for me to wear it in front of my boyfriend, friends or family as because of the oats it makes me look like my skins all flaky lol. It does go pretty solid but I like personally like this feeling as it makes me feel like it's actually working. I love laying in the bath with this face mask on and just laying there, smelling the scent from the mask and relaxing. The face mask exfoliates gently but thoroughly. When it comes to rinsing it off, it's not too difficult. I used a damp flannel to remove mine. It was quite easy to get off initially but the last few bits of it were quite stubborn so I resorted to using my exfoliating gloves to get the last few bits off and I then washed my face to ensure no residue was left.

                  === The Results ===
                  My face felt so soft afterwards and looked softer too. I was expecting it to feel quite dried out because of the oats, but it was completely the opposite - it felt so smooth, fresh, and clean and I also think it made my skintone look more even as it got rid of the redness around a spot I had at the time of using the mask. It made my skin look much more healthier - almost glowing. I've got sensetive skin and it doesn't irriate me at all nor make me break out, and it doesn't make my face feel like it's burning up like some face masks can. It did make my face look slightly 'pinker' than normal but this only lasted for a few minutes. My skin did tingle a bit for around 20 minutes after the face mask was removed which wasn't unpleasent but I would of preffered it not to of done and for it to of stopped tingling once the face mask had been removed, however after using this mask a few times, I am starting to get used to it and I am actually beginning to like it. It didn't make my skin itch at all and the smell lingered on my skin for around an hour after I removed it. Luckily I love the smell, but if you don't like the smell i'd be wary that it does linger.

                  === Overall ===
                  Although I do really like this, it is definetly not my favourite face mask in the Lush range. It is not very moisturizing however it exfoliates well, smells gorgeous and made my skin so soft and smooth. After using this face mask I always feel ten times better about myself and it is a nice pick-me-up type of product.


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                    09.09.2011 19:16
                    Very helpful



                    A great fresh face mask from Lush

                    Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Pack
                    On one of my many visits to my favourite Lush store in the Westfield Centre in Derby I took back five of their black plastic pots cleaned and washed out and ready for recycling. As my reward I could choose one of their delicious looking, almost edible fresh face packs. I always have such trouble choosing which one as they are all so great but this time I chose 'Oatifix' as I wanted one with a slight exfoliating quality as well as the moisturising benefits.

                    THE FACE PACKS GENERALLY
                    In the shop the various facemasks are in big stainless steel bowls on ice and presented with fresh items that are in the actual facemask as garnish; So this one had a cut lemon, a sprig of rosemary and a piece of ginger root as garnish. The face packs are made fresh in the Derby shop for their use only. Other products are made down in the factory in Dorset and brought in to the shop.
                    As these are made with fresh ingredients they have a limited life and must be stored in the fridge. I have once had two face packs as I was given one in the shop and because we were just about to go on holiday I stuck it in the freezer. We were away about four weeks and when I returned I retrieved my facepack and it was absolutely fine, it lasted another six weeks in the fridge and smelled great and I used it once a week for the six weeks. So don't worry too much about the keeping aspect as they do last a fair time if kept in the fridge and used with clean fingers or a spoon to get the stuff out.

                    WHAT IS THIS OATIFIX ONE LIKE?
                    It comes in a small back recyclable pot and you get 75g in the pot. The cost if you buy it is £5.50 which is quite expensive but I don't think I have bought one for quite a while as I have had free ones through bringing back my black pots.

                    This face mask is a porridge colour, or a bit like the colour of humus but please don't be tempted to eat it despite the fact that it does look a bit like a dip.

                    It is very thick rather like a paste or a thick dip and not at all runny. When it is very fresh and depending on who made that particular batch it can spread quite easily or if it gets a bit drier then it can get a bit lumpy and fall off so as I am spreading it on my face I add a bit of water to smooth it on more easily.

