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Marks & Spencer Ingredients Tube Sampler Carton

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Brand: Marks & Spencers

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    1 Review
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      04.06.2007 09:17
      Very helpful




      For my recent birthday my future parents in law brought me a small gift set from Marks & Spencer. The Ingredients Tube Sampler Carton. I love to test things such as this and think that these are a perfect way of trying something new before buying a large container of the product. Also his mum and dad know how much I travel with my job and how many holidays we have had and have planned this year so these also make perfect travel items to go in my overnight bag if staying somewhere like a Travel Inn which don’t supply toiletries.

      It made a lovely gift and was parcelled with some Lip Balm which I will review separately as it doesn’t make up part of the package.


      The tubes of product are contained in a cardboard box with a hole in the front so that you can clearly see the products contained inside. It tapers at the top and the whole thing is finished with a dark brown satin ribbon with the Ingredients logo on there. The box is a light tan colour with the M&S logo on the left at the top. Underneath the window is white writing saying ‘Uplift, smooth and soften’ and beneath this 4 x 50ml – which indicates that each product tube contains 50ml of product. There are no ingredients list on either the tubes or the packaging. Each tube is clear in colour so that you can see the colour and consistency of the product it contains.

      All in all the packaging is very attractive for a gift.

      I was eager to open but as we were going out for dinner and needed to make our reservation we had to go. Regretfully, I left it on the side and off we went to dinner. As soon as I got home though the packaging was ripped apart ready for me to smell the different products.

      What you get

      4 tubes of different products – each containing 50ml of each product. Contained in the package are

      Buttermilk Softening Hand and Body Cream
      Sweet Orange shower cream
      Lemon Balm softening shower cream
      Coconut shell smoothing body polish

      Upon opening the tubes and smelling I was in heaven and couldn’t wait to try but I had to because it was nearly midnight by the time we got back and I needed to be up early for work the next day so had to get some zzzzz’s to avoid the panda look.

      As luck would have it I overlaid so no time for a shower I had a quick wash and off out to work (yes I did remember to dress but my other half had to remind me to take off mooing cow slippers and put on shoes before I shot out the door) so I made up for it with a nice long hot bath when I got home.

      I’m going to review each of the products in turn in this review. I’ll start off with the body polish.

      Coconut Body Polish

      Taking off the cap for the tube my nose was instantly twitching as the smell of coconut hit me. Quite overpowering really. I squeezed some out of the tube. It’s in a white lotion that does foam a little with actual ground coconut shell. I smoothed it up my arms and down my legs and all the bits in between, rubbing gently to remove dead skin. It smelt heavenly to say the least. I love the smell of coconut and have a shower cream from Tesco that complimented this perfectly.

      Once finished my skin glowed. It felt so smooth to the touch but you get this with any good exfoliant. The only thing is that it left ground pieces of shell in the bottom of the bath when I emptied out the water that was hell to get rid off.

      This claims to leave your skin glowing and healthy looking whilst being smooth and it certainly did live up to it’s claim and the smell was a bonus. It does tell you on the packaging to rub gently over the skin – an exfoliant is an abrasive so too much rubbing and your skin will be a bit raw to say the least. It’s not to be used on the face either as it’s too rough for there.

      Buttermilk hand and body cream

      I’m using this as I write the review. I get very dry hands (my other half doesn’t have a dishwasher – well he does and it’s me! But I digress – I have my hands in hot soapy water at least twice a day and also bleach water to scrub floors and wipe down worktops so you can imagine how much of a battering they get.

      This smells really nice – not sure what Buttermilk is supposed to smell like so can’t comment on the authenticity of the smell. It does have a kind of milky buttery smell to it so I suppose it’s authentic enough. The cream is cream in colour and light textured, not runny but not thick and rich.

      I squeezed a small amount out onto the back of my hand and rubbed into my knuckles (which is where my hands are the driest) then smoothed up my arms and onto my palms. It doesn’t sink in straight away and can feel quite greasy to begin with. I continued to smooth into my skin until it had sunk in. After a couple of weeks of using this product my hands are back to being lovely and smooth with no dry patches at all. This is brilliant as I hate to use gloves when washing up and stuff so my hands really aren’t spared the worst of any clean up session.

      A little of this product does go a long way and you can feel it sinking into your skin and see the lines being plumped up (if you have any) to smooth out the skin.

      And so onto the next tube in the gift set – will this impress more than the others?

      Lemon Balm softening shower cream

      Wow – it smells just like Lemon Meringue. I used it in the shower a few nights ago and squeezed onto my squeegy sponge. It foamed instantly on contact with the sponge and water. As I soaped myself the smell got stronger as more of the fragrance was released. It smells gorgeous. Just the thing for a morning when you can’t wake up, stumble into the shower and bing – this would waken the dead. My other half could smell it downstairs and thought he’d got a tasty dessert for after dinner – well he had, me, but that’s another story or maybe not!

      My skin did feel softer after I got out of the shower and the smell lingered on my skin for a long time afterwards. I’ve used it a couple of times since and with the same result. It’s nearly all gone now though so a bit disappointed at amount of uses out of this one.

      Only one more to go – will this be the crowning glory?

      Sweet Orange shower cream

      Yummy – just like peeling a jaffa orange. Very sweet orange smell assaults your sense of smell as soon as you open the tube.

      This was the first of the shower creams I tried and seems to foam much better than the lemon one as I seem to need much less product to achieve the same amount of foam.

      Again as I soaped the smell was stronger until the whole house smelt of oranges. It really is a lovely smell and again it had staying power, lingering on my skin until way after bed time. It doesn’t claim to soften skin or anything like that and is more of a perfunctory shower cream but my skin did feel soft to the touch after use so this more of a bonus rather than an expectation. The smell is so orangey and it is lovely – again another one that’d make you feel like you’d been slapped in the face of a morning to wake you up!

      Recommended or not?

      Well this gift set comes priced at £5 for 4 tubes of very nice products. I’d recommend as a gift but I won’t be rushing out any time soon to see if I can find larger versions of the product when I can get similar stuff at Tesco or the body shop. They are lovely as travel sized toiletries when going overnight to a budget hotel.

      On the whole it was a lovely gift and a very useful one at that. I loved the smells and still have some products left – I use the coconut body polish once a week and the buttermilk hand and body cream after every wash up and each time I wash my hands. I’m not sure about value for money though as I did go through the lemon shower cream very quickly and used it in about 3 go’s but I might have been using too much.

      I’d definitely buy this a gift for a friend to go with some wine and choccies as a pampering gift.


      All M&S stores


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    • Product Details

      Buttermilk softening hand and body cream / Sweet orange shower cream

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