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Mama Mio Clean Slate

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Brand: Mama Mio / Type: Body Lotion / Skin type: for all types / What it does: Moisturizes, Cleanses, Detoxes, Restores, destresses, Nourishes / Quality Standard: Organic

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    3 Reviews
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      13.05.2013 21:34
      Very helpful



      A brilliant product - a little goes a long way!

      I am always looking for skin products that will really help my skin feel good and I think I might have found them in the Mama Mio range. I was lucky enough to be sent a trio of free samples including the cleanser Clean Slate and after a few days was totally hooked. I have now bought some full size products and am trying to exclusively use the brand to increase the overall effect.

      What does the product do?
      The product is a natural cleanser that is meant to leave your face feeling fresh, well balanced and lift off dirt and make up. The website states that it is like a "quick mini facial" every day and it is guaranteed to use the best natural ingredients that are all eco friendly.

      How do you use the product?
      The product is a light gel and you only need a tiny amount each time you use it. The pump works easily to give you the right amount. You then lather the gel with a small amount of warm water and wash and rinse your face. Afterwards I tend to splash cold water on my face to help close the pores.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes in a small pump that is cleverly manufactured so that the remaining product rises to the top and you never have a problem getting the dregs out of the bottom of the bottle! The product is boxed and also contains a copy of a mini booklet giving a number of facial exercises. I must admit I am a bit sceptical about these (they mostly involve pulling a lot of funny faces) so have not really tried them! If you buy direct from the Mama Mio website they wrap the product in lovely purple tissue paper and you can often get a free gift as well.
      The cleanser is expensive at £22.50 for 150ml. However as you only use a small amount it lasts a really long time. You can purchase it direct from Mama Mio, and also a number of other retailers are starting to stock the range including Debenhams, House of Fraser and Amazon.

      The smell of the product is totally amazing and every time I use it, it seems to help me feel more energised and calm. This is probably due the effect of the essential oils that are used. It is light on the skin and yet really does seem to work in lifting away dirt. After it has been used my skin feels fresh and clean but not at all tight or over-processed. When using it in combination with the Mighty Moisture moisturiser (my next review!) my skin has felt amazing for weeks now.

      I think this whole range is amazing and the cleanser really works. Although expensive I think it is worth it and have now changed skincare brands to use the whole range.

      This review might also be posted on Ciao under my username Star20000


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      17.03.2013 13:37
      Very helpful



      A great cleanser

      A clean slate

      I was very lucky and received a ten day free trial of a number of Mama Mio products. One of the products was this clean slate cleanser which I have been using for the last three weeks. It promises to be a friendly cleanser that is soap free and does not strip your skin. Instead it uses 5 eco-certified cleansers set in organic aloe leaf juice. This is infused with pre+probiotics, firming proteins, essential oils and omegas. Anything that is kinder to my skin is a plus for me especially as my usual Clinique cleanser is rather harsh on my skin and I like that it is made with more natural ingredients.

      I have to admit I had left this on my dresser completely forgetting about it. I had a little breakout of spots and decided it would be the perfect time to give it a try. It comes in a transparent bottle with an easy to use pump system to dispense the gel. To apply you simply need to pump two small amounts on to your hands, and then apply to your face. The instructions state to apply this to a warm damp face for best results and a splash of cool water to finish it off. I usually use it after getting out of the bath or after I have removed my make up in the evening.

      In use and results

      I found that two pumps dispensed plenty of the cleanser and I was able to smooth it over my skin with ease. I did wonder if it would be enough as it looked like a tiny amount, but if anything there was a little too much. It spreads evenly and when you work it into your skin it lathers the tiny amount which seems to make it go further. It is not a usual lather like with other cleansers I have used but it works really well into the skin. I could feel it working into my skin instantly and my skin began to feel instantly cleaner. After I had finished I found it very easy to wash away and I could instantly see the difference. After I have applied the cleanser there is a slight tingle to my skin. I really like this as this is generally what pulls me towards a cleanser. The feeling makes me feel like it is working more than one without any sensation at all.

