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Marks & Spencer Formula Calming Foaming Facial Wash

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Facial Wash / Subcategory: Foam / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Calms,

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2009 12:55
      Very helpful



      A calming facial wash from Marks & Spencer.

      As I've recently moved into my own house after living with my parents for the past two years I've found that money has been a bit tighter. Previously I never used to think anything of spending at least £15 on a face wash but since discovering the joys of council tax, electric bills, water bills and so on I've found that these splurges have to be lessened somewhat. That's why on a recent shopping trip I decided to try and cut back on my skin care spending and opted for Marks and Spencers rather than my usual Clinique. Marks and Spencer has been around for over a hundred years now and has been offering a selection of beauty and skin care products for over fifteen years now. In fact their make up and skin care ranges have grown considerably over the last ten years and now boast quite an impressive collection. Their main and most affordable skincare range is called the Formula range and the products I purchased came from the Calming branch of this range. Products on offer include a day cream, a night cream, a cleanser, a toner, an eye cream and so on.

      The Formula Calming Foaming Facial Wash comes in a light green tube which sits upright on a white circular lid. It's really neat to store as it can stand upright on any surface and as the dispenser is on the bottom it means even when you're reaching the end of the product it'll still come out easily. The white pop open lid means it's easy to dispense the facial wash and there's no need to worry about screwing lids on or off when your hands are covered. The packaging doesn't look at all cheap and does in fact look quite elegant and refined too. As for the product itself the first thing that struck me was the colour of it, due to the light green colour of the packaging I expected the facial wash to be the same colour almost but in fact it's more of a translucent gel without any colour really. It squeezes out relatively easy and resembles a fairly runny gel that seems to loose its shape slowly when it touches your skin. There isn't much of a scent to the facial wash at all and it's advertised as being fragrance free, there is a slight clinical scent to it but overall it's quite pleasant really.

      So what does the bottle suggest you do? Well it's recommended that you use this facial wash morning and night. Simply squeeze out a pea sized amount of the product into your wet hands where it will instantly start to lather up as you apply it to wet skin using gentle circular motions with your fingertips. You should then rinse thoroughly and follow with the Formula Calming Toner (a marketing ploy perhaps?). The wash contains cammomile and aloe vera, it's especially formulated for sensitive skin and lastly it's hypoallergenic too. So what do I suggest you do? Well I tend to follow the instructions on the bottle by using a pea sized amount as you really don't need anymore, although I never seem to have enough time in the morning to apply it with "gentle circular motions with your fingertips." I find that it lathers up quite well even when using such a small amount and while it's not exactly soapy you can see the lather clearly. It rinses off easily enough with water and I do tend to follow it with the cleanser and toner when I can actually be bothered!

      As for the results well straight after using it I find that my skin looks fresh and feels like it's been cleansed. Sometimes my skin does feel a little tight which it sometimes can do after washing if it's not been moisturised but this disappears within minutes. I've been using it for over a week and in that time my skin condition hasn't changed, I've had to no blemishes or outbreaks of spots and my skin condition hasn't changed from being slightly dry to normal. My skin does however feel much cleaner using this that it used to with other products. It contains cammomile and aloe vera which are thought to calm your skin while keeping it moisturised. It's also been especially formulated for sensitive skin and I've found this to be accurate; my skin is fairly sensitive in that it doesn't respond well to change and cheaper products tend to have a negative effect. However this facial wash hasn't had any negative effects whatsoever, it's kept my skin feeling really clean and blemish free as well. I do find the end effect to be better when it is used in conjunction with the cleanser and toner.

      You can purchase a 150ml tube of this for the small price of £2.50 which in my opinion is absolutely brilliant value. After browsing the supermarket shelves and those in Boots I was hard pushed to find many other face washes priced at under £2.50 or under. Even brands such as Clearasil market their face washes at the £3.00 mark whereas more high end brands such as Clinique market their face wash at the £13.00 mark. I'm really impressed with the effects of this facial wash, recently I've been lucky enough to have fairly clear skin and this facial wash has certainly maintained this. It's also made my face feel less greasy as I dd used to get a greasy forehead sometimes but it does seem to have lessened since I started using this. Having used this for over a week now I'll certainly be sticking to it and can't wait to see what other gems this bargain range holds! A full five stars from me on price and quality!

      Thanks for reading.


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