                    What does it smell like? Well it has quite a sweet creamy smell but still quite fresh. I can detect the fresh banana and the vanilla quite easily, oats don't really smell that strong and that is the other main ingredient in this one. If I close my eyes and have a good sniff I can smell the marzipan aroma of almonds and also the wonderful sweet woody smell of sandalwood which is one of my favourite smells.

                    WHAT DO YOU DO WITH IT?
                    Well when I use my facemask I always start with clean skin and so I use a cleanser to wipe away any grime of the day. And in my case it has to be a Lush cleanser called 9 to 5 as I really like this one and find it quite gentle.

                    Next stage is one I was advised to add by the girl in the Lush shop one day and that is to give my face a feed with a serum and the one I use is a great little bar of serum called 'Full of Grace'. This ensures that your face doesn't get too dried out and feeds it while you are having the facemask. With this mask this is not quite so necessary as there are a lot of moisturising ingredients in this one.

                    Then open the pot of facemask and spread it all over your face except around the eyes. As I said I find the Oatifix one quite thick and a bit lumpy like porridge so I help it by wetting my hands to smooth it on.

                    According to Lush you shouldn't let it go completely dry and crusty before washing it off but I leave mine until dry as I usually get in the bath and lie there. If it does get dry then it doesn't matter as I can use lots of water to gently wash it off.

                    Prior to washing this one off though I make use of the lovely ground almonds and oats in the facepack and give my face a bit of an exfoliation as I take the mask off.
                    I then get out of the bath and dry myself patting my face dry before I reach for the toner to close those pores and then of course moisturise as for night or day depending on when you use it.

                    WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE?
                    As I lie in the bath I can smell the bananas and creamy porridge mixed with sandalwood sweetness which is quite exotic and I love it as I really relax and lie back and sniff. I love the gentle exfoliation and afterwards I find my skin feels very soft and looks awake. My skin feels well fed and looks fresher and I feel like I have had a deep clean too through the exfoliation getting rid of dead skin cells.

                    WHAT HAS THIS ONE GOT IN IT?
                    The ingredients in this are supposed to moisturise and help your skin recover if you have been out in the sun (fat chance in our climate!) or in the winter if your skin has become dry. Bananas are full of beneficial moisturising qualities and the oats and vanilla absolute help calm your skin if it is sore.
                    I love the smell of oaty bananas and have to remind myself not to eat this one as I lie back in the bath and bits fall off sometimes I have licked my lips and it tastes not bad too!. I tend to use mine in the morning. Monday mornings usually as my husband goes off to play golf early in the morning so I have time to myself to pamper in the bathroom. I tend to use this in winter but not sure why maybe I haven't had too much exposure to sun to need it in summer here.
                    This face mask is one that has fewer ingredients than most. We have oats, bananas, glycerine, ground almonds, Illipe Butter, kaolin, talc, vanilla pod, vanilla absolute, sandalwood oil, and others. It is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin as the oats help calm any skin redness.

                    I bet, like me you are wondering what on earth Illipe Butter is. I discovered that it is part of the soap nut tree family and is from a tree called Mamey Sapote. It has a fruit that looks like a cross between an avocado and a papaw but with a brown skin and orange inside and apparently tastes a bit like ea pumpkin. Like an avocado the fruit is very creamy and full of natural oils but it is the nut or seed that is used in cosmetics as the oil is more like a butter but has a higher melting point than shea or cocoa butter and when it comes into contact with skin it melts and is absorbed.

                    WOULD I RECOMMEND?
                    Yes I love this one as it is a face mask and exfoliates in one and smells really creamily fruity like a banana milk shake. It does make my skin feel well fed and moisturised as well as well exfoliated in a nice gentle way so I am happy. I am especially happy as it was free although it does cost £5.50 if you don't have five pots to hand back. This is still quite good value as easily get six uses from this little pot as you don't need to cake it on thickly and if you use my trick of wet hands it goes on much more smoothly.

                    Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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