      My skin feels incredibly clean and smooth after I have used this. I usually use Clinique which can be rather tough on my skin, and this seems to deliver the same level of cleanness just without the dry and tired skin after. Even after the first use I could see a change in my skin. It felt a lot better but did not necessarily look any different. It did help clear up a number of spots quicker than usual which was the reason I had began using this so I was pleased. After a few days of using this exclusively with the matching moisturiser I could see than my skin tone looked more even. My pours were slowly closing and there was a slight glow to my skin. It was not overly impressive but certainly noticeable.

      There is a very distinct smell to the cleanser which puts me off a little. I personally find it a little over powering and I am not keen on products having huge scents when they are going on my face. It does tend to disappear within the first hour but as soon as I opened the lid I could smell it. It is good in the morning as it has a little zing to it so it wakes you up which is something others might like. It does not dry my skin out a lot but there is definitely some tightness after use. Once I have applied moisturiser my skin is happy again but it is slightly drying on its own. I have been following the cleanser up with the matching moisturiser which I think is important to say the results are from both combined. My skin is in great condition and it not only feels great, but I can definitely notice a difference visibly as well.

      I tend to use face wipes to remove my makeup but I have found this is great at removing excess mascara and other tough make up. With some products I find the more you use them the less effective they are. With this my skin always feels extremely clean after use and it continues to work as well as it did the first time I tried it. This was supposed to be a 10 day trial but to be honest as you only need such a small amount it has lasted a lot longer. It does provide really good results and 3 weeks on I still have a quarter of the bottle left. It still dispenses well so I should be able to get another weeks use at least from it.


      For my combination skin this worked really well. It targeted my problem areas well and worked quickly to reduce a spots breakout. In day to day use it manages to keep my skin clean without being overly harsh on it which is fantastic. It is a more natural product which I like and it works just as well as my Clinque cleanser that I usually use. The only thing that is putting me off this is the price and the smell. I prefer my face products to be scent free or at least a pleasant smell. This for me is just a little over bearing and so it puts me off repurchasing it. At £22 for 150ml it is a little more expensive than some cleansers but it does work extremely well so I can see why it has the higher price. It is certainly something I would consider purchasing again but I will not be running out to get more straight away.


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        09.02.2013 21:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I'm blown away by how nice this makes my skin look - truly wiping the slate clean

        I was a lucky girl in January as a friend told me about an offer with You magazine to claim a trial of Mama Mio products which contained 3 products worth about £22. I had not heard of the brand before but from just a tiny little bit of research, I was very impressed by the attention to using natural ingredients that were nourishing to the skin alongside a set of facial exercises to make the skin really respond to the ingredients it is being given.

        The 3 products I was given were Clean Slate (a cleanser), Mighty Moisture (a day and night moisturising cream) and Eye Know (an eye serum). These samples were meant to cover just ten days use, but I have found that my samples have lasted longer than this due to a little amount going a long way.

        My skin is quite troublesome at times. I still get lots of spots even though I am now 33. I find regular cleansing helps, but I also suffer from very dry skin too, so most cleansers leave me needing to pile on moisturiser afterwards which only makes the spots worse. While trialing this I have had quiet a stressful time as I have been working marking exam papers to a tight deadline alongside dealing with some family problems, so my skin was feeling unloved.

        This is the first cleanser that I have ever used that is soap and Sodium Laurel Sulphate free. These are the things that make most cleansers foam, so I was really not sure how well this would work but more than willing to try.

        The instructions provided advised me to use this on warm damp skin. I followed instructions to the letter. I didn't believe that only two small pumps of this would be enough to cleanse my face as there was about a 5p size piece of the cleanser on my hand, but the first time I used this I was amazed that not only was this enough, my skin felt so clean compared to my normal cleanser.

        The cleanser is clear but I think it has a slight tinge to it from the aloe vera in it making it look a little green to my eyes like the aloe vera juice drink I use from Holland and Barratts. It also has a slight floral scent that is definitely lavender.

        The gel can be applied straight onto your facial skin or I sometimes have been rubbing it between my fingers before using my fingers to rub this onto my facial skin. It is a bit weird not having the foam you normally see, but my skin is clean feeling within a few seconds. This also washes off my skin really easily. The biggest difference between this and my normal cleanser is that my skin does not have that tight feeling it usually has after washing. I have still applied moisturiser anyway as this feeling doesn't seem to last long, and my skin is so dry it does need it, but I have not been having to apply that much really.

