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Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit

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Brand: Mario Badescu / Type: Acne Treatment / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Repairs,

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2010 19:33
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      A spot product that worked wonders.

      I suffer, as most teenagers do, from spots on my face. Though I haven't got serious acne, I used to spend most of the time with concealer badly covering up at least one of the blighters. I tried a lot of different daily cleansers, spot creams and other face products (including some expensive ones) and though I didn't have absolutely awful skin, it was never clear.
      After seeing an advert for the Mario Badescu Acne products I decided to try it out and I am now a fully fledged devotee.

      What you get:

      In the Repair kit you get:
      1oz Drying lotion-

      For spots that have come to a head. This is a small bottle of liquid with lots of pink gunk at the bottom. When you use it DO NOT SHAKE! What you have to do is stick a cotton bud into it, through the oily layer on top and into the pink layer. When you draw it out the cotton bud is coated with both. You then dab it on and then head off to bed. I was worried at first about getting my hair stuck in the stuff on my face while I was sleeping or it rubbing off on my pillows but it dries quickly and that has never happened.
      This is definitely my favourite of all three products. I really hate white heads as they're so hard to conceal and seem to take ages to go away. This product works because it visibly reduces or gets rid of those spots overnight. In the morning they're pretty much gone and I'm never tempted to pick at them, meaning I don't have to deal with as much hyper-pigmentation afterwards. I've also found it helps slightly with in grown hairs and apparently it can also relieve the itchiness of mosquito bites.
      Ingredients: Isopropyl, Alcohol Deionized, Water, Calamine, Camphor Colloidal, Sulphur, Salicylic Acid, Glycerine, zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Talc.

      0.5oz Drying Cream-

      For under-the-skin spots and lurkers. This is a small tub of beige cream which smells of sulphur (I don't mind the smell, but some other people seem to.) You rub a really small amount of the cream onto any under-the-skin spots. It can be used at any time and works under make up. I've found this product also works really well. Normally products I put on would-be-spots don't seem to stop them at all, but I can't think of a single time in the last four months I've been using these products where it hasn't gotten rid of the thing completely before it appeared. You only need to use a tiny bit as well. I'm still only using the cream that was on the seal covering the product.
      Ingredients: Deionized Water, Zinc Oxide, Aloe, Beeswax, Cetyl Alcohol, Lemon Extract, Colloidal Sulphur, Ervol,Octyl Palmitate, Ichthammol, Polysorbate 80, Titanium Dioxide, Polyglycerylmethacrylate (and) Propylene Glycol

      1oz Buffering Lotion-

      For deep, cystic spots. I haven't used this product as much as I don't have those deep problem spots. However, I have found this product useful on areas where I have a lot of little bumps or red marks such as my chin and it does slightly reduce them. You shake this product up and rub the white liquid into the area every other night. It again smells like sulphur.
      Ingredients: Deionized Water, Zinc Oxide, Aloe, Beeswax, Cetyl Alcohol, Lemon Extract, Colloidal Sulphur, Ervol, Octyl Palmitate, Ichthammol, Polysorbate 80, Titanium Dioxide, Polyglycerylmethacrylate (and) Propylene Glycol

      Price: Mario Badescu is an American company, so most of the sites selling it offer it in dollars with high shipping costs to the UK. On the Mario Badescu website (where I bought mine) it's currently sells at $46.00, at the moment that's about £28.30. Buying it from here, however, was a BIG mistake. I had to pay so much money for shipping costs, almost as much as the product (very stupid of me, I know). (One good thing about buying it from Mario Badescu was that I got lots of great freebies. Three tester sizes of any product and with a little snooping on the internet I found a coupon which got me a great cleanser, toner and hand cream). I have seen it on Beautybay.com for £33.95 and shipping to the UK was a blissful £2.50.

      Though, for me at least, this was very expensive for skin care, I'm definitely going to buy it again. All the products work really well and you need so little of them that they last a long time (though the drying lotion does have a use by of 1 year).

      Overall: The products have worked brilliantly. I have had about four spots in the four months I've been using these creams and I've gotten rid of them all within two days. Of course, not all spot treatments seem to work for everyone, but this has definitely sorted out all my skin problems and I'd suggest that anyone who was getting frustrated with their skin should try it out. After all, if they're good enough for P. Diddy....


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