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Mama Mio O Mega Body Buff Exfoliator

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  • Body scrub perfection
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    2 Reviews
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      22.11.2014 22:22


      • "Body scrub perfection"


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      Exfoliation at its finest

      I received a 50 ml tube of this body exfoliator by Mio in a Latest in Beauty box recently. I loved the description of the product on the back of the tube and couldn't wait to try it out.

      You can use this to buff away dead skin cells with this and the ingredients are pumice, lava and bamboo all good exfoliating properties I think and then blended with papaya and pineapple enzymes to dissolve away roughness in turn evening out the skin tone and pigmentation.

      You are advised to use this on dry skin (twice weekly) so I do take it in the shower but use it before I turn the water on!

      On Net a porter a 150 ml tube is £23. SO this is a pretty expensive product!

      My thoughts
      I do think this is a bit expensive but I also do like the ingredients in it. I am glad I got to try it and found it did definitely make my skin feel a lot smoother and fresher. I am not sure I could part with that much for it though as I do use a lot each time so that tube would not last me very long. When I am exfoliating I do like to be thorough. I just think that there are other cheaper products on the market that will probably get you the same results!

      Final word
      No repurchase here, it is definitely over priced. But at the same time I do recommend the product as a great body exfoliator!


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      29.06.2011 20:54
      Very helpful
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      Not one I could afford, nor necessarily choose given the scent, but I'll be using it up happily.

      In my last review, I wrote about a ridiculously expensive foundation, which I did get for free, but is VERY unlike me. Well, since I've signed up for a beauty sample subscription service, the pricey products will be a little more common. It's pretty fun to try things out that cost WAY too much, even if I will never own the full size should I fall in love with them.

      Let's take this scrub. I have a LOT of body scrubs. They are probably my favourite product, actually, and I've already reviewed many of them on here. The difference is that this one costs £23. Can it really be worth it? We'll see...

      Mama Mio are a brand I'd vaguely heard of before but didn't know much about, and had never tried any of their products. Honestly although I was pleased to get a large bottle of body scrub in my Glossybox (Google if you don't know what that is - I won't be reviewing for a few months as it's a new service and I need to see how it plays out), I did think it looked sort of naff. The packaging is not at all eye-catching and in my opinion not especially well designed...it all looks rather amateur and doesn't match the price tag one bit.

      The scent is also not particularly great. It is citrusy but in all the wrong ways...there is an unfortunate toilet-cleaner tang which, although not overly powerful, is obviously not what you want your body to smell like! It does linger on the skin for quite a while, which would probably clash with a perfume a little.

      Luckily in use the scrub finally did something right. Unlike most that I've used, it specifically states that you should apply onto dry skin and then buff off in the bath or shower. I was skeptical, although it wasn't at all messy like a loose sugar scrub. The pumice is very finely milled, which buffed really well without being painful. My skin felt very smooth, even in the awkward bumpy upper arm area. The only thing I dislike about the scrub in use is that because it has to be applied to dry skin, it needs washing off first thing once you get into the water. As I prefer baths rather over showers, that means sitting in a gritty bathtub. I had previously always used a scrub last to avoid this.

      I noted with interest on the scrub's packaging that it suggests use twice a week initially, then just once a week. I had never noticed any suggestion of frequency of use on other body scrubs and I do feel it illustrates what a thorough job it's doing. I really notice for a few days after use that my skin still feels very smooth, whereas I am used to having to scrub every other day whilst using other products.

      Another plus is that because the pumice is so fine, the scrub can also be used on wet skin for the face. I have done this a few times now and especially like using it on my nose where the pores can be a bit clogged, and forehead where my skin tends to be very dry. I was wary of using a scrub intended for the body on my face, but it was really very comfortable.

      Although the scent is pretty rotten, and the packaging looks naff, this scrub really does deliver in use which let's face it is the most important aspect. However, I really can't justify spending £23 for a 200ml scrub. Especially since, although you don't need to use it too often, quite a lot of product is needed with each application.

      If you are made of money, you can buy Mama Mio products online or at more exclusive shops such as Harrods, Selfridges etc. A list of stockists can be found at mamamio.com.


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