        Within days I really felt that my skin was looking better than it has done in months. I have a tendency to sit with my chin on my hand when I am sat working at the computer for long periods of time so a lot of my spots are concentrated in this area. Existing spots started to heal up and look less red, and where old spots were going and the skin was a bit dry and scabby, the skin had started to look less dry and the scabs disappeared. I have tried so many different cleansers, moisturisers and spot creams, and this really does feel like a bit of a miracle to me as my normal healing time is weeks not days. The difference was noticable enough for my husband to comment on as well.

        So why does this work so well?

        I think it has to be the combination of proteins and natural ingredients within the cleanser. Nothing else (my diet and stress levels) had changed, so it must be down to the products. A full list of ingredients can be found on the website http://www.mamamio.com/uk/face/clean-slate.html but in essence, it nourishes your skin with essential oils, the aloe vera, cleansing agents derived from coconut oil, omega rich oils, soy and wheat based proteins, and some prebiotics.

        It is quite expensive compared to high street cleansers I use. It is £22.50 for a 150ml bottle, and if you want to follow this up with the corresponding moisturiser and serum then it is starting to get pricey, but my skin is telling me that it is happy, and I have to agree with it. This is something that I will be purchasing again myself.

        I feel the effect it has on my skin is worth it, and as a little goes a long way, it is actually not too bad when it actually works and does what it says. And when you consider the price of aloe vera juice and essential oils on their own, you can see why it has the price it does. I also kind of like the thought of supporting a British company of mumpreneurs by buying this British product.


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      • Product Details

        Ingredients: Mama Mio Clean Slate is soap free, sodium laureth and lauryl sulphate free – in fact it is completely free from all the nasties you often find in high performance cleansers / Mama Mio wanted to create a cleanser that gives you a really good deep cleanse but with ZERO tightness and NO stripping of your delicate skin / Clean Slate is based on ecocertified coconut derived gentle cleansers blended with aloe vera leaf juice, pre+probiotics, moisturising omegas and firming proteins / And, yes, it smells absolutely gorgeous / Here's the lowdown on why Mama Mio Clean Slate is such a great product / Mama Mio Clean Slate : High Protein Aloe-rich Cleanser and 60 seconds of Face Fitness / This oh-so-gentle soap and sulphate-free cleansing gel cleans deeply and effectively without leaving skin feeling tight / It gently removes make-up and impurities without over-drying or unbalancing skin / 7 powerful ingredients will: Cleanse + Balance + Detoxify + Restore / Mama Mio Clean Slate contains: Mama Mio Clean Slate Aloe-rich Cleansing Gel 150ml Mama Mio's superb deep cleansing sulphate-free formula leaves your face feeling fresh, balanced and happy – never tight! Mama Mio use eco-certified cleansers set in organic Aloe leaf juice, pre+probiotics, firming proteins and moisturising omegas to gently remove makeup and impurities without over-drying, unbalancing or irritating skin / Oh, did Mama Mio mention Clean Slate smells gorgeous? / Mama Mio Clean Slate Face Fitness Two targeted 30 second exercises to relax and release your facial tension: 30 seconds of The Scream morning exercise to boost circulation and 30 seconds of Lioness evening facial stretch to relax muscles / Mama Mio The Clean Slate Little Book of Confidence An inspiring and informative read that gives you all the information you could possibly want on Clean Slate, how to do Face Fitness and Mama Mio's thoughts on skincare and life / Why you'll love it: It is a cleanser with benefits – it not only deep cleans your skin, but works to balance, nourish and moisturize AND has anti-ageing benefits / It is SO FAST / it cleans your face and removes eye makeup so you can get to bed in a hurry / Mama Mio love, love, love the way it smells – so clean and gorgeous, so spa, it is a real pleasure to use / Your face feels deeply clean, but not at all stretchy-tight / Mama Mio Clean Slate will replace your cleansing cream, because it is just as gentle but cleans so much better / The mini-yoga routine is so relaxing for your face / a relaxed face is a gorgeous glowing face! Lioness helps stop grinding teeth at night / One pump is all you need for a lovely bubbly experience and you'll enjoy the process of massaging your face with the lather / This is a soap free formula / which is why it is so gentle / Amazing

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